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on 30 November 2011
There is only one true way to describe Neale's books, and that is to say that they so calmly point out the endless opportunities We have for creating Positivity and Love at every step in this Existence. There is nothing more powerful than the healing power of Pure unflinching Love within the perspective of Who We Really Are.

This book is right on the minute-hand for its release date, so timely and so blessedly valuable to anyone worried - or excited, for that matter - about the times ahead in this Earthly life. It is a pointer in the direction of something You already know: conflict is a choice, and that there is no war between people, only a war with ourselves.

Purchase it, read it, live it, and Love the Now that we find ourselves in. This moment, Now, is a gift.
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on 18 December 2011
One day some years ago I received a chance message from a close friend informing me of an impromptu Seminar about to take place in London, it was to be held by Neale Donald Walsch whose first books on Conversations with God I had read. This I could not miss having felt so inspired by his writings and thoughts. It was certainly a day to remember and what I learned has become a part of my life - well folks if you would like to be part of the brave new world, if you are unhappy with the current patterns playing out in your life, or on the planet, if you are curious about what you might do to change those things which displease you then look no further than this exciting book which can be your passport to new times and places all of which is made so easy - have a look - decide on some different paths - I dare you!
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on 28 October 2011
I Been a fan of Neales for a few years. When i saw the storm before the calm i was instantly excited about this. I pre ordered it and started it a few weeks ago. I have most of Neales books and found them a great inspiration in my life. His words make sense.
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on 24 March 2012
I have read most if not all of Neale's works, and met him in person during one of his visits to London several years ago. It has though been a while since I picked up a book of this genre, mostly because so few of them seem to resonate with the way in which I have evolved. This one though is different, as it speaks directly to my soul about so many of the things that I have felt instinctively for so long, but have until now been unable to put into words.

I found the book purely by accident, as one does, browsing online for information about the Occupy movement. Boris Johnson, the Lord Mayor of London. said around the time that I found this book, that it was time for the London protestors to reliniquish their base near St Paul's Cathedral, as they had "made their point". To my mind, the fact that he even said this was proof that he had not begun to understand the point that they were trying to make. That was and is that the world as we know it, or more specifically, our beliefs about the world, are fundamentally flawed and are no longer (if they ever did) serving humanity's best interests. This too is the basic tenet of The Storm Before the Calm.

It is no secret that within the United States (and for that matter the rest of the world at large), 99 percent of the wealth is controlled by 1 percent of the population. Like Neale, I have nothing against the rich (he is after all one of them). I have tasted myself what it felt like, after my mother died and left me a six figure sum (most of it has since been invested and/or spent). No, it is the systems that they represent, which are designed to oppress the masses and keep them in their place, so that the rich can maintain theirs, that is the problem. This is not necessarily the fault of the rich, but they nevertheless help to maintain this system and this way of thinking by their inertia and their failure to change.

What is needed, says Neale, is a change from our current way of thinking, from a dyad (two centred approach where politics and economics rule) to a triad where culture, that is to say everything that is not politics or economics, takes centre stage. At the moment we live in a society where economics are King, where the first consideration is always the cost. The first consideration should however be whatever is in the best interests of the population, the majority of whom are ordinary working class citizens. It is then not a a question of redistribution of wealth, but more a question of a change of beliefs, for it is our beliefs about life, and more specifically about God (the terms life and God are in fact interchangeable, as God is life manifesting itself through us) that create our thoughts, and those thoughts that give rise to action.

The way to create this change says Neale, and I am inclined to agree, is to start a global conversation based around seven core questions - the most fundamental of which are 1) Who am I, 2) Where am I, 3) What do I intend to do about that. The answers will be personal to each and every one of us, and we have to find out for ourselves what they are to us, by putting the mind to one side, and seeing what lies in the silence that lies beyond. This takes practise and patience, but the rewards are more than worth it, but once we are able to achieve this and put this into practise, a global shift will occur, the like of which we have never seen before. All it takes for us to achieve this is to converse with others on the matters mentioned in this most remarkable book. This can be done in any way and in any form that you choose with anyone that you choose, whether in person or on the Internet. I would encourage everyone to try. It is easier than you might think, and what have you got to lose? You may be surprised to find that others have been thinking and feeling the exact same as you, without you even being aware, for that is usually what happens. Someone has to start somewhere, so it might as well be you.

For more information, and to join the discussions go to [...]
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on 27 November 2011
Brilliant book by Neale Donald Walsh, loved all of it and would highly recommend it! Truly amazing must-have read. Just buy it!!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 9 October 2011
Neale commences part one of "The Storm before the Calm" by discussing the old cultural story of humanity in great detail, including religion, politics, and economics. The essence of which is regarding patterns of separation, fear and control. Throughout the story of our lives many of us have been exposed to enforced influence that may be still conscious within our lives, or it may have been pushed into our subconscious mind, but running like a program in the background of our mind - subconsciously influencing every thought and action to greater or lesser degrees. I have personally worked with self-development now since 1992, and still found that on a subconscious level, through Neale discussing and bringing to my conscious attention, all of the areas where we may have adopted other peoples ideas for how our life should be lived within certain boundaries, through forms of control of our otherwise naturally free spirit, that there were, indeed, some thoughts, beliefs and patterns that I had felt pressured to abide by - mostly learnt through my childhood. It can be as easy as acknowledging such to allow for release of this from your life forever. To know there is nothing God wants from you, and that God will never be angry with you, completely changes the picture that many of us are mislead to believe as children. Neale seems to cover almost every area and thought possible, and it is quite a lot to read through and digest, but it is important to do so, for in that addressing of such, you are free to release such, and I had many "ahah" moments, and decided there and then to abandon any faulty beliefs mistakenly adopted at at young age when I was very impressionable. Neale has researched data to support what he is sharing, which makes for an enlightening and interesting read also. Neale discusses the seven questions that will help change humanity and create a new cultural story, through "conversations" - that is sharing with those whose lives you touch, or are able to touch through expanded sharing, to begin the unfoldment of a new pathway for humanity.

In part two Neale discusses beingness rather than doing, and to come from the essence of being first, which gives rise to action, and ensures that your action is founded first in the pure presence of your spirit, through soul connection, that manifests as pure action. No amount of doing will ever produce such a powerful result, as beingness touches so many people, as beingness is your essence, it is who you are, it is always switched on, and therefore has many more opportunities to touch an entire multitude of circumstance, situations and people. Creation begins with what we decide to be, not what we decide to do, and this is what makes a significant difference in our lives and the lives of those who we touch by our presence.

Neale discusses about making life's important choices:-

"It is either happening automatically, as a response, or intentionally, as a creation, but it is happening - continuously. Most people choose what they are going to be unconsciously. They do it without intention, without purpose, without awareness. Beingness is, for them, a reaction they're experiencing, not an action they're taking. This is because they think that what one is being results from what one is doing. They don't understand that it is the other way around".

Neale also discusses the threefold balance and the importance of such, which includes economic, political and cultural. On a personal level it is about living the triad reality and not the dyad reality.

At the end of almost every chapter, or "conversation" as Neale describes such, are included:- Points I hope you will remember, and Action I hope you will take. I share just one prime wonderful example here for your enjoyment and enlightenment:-

"Know that your experience of how you are being does not have to be a reaction to what is going on; it can be a creation of what is going on".

So, Neale is suggesting we overhaul our belief systems, to create the foundation for a new path of harmony in life.

Neale shares in one of the final conversations "Bringing your soul into your life:- Methods and Processes". Some of these processes are meditative, and luckily I have learnt such at the early age of fourteen, so I did not need this section, but I am sure many will. I wish to share with you a lovely quote from this section:-

"Once you are ready to truly devote your days and times to what your soul came here to do (as opposed to what your mind is telling you that you are supposed to be doing), you will find your life unimaginably enriched and expanded, filled with meaning and with purpose, and empowered to be expressed through very high states of being"

Neale also shares the importance of the balance between mind, body and soul, in order to nourish our being in a balanced manner in life.

The mind versus the soul is discussed in depth in this chapter/conversation, and I include some important points from Neale:-

"What the mind holds is experience. What the soul holds is knowledge"

These points are very important to creating the shift to the new vistas of life, by knowing that if we choose with our mind, we usually do so by accessing past data/experiences, but if we make choices through our soul, we have access to knowledge of all experience. As Neale so wonderfully encapsulates this dynamic:-

"Limited experience produces assumptions; unlimited knowledge produces wisdom. This creates an entirely different expression of life".

Neale completes this wonderful timely book by discussing stepping into our holiness and describes this wonderfully. I have experienced stepping into my own holiness, and it is a shining light within my soul, within my being, and that sacred centre that becomes imbued within you, infused into your entire being, transforms and transmutes all of the dross of life, and allows for renewal as often as you are able to hold such holiness within your awareness. Of course we are divine, we are sparks of God, as Neale shares, and bringing our attention to such allows for the expansion of the light of our soul to purely create a new cultural story for ourselves, future generations, and for the ecological sustainability of the earth.
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on 12 January 2012
Editing culture stories and belief systems, what a great idea! Where can I apply?

I suggested this a few years back to the UN when they asked for help with how to reach the Millennium Goals. I said we needed a Department of Equality, a Department of Imagination and a Department of Deep Heart (an ancient language all humans used to speak) in order to find our true selves again, but it probably sounded too much like fiction, or fantasy.

Neale's book invites us to be a part of A New Human Manifesto, to engage with each other in a global conversation with humanity. I think it's a marvellous idea, so simple and, therefore, so powerful.

We all want the same things in life: happiness, joy, purpose, fun, health, spirit, connection, friendship, love but we are very bad at working together to achieve what we say we want.

We have done so much dividing that we can't see that we're all members of the human family.

I grew up with this change and editing skill. My mother's parent fled Karelia, the part of Finland they lost to Russia during the war. Then they fled Finland when the borders were closing, and Russia was searching for Karelians.

In fear of being found they kept their original culture stories quiet but became experts on editing and renewing in order to show themselves, rather than a whole country. They contained much more than Karelia than Finland than Sweden, they contained the possibilities of the universe and in their bold editing of their birth story they find a new reason for living. In their gratefulness to Sweden, I grew in awe of Finland.

My grandparent's love of their new country, and their editing of their birth culture story was a powerful inspiration to live my life according to my heart. It was as if they were God herself, in two people and not just any people, two big kids, a boy and a girl.

Writing a new culture story means starting with ourselves. One of the great blessings of being an immigrant, is that we are given a huge opportunity to re-examine our culture story, and I have come to realise that while I might not be typically Swedish, I love Sweden deeply and intensely--thanks to Ireland. I have made my own version of almost every cultural celebration I grew up with to work for me where I am now, I have discarded some and I have invented new ones i.e. gratefulness to Ireland day, the 11th of every month and of Saint Parents Holy Children in March--to remind ourselves of the enormous possibilities and opportunities contained within this sacred relationship.

I have read every one of Neale's books and it's like talking to a friend, a friend I don't know personally, but still a friend. Thank you for the invitation to engage and be a part of writing the next story, the most important story--a New Cultural Story for humanity. I'm grateful and hopeful.

Tina Brescanu Author of Warriors of Change: Sentenced to School
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on 1 June 2012
This book is outstanding and should be read by every person on the planet from the
leaders of countries to religious leaders to the economic powers to the you and me.

Its a thought prevoking eye opener!!!!!!!
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on 14 July 2015
This book is excellent, simply teaches you how to be a better person
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on 24 March 2015
Not read it yet but I know it'll be good, as are all Neale's books.
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