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4.7 out of 5 stars42
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 2 October 2004
Absolutely fantastic, that about sums up this tarot deck and book set, by respected authors and pagan leaders Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm. Along with the excellent artist Bill Worthington, who also did their The Druid Animal Oracle. They manage to capture the meaning and essence of each tarot card and portray it through pagan (Wiccan and Druidry) images, ideals and beautiful scenes.
The boxed set includes all the cards of the Major & Minor Arcana, together with a 192 page book, detailing the imagery on the cards and their meanings. I wholeheartedly recommend this amazing set to any Wiccan, Druid or anyone else with an interest of British and Celtic myth, looking to further their knowledge and understanding of tarot. The very best pagan tarot deck I've had the pleasure of using. Blessed Be.
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on 29 April 2006
I absolutely cannot fault this deck - wonderful artwork with beautiful colours and I find it extremely easy to read. Based on the Rider-Waite symbolism, the deck has been slightly adjusted to fit in with the Pagan perspective. Cards like Judgement and The Devil have been renamed as Rebirth and Cernunnos, respectively. Cernunnos representing more of a guardian, protecting us from the evils of the world, rather than the typical representation of this card.

Everyone who sees these cards spends a few moments studying each card and they have quickly become my favourite deck. The cards are slightly larger than usual, but this doesn't bother me, as the artwork is superb - and printed on good quality cardstock. I connected immediately with the card images and the excellent book which accompanies them offers great advice for readings, the authors' own spreads and individual cards.

All in all, a delightful set for both beginners and more advanced readers.
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on 13 November 2004
In all of my years working with vairous Tarot Decks, I have never seen a deck in which the pictures evoke such a strong response. Absolutly amazing!
Stripped of the Abrahmic religious undertones and redesigned for not only those that follow the Druid path or Wicca, but for those that follow the path of Nature Religion as well.
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on 3 January 2007
I collect and work with Tarot and have over 50 decks. This is without doubt the best and most used in my collection. The artwork is superb and the book that comes with the cards very helpful for both beginners and more experienced readers. I teach people to read the Tarot and also do readings for clients on a daily basis. This is the set that gets used the most. It is by far the best deck ever produced.
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on 31 August 2008
The cards are beautiful and the book is a very insightful read.
It is a slightly different approach to the Rider Waite decks, this is my special deck, not my everyday one.

If you own the Rider Waite, the following cards are different:

2- The High Priestess: the image is very deep and more mystical, my favourite card from this deck
3- The Empress is "The Lady" in this deck, again, more insightful in my opinion, she is fuller pregnant and has bunches of wheat around her
4- The Emperor is "The Lord" in this deck, a little more relaxed looking man in throne
5- The Hierophant is "The High Priest" in this deck, another thing I like very much, they are female and male equivalents exactly, he looks less strict than the Hierophant in Rider Waite
8- Strength: in this deck she is not holding a lion, but a boar
10- The Wheel of Fortune is simply called "The Wheel" in this deck, it's interesting because the Wheel doesn't always represent fortune, but chance
14- Temperance is "The Fferyllt" in this deck and she looks more like an alchemist with the cauldron
15- The Devil is "Cernnunos" in this deck, although the image is quite similar
20- Judgement is "Rebirth" in this deck and shows a little boy coming out of a cave

Minor Arcana:
There are no Pages or Knights, but Princesses and Princes, which I personally like, again, female and male exact equivalent, not 3 males and 1 female in the court cards

Nine of Cups - in this deck is a man sitting on a dining table with his 9 cups alone, which is insightful because it speaks to me as he has everything he needs but no one to share it with yet, different from the Rider Waite where the man on the card normally looks smug and pleased with himself, in my opinion

Three of Sworrds - in this deck it is not the 3 swords cut into the heart, but laid upright on a three with a heart of stone below it

Five of Pentacles - is different in this deck as it shows a lady looking as if in despair to the fields

Overall the drawings are beautiful and insightful, the cards are very large and more difficult to shuffle than regular sized tarot cards, the cards are also paper, not plastic.
I am currently taking lessons using the Rider Waite so I still find it more difficult to read with this deck but feel that with experience this can become my favourite.
A lovely deck and book either way.
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on 5 November 2004
This new tarot is an excellent aid to divination and ideal for meditation. I love the imagery within each card and the fact that scenes are quite often based on "local" sites. My only quibble is that the cards are way too large to shuffle. Perhaps if they are reprinted they may make allowance for those of us with smaller hands.
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on 23 September 2007
I had my eye on this deck for a long time. I had only heard good things about the deck before I finally brought them and I wasn't disappointed. Wish I had purchased them sooner.

For anyone on a druid, wiccan, pagan etc path I would highly recommend this deck. Also anyone interested in or just starting to learn tarot this would make a ideal second deck after the Rider Waite.

Each card has been fully illustrated and sticks to the usual imagery based on druid and pagan themes. Some of the Major Arcana names have been changed eg The Devil is now Cernunnos, but this adds to the charm of the deck and also calms fears for anyone not wanting to use the decks with cards like the Devil in them.

The accompanying book has a very positive feel to it, in a way of giving all the information but also leaving enough room to make your own interpretations. Even the more 'negative' cards are highlighted as a lesson to learn from and move on from rather than a mistake to dwell on and despair of. I like this view on the tarot, I suppose some may find it too soft and fuzzy, this is personal choice. Compared to the Thoth that I find like a strict teacher to learn from but fear, the Druid Craft Tarot is like learning from your favourite wise Grandma.

This has immediatley become my favourite deck and I have found it very easy to connect to.
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on 7 December 2006
I collect tarot as well as read it so i have a varied collection. This tarot is the best i have ever come across it,s art work is beautiful.The fact that it is pagan/wiccan based is a bonus.

It is such a refreshing change from the usual Tarot and so easy to work with if you have to buy just one tarot then make it this one you wont regret it.
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on 21 April 2008
As somebody who has known the Tarot for over 30 years I was surprised that I could learn so much more and feel refreshed by this relatively new deck. I can see why the Aeclectic website voted this the most popular deck of all time.

Very beautiful, very expressive and so easy to connect to. The changes to names and images work superbly and I feel you would have no trouble getting accurate readings. As a bonus, clients feel very drawn to these cards - unlike some decks. There isn't a single card that irritates me (every other deck I own has one or two cards that just annoy me), although there are some you will be drawn to more than others.

As a meditation aid and to gain an understanding of the significance of animals and plants in Druid mythology this deck is excellent. The accompanying book is very clear and well written. The cards are well made and I like the larger size. Order this deck; you won't be disappointed.

EDIT 2014: I've knocked a star off, because since my initial wave of enthusiasm, I've found some faults both minor and pretty major.
Minor peeves: the name changes. Why not go the whole hog and change most of them?
some cards do irritate slightly now. I think that is due to my changes though.
Major fault: the cards are too big. Sorry, it does mean you can enjoy the images more, but they are just too awkward for reading and if that is your main reason for owning the Tarot you must be aware of that.

Overall, I've fallen a little out of love with them, but they are a perfect match for my wife, so I'm pleased with that. And I still think the accompanying book is excellent.
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on 5 June 2009
This is my very first proper tarot set. When I bought it I wasn't quite sure if i was gonna like it, although I loved the illustration. I love numerology and sacred geometry. This deck is a combination of all, plus it is very colourful and has lots of messages in the drawings. I tend to pick up the meanings from the drawing and then I go and read the book for extra guidance. I am amazed as to how accurate the deck is, only just looking and drawing messages from the illustrations only, there is no need to really read the book, one can just pick up the messages.
All in all, I am very happy with my purchase, I usually buy angels decks, this time i went for a taort pack, i must say, i am not dissapointed with the item.
Recommended even to newbies at tarot.
Wish you all the best.
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