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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 29 December 2013
Since the first volume of All-New X-Men, Mystique has been robbing banks and whatnot, stockpiling the cash because she no longer believes in anything and just wants to be rich. In this entire volume all that happens is the X-Men stop her. That's the whole book. A sub-plot that turns out to be completely irrelevant becomes the main storyline of an entire book.

If you're unfamiliar with the series premise, the original X-Men have been brought to the present from the past and now refuse to go back thanks to the X-Men telling them what happens to them. This dumb premise was worn out by the second book at the most and in this third volume just feels repetitive and dull.

One of the original X-Men leaves to join the other side, but it's hardly a shocking moment, plus I've read the Battle of the Atom mini-series and know what happens at the end of that bizarre storyline, so it's even less memorable to me. The Uncanny Avengers also show up after the original X-Men were seen robbing one of Stark's properties, though Wolverine calls it instantly that it's a Mystique and Mastermind trick - which of course it is. Even Wolverine feels jaded at Bendis' feeble attempts at story.

The only reason to have the Uncanny Avengers show up is so that Havok aka Alex Summers can meet his brother's younger self and the two can have a moment. Awww... whatever. We've seen moments like this time after time since the original X-Men showed up and I'm getting bored with it, especially when Bendis has nothing else but to have characters meet these younger characters and remark on how innocent and different they are. It was cute at first but really, move on already!

Stuart Immonen's art is definitely the best and only good part of the book. The guy makes every book he works on look absolutely amazing and even the generic mutant on mutant fight scenes look fresh and exciting in his hands.

Brian Michael Bendis is a writer who doesn't really do story but instead likes to focus on character interactions - nearly all of his current books are the characters quipping at one another, and All-New X-Men is no different. No plot, just characters tossing off sarcastic one-liners. If that's your thing, fine, this series definitely has its fans, but it's not enough for me. After three books of mediocre mutant stories and a half-baked Event comic, I'm walking away from this title - so long, All-New X-Men, maybe in a few years you'll get a storyline worth reading! At the rate Bendis is writing this out, it'll take that long!
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This is the third instalment of the All New all-original X-Men, running through issues #11-15 of the All New X-Men and collected as All-New X-Men Vol.3: Out Of Their Depth - though the Panini edition says issues #6-11 on the back cover, just to confuse you, and me, as when I saw it, it made me think that there was another new X-title, and I'd missed the first volume.

Anyway, I read the original X-Men when I was a little boy, and it brought a tear to my eye to see them back again. And they really were this young. Anyway, we get visits from the Uncanny Avengers in full Assemble mode, as apparently, the young X-Men have been carrying out a huge crime wave across the world, thoug we know of course it was Mystique and the Brotherhood all along. Eventually Wolverine and Kitty track them down to a meeting with Madame Hydra and the Silver Samurai -
Bobby: "They look like little green Nazis."
Logan: "That's about the size of it."
Jean is able to eavesdrop and find out that Mystique is there to buy [spoiler] fro Madame Hydra -
Logan: "No she ain't. You kids stay back. Kitty, we're short handed but we got this."
Kitty: "Are you serious?"
Bobby: "Stay back?! We took on Magneto when he was crazy"

Anyway (again), expect the expected, and a lot of unexpected, as both Jean and Ms Mastermind show what they can do. Even the Avengers were impressed when they turned up. And if you remember the comment about Bobby throwing snowballs at Magneto from an earlier volume, this time it is Thor's turn - "You are an odd little Frost Giant."

Now, along the way, Warren joins the, err, other Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, the one run by the elder Scot Summers - Kitty: "If I was a 16-year-old Warren Worthington the Third... I would last about four hours over there before I came running back here"; the younger Scott gets to high-five his brother Alex - "Do we do that? Is that something we do/" "No." `Slap'; and Jean continues to lose control of, or abuse, her telepathic powers, depending how you view it - especially when the Scarlet Witch shows up with the Avengers:
Bobby: "And you do know that there is a Brotherhood of Evil Mutants Scarlet Witch standing right behind you?"
Hank: "I think they know."
Then Jean `overhears' Wanda's thoughts about M-Day, and it takes Thor to separate them, once he gets back from where Jean threw him...

This really is an excellent comic book; though, like the Superior Spider-Man, we know it is not a question of `how', just one of `'how long' can they keep it going. (Unless, of course, this really is how they `fix' everything...)
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on 29 January 2014
Having just bought the first three volumes and read them in a few days I came to the third with great expectations and, on the whole, it delivered.

The story is well conceived (if a little contrived - but that's Marvel) and, amazingly, not too confusing or repetitive. Enjoyable right up to the end - well almost!

That's why it has an "oh dear". The last chapter is badly drawn, badly scripted and conceived. The slapstick humour doesn't fit with the heaviness of the rest of the story. The plot twists are unbelievable and the ending rarther spoils the excitement of waiting for volume 4.

Otherwise - pretty good!
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on 2 December 2013
One of the best All-New X-Men books released, fantastic storylines and outstanding artworks, 100% well worth purchasing for any X-Men fan
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on 29 March 2014
Someone else has already mentioned it but I thought I would point it out too - The back cover (on my Panini print) says that this is issues 6-10 when in fact it is issues 11-15.

Just so you know
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on 4 May 2014
love this xmen series its great! love that Jean grey is back cant stop reading it and cant wait for next one to come out.
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on 28 September 2013
But what I really adore in this is the last (filler) story, a side-line to Bendis's main arc here, which has brought the original teenaged X-Men team (Cyclops, Beast, Iceman, Marvel Girl, and Angel) and confronts them with the people they will become and what they have wrought. Not sure how this is all going to resolve, particularly now there is a third set of these characters on the block.
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