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3.5 out of 5 stars19
3.5 out of 5 stars
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 25 December 2009
"Herogasm" is the name of an orgy the supes attend every year when they tell the rest of the world that they're joining forces to fight off a space alien threat far away. They get together on a remote tropical island and it's "Caligula" but more graphic.

There's not much more to the story - Homelander's planning something, Vought American continue their plan for world domination, the Boys find some more backstory to their version of 9/11 that wasn't elaborated on in "Good for the Soul". But it's not enough for a full book.

I'm not a prude by any stretch but there's far too much gratuitous porn. Supes doing it with hookers, doing drugs, this goes on for pages and pages. If I wanted porn I'd have some, but when I pick up a comic book, especially one as good as this series is, I expect something more, and sadly, this book has none of the interest of the previous 4.

John McCrea's not a terrible artist but Darick Robertson is a better one and his presence is definitely missed in this book. Hopefully the hints set up in "Herogasm" will make for a much more interesting 6th book. This book is definitely missable and adds nothing to the overall story arch of this series.
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on 8 March 2013
I've heard mixed reviews of The Boys 5 - Herogasm but I really enjoyed it. Every so often I read a review about Ennis going a bit too far but I thought that was the whole point to The Boys, it goes a bit too far. It's the whole reason it's one of my favourite comics.

There is plenty of action and plenty of over the top madness with the superheroes at their yearly get together Herogasm which is basically a mass orgy with the Supies (The supes version of the Oscars). The Boys are mainly in hiding in this one overseeing everything but the Vought America storyline gets deeper with Vought basically trying to take over the White House.

As usual the artwork is fantastic and the story line was fast paced and fun. In my opinion this isn't the best of The Boys but it's certainly a great read.
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on 11 July 2013
This volume is so blue it's practically pink. There is so much nudity here you risk blindness and hairy palms just by reading it. But like the proverbial kid in a candy store you quickly become inured to it so it only serves to illuminate the morals and juvenility of the Supes and their political handlers. The art is great and the bold clear colours really bring out the island paradise feel as all the worlds Supes nip off for some covert spring break excess.

As this is an odd numbered volume we learn more about what is going on and what has gone on before. This volume is a cross between Where's Wally in Pornoland and the Manchurian Candidate. It expertly fuses eye popping titillation and political skulduggery and something bad happens to Wee Hughie.

This is a skilfully told story with masterfully subtle setups and shocking or satisfying payoffs. We are now well and truly hooked and can't wait for more. Absolutely a Thumbs Up!
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on 25 October 2015
Having loved the Kev's, Rifle Brigade, Preacher (one of the very best things ever written, ever) etc I came to The Boys with high hopes. Sadly, Ennis' schtick, to be as offensive to anyone and everyone as liberally as possible, just doesn't sustain a series. By this point in the series it was wearing thin, by the end of this book it was exhausted. And it didn't really abate (cue an Ennis character going 'huh huh mast-abate' and then adding something homophobic whilst the artwork shows myriad vulvas) for the rest of the series.

Oh look an orgy and swearing and really heavy handed establishing of the fact that these are amoral heroes and not what you expect from heroes and oh look moral hypocrisy... There is nothing subtle here. It is exposition, plot development and character development done with a brick (the brick, for good measure, has some gratuitous swearing on it for no good reason because of laziness and a desire to some kind of lowest common denominator appeal that finds breasts intrinsically and simultaneously hilarious and confusing).

No prude, and had really enjoyed Ennis' disregard for taste or decency in the past. This was the moment the series did something indescribable with a cucumber to the shark, to purloin and massacre the old Happy Days cliché.

It as like having someone who's work you really enjoyed had started using their greatest hits repeatedly and increasingly poorly.

Hated it. Persevered with the series, it did get better but never recovered. But this was the absolute nadir.
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on 8 January 2010
This comic is going off the boil.

The idea of the boys was fresh new, and really worked with Garths raw humour poking fun at conventional super heroes. But now... the story hasn't moved on, and is actaully becming a bit stale. Sorry to say that cos Garth is a legend.
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on 1 September 2015
Just a word of warning. ‘The Boys: Digital Omnibus’ series doesn’t contain the spin-offs, only the main series itself. You might think that this suggests that the spin-offs aren’t that important, but they’re actually crucial. Unfortunately, two out of three of them aren’t that good, including this one, but you really should read it anyway, I’m sad to say. It takes place between issues 30 and 31 of the main series, and presents some of the biggest turning points in the whole thing, so skip it at your peril. Fortunately, the series as a whole gets a lot better after this.
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on 9 April 2010
Sex, violence and corrupt superheroes! What more could an immature reader want! The BOYS are great, no doubt, but what started as a refreshing and superb take on stupid superheroes has been gradually going downhill with each following issue. As it has been said before by other reviewers, the storyline has become too simplistic and vulgar. Where has the greatness of the first two volumes gone?
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on 20 January 2015
If you have got this far in the story arc you wont need to be told how good The Boys is, if you have jumped in here do your self a favor and go back to the beginning and enjoy the whole thing. Each time I order a new one of these beautiful trades i re-read the entire series to date, each time picking up more of the subtle details, jokes, sub-plots and visual design of the entire story.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 15 December 2009
Shock! Alien invaders are approaching Earth & they're "more indestructible" than last time! Gasp! This will require a titanic team-up of all of earth's heroes & even some of its villains. Wow!

...Except this is Garth Ennis' cynical world where superheroes are celebrities who just attend film premiers & collect comic book royalties. The invasion is a fake & the worlds' mightiest mortals are on their yearly vacation at a remote luxury resort, along with more hookers & drugs than even their superhuman appetites can cope with. The Boys - a CIA unit designed to control the 'supes' - are there as well, chasing their latest target. But then so is the man from Vought-American, the corporation which created 'the supes'- can even he keep Homelander from spiralling out of control?

Like previous chapters, Herogasm combines Ennis' Viz-style humour with a satisfying story which combines convincing back-room politics with heaps of satire on celebrity culture. Jack From Jupiter tells A-Train that if you "look at all the [stuff] we get up to & really you can sum it up in three words: hey, wouldn't you? But... the Vought guy? I used to give myself nightmares about the things he might've done." The supes' excesses have only been made possible through dark deeds - deed which The Boys are determined to uncover.

Herogasm was a spin-off from the main series but is printed as volume 5 of the graphic novel reprints. Because it's a spin-off, John McRea takes over the artwork - he does an ok job but I missed Darick Robertson. It's perhaps a bit more of the same-old thing from this series but Ennis' same old thing is still leagues above the rest. And as past events & central characters are further fleshed out, I find myself getting even more hooked with every volume. Great stuff!
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on 9 March 2010
The Boys started off as a violent, sexually explicit satire on traditional U.S. comics and has had a few good moments along the way but this spin off series, now collected in continuity is the nadir of the series so far.
As others have mentioned the story is set on an island hideaway where the various superheros can take drugs and indulge in a variety of explicit sexual practices away from the public eye (but in full view of Darick Robertson's pen...).
The story is weak and the character development is virtually non-existent - what's more it isn't even all that original ( this sort of superhero satire has been done far better before: see Marshall Law and Brat Pack for finer examples in the same vein - even Ennis 'The Pro' is funnier and better drawn).

Not a total disaster but way below standard.
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