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4.4 out of 5 stars364
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 11 January 2012
I am now officially hooked on these books and in particular the character 'BEN HOPE'. There must be something about these ex-special services men. (see other reviews of the Spider Shepard stories) When I finished those I wondered who was going to fill the void and I found him Ben Hope.

Well written and researched books with great details fast paced action packed and set around the world. Never a dull moment. Only problem is I don't have enough time in the day to read. Only get the chance last thing at night by which time I am too tired to go on & on & on reading.

I promise you will not be disappointed if you give these books ago. ENJOY>
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on 10 August 2011
I immediately downloaded The Mozart Conspiracy after finishing the first Ben Hope book, The Alchemists Secret. I was captivated by the first book and was therefore hoping the second in the series would not disappoint. It certainly did not.

Following in a similar vein to the first book, The Mozart Conspiracy follows Ben Hope's investigation through France, Vienna and Venice as he tries to track down the murderer of his old friend who died in very suspicious circumstances whilst researching the death of Mozart for a book he was writing. What Ben discovers along the way is both shocking and unbelievable but what is worse is that it is obvious that the route to the truth keeps being deliberately thwarted by someone.

This book had me gripped from start to finish and I cannot recommend it enough to anyone who enjoys a thriller plus a good old conspiracy theory! On to the next book in the series already.....
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on 5 January 2014
Being A big fan of such authors as Dan Brown & Steve Berry I came across the Ben Hope series after purchasing the alchemists secret which was a good book I picked up the second novel in series with much anticipation. In this second novel Ben travels through France, Vienna & Venice investigating the death of one of his friends who was researching a book based upon the death of the renowned composer Mozart.
There a twists and turns at every page aided by a sinister cult who will do anything to stop the truth coming out, and the reappearance of an old enemy and a tragic end makes this book a real page turner. Mariani describes and sets a scene with great detail and the book is well researched, the only criticism I have of the book is that the book itself has very little with the Mozart himself apart from the mysterious letter he send just before his death in 1788, apart from that he's not really mentioned after that.
Overall a good page turner that excites with non stop action, i'm looking forward to reading the other Ben hope novels.
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on 3 January 2012
Races away from the start, I know it's formulaic but it' still interesting enough to hold your attention. I am now a firm fan of Scott Mariani and have recommended his books to my friends
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on 9 October 2013
This is the second book in Mariani's 'Ben Hope' series. I read the first one a while back and found it reasonably entertaining, and this one's exactly the same. It's a bit bonkers, very daft, moves at a hundred miles an hour, and probably doesn't bear up to close inspection.

But it's fun. It's the sort of book that Lee Child used to write before Jack Reacher became omniscient and indestructible, more Bourne than Bond (although it's easy to imagine Daniel Craig in the lead role). Ben Hope has flaws. He rages, he wallows in self-pity, but - when it comes to getting the job done - he is remorseless, single-minded, and quite capable of making mistakes that put not only himself in danger, but those he cares about as well. It has a plot full of twists, explained well enough in the Amazon blurb, and you have no doubts as to who the good guys are, and who the bad (if they had moustaches to twirl it couldn't be more obvious). And it's one of those tales dragged kicking and screaming out of Hollywood, full of false endings followed by just one more twist. Predictable on many levels, but written with such pace that it manages to excite.

The writing's functional, nothing spectacular, with the occasional mistake in continuity that probably should have been picked up before it went to print. Nobody seems quite sure as to the illness from which Mozart died, and Mariani has his own theories, and has some fun with them here. It's a book, though, where you can probably put your thinkymeatz to one side to chew some gum. Fire and forget. Read and enjoy, and inevitably come back and read the next book in the series at a later date. Mission accomplished.
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on 10 April 2012
The Mozart Conspiracy as the second in the Ben Hope series is bound to have many echoes of its elder sibling The Alchemist's Secret. It follows a similar premise and has many familiar touches. However, similarities are what you want in a series based on the same central character. You want to return to the life of the same person you read about in the last instalment. There would be little point in a series otherwise. Mariani picks up with Ben Hope as we got to know him before and it brings a smile to your face as it does with the idiosyncrasies of an old friend.

The Mozart Conspiracy is another well researched and plausible novel. It has some slightly more ludicrous stunts than The Alchemist's Secret, some feats that, though we'd like to believe someone like Hope could pull off, we know rely somewhat on suspension of disbelief. Hopes grit and determination, training and skill, are perhaps some mystical force that we will learn of in the next instalment.

That's not to say they detract from the story at all, spoil the plot, or indeed alienate the reader. They are perhaps a little overkill, a little unnecessary, but they are in keeping with Hope's character and situation. It's a mark of a well written hero that you can forgive him these things.

The villains of the piece are more sinister and more bloodthirsty. There is more violence and deeper intrigue. For fans of this type of novel, it's exactly what you want in a second appearance of a hero. He got out of so much trouble last time it has to be worse this time, or we'd lose faith in him. In this episode, the scheming is far reaching and is bound to put a smile on the face of any conspiracy theorist.

Strong women back up the predominantly masculine cast of characters once again, and once again only bring complication to the scrapes Hope gets into. Because he's a good guy though, he deals with it. Romantic interest is not overdone although plays a more significant part in this episode.

Echoes of James Bond come through here and there, but of the character and not the preposterous inventions of a government weapons lab. Since most of us drawn to this sort of novel probably grew up on Bond though, this is a welcome means to identify with Hope.

Once again a page-turner from Mariani and I look forward to reading the next book in the series. Who can tell what dangers loom.
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on 13 March 2012
This is the third Scott Mariani book I have read and a revelation. This is a real page turner a conspiracy story with intense detail showing this writer must do incredible research. In my view a better writer than Dan Brown and look forward now to reading more of his Ben Hope stories.
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on 9 August 2013
I read the first Ben Hope book, (Alchemist's Secret), and thought it just about warranted a read of the next in the series. The Mozart Conspiracy is that second book and I think I've now read all I want of this series. The hero is a bit too perfect here - a bit too James Bond, the plot a bit too implausible and I correctly predicted how the book would end half a dozen chapters before I got there, (think JB - OHMSS).
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on 3 August 2008
Although this novel is being marketed as a conspiracy thriller, it is really more of a gorefest. There IS a conspiracy, but we never really learn much about it. Many of the Da Vinci Code clones have this same problem - they forget that Dan Brown's book, for all its faults, attracted so many readers because it catered both to mystery-lovers and action buffs. The Marianis go all-out for non-stop action and spend no time developing the mystery element of the plot. It's just there in the backdrop, to justify the blood and the chases. Very disappointing.
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on 9 July 2012
If you have read Scott Mariani's first book in the Ben Hope series The Alchemist's Secret (Ben Hope 1)and thought it was ok - you'll love this one for sure.

The chapters are short and snappy which makes it a breeze to read. The concept makes for a great read which isn't too taxing on the brain but enough to make it interesting to continue getting absorbed in the story.

This book again is mainly in europe and the feeling you get from the wintery climates of places such as Vienna, really takes you there. It has the hallmarks of a good film and is very cinematic in style. Plenty of intrigue, conspiracy, love, violence, weaponry and emotion all play their part very well. I would recommend this book and it's worth checking out the series too!
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