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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 12 June 2007
I read this book, and found it to be an amazing page-turner! It is a fascinating tale of our time, beautifully articulated and insightful in its presence. At the beginning of the book, we are left thinking - 'well, she believed him' - but by the end we understand why. Mary Turner Thomson has written a heart-felt account of the perils, misfortunes and consequences of our daily actions, and explained these against a backdrop of trust, common humanity and decency. I applaud her...
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Subtitled: A True Story of Bigamy and Betrayal, this was somewhat hard to swallow, but Mary Turner Thomson was determined to tell her story in the hope that other lonely women would take it as a warning. You would do well to beware if you think someone you’ve met over the internet can be entirely trusted. Mary fell in love. She already had a small daughter and she was captivated by the man who responded to her message on a dating site. Will was everything she was looking for. Intelligent, good-looking, friendly and all too ready for a relationship. But right from the beginning there were gaps in their communications, when he came up with excuses for not attending meetings they had fixed up, or stressing his uneven work schedule. She was teased again and again by her family when he failed to turn up to meet them. Really, the signs were there from the beginning, his unreliability, unpunctality, excuses about not being able to get away from work.

Then he began to weave a story about his work that surely would raise doubts with anyone. He told her worked for the CIA and was trying to get away from the job, but his bosses were making life difficult, even down to being tardy with his salary. He told a story about being in Israel, at the Jenin debacle, and how it had made him see that he had to get out of the CIA. None of the things he told her were true, but she had fallen in love – she actively wanted all these stories to be true. She had two children to him – but he never even attended their births.

Mary ended up with her savings gone, in terrible debt, bailiffs knocking on her door, she’d given every penny she possessed to him, even borrowing money from relatives to give to him. It’s a shocking and awful story. Seeing him in the dock at the end of her trials, she knew from his whole demeanour that he felt nothing for her. He was a sociopath. He had no shame. What was even worse, he had been doing the same thing to various other women for at least 26 years. Read it and weep, and then avoid internet dating sites like the plague.
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on 14 August 2007
I had heard "The Other Mrs Jordan" aka Mary Turner Thomson being interviewed on the radio late one night and listened to the amazing story she told the presenters.
I had to buy the book and don't regret it for a minute. An insight into how sociopaths operate and how they use unbelievable tactics to maintain their story and hide the truth even going as far as physical harm.
Stopping at nothing purely to achieve wehat he wanted, Mr Jordan, comes across as a lovely guy but underneath is a different person.
A highly recommended book and well worth a read for both men and women.
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on 30 May 2007
Heard an interview with the said MR JORDAN on the radio late one night while driving home from work. I was fascinated by the in's and out of how a person/partner could provide so much deception and deceit and live with all the lies. The author explained how plausible the lies were and more worryingly how a person could consistantly without consciousness for others, (those he supposedly loved)weave a web of a fabricated lifestyle and persona. The thing that caught me was that I heard it mentioned that 4 out of 10 people are sociopaths and it made me think who in the board room is undiagnosed, how many of my friends and family have sociopathic tendancies and more importantly Am I a Sociopath???? I was captivated by the authors interview and although this is about bigamy and betrayal and I guess more likely to be picked up by female (possibly scorned)readers,as a male reader I can't wait so try and understand what makes a sociopath tick and look for the signs in those I choose to trust. Hope the book is written as well as the interview was conducted.
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on 24 August 2014
People who mock this book, have obviously not experienced something like deceit/betrayal before from a pathological liar/sociopath.Intelligent women are so manipulated by these people, as outsiders we can look in and see what is happening. The person being manipulated cannot see it.If they are in love, you don't want to believe their lies. Luckily Mary was able to see Will for what he was eventually. Her family knew things were not right, but kept their thoughts to themselves. I am going through a situation right now in which a member of my family is being manipulated. She knows all the facts and is told about information we have found out about her partner. Sadly she chooses to ignore her friends and family's support to help and protect her and believe her partner's lies. She is also intelligent like Mary and the situation is so frustrating.
That is why I read this book to gain insight into someone elses situation similar to one I am experiencing with my family member.. Some of the situations are similar, others slightly different.
Yes the book is gripping and you do become frustrated with Mary, who you think should have realised what was happening ages before she did, but remember the victim is in a temporary 'foggy' mind set. We have to hope that eventually the fog will clear, but sadly it doesn't for everybody..............
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on 19 January 2008
I think I must have heard the same radio interview as the previous reviewer, and it finally opened my eyes to the fact that my ex-partner, who I'd blessedly just told where to go (finally) was a sociopath.

Thanks to the condition being given a 'name' I then went to a plethora of websites and textbooks on the disorder, which made me understand what had happened totally.

So finally...I decided to read the book that in one way or another started my recovery and I'm must say I'm very glad I did. An amazing story; I had to read it all today. Anyone who's gone through this will recognise the methods employed by the sociopath and how downright WEIRD things can get. Anyone who hasn't will be gripped all the same.

Good on you, Mary - in your own words, 'I hope something wonderful happens to you today'!
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on 10 December 2013
I have met the author and felt compelled to to read her story. Mary is a bright, intelligent outgoing woman if this can happen to her it can happen to anyone. I laughed and cried and read it all in one day.
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on 27 September 2014
Debbie Chalmers

Attention all women.....please read this book!! I have just finished reading this amazing story and have already passed my book on to several friends who, like me, couldn't put it down. Mary's story touched a nerve with me and I think there is a warning here for everyone to exercise caution and be so careful to research who they are dating......especially if meeting someone online. The depth of Will Jordan's lies, deceit and betrayal knew/knows no bounds (he continued his modus operandi on his return to US). Thank you Mary for sharing this deeply disturbing and personal story and for being brave enough to expose this sociopath in the hope that he will be thwarted from continuing to hurt and deceive again......
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on 28 July 2008
aaargh. just finished reading this book and am angry. what a waste of time and money. if you've read the blurb, then you've read the book.
girl meets boy, girl gets stood up by boy -- oh, about a 119 times, including on wedding day and births of children, girl repeats that she is a good-hearted trusting soul, girl gets phone call from other wife, girl finally sees light (and i do mean finally), boy goes to prison.

there is really no greater depth or understanding offered by the author -- other than that he is a psychopath -- and those are born not made. the reasons that he gives for being perpetually missing in action are incomprehensible and yet, she keeps producing children with this supposedly infertile man.

skip it.

i dont mind that she is mind-numbingly naive and desperate for love. i mind that she wrote a book that simply isn't any good
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on 23 July 2007
Mary's is a fascinating, if alarming, story about how a consumate actor can take advantage of people's circumstances, emotions and hopes. It is also a cautionary tale for anyone trying to build relationships and trust others in a world where technology makes it possible to form strong attachments without really knowing someone. To know that there are people out there like Will Jordan - capable of seeming caring, loving and attentive but ultimately devoid of any feeling for what they do to others, is frightening. To know that despite being caught and convicted he could be at large doing it all again in two years time is even more so.

Mary's frank, open and honest account of all that has happened to her, and her subsequent insights into the type of person who can behave this way, make for compelling reading.
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