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Customer Reviews

3.7 out of 5 stars25
3.7 out of 5 stars
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on 18 September 2007
I was so disappointed with this book that I even tried to send it back! It is simply a compendium of examples of people who have done cosmic ordering, but there are no instructions on how to ACTUALLY DO COSMIC ORDERING.

The CD which comes with it is just useless, very hard to understand the lady's thick accent, and yet more stories with no real instructions on how to ACTUALLY DO COSMIC ORDERING.

I would steer away from this book, and find another author who may actually give steps on how to do cosmic ordering, not just tell a plethora of stories of lucky folk who managed to find parking spaces due to their requests to the universe - thanks Barbel, but in the grand scheme of things, I don't really think parking spaces are going to make a great difference in my life.

My advice is to not waste your money on this book.
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on 18 October 2007
This was the most awful drivel. Rambling, badly written, totally useless. I couldn't bring myself to finish it and, like another reviewer, wanted to send it back. What a waste of money! As they say, people who can't write should keep their lack of talent to themselves.
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on 19 September 2007
You must rush out and buy this book as it is a boon to those suffering from what city slickers have termed parkingitus - the inability to get your car parked when you arrive at the shopping mall designed for those travelling in a Sinclair C5. Okay, you might have beginners luck and get the whole parking lot to yourself, but don't let that put you off using this fantastically laid out book. Read of the many parking success stories that will astound you as you roll your eyes in desperation for more of these stories. No need for any instruction, just guess at how to place your order and hope for the best, as this is the best way to start and then build on this by writing out your heartfelt desires and then absolutely forgetting about whatever it is you spent your whole life hoping to get. The instructions are as clear as mud, so better get your snorkel out. In fact, it is as instructional as a copy of Aesop's Fables.

The size of the book would even challenge the menu in your local restaurant, and don't hold your breath for waiter service, as you're on your own when it comes to such a thing. This is a help yourself and grab what you can while you can book. So don't forget, rush off and buy every person you don't like a copy, as it is sure to do what you failed to do, bore them silly. You can be assured that by time you get it back it will be as worn out as a secondhand Harry Potter book. I liked the book cover, so two stars.
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on 15 September 2007
I agree with the review that says the yin and yang put a dampner on the book. Simply put, it just means positive and negative, but it had to have some spin put on it by the author so that no one can really grasp the simplicity of it. That's right, keep it complicated. The CD that comes with this book is pointless, it was more on par with something your local CPS (Community Psychiatric Nurse) would give you if you were feeling down. I would certainly recommend over and above this the Cosmic Ordering Connection CD by Stephen Richards or the CD by Andronicou. A mildly interesting book that never had me in a sweat to read more, although I did finish this lightweight book in a few hours.
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on 8 March 2008
Of all the cosmic ordering books i have read, this has to be the worse ! the author babbles and rants on about examples that have happened in her own life, but offers no guidance as to how to go about ordering yourself, i think if this is the kind of book that is recognised world wide, i might as well rant on about my own life and con people out of their hard earned cash myself.if anything i have learned from this book, is that you can write just about anything and sell it ! it makes no sense and very uninteresting.
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on 11 May 2009
This is the worst book I have read on the subject - And I have read a few.
I had to read it twice to see if it was just me who couldnt get into it..but it was just as bad the second time. Its a total waste of time and money and i find the book written by 2 amateurs. There are so many other who knows about this subject who does a much better job. What was most horrible was the CD...a meditation cd in English with the strongest German accent I have ever heard. How do they expect that the listener can obtain a relaxation state when the words are pronounced so badly?
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on 23 January 2010
Read this a couple of years back and having reread it recently I can say its better to move on to other books.
Cosmic ordering does work but you need something clear and practical to follow! I'm waiting for the release of 'the secret power of lists'- i've seen extracts of it and finally its something thats easier to follow compared to this book. I'm told its a march 2010 release but may be delayed-although i got a special preorder in.
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on 1 October 2014
I recommend this book for anyone looking to help with there life. I have used it for my Past life, Meaning younger years, My working life and My personal life. You will probably think yes what ever! But believe me when I tell you do this with all your Truth and Love and be Honest with yourself and get ready to be truly amazed as I have. I only purchased this book as I had lent my copy out to an old friend and then moved and the book was never to be seen again and I needed to get this book again ready for the next move in My Life. This is the best book I have ever read for sorting myself out. I am ready to start using it again. I definately recommend this book. GO ON READ IT AND TRY IT AND YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT. Just like I did.
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on 15 February 2013
Interesting introduction to the concept of coic ordering. Easy to read and follow....and not as off the charts or out there as you might imagine...get ordering now.
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on 23 March 2007
How sad it is that the very source of bringing cosmic ordering to our attention has sunk to bringing a whole plethora of wasteful words to our shores. A wholesale cavolcade of books from this author is meant to make us believe that she has the answers, and from reading this book I would feel that she just stumbled across some method of making things happen, but to attribute them to positive thinking alone is bordering on lunacy, not that I am saying she is mad. Far from it, the author is clever and deserves credit, but we have to push her to give a little more than what is within this book and CD.
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