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4.6 out of 5 stars596
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 14 March 2012
How many times have you said "Thank you" today?
When you woke up this morning were you grateful for the day ahead?
When you had your dinner yesterday were you thankful for what you were about to eat?
Are you thankful that you have a job?

This book focuses on how gratitude plays a major role in the law of attraction. I've always practiced the Law of attraction in my life, long before the book The Secret was released. I believe it is the reason many of my dreams have come true. What I like about this book and other books on this subject is they give me a refresher and after reading a few pages instantly make my day better.

Not all people believe that this sort of thing works, infact one review I read called it 'delusional thinking'. People are entitled to their opinions but I know for a fact that many great things in my life has happened because every day I practice the law of attraction and gratitude. All I would say to people who don't believe is, give it a chance. Follow the steps in this book (word for word), stay positive, be grateful and I think you may be surprised how it makes you feel each day.

For a beginner in the Law of Attraction, I think this is the book you should start with. It is more simple and understandable than The Secret and The Power. Read this and follow each step, then move on to the other two for further reading.

If you take this book seriously it will make you a more positive person and will change your life for the better.

THANK YOU for reading my review.

Enjoy living your dreams x
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on 7 April 2012
Great service, quick delivery and another good book by Rhonda Byrne. This book brings you back to your childhood and you remember when there was no limit to your imagination or fear of not succeeding.
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on 2 January 2013
Ok, so I consider myself slightly sceptic but on the other hand I am open minded and was intrigued by this book. I've read The Secret a couple of times, and yes it did make me think about being more positive and after reading it I did feel a lot more uplifted and felt better in myself. Although I didn't take it as gospel that things will manifest, I did notice just a couple of little things that did happen that made me wonder. I've also read The Power but couldn't get into it on both times I've read it. Now The Magic book is different! I had been doing the Gratitude exercises every day as it says. I never realised how much I should be thankful for for the things in my life I have received until I started reading this book. My life hasn't been exactly the best. Not happy with job, not having the best of a relationship, money problems, and one thing that was really getting to me was a breakdown with a family member. I added all these to my list of "desires" that were going to change. Out of all of them, I kept thinking of the breakdown with the family member. Christmas was coming, only just over a fortnight away and I wanted him and his family back in my life for then. Instead of being bitter about him, I wrote down 10 reasons why I should be grateful to him instead. My bitterness I once had disappeared. I actually convinced myself I would have him and his family back in my life for Christmas. I imagined it happening, I felt the happiness as if it had already happened, just like the book says. I got in contact with his wife and asked if the kids could come and stay. She was fine about it. No problem there as there was never really an issue with her anyway, I had just lost touch with her and the kids because of the problem I had with her husband. It just got that way I really couldn't be bothered with them anymore as he wouldn't talk to me. It hurt though, really hurt. Just like the book says "It's like holding a hot coal on the intent of throwing it at someone, only it's you who ends up getting burnt. Now something amazing happened. I got a suprise visit from him, yes him and his family. The day before Christmas, my birthday!! A couple of days before I had arranged to have the children come stay. I couldn't believe it. And to make it even better his eldest daughter was also with him that lives in Ireland. I didn't even know she was back over! I've always been close to her. She was obviously working behind the scenes as well to make this happen unbeknown to me. Now normally in the past when his children came to stay they would be just dropped off at the door and we wouldn't speak and the same when they went back home. I got exactly what I wanted and more. We are now back in touch after 3 or 4 years. I kept laughing all night and telllng everyone I was that happy. Really, really am amazed how I did exactly what I read in that book and it "manifested" right in front of me. I was only two weeks into reading the book as well. Oh and yes I said thank you many many times and still am doing. I'm off now to continue reading the book and to believe that my life will change for the better. I've not read it for a few days because I've been so busy with my family! :-)
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on 26 April 2012
I have found this book great. I changed my life until Day 9 and have found a lull and cant seem to come out if this just a blip...i had been so excited and on fire since day 1 ...dont know whats gone wrong...every time im negative I panic and seem trying to remember all rhd things to do overwhelming..can anyond help me or have any ideas?
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on 14 June 2012
How silly it is that in today's society we need a book to tell us to say thank you. But it does more than that. It reminds you of ALL the things you should be grateful for. A very good book that over 28 days guides you through the steps to a more contented life. I followed it completely and noticed huge changes in my own relationships with people, my out look on life, and more noticeable the law of attraction too.
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on 14 April 2012
Having read and benefited massively from The Secret, then bought and not read The Power, I was unsure about The Magic but knew I'd want at least to see what was in it. Once again Rhonda has brought a fresh slant on the Law of Attraction. Personally I wanted to quickly read through the whole thing with the intention of going back to the start to do the exercises but as soon as I started reading I found my days became so much happier, more relaxed, flowed better and Magic is happening because of that! Unlike the negative reviewer who said you have to take action, well we take action all day every day... I'd say The Magic is more about deciding whether you are going to focus on appreciating what you have in your life, in front of you, right now or whether you always feel there is not enough.
What I particularly like is that you CAN figure this stuff out by yourself, but Rhonda has such a wonderful way of bringing more detail to mind so that you can better visualise and really FEEL the gratitude. I found that this really did make me just feel happier about what I have and where I am in my life and less worried about everything else. This automatically changes your mindset, your body language and how you go about your day, which is why things go better. Change your thinking to gratitude and you will see the world in a different, more joyful way.
I haven't even gone back to the beginning yet and I want to buy more copies as gifts for family and friends. If you only ever read one book this is one that can make a difference to how you see your life, even if the only action you take with it is to read it and refer to it for inspiration. This is not an instruction manual on happiness, it's a reference and a guide to a more joyful life.
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on 29 July 2013
The book is quite good, it does help you focus your energies, to bring positive changes.

After doing the exercises for a week or so, i did feel a shift in events in my life, and things began working out the way i hoped in many ways.

The book is difficult thought, because if you don't do the exercises for a while, you must go back to the beginning, this means i have done the first chapters many times, but not quite gotten to the end.

The exercises also take up quite a lot of time in the mornings, and unfortunately i don't always have this.

But i could definitely see a difference, it does not feel sustainable though, due to the investment of time.
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on 29 April 2012
I think this is the most wonderful book I have read. It is life changing for the better. The book literally fell off a book shelf in the shop and I decided to buy it. Started reading it and rang a friend to tell her to buy it. She too had bought it that day. Now all our friends and family have bought it. Everyone has commented on how happy they have been since putting gratitude exercises into practice. It has become a way of life. All of us have seen the benefits. A friend had money come in that had been stalled for four years, a friend got engaged, two of us won the Grand National, some of us had small wins on the lottery, my parents had a sum of money come from nowhere, my father had great medical news. Between us we have attracted so much good fortune, good news and really happy times. Good News, money and health just seems to be flowing. Stress has been lifted. I have been able to forgive someone who hurt me very much and feel the weight of the bitterness totally lifted.I looked in the mirror this morning and my face and skin look visibly younger.All I can say to Rhonda Byrne is thank -you, thank- you, thank -you, because I feel my life and those around me will be so enhanced because of her teaching me those practices.God works in mysterious ways. Everyone is happier,kinder, gentler and more forgiving for reading the book. THANK-YOU!
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on 16 April 2012
I've read every book from Ronda Byrne and few more about The Law of Attraction but this book is really special.

It leads you to better life in 28 days and give you plenty of advice for the after.

I definitely recommend it to everyone who believes in the Magic.
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on 30 May 2013
A fabulous book that everyone should read. Take the reality of the law of attraction with a pinch of salt if you feel that this is a bit too far fetched, it could be looked upon as a technique called the magic wand in life coaching that allows you to establish what you really want without imagining any barriers. Although there have been so many overwhelming coincidences in my life to suggest that there could easily be something else out there. A lot of focus on gratitude which I feel is so essential for happiness, it has allowed me to realise that I already have so much.
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