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4.6 out of 5 stars469
4.6 out of 5 stars
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This is typical James Patterson and co-author. We have bodiless heads ,victims associated with hoodlums. What a start.Wealthy Chaz Smith murdered, linked to a criminal fraternity. The weapon has it's mysteries. His own family are not safe. Lindsay Boxer is perplexed as she arrives with partner Rich Conklin. Lindsay is pregnant but not shy of continuing her detective work and marriage to ex-FBI Joe. More deaths and heads follow. Emotional and professional conflicts do not interefere. Her longstanding colleagues are involved again. Claire the pathologist,Cindy the news reporter and Yuki the attorney. They add to the familiarity, continuity and the spice. Even these close friends are under scrutiny. The narrative is typically Patterson. Short paragraphs and chapters. The story keeps our attention and is not a lengthy read, but interesting. Easy to be critical of the formula but it still makes a grand read. The finale is as unpredictably as expected. Nothing particularly different as the formula works, but still quality and enyoyable. We may look forward to a different composition in the future but the ratings tell the publishers the success stories. This is another one.
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on 29 April 2013
I'm not one to usually write reviews but this book was so dreadful it was worth a mention! James Patterson has sadly fallen into the same trap as Patricia Cornwall and is too interested in the money than producing good reads. His earlier books were fantastic and whilst 11th Hour continues with the short paragraphs, that usually hold your attention, this time it was sadly lacking. The writing was disjointed. I believe my two year daugther could have produced a more entertaining read. Concentrate on writing, not churning out the books for the pay cheque.
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on 9 January 2013
Outstanding continuation of the Women's Murder Club. Keep them coming Mr Patterson. Highly recommended. Can't wait for the next addition.
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on 6 January 2013
Continuing the series. It took me no time at all to read this. The storyline is great. Cliffhangers galore. Cannot wait for the next book.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 6 March 2012
Detective Lindsay Boxer and partner Rich Conklin have two cases to solve in this latest ( Womens Murder Club) James Patterson novel.
Millionaire and criminal Chaz Smith is killed in cold blood, and it soon transpires that not only is his murder connected to other deplorable characters who have also been executed, but also the added possibility that the murderer is someone Lindsay may know. On top of this another dilemma presents itself when bodiless heads are found in the garden of a famous actor. While attempting to unravel both of these mysteries, Lindsay who is now expecting is having personal problems of her own.
A reasonably good storyline, but felt it was quite a slow start, preferred the second half of the book.
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on 29 January 2014
Totally boring and very badly written Gave up after 6th chapter as it's just a load of rubbish What's happened to Hames Patterson Stop giving us this rubbish every couple of months We'd rather have 1 good book a year instead of all this garbage
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on 7 February 2014
In typical Glasgow Taggart jargon " There's been a murder" or if you are a Patterson follower several to be precise ! As per usual Lindsay and Rich find a plentiful supply of murder victims. The who, the where, the why unknown, the perpetrators as yet to be determined.
A high profile killing of an underworld figure becomes even more high profile when Brady informs Lindsay and Rich that the dead guy was an undercover cop. The case becomes even more complicated when Brady tells the dynamic duo that the murder weapon used should be tucked up for safe keeping in the SFPD evidence locker.
Shocked that the evidence suggests the doer could be a rogue cop is bad enough but Lindsay and Rich Know they will face a backlash from other SFPD cops as they come under scrutiny. Lt Meile is particularly pissed off as one of his best is accused and Lindsay is rocked when her one time partner and a man she considers her best friend is also accused. Jacobi has been out of the loops for sometime due to ill health. Had he gone rogue, could hew kill without mercy. Lindsay and Rich sure as hell won't give up till they find out the truth. When discussing it all with Joe he says something that is both disturbing and profound " do we ever truly know anyone". Joe's job in homeland security both takes him away from Lindsay and to her when he investigates the killing from a DEA angle and she gets angry when he does not tell her of his involvement. There could be trouble ahead!
As the killing spree continues a pattern develops, all the victims are drug dealers , people who deal in death by poison, the taking of innocent lives full of promise. Revenge is a dish best served up cold and in this case a bullet from the barrel of a 22. If it ends it ends badly usually and for Yuki and Cindy their worst fears are realised.
Ever heard the saying "Two heads are better than one" well they have seven, no bodies, and no clue as to how the victims died and why their heads have become separated from their bodies. The heads are found presented at the former home complex of a famous actor who was once tried unsuccessfully for the murder of his wife many years earlier. despite the passage of time he too want answers and if he was not a suspect or had not been such a hound dog in his day the reader might have some sympathy for him.
Lindsay needs the support of her girlfriends group collective analysis and so they investigate from a variety of angles. Claire seeks the help of an expert compositor in facial reconstruction and Cindy works the numbers whilst Yuki helps to identify the victims.
Cindy tenacious as ever is working the case hard but is frustrated by Lindsay and Rich's lack of information sharing. As a crime writer for a national paper she knows a good story when she sees it, she is keen to progress her career but she also want to find out the truth. She comes up against Jason Blaney who is less scrupulous and what he does not know he makes up. When Lindsay refuses to play ball with him he makes his attack on her personal and presents a story that brings her world crashing down round about her. Pregnant and emotional she is devastated to learn in the press Joe has been unfaithful, a fact that is confirmed by the woman in the picture. Joe is sent packing and Lindsay throws herself into her work placing her pregnancy in danger.
This book is crammed to the rafters with action that revolves around interpersonal relationships, perceptions, truth, lies, loss and revenge.
Lindsay and Cindy get their own revenge and serve it up ice cold at the 11th hour.
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11th Hour is the 11th book in the popular Women's Murder Club series by James Patterson and is, once again, co-written with Maxine Paetro. The story starts with a pregnant Lindsay Boxer trying to cover two very different cases. Husband Joe has gone off to Washington for meetings and Lindsay's partner Rich Conklin has made it clear to his fiancée, reporter Cindy Thomas, that he is eager to become a father. Cindy, however, is much too involved in her career to consider motherhood just now. ME Claire Washburn is swamped with cases and Yuki Castellano is sleeping with Lindsay's boss, Lt. Jackson Brady. The first case is a killer dubbed Revenge by the press, who is murdering drug dealers with guns taken from the SFPD evidence locker, raising the question of whether Revenge is a vigilante cop. The second case involves the discovery of two heads at differing stages of decomposition, in the garden of famous star, Harry Chandler. Chandler was acquitted of murdering his wife when no body could be found, as is the case with these heads and more that are dug up in his garden. The plot had a few twists early on and got me intrigued and turning pages. I thought Lindsay was a bit quick to mistrust Joe, but maybe we can blame her pregnancy hormones. Social media and 3D imaging in forensic anthropology had an interesting role to play in solving the case of the heads, but the standard of stake-out conducted on the suspect in the vigilante cop case seemed unbelievably bad. All up, this installment of WMC was certainly better than the disappointing 10th Anniversary.
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on 24 March 2012
After reading the first few chapters of this latest in the 'Women's Murder Club' series, I was relieved. The previous one, number ten just did not keep up to the standard I have come to expect from this gripping series. Albeit, the 'edge of your seat' fast paced action of the first few in the series, take 'the 5th Horseman'The 5th Horseman (Womens Murder Club 5) for example, is just not there. However, it is still a good read.
In the 11th Hour, we have two very different murders to check out. One is a grizzly find in a film star's back garden, the second is the vigilante shootings of drug dealers. The second one hits the team rather close to home as the gun used is from the SFPD's own evidence locker. Mistrust is rampant throughout the department.
I love the characters in the Women's Murder Club series and in this one, it was good to see them working together as a team once again. However, in the 11th Hour, I felt that the full force of their characters was not there. Each member has a very different personality and that did not shine through as strongly as it did in previous Women's Murder Club books.
Overall, I enjoyed the book and was pleased that the Women's Murder Club is not in complete decline. Cannot wait for number twelve!!
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on 27 April 2012
I enjoyed this book, it's a good read if you are a fan of the Women's Murder Club and are following the series, but for the first time with a James Patterson book I found it an uphill struggle to get "into" the plot it was tough going for the first part of the book. The 2 plots from this story did not flow from the pages easily and seemed to have no oomph to them, and upon the conclusion I have to say I was a bit let down and came away feeling rather deflated. It would seem that James Patterson and/or Maxine Paetro were not at the top of their game when they penned this one. However it is worth a read in what is a worthy series I do sincerely hope that number 12 is of better quality though. I felt that the characters did not connect in their usual way in this book, they seemed detached from each other, there was not as many meetings and "Yuki" in particular did not play a big role in this story. Also the character of Nicole and her role in the story is weird to say the least, even bizarre. Come on Mr Patterson you can do better than this. I will read number 12 but want it to be back on form, let's hope the series has not gone as far as it can and there is more excellent plots to come.
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