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4.6 out of 5 stars99
4.6 out of 5 stars
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How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body by David Hamilton, Hay House, London, 2008, 320 ff

The power of mind over body
By Howard Jones

With this book David Hamilton returns to the theme of his first book, It's the Thought That Counts, but here the material is presented as a practical guide to how people can use the mind-body relation to heal themselves, a technique known as visualisation. It covers much the same ground as Louise Hay's You Can Heal Your Life. The work is the product of the experience that Hamilton has gained from public responses at his talks and workshops. Dr Hamilton qualified originally as an organic chemist and medical chemist and then went to work for a pharmaceutical company for four years. At the end of that time he left to become a freelance writer and lecturer. His focus on the mind's ability to heal the body derives from the effectiveness he observed of placebo treatments in drug trials during his pharmaceutical career.

The range of illnesses that can be treated to a large extent by visualisation is great and includes many potentially life-threatening conditions. I am glad to see that Hamilton adds cautiously that `improvements can be made' in debilitating conditions after claiming that `almost any illness can be healed using the mind'. This is a huge claim and tantamount to the Christian Science philosophy that we do not need the surgical techniques and drugs of modern medicine - a claim that I suspect few would agree with. On the other hand, complementary medicine and the principles of visualisation have a great deal to offer in reducing our dependence on allopathic medicine with its all-too-frequent and unpleasant side-effects. Still, there are claims that I believe overstate the case, like `We age at the rate we believe we're supposed to': mind-set certainly affects the aging process, positively or negatively, but it doesn't determine it.
Chapters on the power of positive thinking and belief, and the effectiveness of placebos lay the groundwork for a discussion of neuroplasticity - how the mind affects not only the brain but the whole body and can radically influence their biochemistry. The Buddhist philosophy of not dwelling on past failures and frustrations, or on future dreams that may never be fulfilled, both of which can be sources of significant stress, but rather focussing on living in the present moment is a key principle. Finding suitable affirmations that relate to your individual situation can be important here.
Part II, occupying half of the book, is devoted to true stories of the success of visualisations with long Appendices on the practicalities of the subject. There are several pages of References but no index.

Dr Howard A. Jones is the author of The Thoughtful Guide to God (2006) and The Tao of Holism (2008), both published by O Books of Winchester, UK.

It's The Thought That Counts: Why Mind Over Matter Really Works
The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles
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on 27 November 2008
How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body expertly combines scientific research, real stories and practical advice in three distinct parts. The book identifies an increasing number of scientific studies being carried out around the world that prove the mind/body connection, so easily dismissed by western medicine and those willing to pop a cure-all pill or take a shot. However, the culmination of 20-30 or more years of research now firmly suggests that we have a much more important role to play in our own health and healing than we have ever before believed. David demystifies the role our thoughts and beliefs play in creating wellness and recovery from illness by presenting clear interpretations of the process and results of the research. This book also offers amazing and often humbling true life stories from people who have taken an active role in their own healing using visualisation and affirmation techniques. And for the practically minded or those willing to take responsibility for their own wellbeing, there is a large section with suggested visualisations covering many modern illnesses and afflictions (even ageing!)

In this book David easily guides both the newcomer to self-healing and the seasoned traveller with his clear analysis of science and understanding of the human mind. This book is for anyone willing to consider that there is more that can be done for their health than what their doctor tells them.
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on 1 April 2009
This is a book that should be left in doctors waiting rooms in mass!!!

Everyone should read this book. I would love to travel to one of David's weekend retreats and I hope that he reaches out via other media sources soon.

I now visulise every day, and have seen vast improvements in my health. I also listen to Louise Hay's work often(this book is published by Hay House), which helps me to continue to have positive and loving thoughts and the effects it has had on my life are outstanding. It should be taught at schools!!!

This book is so very inspiring. There are true stories of people that have used the very simple techniques and changed the way they think to heal the most challenging illness and succeeded. There are even rare diseases mentioned such as Myasthenia, which I was shocked to see but also very pleased and inspired by, as I am recovering from this myself and I now know that I have the tools to do so within myself.

I do not beleive in popping pills and detest doctors. Therefore I found it most interesting to read a book that agrees with me and that it was written by someone that has spent the majority of their life working in the horrid pharmecutecal business. To down a chemical drug that only dampens, masks and creates further problems, is effectively screaming "shut up" to your body! You can cause no harm whatsoever by using visulisation and positive thinking and you will be amazed at what it brings into your life.

Do not hesitate - BUY THIS BOOK!!!!! It will change your life for the better...
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Juvenal once said, "Sit mens sana in corpore sano." That should be the byline for this book.

It is a fascinating read for people who would like to take more control over their health. It all makes surprisingly good sense, even to me - a confirmed sceptic.

David Hamilton does not suggest for a moment that it replaces conventional medicine, far from it. What he does show is how a positive attitude can help assist the body, and a negative attitude can hinder it.

He collates recent scientific investigations and shows how they are consistent with well established scientific links between health in the mind and health in the body. He also recounts real cases and shows real methods to help with maintaining health or speeding up cures.

Think of how in sport one trains the pro-prioceptive reflexes, (balance, twitch reactions, ball skills, etc) by practice and careful observation of results, oneself and good examples. Now he is showing us how this can be extended to our inner health as well.

He discusses the well known placebo effect in great detail, and shows the probable mechanism by which it works. I found it amazing when he pointed out how it can be used to support standard medication and in some cases, once the patient's body knows how to perform with that medication, the body can sometimes respond to a placebo as if it were the genuine medicine.

He also shows how an adverse reaction can be produced by a negative influence. While he did not say it, I vividly remembered my own experiences in Africa where the local witchdoctor could bring a victim to death's door, purely by letting the victim know he had been cursed. We had to effectively bail out an African friend by buying off the witchdoctor.

I am an engineer, and a scientist, and I read the book with an initially very cynical attitude, but ended up thinking just how much good sense it made. And it turns out that for the last decade I have been using variants of his methods to (successfully so far) minimise the effects of osteoarthritis in my back and knees.

It is worth reading, just to see if you can benefit from it. There is no proselytising, and no preaching, just the facts laid out for us and some very helpful suggestions on how to make the best use of the information.
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on 5 March 2013
Thanks David. This was the first book of yours that I have read, it was recommended to me by my Reiki Teacher after experiencing some Quantum Field Healing after receiving my first atunements. Your explanations and case studies are easy to understand and the step by step guides easy to follow I have already recommended this book to several people with ailments that can easily be sorted if you follow the guidance in this book.
John Povey. Buckinghamshire.
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on 4 February 2014
As a Reiki Master I have been working for a while now with energy but I am also a psychologist so very much interested in the science. I am aware of the power of positive thinking but it can be hard hard to keep to. Having the science behind why it works is a great help and guides you to using the correct visualisations and affirmations for you. Other approaches I have read into just give you any affirmation to try and repeat over and over. They now feel a bit like being given lines at school after reading "How the mind can heal the body" and listening to the QFH CD. Repetition was never a great learning exercise. The brain needs something active to equate it to. I have been using the visualisations for the last three weeks and have experienced some vivid dreams afterwards. A bit like my brain has processed something and is now re-filing it. I also feel a lot more calm at a deeper level.
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I find the mind/body link a fascinating subject so this seemed like the ideal book to read. It is not about blaming the individual for their own illness. It's about showing you how through visualisation you can help heal your own body. The author is enthusiastic about the subject and this really comes over in the text. He says several times that the visualisation techniques he explains are not a substitute for any medication or treatment you might be having and they are to be used as well as whatever your doctor has prescribed.

The book explains the theories behind the mind/body link and the various scientific studies which have been carried out to show the effects of the link. It also details the visualisations which people have done which have helped their conditions. He does not claim that these personal stories have been verified by medical professionals and they are just how they have been reported to him by the individuals concerned. There is also a useful section detailing visualisations which can be used to help to combat various diseases and illnesses. But really the visualisations described are just a starting point and the ones which will prove most effective are those you devise for yourself. There are also useful notes to each chapter detailing the studies he refers to in the text as well as other interesting books to read.

I've started to do some visualisations to help my small patches of eczema and they certainly seem to be shrinking and to be less itchy since I started doing it two days ago and I haven't used the cream I normally put on. Hardly conclusive proof I agree but interesting nonetheless. I would recommend this book to anyone who has any sort of health problem. Even if you're not convinced give it a try - it won't do any harm and may well do some good.
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on 27 March 2012
A book that made me realise my mind/beliefs have a huge effect upon my behavior,actions, peace of mind. I am suffering with Lyme disease, I need all the faith in hope/healing I can get. I have a science background with spiritual background and my life was changed by this book. Not in a big way but it opened my eyes, now I am one/two steps more forward than what I was. Author cheered me up, I loved reading his book.
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on 6 January 2014
I loved the easy to read and approachable style of this book. Finally science is beginning to be able to prove things that the worst sceptic can't debunk. I was inspired to try to work on an intense hip and lower back pain I had been troubled with for over four years - I was blown away when the pain quite literally just stopped. I lay there wondering if it had really gone and it had!! Now if I feel a twinge I concentrate on it and 'pop' it away. I have M.S. so am currently working on visualisations to heal my body - so a work in progress - but what an exciting start! I have since bought the Quantum Field Healing CD which has David's seminar and visualisation on it - brilliant :)
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on 12 June 2013
I bought this book and the accompanying cd when I found I had breast cancer. I wanted to try to do something natural to help myself. I was initially told how big the lump was, which was pretty big! I started applying the principles two to three times a day, in particular bed time. I was so determined to make this work. After I had my operation I was told that the lump was smaller than they initially thought. I have since made a full recovery. Coincidence? Not sure but it worked for me and it`s certainly worth trying alongside traditional medicine. The mind is an incredibly powerful tool.
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