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4.2 out of 5 stars16
4.2 out of 5 stars
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I've previously reviewed "The secret of instant healing" by the same author. In that book we learnt the QE Triangulation Healing Technique by which we can access our Eufeelings and start healing. In this book we are presented with the Stopping-Thought Exercise where we watch our thoughts for 5-10 seconds, whereupon we ask the question: Where will my next thought come from? A short break in our thinking will occur - the Gap, and this Gap is the Source of thought.

There is Nothing in the Gap, and we thus attain a pure awareness of Nothing. Nothing is not empty - it is filled with pure awareness.

The author explains that the Eufeeling we may access while in the Gap is in fact the Self, which reflects in our mind as joy, love and peace. When a Eufeeling, which may be as simple as stillness or silence, arises, we are advised to "easily observe it". If thoughts return, "innocently observe them, too". They will give way to either "no-thought" or pure awareness, or your Eufeeling. We should continue to observe and do nothing else - do nothing but watch our thoughts and wait for our Eufeeling. When the Eufeeling is in our awareness, focus on it clearly and intently. We may at times have neither Eufeeling nor thoughts, and this is pure awareness. Then we should wait in pure awareness until our Eufeeling "rises" again.

The first part of the book seems mostly to be composed of philosophical/metaphysical discussions and explanations, but I deeply enjoyed reading these and the book as a whole, since it is meticulously well-expressed and full of humour.

What I got out of the book was that you should strive to practice QE many times a day until finally you are constantly in the desired state of pure awareness or experiencing a Eufeeling. The quality of all aspects of your life will then greatly improve.

The book includes chapters on healing negative emotions, creativity and overcoming creative blocks, healing physical pain, improving athletic performance, the perfect relationship, sleeping and insomnia and good and poor eating habits. It even contains a chapter for children with a fairy tale type of story that will help explain QE to them.

There are useful appendices too. Appendix A contains the Triangulation Technique explained in "The Secret of Instant Healing". Appendix B contains answers to many frequently asked questions; I found this section extremely helpful. Appendix C tells us of Dr. Kinslow's background. He spent years studying TM under the guidance of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (I wonder if he encountered Susan Shumsky, who also had him as her guru). Amongst other things, he has spent hours of deep meditation in the Alps. So I understand why he finds it so easy to do QE (see below about my difficulties)!

When reading the book I got the feeling that the practice of QE was the solution to everything - if only I could find out how to do it properly! I have been trying for months without much success but tonight after preparing this review I've made progress! I found out that it's necessary for me to relax and let go. The problem was apparently too much control by the mind, but as soon as I relaxed a Eufeeling immediately popped up! I'm so glad that my problem has now been solved, and really look forward to working with QE from now on.

Dr. Kinslow advises those who are having difficulty in seeing results when using QE to heal themselves to focus on healing others instead, as they themselves will perhaps derive even greater benefit from these healings. It is important to let go of control and stop trying. (That's what I've just found out, so I can vouch for that.)

I highly recommend this important book for all those wishing not only to heal themselves and others but also to completely transform their lives. (I got a Eufeeling just by writing that sentence!) I also much look forward to reading those books of Dr. Kinslow I haven't yet read.
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on 11 January 2013
I got more than I expected from this book. I am a recovering self-help addict, trying to cut way back on my book buying as I have fallen for so much tosh over the years. Every now and again someone recommends something and after much thought, I give it a go. I am so glad I did.

Like Dr Kinslow, I practised Transcendental Meditation for a number of years; I thought that was the easiest technique I had ever come across for finding deep peace and relaxation, but now think that Q.E. is easier and more effective. Dr Kinslow has found a way to get right to the very deepest part of meditation very quickly and to enable us to find ways of being in that state more and more in our every days lives. I agree with other reviewers who say he has somehow distilled many years of complex teachings on 'enlightenment' into simple language.

I have been using this technique for just over 2 weeks, having started with a free download from the Q.E. website (highly recommended), since then I have had some very deep healing sleeps, felt more peaceful inside and had more energy to get things done. Any time I feel wound up I take some time out and do Q.E. and everything feels calm again.

I am not yet clear about using Q.E. to solve problems; I have done some work on money issues, though I think I will end up getting a C.D. so I can be guided through it, my minds tends to wander when working on my own. I have not had any results as such, but notice that my thinking is changing and I am asking myself different questions and taking small action steps that have not seemed possible before. I will update if anything changes.
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A warning beforehand - this book covers much the same ground as his earlier book, 'Beyond Happiness'. This one is slightly more practical, whereas the other is more philosophical, but essentially they cover the same ground. I wouldn't recommend buying both, unless the cost of the books is irrelevant to you. Both are good, and which you prefer will probably depend on whether you like a lot of repetition of the philosophy, or a lot of repetition of the practical exercises. Having read 'Beyond Happiness' first, I bought this expecting an expansion of the ideas, but didn't really learn anything new. Some pages are copied directly.

Having said that, it's (or at least, one of them) is still a worthwhile read. I don't agree with all of the philosophy (explained at greater length in Beyond Happiness), but it is still thought provoking. It comes across as slightly more airy-fairy in this book, as he goes into less detail, but the "Quantum Entrainment" exercises (which is essentially a simplified form of meditation, nothing more) are very calming.

A good book and good technique for calming your thoughts. If you've tried meditation and cannot clear your mind of thoughts, you may find this variant useful (basically he just gives you suggestions for how to notice the gaps between your thoughts. Simple but effective.).

Second warning: the techniques are deceptively simple. You may end up thinking you've been ripped off if you want something complicated enough to justify the book price. I almost feel like describing the techniques here, but it would take a few paragraphs - and you can pick up a lot of it by visiting the author's Quantum Entrainment webiste, where they discuss the techniques for free :) - The book itself is still worth a read I think.
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on 8 June 2011
This book holds a to still the mind!!!!! It is sooooo simple and it is written on one of the first pages. Everyone I have tried it on finds it incredible that it is so simple!!!! And it works every time without hours of meditation. For this information alone its worth buying the book. (Also learn how to make your finger grow longer)
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on 24 March 2010
I have found this book to be both a profound discourse on the connection between simple awareness and enlightenment and a clear, practical guide to attaining both, along with multiple other benefits from specific applications (physical and emotional healing, creativity, problem-solving and more!). Buy it. It is rare that a book of this much value becomes available to the general public; even more rare that it be made available at the cost of a mediocre restuarant lunch.

Unfortunately, many who have been consumers of this kind of material for years --if not decades-- will say/think "What do I need with another book about spirituality, awareness and consciousness? Been there; done that & got the T-shirt!" For such people (myself having been one), I can say that Dr. Kinslow's books and methods are to what I've read or learned before what a GOOD SatNav is to an outdated road atlas with only words and no maps, poorly translated from a foreign language! BUY IT. You will thank me if you do. But you should really thank Frank Kinslow. Like I do. Every day.
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on 3 March 2010
From the back cover:

For years we have been waiting for a book that can translate the power of inner peace into immediate, practical, and concrete results. You hold that book in your hands. Within these pages you will learn a simple yet startlingly effective process which will change your life forever. The best part is that anyone can do it... without special training. Give it a try - you will be surprised at how quickly this process will work for you.

Yes, I was (and still am) surprised. And, my life is getting better by the day. (To say WONDERFUL would be a gross under-estimate of this book.)
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on 24 March 2010
Just read this book and a genie will appear, sharing all you need to know about Quantum Entrainment and how to apply it to your daily life. Deceptively simple, yet profoundly rewarding, Quantum Entrainment will set you on a path free from the shackles of hard work and effort in order to find inner peace, bearing the unexpected fruit of pure awareness, in the process.
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on 20 February 2013
A brilliant description of how to find and make use of inner peace while going about your everyday life. The eufeeling is subtle at first and I only realised I had it by the fact I would find myself taking a deep breath and feeling more relaxed.
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on 11 September 2010
This book expands the subject of Quantum Entrainment as presented in the previous book of this author 'The Secret of Instant Healing'.
It explains in simple words how to become aware of awareness and benefit from this state of mind, so to speak in every aspect of your life.
It does not make your problems go away but gives you a new approach with clearer vision which puts you in a position to respond to life's situations most effectively.
It covers life situations like relationships, finance, health, emotional and physical problems.
It also has a chapter for children.
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Bought this book from my local bookstore. Had very high hopes. Read the opening chapter with great openness of mind and eager anticipation. Here was a man writing literately and with confidence about how our attention could change our world. Maybe this really was true and everything I had learned in science was, whilst true, untimately limited in its perspective.

So I read his first exersise - the one that is there to convince you and demonstrate - nay, prove - the amazing power of awareness. It is very simple. Find whichever of your two middle fingers is shortest using your wrist crease as a exact guide. Then focus your awareness on the thought:''this middle finger will grow longer''. Do so for a whole minute. No need to tell the finger to grow longer. Just to lend it your wholly un-blinking awareness.

I did it. I turned off all the noise in the room. I believed it with all my mind. I focused my attention. I didn't let me thoughts stray. And, for good measure, I did for more than the prescribed one minute.

I was so immersed in the belief, that I truly expected my (left) middle finger to have grown longer. And as Dr Kinslow says, ''now re-measure using the wrist crease as your accurate guide. And Hey Presto! The finger is now longer. Thus you have demonstrated the core principal of the power of awareness.''

The more rational among you already know what happened. My left middle finger was not any different than a few minutes before. It had not grown one half or one half of a millimeter. I felt the familiar disappointment I have long experienced when confronted with New Age proofs. I would really love for them to be true. To be validating. Yet none, so far, has ever been. Not remotely.

This book is more merry nonsense from the New Age stable of self-delusion. In this case I was the fool for purchasing the book. So more fool me. I have thrown it away. And vow not to buy another bit of flim-flam for at least a year or two, or until the hope/longing for something substantial in the way of ''spirituality'' over-comes me again.
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