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4.5 out of 5 stars177
4.5 out of 5 stars
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At last the sequel to 'Tout Sweet' has arrived ! Much awaited, at last we discover what happened after the breakdown on the road ! and a few more surprises also : we meet Karen's hairy and very sweet new companion, her very unexpected and a bit crazy new hobby (an acquired taste, frequent among the natives...), get to know a not so pleasant dogs' owner, a very pleasant village's mayor, and... a romantic encounter from a totally unsuspected corner...In brief, there is again plenty of french (and not so french) delights to savour in this new funny chapter of Karen's life, that she so candidly shares with us. Quickly immerse yourself in a world that rocks and for some blissful hours, forget all else ! Hoping again that the follow-up wont be too long to wait !
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on 15 August 2010
Once again I finished a book by Karen Wheeler in one sitting! Karen excels in painting the rhythm and charm of French country life. It makes me want to book my plane ticket down to her area and hunt out all the charming characters real-life inspirations. What lifts this book from being just another sequal is one of the best love stories of the summer - between Karen and her dog Biff. Karen's characterisation of her dog Biff makes him the break out star - stealing every scene he finds himself in. Buy it! Find yourself a sunny spot! Turn off your phone and escape...
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on 26 October 2010
I have just finished reading Toute allure and as with the first book toute sweet I couldnt put it downn my huband lost me to Karen Wheeler for a day an a half,as I became lost in rural France with her. I laughed and cried and fell in love with the Lion ( im sure Karen won't mind me writing this) while reading this book.I cannot wait for the next book to come out as I feel sad to have reached the end of this one.
Mr S J Nicholls did not write this< his wifey (me) did as I read the book and I cannot seem to change the name on the start of the review!!!!!
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on 13 October 2010
I can only repeat what so many other reviewers of this book have already said. It is a fantastic read, I started it on a Sunday and kept going until I finished it in early next morning as dawn crept under my curtains - which meant I was not fit for anything at work the next day. The point is you cannot put this book (or her last one) down. It makes me want to rush down to Poitou Charentes to start my own French Adventure - you cannot help but want to be part of that life. I love the way she writes and her descriptions of the life she is living and the characters in her life.
It is a wonderful feel-good book and I feel it is an honest account of the life she has made for herself. I am so envious, particulary of her having found the gorgeous Biff. Also, it is refreshing to read an account of the trials & tribulations of someone relocating to France from a singleton's point of view, especially when that singleton is still open to the possibility of romance.

My only one small critism is that a decent proof reader should have picked up a couple of things and hopefully they will pick these up in time for the next re-print, but that is a minor gripe and please believe me - it does not detract from the all consuming enjoyment you will get from this book. Go on, treat yourself, you deserve it.
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on 5 March 2011
Thoroughly enjoyed book 2 of Karen Wheeler's books on moving to rural France. I actually enjoyed this book more than the first one. There were a lot of laugh out loud moments and some very romantic ones. I loved her stories about her little dog, Biff, and the ones about her Latino next door neighbour. I couldn't put it down and read the book in a day and a half. Highly recommended if you like fun books about other countries with a little romance sprinkled in.
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on 28 April 2012
Lovers of all things French and with a rose tinted view on life there will absolutely enjoy this book. I found it refreshingly enjoyable and read it far too quickly which is a good indication of how much I enjoyed it but it is the ideal book for sitting in the garden with a glass of Chablis.
It is a simple story of an English woman living in France with a wonderful sounding town or large village nearby that sounds slightly `boho' and therefore, tantalising. The gay baker whose relationship fails means that the bakery has to close which is a frightening prospect in France when one bears in mind that a feast of food can be laid out on a length of tables but without bread, it is a catastrophe.
The French women are elegant and embrace the British who live there; the way British people tend to socialise is so typical and although there is reference to this in a derogatory way (the snooty wife with the uncontrollable dogs) it is done through the eyes of the writer who does integrate with the French, but does so with her British friends. The love life is compelling and I found that although I didn't trust the ex for one second, I did expect something from the ex-military chap she met but didn't expect a weakening for a certain neighbour. The section where Wheeler describes the utter disappointment of being forgotten by the ex when arriving at the train station is exactly how women feel so men could read this and learn that little things really do mean an awful lot. However, the love for Biff is completely believable and I can't imagine anyone who wouldn't fall in love with this little dog; he really is the star of this book for me but that is credit to Wheeler's description of him and her life with him in it.
The realities of British couples moving to live in France where so many end up in divorce or sadly in the case of the bar owner, the husband died leaving the inexperienced wife to run it (and badly at that) is all too true sadly. Wheeler describes the country beautifully and how her life in France has highs and lows, albeit mostly because of men but it is realistically written and without romantic and unrealistic impressions of living a dream. She has a job and a command of the language and luckily for her, some lovely friends.
I highly recommend this book to anyone who needs cheering up and to view France from someone who really does well to live the life she does and leaves me feeling happy for her, not jealous or envious.
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on 30 December 2010
I love France. I love the lifestyle and having tasted it for myself over the past few years without having the financial security to 'make the leap' I am always keen to read about 'my' dream through the eyes of others. This Christmas I fell upon the delightful book 'Toute Allure: Falling in love in Rural France'. My Christmas holiday has been somewhat blighted by an unpleasant attack of Flu - and what has saved me? This book. Karen Wheeler draws her reader into the world of her village, her friends, her beloved little dog and her relationships. The way in which the book paints the picture of rural France is so real - she captures the essence of the countryside and I feel confident that anyone - well or unwell! would thoroughly enjoy this lovely book. It's an easy and painless way of falling in love!
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on 25 August 2010
I was utterly captivated by this delicious book sent to me by a friend - so much so that I felt compelled to telephone the author and wax lyrical as to how much I had enjoyed the flow of her pen. I look forward to reading Tout Sweet and am delighted to learn that a 3rd book is in the offing. Highly recommended light reading, particularly for lovers of rural France.
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on 3 August 2010
I received Tout Allure last week and read it in just over a day and a half - admittedly not much work got done!! another laugh out loud account of Karen's life in rural France and vivid enough to make the reader feel like you know the village and the people. I am most envious of Karen's life in France but her writing is so spirit lifting and entertaining that I feel I am part of it too. I am certain that this book will as successful as Tout Sweet, and now I just need to wait for the next book.... Get writing, Karen!

Absolutely brilliant.
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on 26 September 2010
I have just finished reading both of Karen Wheeler's! The first "Toute Sweet" That I read on Holiday & the second one "Toute Allure" when I got back from holiday.(I actually went straight to W H Smith's on my way home from the airport to get it, as I couldent wait!!) I was keen as Mustard for more. The books were fantastic read's! As a commited Francopile I loved reading these books! I was gripped by them both, from the first scary night in the Hotel when Karen left the UK, right through to the going back to Villiers in to the arms of the Lion! I never expected she would fall for the noisey neighbour. Please Please tell me it's NOT the end?? I would love to know more?? A fantastic funny & warming great read, both book's are well written and thoroughly enjoyable! I loved them!
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