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4.0 out of 5 stars40
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 29 June 2011
Women - and men - tend to fall back on black clothing because black "goes with everything" and "looks smart". It is also a useful colour for when you feel you want to hide. In this easy to read book, colour expert Jules Standish explains how black may not be the colour for you. Only people with a specific skin tone/eye colour combination can wear black close to the face without it being ageing or harsh. She also explains the psychology associated with the colour.

This book is your own personal, portable colour consultant. By reading it, you will improve your understanding of your colour type, and how this links with your personality. Don't worry - if you are not one of the types who can wear black without problems, Jules advises on how to combine it with other items, rather than banishing it from your wardrobe entirely. Through making a few simple changes to what you wear, you can make yourself look younger, healthier and fresher, and boost your confidence!
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on 29 June 2011
I now know that I shouldn't wear black close to my face which is very worthwhile to know. I know now that I am a Spring Colouring and this knowledge, coupled with my personality type, really fits me. I know I do feel better about myself when I wear spring colours and I now know why I really love cream and brown tones. It's because they genetically suit me! I have worn black quite a lot over the years, less so these days. I know I chose it to power up - it didn't occur to me that it might not sure me! I now only own two black items and I know that a black roll neck top is the last thing I should be wearing! Aside from the fact that wearing black when it's not part of our genetic colouring (the eyes hold the clues) is ageing. Agh! I don't want that! How NOT to Wear Black is a terrific book for understanding onesself better aqt a psychological level, and for the reasons why we choose black. Insightful. Really. If you're in need of adding some real impact and zest to your life, discover how to wear your true colours, and fly! Well done Jules!
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on 19 July 2011
Bought this book as I was colour analysed myself a few years ago and thought it would be interesting to know more. Well it is just great - a practical reminder about the colours I should be wearing - started getting lots of compliments again about how well I look! The personality questionnaire is also really good as is the how to identify what category your colours fall in to. And if you must wear black how to do it so you don't look old and tired. I thought the hints for men were really useful too - they often get overlooked and caught my husband having a sneaky look through. A few pictures would have improved this book - but you can look at the website for photos and at this price maybe that was too expensive to do?
So the book is not expensive and neither is trying out a few T shirts/scarves or tops to really improve your skin tone and shine! Get it - you won't regret it.
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on 4 December 2014
I have to agree with GreenK1. Avoid this book. It is grossly overpriced (much thinner than I'd expected - although that's not necessarily a bad thing; see below) and there are other publications that cover this subject more competently. It is also the biggest piece of sh1te that ever made it into print.
Standish sets a new gold-standard in pseudo-science. Her extrapolations from history and psychology are breathtakingly spurious. The absence of ANY sources for her 'facts' puts How Not To Wear Black up there with tabloid-newspaper astrology.
Besides her deft handling of 'science' to justify her position, Standish is infuriatingly presumptuous about her reader, and her proclamation about, for example, punk counterculture, demonstrates so little knowledge yet so much dismissive conservatism, it is toe-curlingly embarrassing. That 'How Not To Wear Black' was written by a woman gives me profound gender shame.
Worst of all, this waste of trees, water, energy, dye, glue, staples and whatever else makes a book, is frequently impossible to read so rich is it in typos, bad punctuation, and amateurish syntax. It is astonishingly poorly written.
I swear on my priceless collection of works on UFOs, Nostradamus, and little green men, that no competent editor or proofreader has touched How Not To Wear Black, and if Standish passed her English Language O Level, I will publicly eat this book.
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on 28 June 2012
A few useful nuggets here, largely obscured by large swathes of padding that you could basically par down to the following: if you've got pink or blue undertones to your skin, don't wear black next to your face. Rather tiresomely, this scarcely innovative advice is spun out into 118 pages of pseudopsychology, whimsical musing and stating the bleeding obvious. If you're into psychobabble, `healing' and `auras' etc. you may find this book less irritating than I did. If not, there have got to be better books available on the subject of black as a wardrobe staple.
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on 24 June 2011
I loved this book - - as i reached for my comfortable black polo neck i never thought about what it might do to me both physically and mentally, the psychology of black really interested me and particulary the sections on personality and genetic colouring. A fascinating read well worth buying and i now think twice about the colours i wear when i get up in the morning.
A Great read - whens the next book?
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on 24 June 2011
This is a must have Christmas present or birthday present. Its just exactly what most of us girls need. I little bit of a hand when it comes to pulling out that 'same old little black dress'. In fact, that seems to be fine, but you must always remember to wear colour close to your face. Jules Standish has studied colour for years and her book is enlightening in many areas which I hadn't even thought of - such as skin tones...
I think Im going to buy in bulk, because every female i know, needs one of these books!!
Jules Standish you are brilliant! Thanks for this.
S WEBBHow Not to Wear Black
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on 16 March 2012
I bought this book about 6 months ago. I am interested in colours and fashion and wanted to make better purchases- items that flattered not simply that I liked. I really enjoyed reading the book. I was able to work out which season I was from the personality quiz and eye chart. However I am not sure this would really have given me enough information to change my shopping habits apart from not wearing black against the face.
I was fortunate enough to be able to have a consultation with Jules. This was brilliant and worth every penny. This was the third colour analysis I have had done over the last 10 years and was completely accurate (and different to the other two). I fall between 2 seasons (autumn and spring) and so the book may not have been detailed enough for me to work this out.
Overall a good taster to the world of colour consultation. Would recommend.
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on 24 January 2012
I found the book unhelpful. The title sais 'how not to wear black' and honestly I'm still not sure what to do exactly, apart from trying to find my true colours and avoid black. A big part of book is a very short and generalised history of the meaning of colours, and also others people's opinions and advices how to wear black or not to wear black. The reason why I bought this book, so the explanation how to find the colours which suit you, and how to use them is almost at the end of the book, and it doesn't really explain anything. You need to do some tests which might help a little, but than you also should have a look at your eyes, and find your colours by examining them, but this part needs some work to be done on, and leaves you with the feeling of confusion. Probably instead of spending £5 you can go online and find some free, better described advices.
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on 2 March 2012
A must read for young, old, trim and not so trim, rich and the not so rich of us who always go for the safe option when buying clothes.
I have already purchased a couple of bright, inexpensive tops to experiment with and have had an incredible response from friends and colleagues.
To see people smile when you walk into a room and compliment you on your colour choice is wonderful for your confidence.
There are no excuses, especially this season, with all the bright, clashing colours in the shops.
Julias perception is spot on and I thank her for wonderful little book.
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