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4.2 out of 5 stars226
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 20 November 2014
To get ahead of, or perhaps not become unsuspecting game for PUA (pick up artists), I read this interesting book.

Strauss employs basic psychological and sociological principles to enhance the successfulness of meeting partners of the opposite sex (all in the book are female, but there is no comment on whether this would work with males).

In one way, this could be interpreted as misogynistic, sexist and manipulative to possibly vulnerable women. In another light, I got the sense that Strauss wanted shyer/ less confident men to have the confidence to speak to women and feel acceptance.

In light of how the book concludes, my potentially-naive view is that Strauss wasn't writing this book with a view to convince hoards of men to be serial 'one-night-stand-players' but to get them to realise that they are all they need to be, rich or poor, however they appear and that with a little thinking behind their approach, they can simply create a better environment for meeting potential partners.

Strauss also hints throughout the book that sleeping around isn't always fulfilling or what it's hyped up to be and positions himself in a strong place to authentically challenge the stereotypical male view that the correlation between amount of sexual partners and 'manliness' is not necessarily a positive upward curve.

So overall, despite being a bit of a tedious, slightly irritating, yet intriguing book, I like the idea that his logical/scientific/set approach may appeal to some who struggle with confidence, but leaves the reader with a clear perspective that seducing multiple humans may seem great, but it's rather like craving a packet of crisps; great while it lasted, but the crisps finish and leave you feeling pretty empty quite quickly, plant some potatoes though...
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on 15 November 2015
This is quite possibly the funniest book I have ever read (one of the others being 'The Dirt' by the same author).

Usually, it takes me a long time to read a book. I can't skim read and instead read every single word in a book, often repeating whole pages when my mind wanders or I lose concentration. With this, I couldn't put it down and read the whole thing in a few days, most of which was on a flight from New Zealand to the UK.

Whilst the book is laugh-out-loud funny, it is also extremely interesting. I find myself thinking back to some of the techniques pointed out in the book when I observe people chatting each other up when out in a bar. You can see people acting in the same way as these pickup artists without even knowing that they are doing it.

I think I've now bought about 4 copies and given them to friends for various reasons, I thought it was that good. Personally I would never actually put any of these things into practice as it's really not me but as an interesting and funny read it can't be faulted.
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on 26 January 2015
Useful if you are looking for a relationship and want to protect yourself against pick-up "artists"!! Also check another book called The Mystery Method.
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on 5 February 2016
The autobiographical story of Neil Strauss is an interesting book at various levels. Because show us how the author,someone shy with lack of confidence with the opposite sex,manages to transform himself in a serial (successful) seducer,once that he meets the most prominent pick up artists. The techniques of the Game is something that in major or minor degrees we can see people using daily (conscientiously or not). This book makes us to be more aware about the psychological and social side of relationships and what can determine success or failure in this area.
And obviously we need to look at this book in the specific context and the stage of life the author was living.
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on 1 January 2016
I bought this book as I was speaking to a couple friends. They said that they had heard other people use the information in this book in real life. Personally I found it was more a story and I became quite engrossed into it. I enjoyed it as more of novel than a how to book which this definitely isn't. If you are looking for something good to read about how someone transformed their behaviours but not a how to book this book is definitely worth a read.
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on 16 September 2013
So, usually the amazon ratings are so accurate, with such a high rating I truly believed this would be a great I was disappointed.

The book encourages men to look at women as "targets", what do they think they are, an animal to be hunted and shot? The book will encourage you to become a robot, act unnaturally, lie, deceive and put women down ("neg") just to get them into bed. Many other reviews say "Oh, well it will help you with confidence...", but there is a problem with the way it does this. It encourages you to not act naturally, memorize lines, deceive and act in any way possible to get the "target". It instills bad habits into you! How can you have a healthy relationship with a woman if you think this way? It's built on a foundation of lies, think about it, do you like it if your friends lie, trick and deceive you? Do these kind of friendships last long?

The characters Mystery (suicidal maniac), Tyler Durden (Psychopathic), Ross Jeffries (Confused with a child's mindset) and many of the other PUA's are clearly unstable, incomplete people with many of their own problems which they aren't able to overcome, their overall lifestyle is incomplete and they clearly aren't successful in their life overall.

A particularly disturbing part was on page 350 "If a woman has been married three years or more, you come to learn that she's usually easier to sleep with than a single woman", and Mr Strauss wants to be a father one day (and presumably get married). I wonder how his relationship will last with that kind of mindset. Are you the kind of guy who believes all women are like this? The book portrays all women to be sluts, who if you persist and use enough tricks you can get into bed. Now, think about it, is this realistic? Are your mother, sister, auntie, grandmother, cousins all like this? Have all women lost their values and morals? Are they all just sluts who should be manipulated and used? I would be utterly depressed if I believed this, I believe there are good women out there, and if you want to attract them you have to work on yourself to become a man who would appeal to her.

I will finish my post on how I think you could attract a beautiful woman (inside and out), into your life:

1. Fix yourself up, get a fashionable haircut (check magazines if you don't know), wear better clothes (again ask women with style or check magazines), look after your appearance in general (shower regularly and don't look scruffy).
2. Join the gym and get healthy (you don't have to be the next Arnold, but if you are overweight or too skinny, being a healthy weight is more attractive).
3. Join clubs and take courses to meet new people. (Examples include: dance classes, art classes, fitness classes, yoga classes etc). This will allow you to meet more people and improve your social skills.
4. Read books that actually improve your life! Self-help books on confidence, social skills, success, wealth, health and many more!

Improving yourself in this natural way, will not only attract better women to you, but also better quality friends,you will be happier overall! Once you start doing all these things you yourself will grow and naturally become a more attractive person...Hope this review helped and was useful (although I'm sure I'll get some stick for it, but I'll be happy if it even just helps one guy).
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A work that quickly acquired a legendary status, Johann Strauss' "The Game" is the real life tale of a nerdy journalist who makes the transition to being one of the world's most prolific pickup artists. Not technically a handbook, there are nevertheless countless things to be learned about how the fairer sex can be manipulated into a state of attraction. My own favourite always used to be to purchase a massive pitcher of house wine, from which I would incessantly refill my date's glass up to the brim, at each and any opportunity. I stand by this as being an excellent means to loosen up not only tongues but also moral standards (especially if you've remembered to spray on some powerful male pheromones beforehand). However, I learned here that there are plenty of more sophisticated alternatives- some of which might initially seem surprisingly counterintuitive.

In short, the effective pickup artist appreciates the disparity between what women would consciously like to be attracted to (ie what they say they want) and what years of evolution have actually hard-wired their subconscious to be attracted to. Beautiful women quickly get bored by a man who fixates upon them alone, offers them all of his time and showers them with gifts etc- and rapidly relegate him to the 'friend zone' (before immediately going on to complain that they "can't find any nice guys"). Surprisingly, they are far more excited by having to compete for the time of a busy man who openly dates a large number of other women. Much as women will protest otherwise, what is known as "pre-selection" has been widely scientifically evidenced. The female psyche is naturally envious- making it powerfully drawn towards men who display success and social standing (and who are too mentally strong to pander to a lady's every whim, simply because she is physically attractive). Yes, at the core, the intrinsic female blueprint for desire is every bit as shallow as that of us males- even if it is rooted in such issues as jealous one-upmanship and competitiveness, rather than in such issues as buttocks and breasts. Anyway, a chap doesn't necessarily have to file for outright moral bankruptcy, in order to capitalise upon such knowledge- but he can still have a hell of a time by exploring his overdraft limit!

One of the most interesting aspects of 'game' is the necessity of becoming detached from the outcome. If a man seems like he might be bothered by failure, it suggests social weakness and a lack of options with other women- which can make rejection almost certain. However, misses necessarily occur some of the time, even to the best of us. If a girl slips by, it's essential to be able to jump back on the horse, or preferably even to go out to stud with an entire stableful of fillies (within the realms of metaphor, that is). Many years ago this happened to me- after I had a (heavily vodka-laced) babycham thrown back in my face by the nine-fingered girl who worked in the local fishmongers. Quick as a flash, I got back in the saddle with her slightly dumpy best friend. Soon enough, jealousy kicked in and the girl who had formerly rejected me came knocking at my door! Unfortunately, by then I'd made the mistake of getting married to the particular 'horse' that I'd gone and leapt on (a proper old 'mare' of the night)- although I didn't let that stop me from collecting a satisfying return on my investment!

Another surprising aspect that can be learned here is quite how well women will often respond to unapologetically extreme directness about intent. The ability to speak openly (from a place of profound inner confidence) can lead to remarkably good results, when your intentions are delivered without embarrassment. Only the other day, I suggested to a girl that we recreate a rather famous scene from the film "Last Tango in Paris", on our very first date! Admittedly, she did slap me across the face and storm out, but I realise now exactly where my mistake had occurred. I should have remembered that she was a vegan! Next time I end up dating one of them lot, I'll have to make a point of clarifying that we can substitute the butter for a non-dairy based olive oil spread!
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on 3 August 2015
I loved reading this book from start to finish, and despite it's criticism from those who haven't read the book and think it is demeaning to women, then they should read the ending as it has a moral ending. I can't imagine the techniques strauss uses would work on women in the UK though.
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on 18 December 2015
A derogatory, overly simplistic and self-aggrandising book about a misogynist creep who enjoys manipulating women into sleeping with him. Read only if you aspire to be such a pathetic individual or have an overwhelming desire to despise something or someone.
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on 20 November 2014
This was an intriguing read. The catalyst for picking it up (years ago and not finishing it) was to see how it could help with women as you can imagine. But in later life (now married and in a sales role), I thought it offer hints to the interaction and "sales seduction" for business. However, the seduction really becomes the back drop to what is an interesting journey through the writers journey to find himself - and eventually arriving back at being himself - but with a whole lives worth of experience which if he had encountered in the normal way and not as a mission would have made him the man he wanted to be either way. Particularly liked the way the writer threw himself into the new underground world and way out of his comfort zone to eventually become the person he so longed to be. An inspiration in that sense. Recommended read for some light hearted social dynamics.
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