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3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 29 September 2014
(Review by my 15-Year-Old Son)
Skypoint is the eighth Torchwood novel in the series, written by Doctor Who, Torchwood and Sarah Jane Adventures writer Phil Ford. At the time of writing this review, Phil Ford's most recent story has been Series 8 Episode 2 of Doctor Who : "Into the Dalek". I usually interpret Phil Ford's writing style as simple yet effective, in nearly every story he writes. This is no exception. Skypoint is a pretty simple story, but it is laced with detail and interesting characters.

As the title of this review suggests, this is an urban thriller meets adult Sci-Fi story, like many Torchwood stories. Skypoint has a thoroughly modern feel to it, this is enhanced by the settings of different scenes and Mafia-style characters. A great portion of the story also involves the characters of Owen and Toshiko going undercover in an attempt to be seen as an ordinary couple. Considering the placement of this novel in the grand scheme of the show, this is a nice touch. This is practically Owen and Toshiko's final story before "Fragments" / "Exit Wounds" (The death scene in "Exit Wounds" still surprisingly stands as the only moment on TV that has been able to squeeze tears out of me).

Overall, this isn't a perfect tale, but its an entertaining one, with moments that will make you laugh, and moments that get really tense. A great recommended read!
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an original novel featuring an all new story based on the tv show torchwood. I would assume that all those who read this review will be familiar with the show so I won't go into details about. If you aren't, look up torchwood on dvd for full details.

The book runs for 250 pages [slightly shorter than previous ones in the range] of relatively large print and rather short chapters. and a few adult moments and situations do mean this is not something for the kids.

the plot is set somewhere in the last third of the second season of he tv show, and involves a new apartment block in cardiff which is a luxury and exclusive residence, where people are disappearing as a result of something that's coming out of the walls. the place is owned and run by an east european mobster. could he know what's going on? the only solution is for tosh and owen to go undercover in the building, posing as a newly married couple.

the relative brevity of the book may leave you not expecting too much, but this does manage to be quite a decent read, because of a good depth of character to the writing. every one of the main characters is given good motivation, and the same depth applies to the supporting ones. the tosh owen relationship does get some detail, although this goes to one side once certain plot developments kick in, but it was well characterised enough to make me care about it more than I did on tv.

and the ultimate solution is something that is kept in the dark till near the end, and is a decent little plot development I didn't see coming.

Not great literature, but if you want a new torchwood story, it's a more than adequate read
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Set just before the end of the second TV series, this is a Torchwood take on the "Towering Inferno" storyline (which is even referenced in the book), albeit with a monster instead of a fire. There's a mysterious new high-rise in Cardiff Bay, and it's not long before most of the Torchwood crew are trapped inside, with a monster in the basement, a psychotic killer in the penthouse, and an odd selection of residents inbetween. Or, if I wanted to be less kind, I'd compare it to "Paradise Towers".

It's not especially original but it's done quite well. It belts along at quite a pace - at only 250 pages, it packs a lot in. The real problem with that is that the ending is far too abrupt. It almost feels as though Phil Ford realised he'd reached his word limit and had to stop suddenly. One minute there's still high drama, the next minute the book is finished.

Owen and Tosh are the characters at the forefront here, which makes a nice change. It is set inbetween Owen's 'walking death' early in series 2, and the eventual conclusion of series 2, and a little bit of time is spent dwelling on Owen's post-death agonies, and on Toshiko's growing obsession with Owen. Whilst it's still slightly one-dimensional stuff, it is a nice respectful send-off that beefs up the characters just a little bit more prior to them not returning for series 3.

A nice addition to the Torchwood range, but not outstanding.
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on 29 December 2008
When I saw the covers of the new Torchwood books for the first time this one was the least appealing to me. Although there are a few good episodes with Tosh, she never was as interesting to me as the other characters.

This is a good example that you shouldn`t judge a book by its cover because this book is easily the best of the three new Torchwood novels. It has the typical ingredients of Torchwood members going after a monster and defeating the baddies at the end but this book offers much more depth than just being an entertaining horror novel.

Contrary to the other two new offerings, this book is exploring some of the characters in more depth and made me think. The book mainly looks at Tosh and Owen, who they are and what made them the way they are, their relationship and first of all it deals with the question of death and afterlife. The TV series looked at Owen`s condition in some excellent episodes but this book explores this topic even more by adding new characters, like a young girl who had also been brought back to life although not by artificial means and her religious mother.

In Skypoint, a huge largely empty new apartment block, you can find also two monsters, one of them is human and the other - I would never have guessed the true nature of that creature. It was a surprise and having watched all episodes, I probably should have guessed the truth.

The book also contains some good scenes with Gwen and Rhys, in this book a newly wed couple. Jack and Ianto also have some good parts.

As it is not unusual for Torchwood, there are some messy scenes in it but within limits and they are usually combined with good character scenes. What I also like is that the end is surprisingly uplifting when you keep the nature of this book in mind.

I can recommend this book very much.
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on 5 November 2008
I have now read 8 of the 9 Torchwood novels and to my mind, this is one of the better ones. Author Phil Ford writes some very descriptive text, putting you in the story. Tosh and Owen feature heavily for a fair bit of the story and it was good to read the interaction between them away from the Torchwood hub. Tension is built up quite quickly although, as with other Torchwood novels there is some 'wasted' narrative. The ending as said by a previous reviewer is quite a surprise and very neatly done. Well worth a read, recommended.
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on 1 September 2014
The book came in good time. Ordered on Thursday arrived Monday. Ordered new but tiny tiny damage to cover but that might of happened when it bounced on the floor when shoved through letter box. All in all pleased with result.
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on 18 April 2009
Besnik Licca is a gangster. He lives in a luxury penthouse on an exclusive Cardiff high-rise - Skypoint. However, Licca also has secret video cameras throughout the building, and he sees everything. He sees the young couple, Tosh and Owen, newly-weds just starting out in their first home. He sees the three gun-toting agents nosing around the building, and he sees the creature that comes out of the walls...

Surely one of the last opportunities to read a Torchwood novel that features Tosh and Owen - the two most interesting characters in the team who were killed off at the end of series 2. Now that Series 3 is looming, future books will no doubt have the newly trimmed down team of Jack, Gwen and Ianto.

The story itself is a decent if lightweight read but that's what these novels are designed to be. It kept me engaged throughout and was true to the series, focusing naturally on Owen's refusal to accept death, and Toshiko's refusal to believe that she and Owen will never be able to have a relationship. Phil Ford keeps the action rattling along and never veers into sentimentality. A recommended read for fans of the TV show.
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on 22 January 2010
I found this book quite gripping from the start and without much confusement as to what is going on. A fair few references to Owen being a dead man and i really liked the idea of Tosh and Owen pretending to be a couple and the issues it caused between them as Tosh had always wanted to be with Owen when he was a live and the problem that they cannot be a couple now he is dead. I thought Besnik Lucca was well portrayed and the only down side to this book was so heavily focused on Owen and Tosh that the other members of Torchwood didn't get a lot to do. However this being Tosh and Owen's last Torchwood book mention i suppose it was only fitting.
An overall well written book.
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on 2 August 2014
delivery was fast and the item is as described
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on 23 October 2008
As a fan of poor Tosh and Owen (how could they?) I was really looking forward to this book. But was a bit dissapointed really, I was hoping for some good interplay between Tosh and Owen but there wasn't a lot. Story was ok, but could have been better.
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