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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars28
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 15 October 2011 a superb addition to any fan's collection.

It is double the size of the previous edition and packed full of information on characters, storylines etc & has lots of great photo's too.

All of the episodes from "Rose" to "The Wedding of River Song" are covered, as well as the online Adventure Games and charity specials.

This copy has regenerated from its previous incarnation and is so much better for doing so.

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on 11 December 2007
I bought this for my son for Xmas, but with a last minute birthday party invitation I had to give it away to his friend. When my son saw it he was absolutely rapt and said "I wish I'd put that on my list for Santa". Little does he know that Santa already knew he'd like it and is about to order a replacement for him. ;o) The book itself is nice and big and full of in depth detail which will keep Doctor Who fans engaged for hours. There's lots of full colour illustrations and, as the title suggests, it is laid out like an encyclopedia, so it's easy to look up those facts that may have slipped your mind. Well worth the money (and absolutely essential at £3.99!!).
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on 5 July 2008
Given this as a Christmas present, I was not immediately inspired, however I did dip into it and found myself rather hooked!
As a reference book it is wonderful- all those little things that you weren't sure about... all those things you were wondering...
How does that work?
Who was he?
How did he do that?
Which episode did that happen?
What does a Compact Laser Deluxe do? Who had one, and, you know... Where?!
Get all your questions answered and more in this neat, beautifully illustrated guide to the world that is uniquely Doctor Who!
The entire book it dedicated to every useful, and er, not so useful fact that is Doctor who. Who knows what happened in 1336 with the doctor, Rose and Captain Jack? What was the doctor planning for the year 5006 on a Tuesday in October at 6pm? What are the co-ordinates 761390 for?
It's all in this marvelous book! *****
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on 5 November 2013
This basically ignores the 40 years of Doctor Who before 2005. It's fine if all you are interested in is the post-2005 stuff. If this was advertised as the Encyclopedia of Doctor Who From 2005 on, I wouldn't mind at all, but it is advertised above as "the ultimate guide to everything and everyone that's ever happened, un-happened and happened again in the worlds and times of the Doctor." This really grates, because it's just quite obviously untrue. It ignores nearly 40 years of Doctor Who!!

Again, it is advertised as being "your complete tour of time and space--from Abaddon and Inspector Abberline to Melody Zucker and the Zygons." But isn't 'complete' at all.

I would only consider getting this if you are not interested in the rich history of a Great British show, and only wish to know about the last 8 years of it.
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A well produced hardback with excellent photographs, visually arresting layout and eminently readable text, THE DOCTOR WHO ENCYLOPEDIA is a worthy addition to any fan's collection. GARY RUSSELL has clearly done his research and the finished result is perfect for the Target Audience which, in theory, must reach into the millions.

Pretty much everything to do with the last three seasons is covered from major characters to major events with direct and indirect references and links, but there's still no avoiding the plot holes, contradictions and contrivances found in most DOCTOR WHO episodes - that sort of thing simply goes with the territory, especially shaky science, which has been elevated to almost art-form status since the show's rebirth. What this encyclopedia attempts to do, however, is fill in some of the more "Eh...?" gaps with solidly thought-out explanations which weren't always made clear in the original broadcasts, the result of (presumably) lazy or fuzzy scriptwriting. As you no doubt already know, Exec Producer RUSSELL T DAVIS is no stranger to this particular phenomenon.

But, hey, now we can all understand the Master's plan for the Toclafane in UTOPIA or the effects of The Paradox Machine from THE LAST OF THE TIME LORDS; the method by which the Weeping Angels steal people's futures from BLINK or how The Beast came to be held captive and the engineering of his subsequent destruction from THE SATAN PIT. Presented in paragraph or short caption form it all appears to make perfect sense now (within some seriously barmy parameters, that is). The introduction even manages to include names or words that might feature in a future revised edition, including Adipose, Rattigan, Mrs (!!), Vespiform...and so on. A neat bit of foreshadowing there, Gary.

Whatever the case, when the time comes, let's ensure this Doctor Who product enjoys a full and happy regeneration.

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on 13 January 2013
I bought this for my daughter for Christmas as she is a real fan of Dr Who and it was well worth the money. There is lots of information condensed into this volume and it was a lot thicker than the previous version. There were one or two omissions, we could not find any reference to K9 and, of course, a lot of information about the earlier doctors was missing. However, if your child is a fan of the recent episodes made in the 2000's then there is a lot here to keep them happy.
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on 14 August 2014
Not so much as a Dr Who encyclopedia but a Dr Who from Christopher Ecclestone to Matt Smith.
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on 13 October 2012
I got this book for Christmas 2011, and it is brilliant. At the time of printing, it was pretty up to date, as it only missed out the 2011 Christmas special, so for me, having loaned the first incarnation from the library, it was a vast improvement. I have turned it's pages time and again, and will continue to do so for years to come. Entries are in numerical form, for example (1.1) which means the first episode, of the first season - "Rose." In the back of the book episodes are comprehensively referenced. It is complemented by full colour photographs. In my opinion, a must have for any Doctor Who/Sci Fi fan.
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on 14 September 2013
Well not one to name drop, but Gary Russell did say to me he likes this cover better than the previous ideas for it and he was right! (I did an interview with him for Project: Torchwood) I have the previous edition that features the 10th Doctor and Martha on the cover and it's excellent, as ever! So I know this edition will be even better!!!

What we need now Gary is for the BBC to commission you to update the Torchwood Encyclopedia!! And yes, they need to leave off definitive! lol Especially as this is now the second edition making the previous hardly definitive! lol
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on 14 January 2013
calling this a doctor who encyclopedia is misleading in my opinion, because it only covers the new series, not the previous 20 plus years of it. as for the book itself, its ok for diving into now and then if you want info on certain characters, but trying to read it from cover to cover would be a chore. trust me i tried, and soon got bored
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