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4.9 out of 5 stars
4.9 out of 5 stars
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I didn't find this the most readable of books initially, as I couldn't tell where it was going. But when I really got into it, I began to appreciate it. The subject-matter of the book affects all our personal lives - the very existence of the planet, and in fact has broad metaphysical ramifications. I haven't previously read any book quite like it.

The authors examine various myths entrenched in the basic beliefs of our civilization and challenge 1) the main tenets of Newtonian philosophy, basically that the only reality is physical matter 2) Charles Darwin's theory of evolution and the necessity for us to fight for our survival - survival of the fittest 3) the theory that we have all blindly accepted for years that we are controlled and limited by our genes and 4) that evolution and everything else that happens to us is random. Actually all these four premises have been proved by modern science to be fallacious, but our society is still acting on them as though they were true.

It is explained that evolution did not occur gradually but in great leaps. Single cells developed into single cell communities. These developed into multicellular organisms, which in turn developed into societal organizations.

That is, we did not evolve through competition and fighting but through cooperation and banding (bonding) together.

The crazy self-destructive way our human society is run is compared to the way the cells in our body run the show. Our cells don't fight and kill each other but pool their resources and work together for the health of the greater whole.

It's all explained at a very high level, and I would need to have read the book a couple of times more to even begin to give an adequate representation of the details or even all the main precepts of the book.

But what I got out of it was that at this critical juncture when both our living planet and ourselves are on the brink of a new evolutionary leap, we need to change our basic thinking, cooperate instead of fight, love instead of hate. In other words we need to follow the example of our own cells, and realize that we humans are also all part of one body, Gaia - and if we are to survive we must accept all other beings as necessary parts of ourselves, or our greater Self.

The key word to the success of this evolutionary leap is LOVE.

And when I read this book I felt the love and the high consciousness energy of the authors flowing from the pages, and I myself was helped in achieving a higher vibration. It is a book that contributes to harmonizing the head with the heart, which will be a necessary pre-condition for the survival of our civilization.

I strongly recommend this book to every thinking and loving person, and to all those who aspire to be such.
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on 14 December 2009
The title "Spontaneous Evolution" might mislead one into imagining this to be another New Age book on how to kick start you life or even how to prepare for waking up as a five legged amphibian on 22 December 2012. But no.
This is such a relevant text for our times. It is easy to read. It is erudite and researched yet never patronizing. Drawing seamlessly from religions, physics (quantum and Newtonian), biology, genetics, politics, history, economics, etymology, philosophy, spiritualism, and present day situations it clearly pinpoints the critical state of global play today. If you are wondering why everything seems to be going to hell in a handcart just now, this clarifies matters.
This is not an instruction manual although it can be considered an invaluable companion for the current years. It gives clear conclusions and suggestions to help evolve more understanding of our existence; in doing this it leaves the reader to question further - and boy, do we need to ask some questions! The common sense and optimism of the book is similar to being in the company of one of those lovely people we meet sometimes who just make us feel better for having been talking with them.
Hard scientific facts entwine with ancient wisdoms and even history blends with biology as if to reinforce a central theme - everything is connected. The writing is delightfully leavened with dry humour, two of my favourite subheadings being: "The bad news is, there is no key to the Universe. The good news is, it has been left unlocked", and "The truth shall upset you free."
What this book is telling us, we all need to know.
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on 17 July 2011
I don't think I've ever been so inspired a book. Well & intelligently written, it takes the reader on a journey providing rational reasoning for why we are where we are now. It also provides a path to a better future for all. Even if the rest of the world doesn't join in, you'll feel uplifted after reading it!
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on 4 February 2010
Its not often that I read a book and feel that my life will never be the same again after reading it. But this is exactly how I feel about Spontaneous Evolution by Dr Bruce Lipton and Steve Bhaerman.

The book is a delicate blend of spirituality, philosophy, evolution, medicine, biology, psychology, economics, ecology, religion, ancient wisdom, holistic health, cultural studies, political history and quantum physics. All assembled to describe where humans have got to and where we must now go in order to attain humanity.

The book is for anyone who is, say we say, uncomfortable, with the current state of world affairs. Be it economic collapse, environmental catastrophe, endless warfare, or a crisis in our health system, there has certainly been enough to occupy our consciousness in the recent past. At times, these problems do make us feel powerless and leave us wondering if humans are likely to follow the same logical conclusion and ultimate endpoint as the dinosaurs.

However, Spontaneous Evolution provides for a more positive and optimistic future.

Lipton and Bhaerman discuss the status quo in the context of a long lasting competition between materialism and spirituality. During hunter gatherer days, humans enjoyed balance or harmony between the material and spiritual realms. We then followed a path into the spiritual realm that saw the creation of many different religions. Religion eventually received significant challenges from science, as scientific answers where provided for everyday phenomena. Eventually, science became the new religion and emphasis was placed on finding a materialistic understanding of nature.

It is difficult for us to imagine that a belief in science would have once led to imprisonment or criticism by the church. But now, not believing in science can be a punishable offense or at least banishment from scientific establishment.

Our belief in a mechanistic materialistic science may have led the world to its current state. Our materialistic view of nature has been fuelled by Darwinism and Newtonian physics. As it turns out though, random selection or survival of the fittest does not match the reality of life. It is more accurate to say that humans have adapted to their environment as a means to survive. And Newton's Laws of Motion, despite enabling many technological advancements in the material realm, cannot even begin to explain how things work at the sub-atomic level.

Our current materialistic view of medicine has already reached a sad conclusion. Depending on which study you choose to trust, mainstream medicine is now either the first or the third biggest killer in America. Medicine is no longer about health but mostly motivated by financial profit. Pharmaceutical companies have almost reached the limit of what can be done with synthetic 'treatments'.

This is evidenced by the lack of innovative new drugs that genuinely help people. Drug companies have been forced to change tactics. They are now focussed on spreading misinformation and disease mongering for the purpose of generating revenue to satisfy shareholders. The highly profitable cholesterol-lowering industry is a prime example of this. As I have written about in my book $29 Billion Reasons to Lie About Cholesterol. An acceptance of Darwinism and Newtonian principles has taken us into this direction.

Our view that only matter matters led to the mapping of the genome. But it also led to the startling revelation that humans have no more genetic code than a worm! The complexity of a person is not solely determined by their genes.

Touching the polarities of the materialistic and spiritual realms has taught us a great deal and our next evolutionary leap can allow us to make full use of current and future technology -- but with an acceptance of the absolute reality of "the field".

The field is the term used by modern physicists to describe an invisible energy matrix, or what Einstein eventually described as "the sole governing agency of matter".

Mainstream science has already taken a turn back toward spiritually through its investigation of quantum mechanics and the field. For example, we have known for some time that sub-atomic particles are influenced by the mere act of looking at them.

This is where mainstream physics is right now, and it does not represent a departure from scientific principles, rather, an advancement of science to include the realities of the field that is acting upon matter.

Under the dark cloud of Darwinism, humans have felt powerless to avoid the impending doom. But an understanding of where we have been and our true potential can effect the Spontaneous Evolution that is now required.
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on 29 August 2015
After "The Biology of Belie,f" which I recommend without hesitation, here's Bruce Lipton's most recent book, in which he proposes to save the planet, co-authored with a friend who makes a living as a political humorist pretending to be an Indian swami.
Which leaves us where, exactly? Well, the description of new advances in Biology and what that means is riveting and informed, as one would expect from Lipton. The argument that the human race is to individuals what individuals are to their component cells is ingenious and suggestive, but of course it's not the kind of thing that can actually be proved, at least not yet. Nor is it actually as new as the authors suggest it is.
Which is really the problem. For every suggestive insight (the influence of mass meditation on crime rates, for example) there are some clumsy attempts to make links to subjects where it's obvious that neither of the authors is an expert, and which often ring very false when you know something about the subject being discussed. (Bhaerman may have studied politics many years ago, but it's not clear how much attention he was paying). Moreover, the book is aimed almost exclusively at Americans, as though the US were the only country with problems, and puts forward only a few rather saccharine and superficial examples of problems from the rest of the world (South Africa, for example). I'd like to see the authors' formula for solving the Palestine question: do Palestinians lovingly give up the wish to return to the homes, or do Jews lovingly hand the homes back and go and live elsewhere? And how would this work in practice?
Lipton really ought to write the next book by himself.
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on 6 March 2011
This is a must read book! Bruce Lipton is a fantastic writer and teacher. I have heard him speak several times and read biology of belief several times. He conveys his knowledge in a very accessible and at times humerous way. I hope that as many people on this planet as possible can read this book and take on board he message that we are all co creators of our future on this planet earth. You don't need to be in any doubt about buying this book. Infact buy several copies and give them to people you know!! 11/10!!!!
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on 9 November 2009
This book is a wonderfully exciting, enlightening and heartening ride! With clarity and humor Lipton and Bhaerman lay to rest the persistent arguments that human society, with all its political, economic and philosophical developments, stands above and apart from biological evolution, which therefore has nothing explanatory or prescriptive to offer us in muddling our way through massive challenges. Indeed, their leading-edge science shows most persuasively that we are not ruled by our genes, but still are thoroughly embedded within the biological evolutionary trajectory; that we can gain enormously powerful insights and tactics from our own deep ancestry back to the first archebacteria and forth through many survived crises to those seemingly insurmountable ones confronting us now. Their scientifically impeccable journey through physics and biology cuts through the errors and competition politics of Darwinism while weaving back and forth between microcosm and macrocosm to show exactly how our own midsized 50 trillion-celled bodies have already solved the very problems our beleaguered fledgling global family still confronts. Read it and know exactly where we stand and how we can thrive. [For my related book, see:Earthdance: Living Systems in Evolution
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on 6 April 2012
It's not often that one stumbles over a book that is so all embracing in its analysis of the human condition and how it can be transformed. Spontaneous Evolution sets out to bring together the understanding from many disciplines of current scientific thinking, particularly in the fields of biology and evolutionary genetics but also from quantum physics and its mathematical foundations; the socio-politic struggles that are happening around the world within the context of their historical basis; the problems with economic models based on debt and growth; along with a debunking of cultural mythology that form the underlying erroneous views of our competitive, violent and dysfunctional modern world that is heading towards an abyss of environmental and economic collapse.
Yet this is not an academic treatise. It is clearly written, well informed and deeply profound. Not only does it show us how our misinterpretations of the way things are have led us to create a world out of balance and heading towards disasters on all fronts, it shows us how humans are evolving and can further evolve into true human beings, at peace with their world and taking care of each other and the planet they live on to the best of their abilities.
For those of us who keep on struggling to stay positive about the future this book is essential reading. We all need to spontaneously evolve into a new species and leave behind our childish, self-centred notion of independence and self-protectionism so that we can truly participate as grown-ups in the real world where we recognize that all living beings are connected and can truly experience energy and spirit being once again deeply connected with matter and flesh.
I heartily recommend you read it for yourself and then tell all your friends about it.
A. R. Haslam ( author of The Chitta Niyama Opportunity
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on 5 December 2009
A must read for anyone sensing that we, humanity, cannot go on the way we have been any longer and that our survival depends on each one of us changing. Very clearly written, challenging the beliefs that have lead us to this state of affairs and also showing the solution. A positive, loving book leaving one excited about our future. I definitely resonated with it as it had all the answers I sought.
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on 20 June 2012
This is an incredible book that covers so many important topics that will be crucial for the future of humanity. I believe this book could be as important as The Bible, The Elements and The Principia in terms of the quality of ideas it contains and the time at which it is written. Not only does it cover the basics of Bruce Lipton's earlier work about the biological effects of beliefs at the cellular level it takes the idea a step further and applies it to society.

If you are interested in the future of the planet and want to find out more about how we can survive and avoid the impending economic, atmospheric and societal disasters then this is the book for you. Climate Change, Mayan Prophecies and Global Recessions are important to be aware of but plans need to be made and action needs to be taken so we can learn to inhabit this planet in peace before the grim predicted future becomes a reality.

The unbelievably high reviews of this great book stand testament to its brilliance. Buy it today and start reading, you won't regret it!
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