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4.5 out of 5 stars44
4.5 out of 5 stars
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Gena Showalter never ever fails to deliver a cracking book for me and this is no exception.

I will say though that the dialogue in theis book is the most childish in the series so far, the way kaia and strider interact with each other is almost reminiscent of teenage speak, for example kaia speaks like a teenager, and acts like one too, strider who is supposed to be this fearsome awesome powerful warrior calls his thingy stridey monster which if im honest i found a little juvenile.

I had a hard time connecting to these 2 as a couple at all, whilst it had in fact been set up in previous books, to me there seemed to be no chemistry between them, well not as much as some of the others have had anyway.

The love scenes as always were amazing, real life is never ever like that so i do in fact enjoy those scenes the most lol

The harpy games were amazing, vicious nasty battles of sheer determination and women fighting women which i actually found quite interesting, it was also nice to see the inclusion of kaia and bianka and gwens mother tabitha too, maybe there is a story there Gena, as tab looks only 34 years old, it would be interesting to read her story, not sure who she would hook up with though but its an idea.

Despite all the short comings i loved the book and so its got a 5 star from me, if you have come across this book and have not read any of the others here they are in sequence:

The Darkest Night (Lords of the Underworld: Book 1)

The Darkest Kiss (Lords of the Underworld: Book 2)

The Darkest Pleasure(Lords of the Underworld: Book 3)

The Darkest Whisper(Lords of the Underworld: Book 4)

The Darkest Passion (Lords of the Underworld: Book 5)

The Darkest Lie (Lords of the Underworld: Book 6)

The Darkest Secret (Lords of the Underworld: Book 7)

They are all amazing books and well worth the money.

Highly recommended !!!
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Kaia, a Harpy, has been trying to convince Strider (one of the Lords of the Underworld: the Keeper of the demon Defeat) for some time that she's the woman for him, but Strider keeps giving her a wide berth. He knows that she once slept with Paris (the Keeper of Promiscuity - or, to put it bluntly, sex). It isn't the fact that Kaia once slept with his friend that bothers Strider, but rather, he fears that his demon's determination to win all challenges would demand that he outperform his extremely experienced friend... something he fears might not be possible. So regardless of how very attracted he is to Kaia, Strider would like to keep as much space between them as he can. For preference, a Continent or two.

Until he discovers that she is in an extremely dangerous position, having been co-erced into entering an ongoing series of Harpy contests - a sort of cross between Gladiators and Mortal Combat - known as the Harpy Games. And thanks to a disaster she caused years before (earning her the nickname 'Kaia the Disappointment'), Kaia is at a significant disadvantage, as nearly all of her race (including her mother) are out to get her. Obviously, Strider can't turn his back on her. Even if he has to pretend to be her consort in order to be allowed to stay with her. When they discover that the prize for winning the Games is one of the four artifacts the Lords have been seeking, it becomes clear that for both Kaia and Strider the outcome of the Games is a matter of urgency. They'll have to learn to trust and rely on each other to ensure that both of them win.

With lots of hints at potential further stories - Paris and Sienna's (upcoming), Kane, William - but no sign/mention of several previous characters, including some whose stories are far from resolved (notably Torin - the Keeper of Disease - and Cameo - the Keeper of Misery) - to say nothing of the ongoing story arc surrounding the artifacts and the Lords' battle against the Hunters, there's still plenty of life in this series.

My goodness, do Gena Showalter and her good friend Kresley Cole write in a similar fashion these days. Their styles have pretty much always been quite similar, but they're becoming more so - to the point that, had this been written as a stand-alone book rather than as part of Showalter's ongoing 'Lords of the Underworld' series, I'd have had a hard time telling whose writing I was reading. Indeed, the Harpy Games and some of the supernatural conflicts/concepts associated with them did, at times, feel strongly reminiscent of the two of Cole's Immortals After Dark series dealing with participation in supernatural games/quest 'The Talisman Hie' - No Rest For The Wicked and Wicked Deeds on a Winter's Night (Immortals After Dark 4).

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Although I finished reading this a few weeks ago I've unfortunately only just got around to posting my review. I absolutely love the Lords of the Underworld series and Gena has written yet another fantastic instalment in the series. For anyone who has maybe not read any of the Lords of the Underworld series then I would one hundred percent recommend them. Whilst obviously having the romance side to them they also have lots of action, humour and a brilliant concept idea for the back storyline from the author Gena Showalter.

The series is set around a group of twelve immortal warriors (and absolutely hunky ones at that!) who once served the Greek Gods. Zeus decided to give possession and protection of the dimOuniak to the immortal warrior Pandora (which is why the alternate name for it is Pandora's Box). The dimOuniak/Pandora's Box held all the evil of the world such as Violence, Death, Pain, Doubt, Wrath, Lies, Secrets, Defeat, Promiscuity, Disease, Misery and Disaster and all of their Demons were kept safely locked in the Box. Twelve of the other immortal warriors were upset that Zeus had entrusted the box to Pandora and not to them and therefore stole the box from her and subsequently released the demons into the world. Zeus was extremely angry over this betrayal and therefore cursed each of the warriors to hold one of the demons within each of them for all time.

This is the eighth book in the series and tells the story of Strider the keeper of the demon of defeat. The female counterpart in this is Kaia the Harpy who we have already met in several of the previous books. We've known for a while that Kaia really likes Strider and that Strider probably likes her, but because she has slept with one of the other Lords (Paris) earlier in the series that Strider basically doesn't want to go there. We find our that its not only because Paris is his friend but because Strider carries the demon of defeat within him he'll most definitely have to 'out-perform' Paris who as the holder of the demon of promiscuity may be a hard act to follow. We learn that Kaia was named Kaia the disappointment by her Harpy clam and that this is from a mistake she made when she was very young.
The Harpy games are also being held and Kaia has entered in a bid to prove herself to her old clan and the others however as she has discovered that Strider is her consort he agrees to act as so in order for her to be able to heal herself during the games. We soon also discover that the gold prize in the games is the Paring rod which is once of the artefacts needed by the Lords but will Strider allow Kaia to win it or will he go against his word and steal it? Also will Strider realise how much he actually likes Kaia and manage to try to work it out with her?

I loved this book and especially the Harpy games which did remind me a little bit of the Immortal games in Kresley Coles IAD series but the Harpy Games still managed to come across as a totally new idea and the quick wit between the Harpies really kept me laughing. Another brilliantly fantastic book by Gena. I can't wait for Paris' book next March!
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on 4 September 2014
Having read the other books in this series and found them to be compulsive, I had to buy this one. JR Ward did not disappoint as this series is full of surprises.

It's the sort of book I enjoy reading and Kaia's and Strider's story was very interesting.
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on 16 October 2012
Strider being one of my favourite Lords I was looking forward to this book, Kaia the lead female was a little annoying with the whole I am amazing thing and being in all honesty very vunerable but they both work well together. I didn't really think that Striders' resistance to her was very believable as he caved pretty quickly and was trying to prove a point so a bit silly.

All in all the book was enjoyable, parts of it were funny and the relations between the characters good, not as much steaminess between the main two characters as in previous books but it didn't detract from anything.

If you are a fan of LOTU do read this book as it is enjoyable and gives a deeper insight into Strider and his demon.
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on 13 September 2014
Strider is the Lord who has been bound to the spirit "DEFEAT" who lets nothing come between him and victory. Strider suffers intolerable pain if he loses a challenge until Kaia, an enchanting Harpy tempts him. Kaia must bring home the gold from the Harpy Games or dies, Strider is a distraction she can`t afford, especially as he intends to steal first prize - an
ancient magical artifact which will help the lords track Pandora`s box, but as the competition heats up, only one prize will matter, the dangerous, addictive passion neither thought possible. This book is not suitable for children as the contents can be a bit explicit in places. ???????
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 2 October 2011
Harpy Kaia (sister of previous leading ladies Gwen and Bianka) only realises Strider (the Keeper of Defeat) is her destined consort when he catches her looking for a repeat bedroom performance with Paris (Promiscuity). Now Strider is unwilling to face a possible defeat in the bedroom if he can't satisfy Kaia more than his (extremely experienced) friend did. To be defeated is to suffer overwhelming pain, so to avoid any possible agony filled situations Strider opts to keep his distance from Kaia.

Of course circumstances ensure close contact with the tempting and challenging Kaia. Strider and the other Harpy consorts have their women's backs, but there's only so much they can do when said women are participating in a blood thirsty Harpy competition in which every participant wants to kill or maim Kaia. All because of an unfortunate incident in her past she still hasn't shaken off the name she received at that moment, but Kaia the Disappointment is about to show everyone how truly awesome she now is. Undoubtedly she'll be fighting her mother and another rival who hates her, plus Strider is facing his own challenges when learning a certain artefact hunted by the Lords, the Gods and the Hunters just happens to be the first prize in the violent Harpy Games. Both Kaia and Strider need to win, but will the other's defeat destroy the passion between them?

There is plenty of action surrounding the gladiatorial style games Kaia and her family and friends participate in but the romance between Strider and Kaia remains heated throughout (well she is half Phoenix). The quips and sarcastic retorts between Kaia, Strider and other couples works really well in a multifaceted plot line and there is never a dull moment as further secrets are uncovered about different Lords (particularly Kane the keeper of Disaster). Paris (or as the Harpies call him, The Sexorcist) continues his search for Sienna's soul and hopefully they'll get their HEA in book 9 "The Darkest Seduction" due for publication March 2012.
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on 7 December 2011
Love these books im getting on a bit now so raunchy sexy imortals hits the spot and all with a nice love story as a cherry on top. theres other great character storys throughout the book as well to keep you inticed on the other warriors to be honest I would like them all please!!!
Good story well written plenty of raunch for us pervy women the perfect womans book to take to bed.
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on 13 February 2013
I have read the previous books in this series and but I really loved this one (in fact i've read it twice, some chapter a lot more than twice !!). I really LOVE Strider (he is now my HUGE new FAV!!! and i also adored Kaia. The relationship that they develop is both very hot and very funny. yet more overly familiar interaction between all the characters (the Lords) - and brilliant witty retorts/come backs. If you like Kresley Cole and JR Ward (BDB) then give this series a go. Getting the next book asap.
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on 19 November 2014
While other readers may have found Kaia and Strider's dialogue a little juvenile, I found it quite funny. Furthermore, it really helps us get a feel for both Strider and Kaia's personalities and their sense of humour. A light, amusing read. The setting (the Harpy Games) was a nice change, while still allowing the overall story arc (lords vs. hunters) to proceed. It was also good to find out a bit more about the Skyhawk family and I hope to meet them again in the future, particularly icy Taliyah.
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