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Customer Reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars85
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 1 January 2010
I bought this book 18 months ago, together with a couple of other low fat cookery books. It has been my favourite, by a long way and I can't hesitate to recommend it.

The book is divided into 2 sections - the first provides educational info regarding fat, health etc. I'm not bad on this sort of thing normally, but I did find that this section contained information I wasn't aware of, and refreshed my memory on other key points.

The second section is the recipes themselves. All I have cooked have been extremely flavoursome. They are a bit different to the norm (if I see another fishcake recipe I shall SCREAM!) and for a moderately experienced cook, easy to cook on a week-night. The ingredients don't have to cost the earth (some tasty veggie recipes which by default less expensive than meat) although there are also some nice 'special occasion' ideas.

Each recipe includes total fat, sat fat and calorie content data (plus others. Even better are recommendations for reducing fat further within some recipes (such as leaving the skin off chicken breasts).

The proof of the pudding, however, is in the eating! So, I'm pleased to say that following a low fat (rather than a low calorie) diet, I have lost 1 1/2 stone and reduced from a size 14 to a size 8/10. It took a few months - but this is probably more healthy than a quick crash weight loss plan. Moreover, I have fundamentally changed the way I buy, cook and choose food (mainly as a result of this book and its ideas) which means that keeping the weight off is easy. The only warning I would give is that it has cost a lot of money to buy new clothes!
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on 13 November 2008
My partner has recently been diagnosed with very high cholesterol. I was looking for something with a positive note, some practical health advice info and some cheery recipes.
This is a lovely very well priced book and a good combination of viewpoints.
Scrummy recipes for everyone regardless of cholesterol reading.
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on 4 June 2009
Nice & simple recipes for a healthier way of eating. Simple to follow and some great information.
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on 18 August 2009
I have just ordered my second copy of this book, having misplaced the first version and being at a loss without it.

I adore cooking but when high cholesterol was diagnosed, cooking seemed not to be as much fun anymore as half the ingredients now appeared on the banned food list! However, this book was a godsend.

I did not want to be bombarded with yet more info about cholesterol as I'd had my fill of studying that, I just wanted a book with some tasty recipes for me and my family to enjoy. It is full of great recipes that have become firm and regular favourites on my everyday menu and one or two have even made an appearance at dinner parties (the feta and aubergine stacks are yummy!. My 12 year old son and my partner also enjoy everything that I have recreated from this book. Highly recommended.
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on 31 August 2009
Great book for entering the world of low cholesterol dieting would really recommend. Some really good healthy alternatives both food wise and cooking wise.
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on 8 October 2009
This book is not just for recipes, it is very imformative.
The recipes are easy to follow and detail calories etc per portion.
We have tried some of these and found them simply delicious, healthy and tasty.
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on 6 August 2010
This is an excellent intro for those who need to change what goes into their bodies and reasons why. Fantastic information - more than you`re ever likely to recieve from your GP(no offence). We are enjoying new and simple exciting recipes as well as learning about cholestrol - great book!ThanksHealthy Eating for Lower Cholesterol: In Association with Heart UK, the Cholesterol Charity
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on 26 December 2013
A good recipe book, but did not meet my hopes and expectations. The recipes mainly contained a fairly long list of ingredients with appropriate preparation time. To be honest, this does not fit in with my lifestyle and i required more simple recipes which would not take much preparation.

A friend recommended another book more suitable to my needs and the above will either sit on a shelf or be passed on to a friend who prefers to take more time in the kitchen! Also most of the recipes cater for 4 people, so for myself or two of us I have to try to make suitable calculations. Please note, authors of this type of book, that you are not always catering for families of four!
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on 2 March 2015
I read this book as I wanted to understand more about the impacts of high cholesterol and what can be done about it. I knew very little about it and I was keen to read something which was written by an expert who I could be confident in the quality of the information which the book contained. As this book was co-written by Catherine Collins RD who was at the time of writing the principle dietician at St Georges Hospital in London this book seemed to fit the bill.

The book is essentially split into two sections the science and the recipes. The first section of the book provides very well structured information about the impacts of High Cholesterol and also vascular inflammation (another significant aspect of having a healthy cardiovascular system). She details:
- The different types of cardiovascular disease and what actually happens to your body as a result of having high LDL cholesterol and triglycerides and low HDL cholesterol.
- The risk factors that effect cardiovascular health and breaks them down into things you can control and things you can't control.
- The rest of the science section then goes into further detail of what you can do to improve the aspects than you have control over and explains the effect that different foods have your cardiovascular health.

What I found really interesting is that having increased vascular inflammation as a result of bad diet or being overweight can results in the same cardiovascular health problems as high cholesterol on its own. The book implies that increased vascular inflammation can lead to poor cardiovascular health in people with low cholesterol and can cause hardening of the arteries in the same way as high cholesterol. So in fact having a healthy diet applies not only to those with High Cholesterol but everyone.

For me the science section was by far the most useful as once you understand the principles you can then develop a diet which will work for you, from the perspective of creating meals you would like to eat and are fit into your food budget. The science section is easy to understand and well set out, with each part building on previous information. I needed to read it in order and read it a couple of times to get a full appreciation of the content.

The recipes seemed really nice on reading and I imagine I will use them but will also alter current meals my family eats to make them more healthy and inline with the principles described in the first section of the book.

Overall, this is a fantastic book for anyone who is prepared to put some time into reading the science section and understanding what you can do to improve your cardiovascular health. It took me a couple of evenings reading to get to grips with the information presented in the book to a point where I remember it all and can apply it. Personally I can't think of anything else more worthwhile if you or a loved one is diagnosed with high cholesterol or are at risk of high vascular inflammation and was time very well spent.
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on 28 July 2010
I bought this book in the hope that it would have some tasty, easy recipes to help me lower my cholesterol and it certainly has! All the recipes I have tried so far have been delicious. The only reason I've not tried more is that my husband has taken over my book and the kitchen! This is a man who hasn't made anything more complicated than bolognese before and who usually goes to the nearest take-away when it's his turn to cook! His particular favourite is the Moroccon lamb(p116). All the recipes we have tried have been so quick and easy to prepare that we would now rather cook than eat out. The dietary advice at the beginning of the book is informative and straightforward. I would certainly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys tasty food but doesn't necessarily enjoy cooking!
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