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4.8 out of 5 stars129
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 21 January 2015
If you look at the breakdown of the reviews you will notice, as I did, there are a high number of 5 star reviews (many of which are only one line) and a collection of 1 stars which seem to be written by people who have not read the book but dislike the author. What I'm aiming to do in this review is strike a happy medium and give an unbiased opinion. I am a sceptic when it comes to unproven 'spiritual' matters, but at the same time I was interested in this book and why it evokes such extreme reactions – I was also in need of some guidance on assertiveness.

Firstly, the author does assert as fact that people with sensitive, gentle personality traits who find it difficult to be assertive are this way because we were sent from heaven where we lived a life of loving bliss, basically we're in shock from the harsh realities of earth life. This is stated as fact with no evidence to back it up, if this bothers you then it won't be the book for you as there is plenty more of that type to follow. Personally I gave a wry smile and carried on reading, because much as I doubt that theory her description of the 'earth angel' personality was so like me I felt the advice geared to this personality type would be worth reading. If you are familiar with the more widely accepted Myers-Briggs personality test (influenced by Jung) I identify as ISFJ and wonder how many of us 'earth angels' also do.

It is a comfort to read that one is not alone in hating conflict and violence, being naïve, thinking the best of others, people pleasing and finding it hard to be assertive. Virtue writes in a compassionate empathetic way about these traits which are seen as positive by her (although sadly not by today's modern competitive values) but makes no bones about the dark side of this – why we must learn to communicate honestly, and how we can do this with compassion and love, otherwise we are not being truthful. Assertiveness is described as stating your truth, which is a very helpful description to me, as like she describes I have previously confused it with aggression. The tips for communication are useful, and I have found that I can put them into practice, and so far so good.

One part of the book I did not enjoy was a section on how to deal with various personality types, it is very broad brushed, too much so to be helpful. It's also judgemental, categorising people by their negative traits. Personally I believe it is far more complex than that, and that none of us is any one thing, that we should reserve judgement which ironically she herself says earlier in the book, but along with telling us we are angels sent to earth this categorisation is written as fact with nothing to back it up.

For advice on assertiveness and communication I'd give this book a 5 in terms of how it helped me understand myself better and deal better with conflict. For stating as fact several unproven theories, I'd mark it as a 1. Overall I feel a 3 reflects best how I feel about this book.
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on 15 December 2013
What a fantastic book. As someone who has suffered from being too nice and too helpful, with the result of making some painful mistakes that culminated in mental health issues, this book has been so helpful in a constructive way. I learnt from a counsellor about boundaries and being assertive in a positive life-affirming way and this book, so easily readable and clearly explained with lots of examples, has reinforced my new learning and helped me to apply it too. I rate this 6 stars. My life will be easier and happier now because of this book. A big thank you to Doreen for writing it. Her other books are great, especially the miracles of Archangel Gabriel, Michael and Raphael. I look forward to your next book! THANK YOU!
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on 12 December 2013
Such and easy book to read and it makes so much sense. I would recommend it to anyone who has an interest in Angels
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Doreen Virtue has written yet another healing book for sensitive people all over the world, "Assertiveness for Earth Angels" is so healing, and empowering. I simply couldn't put it down because of its healing energy and knew exactly just how many people this book will help - hundreds of thousands! - Which is why I had to share with you all the 101 on this book.

I personally believe based on my own personal life experiences and the experiences of clients that I have coached, that this book is perfect for anyone who has;
*been in an abusive relationship - especially having endured emotional or mental abuse
*low self esteem
*lacks confidence
*is generally a sensitive soul
* is spiritually sensitive
*can relate to being an Earth Angel (you can read Doreen's previous works "Earth Angels" and "Realms of the Earth Angels" for more information on this

If I had been given this book a year ago when I was enduring the after effects of ending an emotionally and mentally abusive relationship, I believe, hand on heart that this book would have helped me gain back my self esteem, confidence and assertiveness.

Doreen, having been an Earth Angel and Lightworker all her life has endured many trials and tribulations in her life which she has honestly shared with her millions of readers in the books she's written. In Assertiveness for Earth Angels she shares her experiences of having to become more assertive in recent years through a divorce, and also when she had clients and when she runs workshops for fellow Earth Angels. She details the difference... (You can finish reading this review here [...] )
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 6 December 2013
Assertiveness for Earth Angels is a timely and much welcomed book. Finally that which was once shared in expensive workshops is available to the home reader. The opening chapter discusses the feelings we had in heaven prior to our birth into the physical world, describing the absence of duality and what this looks like, through to incarnation into a body, and the shock at the lack of perfection around us. Even reading this chapter seems to bring about a healing to the soul, mind and heart, as waves of energy touch upon you as you read the words you longed to hear so many years ago, as a child. As you read on, you will discover ideas you may or may not have heard before, about the need to be pro-active in life - in other words, positive thinking is important, as is the action that follows. Living life from the core of right action, rather than guilt or any other emotion that is not aligned from a higher perspective.

I could have certainly benefitted from this book a long time ago, when I regularly struggled to assert myself, but even now, I find the book refreshing and consolidating my beliefs in standing firmly within my own strength. Removing yourself from situations of conflict is one of the shining gems in this lovely new book. I include one of those gems as an example:-

Respect your right to schedule your time. Don't allow others to dictate your schedule to you. For instance, you have the right to not answer the phone or doorbell when it rings, or to not feel obligated to immediately answer emails or social media posts. If someone asks you to drop everything to drive him or her across town, you have a right to say no. It's like the adage "Lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part". We must overcome impulsive rescuing tendencies, unless it's an actual emergency and we feel internally guided to help.

I have been blessed to read these words, and immediately put the wisdom into practical action, which is creating a healing current that balances and blesses my life profoundly. The tendency to desire to rescue tends to be inbuilt in spiritual people. Doreen continues on to share the fact that we can all turn to God, thus need never to be victims or to support another into sinking into victim mode. Doreen shares another gem on this subject:-

If they would put half the energy they expend arguing for what they can't do toward arguing in favor of what they can do, then they would be well on their way to living their dream lives!

Isn't this so true? We talk about being blocked, unlucky, somehow expecting special attention for our unique case?!? Or perhaps we listen to others who respond to life in this manner, and thus take away their lessons that would have strengthened them, providing them with deep and rich inner resources for their entire life. Doreen covers many scenarios that will free you from the cage of playing victim to those who have mastered manipulation. If you are suffering from this in your life, I recommend reading Doreen's book, as she covers so many situations deeply enough that you will know what to do in many situations.
Assertiveness for Earth Angels will allow you to take back the reigns of your own life and steer it in the direction that your heart yearns to move towards, thus creating the life of your hearts dreaming. You will have more time and energy to truly be creative and live the life you came to earth to live. You will learn to give appropriately and in balance.
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on 30 January 2014
In the similar, fairly simple, style that characterises her oracle cards, Doreen Virtue’s ASSERTIVENESS FOR EARTH ANGELS is easy to understand, positive and inspiring.

Although the terminology may at times border on the sentimental, this book is probably one of the best examples of teaching in action that I’ve read. At times gently firm, at all times positive and encouraging, Virtue’s approach to assertiveness was refreshing and informative.

Virtue teaches us that there is a middle path between being a doormat or aggressive when walking the path between worrying about other people’s feelings and protecting our own sensitive feelings: assertiveness. One does not have to avoid conflict or meet it with aggression, one can stay true to the value of kindness, but can face conflict head-on in a gentle, polite way, which shows compassion for the issues the other person must be experiencing while keeping our own boundaries healthy.

This book is not just abstract ideas: it also contains some down-to-earth (!) and practical advice that is easy to put into practice. The sections with advice on handling toxic relationships without descending into a negative mind-set is invaluable, and helped me come to terms with some clearing out of old, toxic relationships/friendships that I struggled with over the past few years.

Other sections include how to gain more energy through using assertiveness techniques to avoid having one’s energy levels drained by toxic relationships and how to find meaning in one’s life in a positive, assertive way.

If one is a pacifist who is exhausted by all the demands on one’s compassion by more aggressive personalities, ASSERTIVENESS FOR EARTH ANGELS is well worth the read.
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on 12 December 2013
This book is amazing. It's very inspiring and can be practically applied. I Would read this book over and over for renewed inspiration.
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on 29 January 2014
I have to admit it that the 'air fairy' nature of reading a 'woo-woo' book on angels was not high on my agenda - well, it wasn't on my agenda at all. After hearing Doreen speak on a radio show I was intrigued and I had this book on my Kindle which had been sent to me as a gift. I decided to give it a look and I'm so glad I did.

I think this book is full of great advice on how to be assertive and stand your ground in life. It wasn't really as 'woo-woo' and 'air fairy' as I anticipated it to be. Never judge a book by it's cover!

Full of wonderful advice on how to deal with most areas of life including relationships, toxic environments, are difficult people. It is well written and I enjoyed this way more then I thought I was going to. Actually this book was read at a time when I needed to be hearing this type of information; when the student is ready the teacher will appear.

This will not be the last of Virtue's books I read as now I'm eager to see what else she has to say which is being channeled from 'higher realms' if you choose to belie that. Even if you don't believe in angels surely you believe in good advice?
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on 9 October 2014
I admire Doreen Virtue and her works. I own many books and Card sets but I must admit that I am very disappointed with this book. Yes it does provide great advice but daring to say No as politely and kindly as you can does not mean that the person you are tallking to will be understanding . Contrary to what Doreen says, people will not always show understanding and respect towards you for saying No to them....It can of course mean that the relationship was toxic but what about cases where you are dealing with a colleague/boss/relative and you still have to deal with their angry behaviour everyday ? How do you cope when this people bully you even more than before? Some advice on how to deal with this would have been appreciated.
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on 1 December 2013
Helps you achieve the right balance by speaking your truth with love. Useful for enabling the cure
of 'putting ones foot in ones mouth syndrome'. Well worth a read x
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