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4.4 out of 5 stars110
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 31 October 2011
Goddess of Vengeance is the seventh book in the Lucky Santangelo series. Now before I carry on I want to say two things; the first that even though this novel is part of a series you do not need to have read the other novels in order to enjoy this one. And second, the list of novels in the series is listed at the bottom of this review in the order of newest to oldest. Now I have those two pieces of information out of the way, I was really excited when I heard that Jackie Collins would be writing another novel in the Lucky Santangelo series. Drop Dead Beautiful, is one of my favourite Jackie Collins novels and so I was waiting on bated breath to discover exactly what happens next and to delve even further into the life of Lucky and her family. Jackie Collins is the reigning queen of chick lit and has been for many years with her signature look into the glamorous, rich and famous lives of the Hollywood elite. Jackie Collins has written twenty seven novels and sold over 400 million copies of her novels!

Lucky is a succesfull business woman running her high profile hotel and casino, The Keys in Las Vegas. The rest of her family are also in high points in their lives, with husband Lennie directing movies, her daughter Max about to turn eighteen and her son Bobby owning a number of hot nightclubs. It seems as though everything in her life couldn't be better. That is until Armand Jordan arrives on the scene, determined to take it all away from her. A prince in his native Middle Eastern country, Armand is now one of the most successful real estate titans in America. He has no respect for women, treating them as play things, and everyone else with a lack of respect. Armand sets his sighs on buying The Keys and when Lucky point black refuses to sell Armand is stunned. That any women would say no to him is incomprehensible. Armand decides that The Keys will be his, no matter how he has to make this happen. The word is that "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" and what happens in Goddess of Vengeance will blow your mind!

When I heard that Jackie Collins latest novel would be part of the Lucky Santangelo series, I have to admit I was excited. As many readers will agree, Lucky is one of my favourite Jackie Collins characters. With her strength, independence and the power she exudes she is an iconic heroine for all women. I have always loved the character of Lucky, and her character in Goddess of Vengeance is no exception. Lucky is empowering to all women around the world with her strong character. There is a quote in Goddess of Vengeance which I believe sums up my love for her character and exactly why she is so relatable, "I'm a woman who took chances every inch of the way. I had to fight for my independence. Believe me, it wasn't easy." I hated the character of Armand, he is absolutely vile and does some really horrible acts within the novels, which may shock some readers. Of course the reader is supposed to hate Armand, and Jackie Collins always creates such believable characters for the reader to hate. I also really enjoy the way, that even though this novel is part of a series Jackie Collins manages to mention any important details from previous novels which you need to know about. Do not worry, therefore, if you have not read any or all of the Lucky series as you will understand the storyline without feeling lost. Of course I would recommend you read them all, as the entire series is enjoyable. The storyline is exciting, with twists and turns on every page, which make the novel easy to read while leaving you not wanting to put the book down. Jackie Collins raunchy and glamorous look into the LA and Las Vegas highlife is so exciting and I just adore the way Jackie gives her readers this glimpse into a life we would never normally see.

I have to admit that I was a little disappointed that Lucky seemed to be in the background, rather than the forefront of Goddess of Vengeance. Lucky's daughter Max was featured much more in this novel than in any of the previous novels in the series. I found that I did not like the character of Max anywhere near as much as I love Lucky. Max is immature and seems to make decisions that make her appear fickle. I understand that she is young, however I do not think that Jackie Collin's readers will warm to her as much as they do to Lucky. I have also heard that Jackie is planning to put Lucky in a backseat for the next novel in the series and focus more on Max. I hope that if this is the case she manages to make Max a little more likeable and more of a powerful character. I also found a few elements of the storyline a little too similar to Jackie Collin's previous novel Drop Dead Beautiful and would perhaps have liked to see something a little more original.

Overall, I have to say that Jackie Collins has created another novel that will leave you wondering exactly how much of her novel is based on reality. Jackie has succeeded yet again in what she does best, which is creating truly escapist novels. Goddess Of Vengeance is a novel I could not put down and is filled with family drama, passion, revenge and strong women. I cannot wait to read what else Jackie Collins has in store in the future, whether it is another Lucky novel or not. In fact just so I don't have to wait quite so long, I may have to go back and read some of her previous novels just to fill the void.

Chick Litaholic
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on 21 July 2012
I have ready all of the Santangelo novels and was bowled over by "Chances" and "Lucky". They had a great storyline, interesting characters and relevant sub-plots which all came to a conclusion at the end. They were the types of books where you just couldn't wait to see what happened.

But Jackie Collins should have stopped the series then, while it was on a high. Subsequent books have just been cashing in on the popularity of the Lucky Santangelo character with the 'plots' getting progressively lukewarm, and "Goddess of Vengeance" is the worst of all.

Far from it being an 'unputdownable' book like "Chances" and "Lucky", I was actually quite bored. I skipped over the Bobby and Denver chapters - I couldn't care less about those characters and I was waiting for the Billy and Max love story which ended weakly and for no reason.

The final couple of chapters seem rushed out and don't bring the story or the sub plots to a conclusion. Really disappointing, and I don't think I'll be reading any more in the series.
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on 25 April 2011
I usually love the Jackie Collins books but thought this seemed half finished and written in a real hurry. It only covers a timespan of about 3 days, barely builds a story and then disappears in a real whimper at the end.

I still love her writing style and it's good to see the characters again but there's no character development or long term story develolpment.

Lastly, the synopsis of the story is so wrong on here - was it actually written about this book? the name of the main character opposite Lucy is wrong, I don't remember Max and Lucky having a fight and she never gets to New York - or did I read a different book???
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I admit it; I am a huge JC fan. I have always loved the sleaze and glamour that her books seem to hold. Jackie Collins is without a doubt in my eyes the Queen of Sleaze! She wrote her first book in 1968 and has been writing ever since. Her latest book was released in April 2011 and was downloaded to my Kindle as soon as I could get my grubby mitts on it.

We first met the character Lucky Santangelo in the book Chances published way back in 1981. She has since gone on to appear in another 7 books including this latest one. With a name like Lucky (only Jackie Collins could think of a name like that) you know that her life will be the polar opposite of her name. I have read all of JC's books but to be truthful my memory fades as it was in my late teens that I started reading them. Having said that, you are brought right up to speed with Lucky and her past in this current book. Anybody having not read JC books before can easily read this as a stand alone novel.

As a reader you dive head first into the world of the Santangelo's. You get to meet Luck and her husband Lennie. We also meet their eldest son Bobby and youngest daughter Max, as well as Lucky's friend Venus. All of the characters have ridiculously amazing lives and with their wealth and glamour comes drama! Lucky herself is an amazing character that could never exist in real life. If she does, I seriously want to meet this ballsy woman who always gets what she wants both in her personal life as well as business. Lucky unfortunately manages to attract the attention of Armand Jordan, who is also a ruthless business man. Armand is used to getting his own way and goes out of his way to buy Lucky's casino and resort The Keys in Las Vegas.

As much as the drama of all the characters and their lives is a tad unrealistic (at least in my ordinary world) it is such an escapist read that before you know it you are halfway through the book. I must say that as much as I love the Santangelo's the character Armand was a truly despicable character. Jackie Collins never has been shy in being graphically explicit and this book is no different. If you are not a fan of books that features a lot of sex and drugs, then maybe this is not for you. Her writing style is easy to read and the chapters flow from character to character making it easy to keep up with who is doing what. In addition to Lucky's family and Armand we also meet other characters that flit in and out of the book such as Max's friends and Venus' ex husband.

As usual with a JC book, it took me not time at all to finish the book and found myself wondering if maybe I should read some of her older books again. If you love sleaze, glamour, and major family dramas then the series of books featuring Lucky's family will definitely be up your street.
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on 17 April 2011
the lucky saga been waiting for this book for months and it did not disapoint, her writing style is truly great i read it the same day i brought it a must read for all jackie collins fans and its great to see her kids feature more and more
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on 1 September 2013
If you've ever seen a comedian swear constantly for no reason, or you've watched an episode of Big Brother, and you liked it-then you might like this.
The contents of this book are akin to the same attention seeking that these examples are guilty of.
Just because you said the F word, does not make your joke funnier; just because Jackie Collins tries to be controversial, does not mean anything happens in this book.

There's talk of lots of cocaine, dead babies in bags, and endless chapters on one characters hatred for women and how they are all complete whores..oddly I did not find it enjoyable.
There is no depth to anything or anyone. If it were a half hour episode of a tv series it may be tolerable, but I couldn't stand to read this crap.
I suffered 20% of the book and quit after finding myself skimming to see if it gets better.

If you love Jackie Collins maybe you will forgive her, but if you loved Lucky, maybe you won't.
If like me, you picked this book at random for a good trashy read, put it back on the shelf, and get Wicked Wives by Anna Lou Weatherly instead.
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on 10 October 2015
This is the 8th book in the Santangelo's series, if you haven't read any of them, go and get the firs one, do not start here. Lucky is our main character, top dog of her world, she is beautiful, powerful sexy and rich. The story also visits along with the life and doings of her seventeen year old daughter Max, soon to be eighteen and her friends. Her brother Bobby and the bad guy of the piece Prince Armand, rich and powerful in his own country and what he wants he gets. He comes to America, determined to buy Lucky's Casino, he always gets what he wants and no silly woman or anyone else will stand in his way. Women are beneath him, noone is above him and he will stop at nothing, not even murder to achieve his goal.

In typical Collins fashion, the book tackles everything from teen angst, family conflict, secrets, power, money, sex, drugs and violence to name some of the topics covered in this book. I love Jackie Collins, she is an easy read and her books are a tamer version of all she has witnessed in Hollywood. The writing is easy to get into and follow and as long as you aren't easily shocked or offended, sure there is drugs, prostitution use, misogyny and all kinds of swearing scattered throughout this book.

In order to enjoy the story fully I definitely suggest going back and reading the previous reads as the characters have all been through so much and some of it is referred to in this book. This is a perfect read at the end of a long day, by the pool or when you just need to shut off the world for a bit and read some scandal in another world, 4/5 for me. I will of course read this author again, I have her newest release just waiting to be picked up and read.
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on 9 November 2012
I bought this for the wife's kindle as she reads on the way to work and on the return journey home. She loves Jackie Collins so this was an addition to her vast collection!
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on 6 March 2012
When you compare this book to earlier sizzling sprawling books in the Santangelo series you have to give it four stars and not five. The plot, such as it is, revolves around a single night in Las Vegas, and Jackie weaves her huge cast in and out of events with breakneck pace. The plot doesn't truly reflect the synopsis of the cover, and the title promises vengenace and doesn't quite deliver BUT it's JACKIE! She is sharp, she is funny, she is sexy. She dips her toe into hot topics like abortion and the death penalty without flinching, she creates fanastic female characters, little Maria 'Max' Santangelo who falls for a movie star, Denver and Bobby - a couple so perfect that you just know Jackie will spring a tragedy on them one day, and of course Lucky Santangelo, JC's finest creation to date. She's here, and she's as inspiring as ever. It's not the best Jackie Collins book, but it is still up there with the very best of this glamourous, dangerous fiction. There is a mention, as brief as a kiss, of Gino Junior. I for one can't wait.
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on 19 May 2011
I am a huge fan of JC, especially the Lucky books. I always order them from the UK when they come out because they're published a few months later in the US and I can't wait that long! I loved GOV, except for the lazy copy editing. It really bothers me when there are so many little mistakes that could have easily been fixed before the book went to print. Some examples: 1) Paige is referred to as Gino's fifth wife in one place, and then as his third wife in another 2) Alex Woods' name is misspelled on one occasion 3) The word "bale" is used incorrectly to mean leaving someplace when it should have been spelled "bail." Maybe I'm too anal about these things, but it just ruins the reading experience for me; however, I'll keep reading JC because I love her writing. Finally, a personal request--next time, leave out the kids and just focus on Lucky and Lennie!!!
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