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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 26 July 2010
This is a book in two parts. The first part is a series of exercises to carry out at your own pace that are meant to get you started as a pick up artist. Here's the thing the book warns you not to read ahead and sticking to that rule I haven't. The first couple of exercises have been pretty basic stuff, talk to strangers - get use to it and set your self some goals in life, that kind of thing; to be honest I almost skipped ahead but decided not to in case I miss something. It will be interesting to see how this develops or if I get around to doing the rest and over what period of time; the book suggest an exercise per night but how much time per exercise is down to practicalities and self motivation.

Like all such books the reading is the easy part, actually following the advice is the hard part, which is no doubt why so many spend £00's on seminars and practical boot camps where you go out and are thrown in the deep end and more or less forced to start talking to girls; it's like the gym it's much easier to exercise with a personal trainer to "encourage" you.

The second part of the book is Neil's diaries. These are a collection of short stories that usually illustrate a point.
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on 17 January 2008
The Game was a great read. Sadly, the follow up is merely an attempt to cash in on the success of his first book. Even after Neil announced his "retirement" from the game you could see this book coming :) the temptation to cash in was just too great.

The Challenge itself (first part of this book) was originally available on Neil's website for free and was supposed to be Neil's last present to the pick up community. (Its funny how everything Neil does is a "last thing I'll ever do, because too many people have asked me too and I just couldn't let them down :)" I wonder what's the next `last thing' would be .....) Anyways....... As far as I can see there are no additional challenges, missions, tips, etc. This is just a compilation of what is already available and there is nothing in this book that you couldn't find within a minute of searching online. 1 star out of 5

Obviously Neil couldn't just sell 'The Challenge' on its own, so he had to throw in some gimmick to make it a complete product. As a result we get the later part of the book (The Style Diaries). I feel like Neil was under the pressure of deadline from the publisher and haven't spent too much time writing this. The stories are not as entertaining and as his previous writings. Some guys in the community have summed it up us "Neil bragging about his exploits, probably to increase the value of what he teaches in the reader's eye, for the benefit of his future products". I wouldn't necessarily agree with that. Some of the stories were fun to read, but nowhere near as good as the Game. 3 stars out of 5

Overall you could argues that the primary point of the book was to promote the "Style" brand and cash in on the success of his first book. Disappointing. Hope the next product is better.
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on 28 March 2010
I must admit, I thought this book would be deeply naff. However I bought it to cheer me up after being rejected by a girl I fancied at uni. I was devastated as we had been really good friends and I blamed myself. This book is a fantastic boost for confidence. Neil Strauss does not blame or criticise like many self-help books, but he engages you to change, day-by-day. I admit, some of the stuff did not work and I thought I was mad for trying things from a bloke who looks like a creepy misogynist on the cover with an endorsement from Russel Brand of all people!

However, it helped to turn my life around and helped me recognise my problems with confidence in life, not just with women. Neil Strauss writes like your best friend and he makes you feel good. No other book, apart from the Bible has made me feel that way.

Did I get laid? Well not as dramatically well as this book promised, but I felt more confident around females and I now have a girlfriend who I absolutely adore. She is really stunning to me and I think this book built my confidence to approach her initially. Thanks Neil!
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on 12 October 2010
This is one of those books in which the majority of guys that buy it will not complete. There are 30 missions and it isn't easy. For that small percentage that stick with this it will be worth the effort.

Some of the reviews here are suprising as they didn't seem to purchase it knowing what it is. It's not something to sit down, read and entertain. It's a 'how to'. It's something to be applied. It needs to be applied otherwise it's useless. You can't learn how to swim until you jump in the water.

In my opinion this is more like a self-improvement programme with a major social component. Don't think though that a few missions in and girls numbers will be handed to you on a plate. You pretty much have to re-consider everything you've learned before.

This book in my opinion is a very good starter for those wanting to get into 'pick-up'. This alone will give a good guide in itself but if one is serious then more materials are needed (The Game gives you a few ideas of others worth checking out...a bit of research should guide you to the good stuff).

Me and my wing both came to the conclusion after completing the missions in this book that this is ultimately about becoming a better version of yourself. Re-thinking yourself and how the ideas here fit into that. Some of it sticks and some of it is changed or discarded but ultimately as you practice this and other materials (if you get more into the scene) you realise that you are 'naturalising' this stuff.

The stories in the 2nd part of the book are okay and quite amusing at times but nothing great. I will give it 5 stars for the real purpose behind this book.

Im seeing someone now and this certainly helped me on my path. She said to me once that she read the Game: "have you heard of it?" she asked. I paused and said: "no, but my friend mentioned it to me once".
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on 1 December 2008
This isn't a story about the rules of the game, but a how to, pick up guide for men. It's about getting out there and getting it done. It is the how to guide that most men should read. It leaves out the BS and gives you the nuts and bolts. A high recommend, along with How to Be the Man Women Want: The Get More Confidence and Meet Better Women Guide to Dating
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on 27 December 2011
Do not buy the kindle version if you intend to read on the afore mentioned device.
It is badly formatted; the very first chapter is laid out wider than the kindle is capable of displaying due to the use of graphics to represent areas where you would ostensibly fill in the answers.

Completely useless for an ebook, and renders it unreadable when half the sentence is off the right of the screen, with the text re-flow spoiled by the graphics of a few black lines.
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on 9 October 2012
Just when you thought all the PUA stories were told, Neil cranks out another soon to be bestseller. A fascinating sequel to Strauss's groundbreaking pick up artist classic with a twist. The void of male social dynamics and pick up advice with substance is masterfully filled with the entry of Rules of the Game. His techniques are compelling, and his tales are infectious page turners.

This slickly packaged title is a two volume set. Its focus begins with establishing your identity, expectations and desires to better concentrate your efforts on your relationship goals. It dissects the psychology of female expectations, and lays out in classroom format the smooth adaptable skills that satisfy their wants and needs to create physical and an emotional connection.

Part one -the Stylelife Challenge is a 30 day instructional mental-workout program; the HOW TO for improving your social marketing; perfecting your personality, body language and image, creating sexual chemistry and attraction; virtually 100s of tips, exercises, and techniques, logically explained step by step.

What I really liked is he explains exactly how and why each facet of your studies works, and assigns you homework. You're forced to do somewhat uncomfortable things until you become a natural through repetition; till each skill is performed effortlessly. Each chapter builds and expands on the previous. After learning all 30 you've got the mindset and confidence to have Game.

Part 2 - The Style Diaries: fascinating to unusual stories from the trenches that focus on the unexpected bad results that occur due to bad decisions in the middle of encounters. It's the HOW NOT TO game women. As always, Neil's infamous story telling of underworld situations are riveting and bizarre, from conquests to hilarious train wrecks. Edge of your seat field reports brilliantly written. He hangs with the who's who of Rock Stars and travels the globe, injecting himself in situations most of us can only dream of. The conquests could be penned in a braggadocio style, but his writing is self-deprecating and fun; he's learning and laughing along with us. A contagious writing style.

Rules of the Game is a very unique concept, and needed to be written. The first title simply left too many men desiring all the PUA tools Style used in the previous title. It's an advanced classroom explaining how he learned to execute all the killer pulls of hot women in the Game. If you're reading this, you've probably already read Mystery's manual. I'd also highly suggest for deeper PUA psychology and a million laughs another bestseller in this genre you'll see mentioned above.

The Professional Bachelor: How to Exploit Her Inner Psycho
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on 5 December 2007
This book gives a fascinating insight into the world of pick-up artists and as a women, I found it unexpectedly engaging and hilarious. Girls, do not be afraid. I think all women should read this book!

The Game was introduced to me when I found it on the shelf of man i was dating and after perusing it I was intruiged to find he had taken much of Neil Strauss' technique to heart! Rather than being disgusted (i'm still with him) it provoked a brilliant debate and probably strengthened our relationship.

The follow up, the Rules of the Game, is a how-to guide and also comments on the darker side of the Game in the Style Diaries. Reading it does not only allow you to pick out the Gamers and play them at their own Game (oh, the possibilities), but it is also funny, insightful and intelligent. Definitely one of best books i've read recently.

Hopefully, someone will bring out a women's version of this, but in the mean time girls... be prepared!
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on 16 May 2013
A morally disgusting American book about how to manipulate and lie to women. Misses something fundamental and incredibly important: People that like you when you are not being yourself DO NOT REALLY LIKE YOU.
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on 12 November 2014
I brought this book about 8/9 months ago, and only because I'm lazy, I've only managed to read 2/4 pages BUT!!!, and its a big but (and you know I like those!), the stuff I read in those pages has subconsciously been in the back of my mind and had a HUGE affect on how I am in public and around people in general, which does actually help when playing the game out in the field. So I can only imagine what would happen if I read on...... Irrefutable
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