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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 1 May 2002
I have read many books on colour by various authors. This is undoubtedly the best in my opinion.
Angela Wright is nothing less than brilliant in her understanding of colour and her skill in using it as well as her ability to pass her knowledge on to the reader.
If you love colour and are interested in the unconscious effects of colour then this book is for you.
I was originally interested only in my personal pallette ie which colours suited me to enhance my personal colouring (they turn out to be autumn colours).
However, the book covers colour in nature as well as colour at home, at work and in business.
I find it totally fascinating from start to finish and have read and re-read it and continue to dip into it whenever I have a colour query to be answered.
If you want to know the most supportive colour to use when you are bereaved (not black) or which colour to use for meditation or why NOT to use yellow in a certain room in the house then this book is for you.
You will love it.
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on 13 August 1999
Have you ever wondered why you have a favorite colour, or why an advertsing campaign has effected you so much? Have you ever walked into an office and wanted to work there or buy their products? What about some of your friends homes - why do you just relax and chat away in some while always feeling its time to go in others....
Angela Wright takes us through both the theory and practical application like a breeze. Whether a novice or an expert you won't regret picking this one up.
Buy it....enough said!
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on 23 January 2005
I always had problem with sleepness nights, until I've read this book. I found out that I was a 'winter' charater, my previouse bed rooms has too much yellow in it, it made me hyperactive and stressed during the night. I slept painlessly for the first time after change the scheme to white and silver. I nerver looked back!
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on 2 November 2007
This is a really facinating read and I would recomend it to anyone interested in how the colours around them affects how they feel in their life. It's written in a very down to earth practical way, and is very much rooted in action and practical aplication. I have a few issues with some of the things she says, for example insisting that pink as a colour for the "feminine" is psychological rather than cultural, and at one point she makes a comment about women who cut their hair short "not allowing their true nature to show", a comment which I think shows more about her own issues and predjuces than those of the people she's talking about.
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on 4 May 2000
All my life I've been drawn to colours and I'm quite aware of their influence on my wellbeeing. This book confirmed all my ideas and it is just brilliant . I'm hungry for more!
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on 26 September 2010
I found this a really interesting read but I couldn't see evidence of the author's pyschological qualifications so I'm not sure how valid the conclusions were. Work for some large companies was discussed so their experience is impressive at least. That aside, I found it fun to read about people's different associations with colour. The questionnaire made me an 'Autumn' which coincided with a professional colour analysis I had done recently. It also happens to be my favourite season so maybe there is something in it!
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on 26 October 2008
This book is fascinating but not a particularly easy read. I've read it through three times now and each time I feel that I am understanding more. The underlying message of the book is that the important thing in your colour choices is YOU, not fashion or what other people think. A "summer linked" person wearing clothes from the "winter-linked" palette, for example, is like a tiger pretending to be a deer. The theory behind the book - still open to debate - is that we all have one palette that is the most "supportive" to us psychologically, and when you are in tune with your true self you will find it easier to select your true colours. Trouble for many of us is that we are so influenced by fashion and style considerations that we are not necessarily confident or even able to work out what our true palette is. It's a challenging book in many ways, but definitely rewarding. I'm off to book a colour consultation and may be throwing out quite a bit of my wardrobe.
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on 31 August 2015
I bought this book based on the reviews but have found it lacking in substance and practicality. There is little or no psychology here and a bit too much self adoration from the author. I haven't learned anything that I can put to use in a practical way ... apart from not to use yellow in bedrooms because it's too stimulating a colour.
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This is the first review I've ever felt compelled to write.

I bought this book based on the reviews and under the assumption that a book with "psychology" in the title would have some "psychology" in it.

Instead what I got was a load of pseudo scientific clap trap about type 1 and type 2 personalities being Spring or Winter and then having your ideal colour dictated by spurious psychological insights into your personality based on a silly little "personality test" more at home in the kind of magazines you find yourself leafing through in doctor's waiting rooms, as opposed to, oh I don't know, skin tone, hair and eye colour, height weight, latitude and lighting etc. you know external qualities as opposed to internal qualities (I'm no doctor but I have on good authority that the inside of my head is black and therefore doesn't effect whether I should wear a mauve jumper or tan jacket).

The author produces no references to back up her claims, only vague allusions to Jung here or Freud there, with an odd bit of eastern mumbo jumbo thrown in for good measure.

Utter rubbish, and I'd be highly dubious of the other positive reviews here too.
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on 17 March 2011
I bought this book last year because my personal wardrobe ended up in a sad state of affairs where practically all my everyday clothes ended up being red (apart from my jeans) and I wasn't sure why apart from the fact that I believed it made me feel more confident and happy.

As I began to read the book I made me think about other underlying reasons why I perceived red to be my colour. I visited the Colour Affects website to find out more information about the author, Angela Wright, and her theory on colour psychology. I enrolled on a beginners colour psychology course which was delivered over two days in London.

There were only four of us on the course (and they were all the nicest ladies) which was great as we each had our needs meet. The course explored theories contained in the book and we were able to carry out practical exercises to help explore our individual personality types and what palette/season we fell into i.e. spring, summer, autumn or winter. (I am autumn which has long been clearly reflected in the interiors of my home).

For me the book is brilliant and although one of the reviewers doesn't feel so, for me reading it and doing the course was the best thing I've done in a long time. I have since had my personal colours done and my only problem now is finding clothes in the colours of my personal palette as the shops all follow trends and will only stock what's in vogue, luckily I can sew brilliantly and I'm getting into dying fabrics so I'm currently updating my wardrobe and enjoying every minute of it. I still wear lots of red but it's the correct hue for me and I understand why I want to wear it or any other colour in my palette.
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