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on 24 September 2003
It makes me angry to hear people criticising J.K Rowling's apparent new attitude. According to some, she has effectively become an elitist...more interested in her new style of life than the characters she writes. Well here's the news...anyone who has seen or read any interview with J.K Rowling will know that couldn't be more wrong. And OotP proves that in more ways than one.
The book is well honed, I would defy those who say there is little character development. We see a brand new weaker, more human side to a lot of characters. Not the least of these is Dumbledore who a lot of fans believed could do no wrong. But what about the change in others? Aunt Petunia's revelation about the dementors etc... it's not like THAT would have happened earlier in the series and there's more to it.
And then to Harry's apparent anger...I recently read the book for the 3rd time, having each time concentrated on a different aspect. And I have to say that his anger is not so predominant after further association. And even if it were, is it really unjustified? Think what the poor guy has been through.
What else? Oh yes the length. I've heard rumours abound that J.K Rowling has become strong enough to overule her publishers and editors! I'm sorry, but come on! Every book published is carefully produced and time and time again J.K Rowling has spoken about her close relationship with her editor. Assuming she's not lying to the world at large (a concept I find unlikely) then careful editing HAS gone on and what is in this book is there for a reason.
I firmly believe that as the next 2 books are unleashed we'll see the reasoning behind a lot of the slower paced areas and a lot of the apparent anti-climatic passages will be explained. J.K Rowling is, and no doubt will remain one of the best authors in modern crossover literature. Any author who can resist public pressure and take 3 years to make sure a book is as they want it deserves that title for sheer courage - surely that shows she's not interested in the lifestyle, or she'd have rushed it out and received her huge paycheque as quickly as possible.
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on 8 August 2003
Now that I'm in the middle of re-reading the book, I can appreciate it a lot more than I did the first time round. Sadly, possibly one of the more intruiging plot lines in the book ends after the first few chapters, as one of the people you'd least expect reveals that they know a lot more than anyone imagined - a plot for a future book perhaps?
The interest level of the book does ebb and flow a bit - every so often Rowling brings up another clever idea, and leaves you wondering just what is going on - there's just enough to make you want to keep reading!
As for the much lauded ending, I wasn't as impressed with it as I'd been made to think I should by all the publicity - although funnily enough I think with a good screenplay it would make a good ending for a film! The only problem is that you're expecting someone to die, and it's not really surprising or shocking, and almost seems a convenient way to end what seemed a fractionally stagnating story arc.
All in all - not a compulsory read for everyone, and don't start reading Harry Potter with this one, but Potter fans will love it, especially as plenty of characters from the past return!
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on 24 August 2003
I thought this book was definitely enjoyable..Not my favorite,(that would be Goblet of Fire), but still an amazing read. I would call this book the transition period of the series...It definitely takes Harry in a new direction and we start to see how his future will be coming together. It is completely annoying to me when I read someone's review and I see that they think the book is too long! Any true Harry Potter fan likes the longevity of the book because that only means we get to be in Harry Potter land longer. We don't want the book to end, we want it to keep going and going. Even if Harry's just picking his nose! But seriously, this book is the war before the actual war. You can't start a war without recruiting an army and knowing who's on your side. That's what this book is. The book let's us know who's on Harry's side and shows us that the "good side" has to put petty differences aside and unite to face the dark Lord Voldemort. I love this book. There aren't as many twist and turns, or surprises I should say as the first four, but it still had me wanting to keep reading till I magically dissolved through the pages. I can't wait till the next one!
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on 9 August 2003
The fifth book in Rowling's series exceeds expectations and was well worth the wait. As a huge fan of the previous Potter books I was unsure as to how well Rowling could live up the hype surrounding the release of this new installment but live up to the hype she does!
The fact that I read this book in a little over a day speaks volumes about it. I found it compulsive reading, to the point that I spent the after its release with the book constantly in my hands. The plot is exactly how it should be - fast paced, with twists and turns throughout to keep the reader interested.
This is a book that is as witty and as charming as the previous four, yet has a darker tone, reflecting the difficulites in writng about the eternal good versus evil battle - good will not alway prevail and this a theme that Rowling continues from the Goblet of Fire into this new book.
New characters mingle with the old in a book that is a must read. The detail provded by Rowling as as in depth as ever, but not enough as make the book boring.
Thoroughly entertaining and thought provoking this book should take pride of place in the collections of Potter fans.
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on 26 June 2003
I'm no longer a youth, I seldom have time to read fiction anymore, so why do I keep reading Rowling's books with such intensity? The Order of the Phoenix is long. It begins slowly detailing Harry's anxieties. He feels left out completely of the danger he knows surrounds him: not even Dumbledore is giving him any answers. He even avoids Harry during the first three quarters of the book. Harry is anxious and angry throughout much of the story, but how could he not?
Rowling insists on details about every character and every incident, which help foster a realistic and exciting world without forgetting that, after all, this is a book for youth. The evil characters, including a new one, are predictable and one-dimensional. Professor Umbridge, a Minister of Magic appointed DDA teacher who temporarily succeeds in changing everything about Hogwarts, including the headmaster, mostly seeks to get Harry expelled. If anything, I could accept a bit less verbiage about her.
The Order of the Phoenix is a wonderful read about a wonderful world. I don't apologize for my enthusiasm. The series has reignited in me a passion about fiction, adventure, and magic.
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0 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 26 June 2003
I must admit when i first got this book i was aprehensive. I have read all four previous books and loved each one and was hoping The Order of The Pheonex was just as good - it wasn't. It was the best one by far.
It seems as Harry grows up so does both the language and themes of the book. It has something for everyone. It has the childhood dream of Magic and Mystery, coupled with a more adult dark and tense drama. It really is a deep and exciting journey for your imagination. You discover things about many characters past and it builds up so much epectation for the future.
Rowling is an incredibly talented author and I feel the only critisism or perhaps a testiment to her work, was that it wasn't long enough. (despite being over 700 pages) I didnt want the story to end and I am sure thousands of people eagerly await the next book as much as i do. And i am sure it will live up it to its expectation and exceed it as much as this book has.
I would recomend it to all Harry Potter fans and to any one who likes a good read. It is a must read book for all ages and I honestly say i cant imagine anyone disliking it. 10/10
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0 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 13 August 2003
Well, what can I say about the ever so famous Mr Potter? First, I must comment that any book, which has been surrounded by so much hype and anticipation for such a long time will find it difficult to live up to its expectations.
And maybe this is why after reading it, I was ever so slightly dissapointed? I have of course read the other four and unmistakably brilliant Harry Potter books, and was as much amazed and gripped by the magic in them as everyone else.
However, much to my surprise, even in the middle of this book, I began to feel that it was dragging on a bit. The magic was still there, don't get me wrong, it's just that I wasn't as gripped and fasinated as usual. Maybe this was because once again I had heard so much about this anonymous 'someone' who dies, and was so desperate as to find out who it was, that I wanted to rush by the rest of the book, just to find out who it was.
All in all, this is a great book, and an absolute MUST for all HP fans. However, don't listen to all the hype surrounding it, just read it, expecting a good story and a bit of fun. Oh, and also a very long read.
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7 of 15 people found the following review helpful
on 7 July 2003
Is an excelent book you can`t stop until you finish it and when you finish it you want to read the other book. Is a book full of magic that will keep you turning pages until the end.
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0 of 2 people found the following review helpful
JK Rowlings fifth HP book has been a long anticipated wait for loads of Potter fans. Since the film more and more Children and adults have read the last 4 books, which seem to be getting better with every read.
The books are getting bigger from book to book which I thought was a good thing but the Order of the phoenix seems to be to detailed in places and some parts seem to go on for to long. As I read through the book I seemed to keep the same level of interest where as the last book (Goblet of Fire) had exciting parts here and there and when I was reading I was tense, nervous and the end was fantastic. The new book seems to explain more about Harry’s past with a verity of characters new and old and a few surprises.
I did like this book and would of given it a 5 but IMO it will be hard for Rowling to beat her 3rd and 4th books. Im not a fast reader but this is the longest book I have read and like the last one I could not stop reading it. I don’t mind how long it takes her to write the next books as long as she keeps up the good work.
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0 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 30 June 2003
How she does it, I'll never know, but J.K. Rowling seems to be a master at what she does. Every little nuance in the Order of the Phoenix stems from the previous books, making all the stories tie together so completely!! A fantastic page turner with surprises round every corner (or moving stairway...hehe). The characters have grown yet again - even if I hadn't seen the first two films, I would be able to picture Harry, Ron and Hermione so completely! And Harry is so well depicted as the typical teenager with the weight of the world on his shoulders and no one who will listen!
I received my book from Amazon bright and early Saturday morning and finished the Order of the Phoenix last night!!! What an excellent read! And all that was in the midst of two jobs, a husband and three children! I think, in fact, they all felt very neglected this week.
I can hardly wait to pick the book up again in anticipation for the next book in the series. Thank you so much Amazon, for your prompt service and the fact that I didn't have to wait in any queues!!!
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