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4.3 out of 5 stars373
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 22 December 2009
Firstly, I should confess to not being a teenager being in my early 30s, so I am not, strictly speaking, the intended audience for this book. However, I really enjoy this type of fiction and I am glad that I was persuaded by the reviews, to buy it.

The story is compelling with plenty of mystery and action to keep you interested. I liked the characters and I thought that they were believable and engaging. I read the book very quickly in 2 sittings because I couldn't wait to see where it was all leading.

My only criticisms are: 1) lack of description- I never had a clear picture in my head of where it was all happening. I also don't have any sort of image of what the characters look like. If you asked me now, I could tell you that Nora had wild curly hair, Vee was curvy, Patch had black hair and Jules was tall. That is it. It would have been much easier to really get absorbed in the story if the characters and the setting had been more vividly described. 2) Maybe a little more guidance on the whole nephil/fallen angel history would have been helpful. I know there are a lot of fiction books in this genre and some people might be well-aquainted with it, but if this is your first foray into the genre, you might find it lacking in detail.

Don't let any of that put you off though! It's well-worth reading and I expect I will want to read it again soon. I hope there are going to be follow up books too, because I would like to know more about Nora and Patch's future.
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on 23 December 2014
While I'm not a huge fan of paranormal romances at the best of times, I was particularly disappointed by this one. Although the cover is gorgeously eye catching, the story behind it turned out to be slow moving and badly paced. The fact that Patch is a fallen angel is revealed right on the front, yet this is not actually revealed in the text until three hundred pages into the novel. This is the point in the novel where things finally began to speed up as, up to this point, very little had happened. Sure, there was the odd moment of tension but most of this was bogged down by the fact that I did not care for any of the characters.

Nora is a frustratingly weak heroine. Although her friends frequently ask her to do things that she does not want to do, she has a real problem with just saying "no". Similarly, she constantly expresses her fear of Patch in one breath and her attraction to him in next. This did not feel like a very sound basis for a relationship, especially not one that I'd want to present to teen readers as being the norm.

I also hated Patch with every fibre of my being. He wasn't charming, he was just creepy. Everything he said seemed to be done with the intent of making Nora uncomfortable and that just made my skin crawl. While I hated the fact that she'd jump at his every whim, I hated him for the fact that he would expect her to. I think I would have rather that Nora ended up with any other character in the story than him.

All in all, I think I'd rather read Twilight again than be forced to reread this one. Twilight may not be a good novel but its certainly better than this.
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on 6 December 2011
I'm surprised to see so many gushing reviews about this book. Fallen angel malarkey aside, if Patch was simply an ordinary boy with no 'magically justifiable love/lust/murderous intent (because all three are synonymous in this book)' for Nora, and if he wasn't 'smoulderingly good looking' (because as we've seen with Twilight, sex appeal TOTALLY makes up for stalking!), then this book would read out to be one of those court cases in which Nora should be filing a restraining order against this creepo whackjob like an episode of Law and Order: SVU.

She was clearly uncomfortable with his advances at first and she darn well should have been! Too bad no one else seems to think his stalkerish behaviour of her is worth noting and protecting her from, not even her so-called best friend. Patch and Nora sit in Bio class together 'learning' sex ed (in quote marks because they learn absolute cuss about nothing) where he proceeds to humiliate her in front of her class by listing all the reasons she's 'game' for him. Uh, how is this okay? The class was inappropriate enough as it is, but this just took the cake. When Nora sensibly decided she'd rather not get harassed by the whacko and went to the teacher to move seats, her teacher even decided "Hey, you're not REALLY uncomfortable with this guy's inappropriate actions towards you! I know, I'll have you tutor him!" FOR GOD'S SAKE. Then later on Patch /chased her around a deserted parking garage at night/. And instead of doing the right thing (kick him in the nuts then run like hell and call the police) she decides she'd rather get on his motorcycle, because "Ooooh, mysterious smouldering eyes!" *swoon*

In fact, the entire book is full of women who think of nothing but sex and 'bad boys' while all the men are utter, complete, CREEPY JERKS. Not a single person in this entire book is redeemable in any way, shape, or form. They are all either shallow, stalkers, idiots, sex-obsessed or premeditating murder.

I understand the thrill of a little dominance from a partner every now and then between consenting participants, but this is taking the idea and throwing it to the sharks of threats, intimidation, stalking, and /actually, honest to god talking about killing her/. How many times must I say that THIS IS NOT OKAY, GIRLS. NO MATTER HOW TINGLY YOUR NETHERBITS MAY BE FEELING, THIS IS A CLASSIC CASE OF ABUSE AND RAPE. For cryin' out loud the book is actually 'Hush, Hush' which basically translates to 'Shut up while I sexually harass you'.

NOT OKAY NOT OKAY NOT OKAY. I cannot stress this enough! This book is teaching or at the very least idealising rape/sexual harassment as something that is romantic and sexy. IT IS NOT. I didn't want to give this waste of paper a star at all! If I could get this crap banned I would, and possibly a court order for Fitzpatrick to never write again. I don't care if it's all fictional and Patch is just a character. This tells girls that when a man tries to rape you, instead of running for the hills and the cops, she should consider him 'misunderstood' instead and let him get away with it like the most cussed up case of Stockholm Syndrome.
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The book was is about a young girl called Nora Grey, who met a guy called Patch as a result of being forced to switch lab partners. Nora doesn’t like him at first but Patch seems to mysteriously be everywhere she is, sometimes at the wrong time, and she starts to have feelings for him against her better judgement. She’s never sure if she should trust him so when bad things start happening and it seems someone is out to get her, Vee her best friend is adamant its Patch and leads Nora to question what she really knows about him . When Nora seeks some answers she finds herself near a truth that’s far more unsettling than the uneasy feeling Patch tends to give her and in the middle of an ancient battle between the immortal and the fallen.

After waiting 3 years to read this book I’m not ashamed to say I was a little bit disappointed. The idea behind the book was what made me want to read it (that and the cover haha). And it started of well but not long into it , it was clear that Nora never really knew what she wanted, and as she kept changing her mind all the time I was left feeling confused as to what she would do next. She doesn’t trust Patch, is very unsettled by him, spends most of the book commenting on how creepy he is but yet she cant stay away and is in love with him? … I think I missed the part where this happened. .

That being said I love how Patch is described through out the book. He’s cocky, sure of himself and somewhat tough. Even though I don’t like to admit the only thing I disliked about him was the fact that he reminded me of Edward from Twilight. I’m not exactly sure why but he did. I wasn't really too keen on the other characters Vee, Elliot and Jules but that could be because I don’t think enough time went into developing their character.

So all in all It was an ok book. It didn’t wow me and I personally think there was too much dialogue and not enough description, so as a result of this I felt the book lacked in suspense.

I think I’m just getting too old to read YA. I loved it when I was maybe 14- 20, but I’ve yet to read a YA book that I can safely say doesn’t remind me of practically all the other ones I’ve read. The trouble is I’m getting older but the writing style and ideas for YA book are staying the same. I feel bored reading them.
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on 19 August 2014
Hush Hush is definitely a YA paranormal/fantasy romance novel. It is the first book in a completed series of four. I personally feel Hush Hush would appeal to all types of readers as it has the bitter sweet romance for those with soft hearts and has the adventure for those that are waiting for a thrill. If you enjoy Fallen by Lauren Kate then this is most definitely a series of books that are worth your time.

Hush Hush follows the story of Nora Grey your basic teenage girl. She hangs with her best friend Vee a totally ordinary, crazed teenager waiting for her man too show up and sweep her away with some forbidden romance. Nora, is quieter, she's not perfect at all with her unruly curly hair and the fact she has anaemia and has to keep a stock of iron pills at all times, this is what draws you into her story though she isn't perfect. Her father is dead and mother works away from home she has grown up quickly and this gives her a little bit of realism. Patch Cipriano is your typical bad boy character, known for 'flunking' school for the last year everyone thinks he is re sitting his school year for the third time. He has sat in the back of the class, dressed utterly in black until he changes his attention onto Nora and nothing will stop him from reaching his final goal.
Sound like a typical love story, think again! Hush Hush has a twist in its plot, it is a complete roller coaster ride to read you'll have your moments when you are breathless from the passion and some parts where your holding your breath because you just can't believe what you are reading.
With a romance that wasn't supposed too happen, a lost girl with a bad past, your typical high school drama mixed in with the fantasy characters of fallen angels and nephilim. How could you refuse to read this novel. Pick it up. It is most defiantly worth your time.
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Nora Grey is a normal teenage girl. Neither popular nor unpopular, she hangs out with boy-obsessed best friend Vee and lives at home with Dorothea, a German housekeeper who keeps an eye on her while her mum is away working for an auction company. The only unusual thing about her is that she's been seeing the school psychologist since her father was murdered in an apparent street robbery a few months earlier.

All this changes when she's partnered with Patch, the new transfer student with whom she's partnered for a biology project. Dark, sexy and mysterious, Patch's arrogance and high-handed manner initially repulse Nora but as they work on their project, she finds herself drawn to him, not least because he seems to be everywhere she goes. But soon that attraction turns to suspicion. A series of terrifying near death experiences lead her to wonder if Patch is responsible - especially when he indicates that he knows what is happening. As she chases answers she finds herself involved in an ancient battle between angels, one that sees her very life at stake and one where she doesn't trust which side Patch is on.

If you're into YA paranormal romances, then this book has all the elements that you love: normal, everyday girl meets super-hot paranormal boy whose arrogance makes him utterly irresistible. Throw in some danger and some plot twists and you've got everything you need for a bestseller.

Unfortunately, this book encapsulates everything that drives me nuts about paranormal romance. For starters, while Patch is supposed to be sexy, I found his arrogance, rudeness and controlling behaviour creepy and one of the plot twists surrounding him was sinister rather than romantic. Nora in contrast is bland - so much so that it's difficult to see what Patch sees in her apart from her gullibility and wilful stupidity. Vee is a stereotypical best friend sidekick, little more than a cipher with her boy-crazy ways.

The plot twists were obvious early on, so much so that I guessed the identity of the `baddie' the moment they first appeared. Pacing was also a big issue - the story is painfully slow to unravel, with the reader often two or three steps ahead of Nora and in places the plot really sags.

All in all, if you're into paranormal romance, check it out. If you're not, then there's little for you in here.
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on 23 July 2010
Ok so, I along with probably quite a few people, did cringe away from reading this book when I saw the words 'biology class'. The Twilight take over has managed to tar the effect of such 'meetings' between the main characters and take away the feeling of originality due to how often it is spoken about,but I decided to give it a try anyway.
And I'm so glad I did. I was more than pleasantly surprised to find this wasn't some kind of Twilight spin off or in anyway similar to Twilight. I found it to be original, entertaining and addictive. I read it in a day as I didn't want to stop reading it.
The title, I think promises more than it is. I was expecting something a little more...mysterious, and secretive, with generally the words 'hush hush' being used to obviously keep something quiet, I felt this didn't quite translate and maybe promised a little more than was given. I had the false hope of it being slightly darker with the excitement of dangerous secrets, and unfortunetly it didn't live up to this. Despite this the story line was good, admitedly it became predictable the second that Elliot was introduced, however I think this made it all the more interesting.
The plot itself offers up a number of twists, which meant that although I had guessed the ending, I was still unable to work out how it was going to happen. Although it is fun to be kept guessing, I did find the beginning of the book dragged out.
I think I got 2/3 of the way through before it actually got into the climax of the plot, uptil then I found it slightly slow paced and very over worked. I did read the last few pages at one stage, as I did question if it was worth continuing to read it, due to how long it was taking the story line to really egnite my interest as opposed to just entertaining me. However, as soon as I read those last few pages, I knew I needed to read on and I knew I would be addicted, because once I knew that eventually SOMETHING remotely action-fuelled would happen, I realised it was worth continuing.
I've read so many books with this kind of genre, that I tend to get picky. If something is just good, as in, doesn't truly grip me, then I do sometimes just give up on it, knowing that it's not going to get any better, however despite the rather unfortunate length of the beginning, the ending definetly makes up for it.
The ending is face paced, fun to read and I think I probably fell in love with Patch the Fallen Angel about 6 times. For a change the main character, although slightly infuriating at times, isn't as whiny as lead female characters occasionally are. I liked Nora and felt her to be believeable and engaging. I liked that she was sassy and tried, although often failed to be witty. It was a shame that she was made as 'less-intelligent' than Patch, but it is the way stories are often written.
The character, 'Vee' was probably the most annoying person in the book and I did find that her and 'Jules' were under-developed and really weren't described that well and their plot line wasn't very believeable in that it came as a surprise both to Nora and us, the reader at the same time, and it just didn't quite make sense.
Despite this there is a resulting factor that made this book as brilliant as I felt it was. The love story.
So many times in these kind of books, the love story is so unbeliveable, so ridiculous and so overly dramatic that it's embarassing. But this time the story between Patch and Nora was not only believe, but relatable. (Admitedly not many guys are Fallen Angels, but you never know.)And I love that it is their love story that the book focuses on, giving background detail of Patch, giving the story line context and giving his character context.
It started off in such a seemingly ridiculous way, a seat change in Biology, and it slowly built, with varying meetings and the stream of concious thoughts of Nora's, that showed the increasing affection she felt for Patch. It was such a sweet story line, that it completely made up for the long time it took for the plot to start; the lack of detail in the other characters and the simplicity of the rest of the story.
I guess, I am a true romantic at heart.
I loved this book, despite it's faults, because it was pulse-racing and really made me wish my name was Nora Grey.
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on 22 April 2010
Hush Hush is about Nora, a smart and responsible girl, who, during her bio class(ring any bells?),teams up with Patch, the mysterious transfer.After that day, weird things started happening to her,like seeing things that aren't there or hearing voices inside her head.Her life is forever changed.

Character development,in my opinion,is this book's only weakness.For starters,Vee,Nora's best friend is all kinds of annoying and stupid.As for Patch, well let's just say I'm not 16 any more!Nothing bad about being 16 or liking Patch,and I like them as mysterious and dangerous as the next girl, but I think he overdid it with the bad assness a bit.Also,he seemed a bit mean to everyone else, except Nora.That's not something I like in a guy.
Nora, on the other hand, I liked, which I still can't believe because I am not into gullible or weak characters at all.But I took a liking to Nora because she seemed very down to earth and real.Her scenes with Patch were hot, their undeniable chemistry more than apparent.But still, in the end, you know deep down, that she deserves much better.
Story development was not bad at all.Who is Patch and what has happened to him is explained in full detail,not a shadow of a doubt, no questions asked.Stories about angels never, ever fail to impress.Adding Miss Greene (Darbria) to the story was also an excellent idea.Furthermore, it doesn't have an apparent conclusion(don't worry, it doesn't end with a cliffhanger),so it' doesn't feel weird going into the second book, feeling you already know everything.Fitzpatrick could have numerous additions to the story and still not look flat. What failed to impress me though was the revelation at the end, which was both obvious and far fetched.

Overall, I liked Hush Hush a lot, because despite its flaws, it still had me hooked till 3am this morning and craving for more.When a book does that, you know you hit gold!Plus,best cover of the year,hands down!
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on 1 February 2010
Right off the bat I'm telling you if your looking for decent plot and none obvious twists and turns your not going to find it in this book.

The plot is your basic normal high school girl who isn't really, meets the new boy who is a mysterious tall, dark stranger type. yeah they fall in love, yeah he's not human, yeah she thinks right off that he's trying to kill her and yeah theirs reason's they shouldn't be together. the tension is minimal and the plot like I said it pretty predictable BUT their is potential. the leading man Patch IS an interesting charter that you wont to know more about and Nora isn't that bad either, a little bland perhaps but theirs that thing again, potential.

The book reads like a prequel to something better and greater and as their is another book in the work's I'm hoping that it will indeed be better, the charter's more involved and better written and more of a plot device.

Their are allot of plot's hinted at but not resolved or tied up and this gives me hope. the Hush, Hush verse as a whole seems allot bigger, but it's that whole potential thing again. The book is slow going and it takes quite a few chapter's to get into but I'll say it's worth it just to get to know the charters a little. Nora's best friend Vee is a force of nature and I would have liked to have read more about her and Patches Irish friend who only makes a minimal appearance is also another charter I'd like to get to know but like I said the book is under written and so are the charter's.

It's almost like the author isn't sure where she's going half the time and the plot flounders because of this. The story line of Patch and the fallen Angels is a really interesting one but it's only barely hinted at. the book is bogged down in the romance aspect and it just doesn't work. Not enough attention was given to the plot of the story and it fails horribly because of that. the mystery aspect of the story is a side thought, wrapped up too quickly and the charter's actions are at best clumsy and comical.

With that said I did enjoy it for the most part and I'm looking foreword to the next book, if only to here more about Patch and his past and the Angels.
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on 23 December 2009
I picked this book after being drawn to the front cover xD It was unusual and cool looking, so I decided to buy it xD I'm very glad that I judged the book for it's cover, otherwise I might not have got it and read this fantastic book!

What can I say about this? Well, the characters. The main character is likeable enough and doesn't seem too needy or overly sarcastic or whatever and she is easy to relate to but sometimes I don't get the thought process behind her thinking: 'Oh, this guy creeps me out, he's so weird, I don't like him....let's go find him!' xD or '...this is a really bad idea. Let's do it anyway!' xD I just don't get how she comes up with her reckless decisions. On her defence she did flip a coin once ;D

Patch. What can we say about him. Well, he's pretty mysterious, good looking, annoying to Nora (allegedly), sarcastic, and very interested in Nora for a some reason that she doesn't know. Even though he seems like a right git at times I find it hard not to like him xD I think that the two of them together is interesting to read, as Nora puts on the whole 'what the heck does he want, he's so annoying!' front....she loves it really xD It's pretty same old same old as far a romance goes...with a twist of course xD I won't spoil it.

While the story concept is not really a new one, the writing style and the way all characters are portrayed certainly draws you in to the story, and I found it east to picture every scene and all the characters in my mind...which I like when reading, if I can't picture it it's not described well enough xD (I hate not knowing what a character looks like!) It's funny; ever since Twilight books have all been about either Romance, vampires, or now fallen angels...I've seen 3 book on fallen angels all about romance xD Despite the obvious popularity because of Twilight and the like, this is not a trashy spin's a very very good and engaging read, and I am thoroughly anticipating the sequal! ^^
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