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4.4 out of 5 stars23
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 14 April 2011
If you are looking for something new, fresh and beautifully written then this is the book for you.

Forgive my Fins is the first book in the new Fins series by author Tera Lynn Childs and I have to say - it was FANATASTIC :)

Lily is a princess mermaid and has been living with her aunt in Seaview for the past 3 years. She moved in with her aunt after discovering that her mother was human and wanted to see the human world before becoming the next ruler of Thalassinia. Lily has been in love with Brody, a boy from school ever since she started there, but the only problem is, she can't seem to find a way to tell Brody how she feels.

When Quince, Lily's annoying neighbour who always picks on her, offers to help her catch the guy of her dreams, she reluctantly agrees. On the night of the school dance, Lily's plan of action is in place and while waiting for Brody, she mistakingly kisses Quince and ends up forming a bond caused by Lily's mermaid destiny. Lily believes being bound to Quince is the worse thing possible or is it?

This was my first book by Tera and I was not left disappointd. As usual, I wish I had picked this up sooner than I did. I have read a few mermaid stories over the past year but, this is the only one I have loved. Tera did a fantastic job as it was beautifully written and I loved how I could imagine myself in Thalassinia.

I really enjoyed the characters especially Lily. Lily only being seventeen is quiet naive about her feelings toward Brody and it sometimes clouds her judgement, not only does she not see Brody for who he really is, but see also doesn't see Quince. Quince is a classic guy, picks on the girl he loves type but once you get to know him, it was just his way of getting closer to Lily and I loved both of them.

I'm so glad there wasn't any major cliffhangers to this story. Yes, the author has left the story open with a little preview of what I believe the next story will be about but I love that the Lily & Quince's story was rounded up.

Overall, this was a fanstatic new start to a unquie series. I'm hoping the release of the next book comes around quickly as I can not wait to read more :)

P.S I LOVED the fish slang too - So funny :)
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Forgive My Fins appeals strongly to my giggly inner teen. Fresh, romantic and magical, Terra Lynn Childs' third novel is one to love!

Essentially, Forgive my Fins is about Lily's attempts at correcting her accidental 'marriage' with Quince, the next-door neighbour who just happens to be the one person who can worm his way beneath her fins and irritate her. An unexpected kiss between these two bond them together as mermates and between that and Lily's undying, three-year affection for Brody, they spell trouble with a capital T.

Lily is a loveable character. Bubbly and charming, she has an authentic feel to her voice. Her use of sea metaphors and references (for instance 'son of swordfish') saturates her narrative, is incredibly funny and is critical to that 'mermaid feel' in her voice. The author's use of a first person narrative gives a sense of direct communication between Lily and the readers so every bit of her mermaid lore and terminologies act much like an introduction to a riveting mer kingdom I could not have enough of! Thalassinia comes to life in Lily's vivid descriptions and immersing one's self in mermaid lore is an engaging side effect of reading Forgive My Fins. The author has crafted a very authentic, very magical underwater world in this book!

Quince is a darling. Obnoxious, slightly irritating but overbearingly sweet, he is simply character to adore. I could not help but root for him throughout the book. Quince and Lily's love-hate relationship is such a classic, but it's clear from the beginning that there is more to it that just teasing. In the same light, as the plot progresses, readers learn more about Quince, and he begins to be a character with depth. Despite their classic relationship, the originality of the plot offsets this. You'll not only lose yourself in Quince and Lily's banters but also in their underwater adventures!

I love every Quince-Lily moment - innocent, sweet and full of witty exchanges, I just could not help but giggle. I was so giddy with these two! I had so much fun to watch the conflict between Lily's strengthening bond with Quince and her feelings for Brody, not to mention the reluctance of her father to grant them the separation. Best of all, it was interesting to note the changes in her feelings and the growth that she undergoes throughout the novel.

What makes Forgive My Fins such a delightful read is not limited to her attempts at having the bonds severed, but what occurs between the lines at her every attempt. Quince's constant presence in her life - now even more pronounced because of the bond - forces her out of shell. Lily learns to appreciate beyond the superficial and gain her much needed courage.

There is little I didn't like in this novel. There is the lack of characterisation with the foils, for one. Believe me, I love all the characters, but they only slightly developed. They were not very relevant to the plot, but still. I felt like I know Aunt Rachel's cat more than Aunt Rachel, and that is slightly worrying. Nothing much else, I have yet to resurface from Thalassinia magical hold on me!

With a charming array of characters, a magical underwater kingdom to feel at home in, and a sweet romance in the whole midst of it, what better book to immerse your summer with than Forgive My Fins?
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Lily has a secret; she's a mermaid living on land due to the fact that her mother was human. Her father is king of the seas, which makes her a Thalassinian Princess. Since finding out about her mother's lineage, Lily began to understand why she doesn't feel at home in the sea. She moved in with her aunt and started attending Seaview High School in order to find the perfect mate.

She's convinced she's found him. All she has to do is persuade him that she's the only girl for him.

She better do it fast, because mermaids mate for life at a very early age. When she comes up with a plan to share her secret and the rest of her life with him, her uber-annoying neighbor foils everything.

Now, she's forced to return home to Daddy and straighten out this huge mess, all because she kissed the wrong boy. Can she still convince her true love of her affections and hope that he returns them before her birthday?

This mermaid story is amazing with its romantic tension, clever, snarky dialogue, secrets, and an underwater world. All of this adds up to a magical tale written by one of my favorite authors.

Reviewed by: Jennifer Rummel
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on 27 January 2016
From the beginning I had heard nothing but good things about ‘Forgive my fins’ and was glad that it turned out to be such a fun and light hearted read. With a really sweet storyline and cute romance, I flew through this book very quickly and at the end I was just left going, ‘Awwww’. It really is a lovely story.

Despite being half-mermaid, the main character, Lily Sanderson is in many ways a typical teenager. Her words and antics made me squee, cringe and quite often laugh out loud. I especially loved her fishy analogies and cuss words of ‘Damselfish’, ‘Blowfish’ and my personal favourite, ‘oh lord love a lobster’. However, she is also a very timid girl and a hopeless romantic.

For the last three years she has been crushing on Brody Bennett, the gorgeous (newly single) captain of the swim team. Yet despite her best efforts, she has never managed to tell him how she feels, although Lily is certain they are destined for one another. So with the spring dance looming – Lily conspires that this will be the night she confesses her love. What she doesn’t expect, is for her annoying next door neighbour Quince, to interfere with her plans. Therefore, after an accidental kiss, Lily finds herself bonded (essentially married) not to the man of her dreams, but to bad boy ‘blowfish’ Quince, who incidentally, can’t swim. A much needed when dating a mermaid.

In the chaos that follows, the author Tera Lynn Childs gives us one of the most adorable and sweetest of paranormal romances. Telling a story of first love, friendship and the need to be true to yourself , with plenty of comedy rolled into the mix, ‘Forgive my Fins’ is a fantastic read.

Although at times Lily could be a little annoying in her unchangeable views about Brody, and I thought that there were a few small plot issues – the goodness of this book ultimately outweighed the few niggles that I had with it. So overall it was a really fun read and I’m eagerly awaiting the sequel, ‘Fins are Forever’ which is to be published in the UK on the 1st April 2012. Check it out J
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on 22 November 2012
This was a delightfully cute book that warmed my heart. At the beginning I was convinced that if was younger than YA as it seemed so innocent in nature, but as the book progressed it filled it's YA shoes. Although I am still convinced that the tweenie age bracket will be yearning for this one too.
This is one of the best mermaid books I have read so far within the mermaid genre, and believe me, lately there have been a lot! There are no added extras, you have an idea where the plot is going, and you're happy to swim along for the ride.
From the beginning I loved Quince. As much as the author tried to put us off him, I could see beneath his annoying surface and see he was a keeper! Lily took so long to see the truth, I found at times I wanted to shake her so that she could see what a wondrous creature stood before her. She is just a little bit self centred and just can't see how amazing Quince is, when everyone around her can. I didn't like Brody at all, but I have never been fond of Golden Boys!
I loved the setting of Thalassina - it was AMAZING! It sounded like an awesome place to visit, the way the author described it, made it easy to imagine in my head.
The epilogue was a bit of shocker. I honestly didn't expect that to happen. And if I'm honest, the ending surprised me too. I came away thinking that Tera Lynn Childs might be a tricksy character in real life.
If you are looking for a mermaid YA book, then this one would definitely be at the top of my list to recommend.
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on 13 July 2012
Wow, this book is just so amazing and i just spent the whole evening finishing it. In honesty, i was having a bit of a book downer recently, and the last couple i've tried to read have failed to catch my attention.
However, on a whim late last night, i downloaded Forgive My Fins to my Kindle and i am so glad i did.

Ok, so the writing style is full of Ocean related humour and there are some truly cringe worthy moments, but isn't that what being a teen in love is like?
The only difference is that Lily is a mermaid and in a case of mistaken identity accidentally kisses the annoying boy next door instead of the guy she's crushing on from the swim team.

Yes, i know this all sounds a little cliche, but there is a lot more depth to this book that you'll initially realise (No pun intended!) If i'm honest, i really loved Quince from the beginning, he was such an original character and so wonderfully charming and patient.
The lessons that he and Lily learn through there 'mistake' are pretty big and the outcome was fantastic.
The chemistry between them was like electricity and i couldn't help but get a bit frustrated with Lily for how blind she was for most of the novel.
But then that's something we probably all experience at some time and by becoming in love with an idea we essentially become blinded to the 'real thing'.

I found the relationship between Lily and her father to be unique as well. It's all to easy in fiction these days for someone to use the 'Duty before heart' storyline, and it made a change to have a King that was a bit more heartfelt as opposed to cold and dutiful. And the fact she called him daddy was sweet as opposed to annoying as it might have been.

My favourite part though? it was the witty dialogue between Lily and Quince, especially that part in the bathroom stall. Just hilarious. And to top it all off, a lesson in love that even adults can learn from if they put their minds to it!
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on 21 December 2011
On the outside Lily looks like a normal teenage girl, she even has a crush on the school hottie, but she has one massive secret; she is a mermaid princess! With a mermaid father and human mother Lily never quite feels like she belongs anywhere and has been spending the last few years going to high school as a human. When the Brody, Lily's crush, does not live up to expectations Quince, Lily's annoying neighbour, steps in.

I really liked Lily, but her focus was a bit annoying and I did not really understand why she hated her neighbour so much! Apart from that I thought she was an interesting character and you can tell she is conflicted about where she belongs. It was quite refreshing to have a strong female character who stepped up to take charge especially when they are underwater! I also really liked Quince and found him to be a very likeable character, maybe I just have a thing for bad boys who are really very sweet!

As I have mentioned above, I love that when we were in the underwater world, which is Lily's Kingdom, she was the one who was confident and knew what was going on and Quince was the one who was uncertain and unsure. I felt rather empowering reading it as often it is the female character who is portrayed unsure and needs the male character to help her on her journey. I like that there was a real challenge for the male character, metaphorically and literally, which was just part of Lily's everyday.

It was great that part of the story was set underwater and the world beneath the sea was painted as a beautiful and exciting place. I found it a little hard to picture, only because my mind kept picturing Spongebob Square Pants and all the other cartoons like Shark Tale and Little Mermaid. When I could get rid of these from my mind I loved reading about this new and different world, which was painted to be a beautiful underwater fairytale kingdom.

I thought this was a fun read that moved at a good pace and the story often kept you on your toes. It had likeable characters you wanted to get to know better. It also had an ending that I was not expecting and I can't wait to read the next book in the series to see what happens next!!
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on 20 November 2011
Lily is in love with a boy who doesn't love her back. Complicated enough already for her, right? Wrong. Lily isn't just any girl: she's a mermaid. And one kiss will leave her and any boy bonded for life. But Lily has chosen human Brody to be her mate. All she has to do is tell him the truth, and introduce him to her father. And kiss him, of course. Only, one night at a party, one she's arranged to meet Brody at, takes an unexpected turn, with one wicked case of mismatched identity...

I was hooked to this book, hook line and sinker (pun intended). From the very beginning, from Lily's first sentence, I was just addicted. Once I'd started reading, I just had to find out what would happen. I just could not put it down. I didn't WANT to put it down. I could read about Lily and her mismatched relationship forever!

Lily Sanderson was someone I liked straight away. She was really nice and funny, her voice totally believable. She used lots of "fishy phrases", like "pain in the fins", which I found so cute and so funny! I mean, she was just wonderfully bonkers. And kind of a drama queen... love it! Love her! Her mind was wonderful, bonkers, funny and maybe a little twisted. She really underestimated herself sometimes, and was occasionally quite naïve... but she was very loyal and very easily distracted... Seriously, have I mentioned I love the girl? But what made Lily special was how much I found I could relate to her: she just felt so real, like she could be any girl.

Quince Fletcher was a bit of a jerk... and he was also very, very funny - hilarious, even. He was too cute, really cheeky, and so obviously liked Lily! He was the "shock-inducing" type. And as I got to know him more: how sweet and wonderful he was, I just loved him even more! I want a Quince!

He and Lily were so cute. I just loved the way Quince joked around, totally getting on Lily's nerves. The way their relationship changed was just too sweet. I could so feel the chemistry. Wow. They SO belonged together. Such a dreamy couple!
The rest of the characters were equally amazing. Peri, Lily's mermaid best-friend, who knew Lily better than anyone. She was the method to Lily's madness. Lily's dad, who was so protective of Lily, and didn't think anyone was good enough for her, scaring away all the merboys when she was younger. The bond between Lily and her father was really sweet! The two of them were so close and the bond felt 100% real. Davina, Lily's cousin: spiteful and jealous in my opinion, but we shall be seeing more of her. Fingers crossed she pulls a Cordelia! And the boy who started the chain of events: Brody Bennett. He seemed nice, seemed sweet: he hung out with Lily even though she was a "freak". He had that charm - the one that meant he could fit in everywhere. He made Lily feel special. But, boy can you not judge by appearances...

I just loved how Childs took historical and mythical references and made them cool, modern and completely her own. It was brilliant! This was just such an original, new, creative book: loved it!

The mermaids in Forgive My Fins were amazing! They were kind of cowardly, according to Lily, anyway. But they had to be, to stay hidden. And they had all these awesome powers: they could control water temperature, mind wash people, swim super-fast and find their way home from anywhere. I just loved learning all the new heritage... and the funny words: Oceanista dolls, mertechnology - and did ya know, mermaids invented the bikini? I wanna be a mermaid, please!

God, this made me laugh! Lily was hilarious, as was her sea-slang and bananas mind. I really was not expecting such a funny read when I picked it up. But I laughed out loud. A lot. I even got the funny stares. Lily rocked!

Full of romance, humour, mermaids and magic, Forgive My Fins was a really brilliant, addictive read. All the characters were 100% real to me. The relationships jumped off of the page. I could see Thalassinia in my mind's eye. A just all round amazing read, one I recommend to you all! Plus: SO didn't see the ending coming!

A fun, cute, all-round awesome read that had me in its power from start to finish.
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Lily is a half-mermaid princess who is spending time living with her her human aunt before she returns home to Thalassinia to take her place in her father's court. She is hoping to find her mermate and take him home with her, in fact she is pretty sure she has already found him - she just needs to tell Brody the truth about who and what she is. When Quince, the irritating boy next door, offers to help her catch her dream guy things end up going horribly wrong and she ends up bonded to him by mistake. Now she just has to persuade her father to break the bond with Quince so she can claim Brody once and for all.

I have to admit I wasn't too sure what to expect from Forgive My Fins, I won a copy and haven't read many stories about mermaids so decided to give it a try. I have to say I'm glad I did and I'll definitely be picking up a copy of the sequel Fins Are Forever when it comes out next year. This was was a fun, light hearted and easy read, perfect for when you want something that isn't too serious.

I loved Lily's use of oceanic terminology instead of swear words - oh carp and damselfish were some of my favourites but there are many more throughout the story. It gave the story and Lily's voice a more authentic feel and I loved the descriptions of Thalassinia, I'm becoming quite taken with the idea of secret underwater worlds. Lily is a great character she's not perfect, in fact she's quite shy and insecure but she was very likable and easy to relate to. At times she can be a bit too naive but I quite like the fact that she tries to see the best in people (although there were occasions I wanted to strangle her because of the way she went on and on about Brody!). Quince was my favourite character though, he was a typical boy teasing the girl he likes rather than showing his true feelings but when it came down to it he was always there for Lily when she needed him.

Tera Lynn Childs has created a fun story and an interesting world, I'm glad it didn't end on a major cliffhanger but am excited to find out what happens next all the same. In some ways I do think the story is aimed at younger teens (there are times I felt Lily acts a lot younger than 17) but it is so amusing that it makes a perfect holiday read for anyone looking for a fishy tale.
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on 4 July 2011
I am still making my mind up about mermaid books and whether they are something l want to read more often or not so when l picked up Forgive My Fins l was a bit unsure. Within the first chapter l knew l was going to enjoy this book.
If l was to sum up Forgive My Fins up in two words it would be quirky and fun. Yes it also has a lot of romance in but the strongest point in this book for me was how fun it is. Tera has a really great way of writing which l feel brings out the best in every sentence. For example the way which the main character, Lily, thinks is put forward in a way which has you laughing. Lily is such a typical girl and l found myself thinking how l act like she does sometimes. It isn't just how she acts or thinks but how Tera puts the whole quirkiness forward to the readers and lets everything flow, pure genius.
Lily is the perfect sort of character for this book and l think because of her even people who don't like mermaid books could read this. Yes this book is kind of around the whole `bond' where if a mermaid kisses a boy he turns into a merman but the whole relationships that Lily has with the other characters and also the world which Tera creates is fascinating and so creative.
Tera has ended this book in a way which really makes for an amazing second book, not in a cliff-hanger kind of way but more of an intriguing way. What added to this book was Tera kept up a high standard throughout the book and the ending did not fail to please!
Overall this is a must read mermaid book which is unique, fresh, funny, cute and so much more! Tera has created great characters, friendships and storyline which will be enjoyed by all ages.
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