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4.1 out of 5 stars65
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 15 May 2010
I picked this book up as I was recovering in hospital and Jackie Collins was one of the first authors I read as a curious teenager. Fast foward 20 years..I have come to the conclusion that she should actually be writing for teenagers. This book is utter drivel. I was curious about Bobby because I was such a fan of his mum and grandfather but what a disappointment he turned out to be! Bobby had none of the ballsiness or maverick attitude that comes with the Santangelo name, he was just a boring rich kid with a weird obsession with older, powerful women that treat him badly. Totally lame.

This book lacks plot, half way through you wonder what it's actually about, the characters are unlikeable. We have a overpriveledged, spoilt brat whose parents were movie stars and she is now secretely working as a Madame (Hmm..haven't we had that before in another book?) A supposedly 'hot shot' conceited female lawyer who is actually more interested in getting laid and is constantly being pushed around by friends, employers, parents..and lastly a selfish, dumb assistant who believes her married Senator boss will leave his wife just because she's pregnant. And that is what the book is about. Four people and their pea brains.

And if you're looking for a racy read then don't bother. Stephanie Meyer had more passion in her Twilight series. Jackie Collins has mastered the fade to black sex scene. At the end of the chapter the couple have dinner and at the start of the next chapter the sex is over with and they are having a post coital cigarette. It's that bad.

There is a murder plot in the background but it's so transparent you actually won't care by the end of it.
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For years, if you wanted something steamy, something glamorous and bound up with the rich storytelling skills then you knew to reach for the latest Jackie Collins. However, more recently it seems to be more about the name on the cover than the real content as the characters within this offering really would not stand out compared to her earlier ones. They're weak, they're unglamorous and above all they seem pretty wretched as their singular unpopular threadbare lives don't make for great material. A good example of this is the character of Bobby Santangelo who you'd expect to have the guts of his mother Lucky, the wants and needs of a playboy but unfortunately is too much of a goody goody with no real backbone and not enough bad boy to satisfy the readers expectations.

Whilst Jackie does seem to be trying to get a more realistic woman into her pieces what she needs to do is get out there and research the women of today as she really does seem to have lost touch with a number of her audience that originated in the 80's. Hopefully she'll get back on form with her next offering.
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on 15 July 2010
I've been a reader of Jackie's books for many years starting off with the inimitable Hollywood Wives - Brilliant.

The thing that sets Jackie apart as an outstanding author, is that, you have the glamour, the steaminess, the seediness, but you also get a great storyline.

Sadly this book has 50% of the first three ingredients, but 0% of the latter. It's a bland read, predictable characters and a predictable conclusion, and as a former reviewer said, rushed to conclusion.

However, every author is entitled to a bad book, and this is hers.

Still haven't lost any admiration for her though.
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on 8 October 2009
I have been an avid Jackie Collins fan for many years. However this book has a group of very weak characters including Bobby Santangelo.Readers familiar with the first two Santangelo books would expect a son of Lucky to be ballsy, tough and into mischief. This guy is too good to be true.
Other characters pop in and out uttering dialogue - but nothing happens !!! a few sex scenes (notable for their lack of steaminess) but none of the vintage Collins skill of plots and sub stories making the reader loathe or root for various characters.
Anyone who enjoyed Chances and Lucky will be sadly disappointed by the watery personalities whimpering through the pages of this epic yawn.
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I honestly dont know what all these other reviewers are talking about, i LOVED this book, i thought it was fabulous.

I had not read any Jackie in a while and so picked this up really cheap and once i picked it up, i literally could not put it down.

Jackie is a master of building the most sinfully delicious worlds that secretly everybody wants to live in, i read her for pure escapism, i mean after all, dont we all want our own Bobby ?? i know i do, i have cast him in my head already lol

This is fast paced, narrative is brilliant, it had just enough characters to not only keep me interested, but kept me turning the page, so often romance writers fill the pages with so many people you lose interest in the story but my interest never wavered once.

I am now off to purchase Goddess of Vengeance.

Buy the book, you wont regret it, i didnt :0)
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on 31 March 2010
Another fantastic book from JC.
Had me hooked from the beginning.
Great characters, great storylines.
A perfect chick lit read.
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on 3 March 2012
Jackie Collins does it again by creating another fantastic book, amazes me how she can create such fantastic stories. Loved this book from start to finish and now i'm reading the follow up called Goddess of a Vengenance (which i've read already and now reading again), you cannot put these books down. Great book from a great lady.
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on 29 June 2010
I read this because so many people rave about Collins and I was expecting great things. Am I the only person who thinks it was badly written with a boring plot?
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on 12 March 2012
I hadn't read a Jackie Collins book for years so when I saw this book in a charity shop I bought it . Compared to her earlier works with my favourite book being Rock Star I felt as though this book was rushed and lacked substance and lack of stoyrlines. The mention of Adele, Amywinehouse who was portrayed as a dog Duffy the singer, Dexter one of my favourite shows Beyonce all these things are good as it shows that collins is able to keep up with the times but other than that there really wasnt much to this story which I found very mediocre.
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on 9 August 2013
I got hooked to the whole Lucky S saga and started by reading book one and so on. I really enjoyed all the ups and downs of Lucky and her family. I read the review of this book, but because it was a part of the series, I thought it would still have Lucy and her family in it and a continuation of the previous books. This book has totally different characters in it and Bobby (Lucky's son in it). This book is not a part of that Lucy S series and a waste of money!
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