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3.9 out of 5 stars10
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 25 October 2010
I have trained with both authors and have a high regard for them. This book is essentailly a transcript of a joint seminar they delivered. For me the journey metaphor works and is a great frame to explore the material they offer for personal change work. If you are interested in their work, particularly if you are looking for a brief introduction to Stephen Gilligan's self relations approach, this book has a lot to commend it. However, it is edited from a seminar transcript and while this gives a little sense of what is like to work with them, it also means the text reflects the context it was originally created for - group work - and this means that the book is not as tightly organised as it would be if it had been written from scratch. Some reviewers comment on "new age" comments. Both authors are serious practitioners and well qualified professionals. They also challenge convential wisdom, Stephen in particular will joke about his Californian/Irish sense of humour - do not mistake wit for shallowness - the material they present is powerful and they are skilled at working with people at a deep level. This is not formulaic nlp it is much more interesting than that. If you have worked with the authors or would like to you will probably enjoy the book and want more. If you are looking for something that takes you beyond the normal frame of NLP you will probably like it, if you are new to this type of personal work you may struggle to connect to the work by just reading the transcript in isolation. It is very difficult to convey what actually working with the authors is like experientially, the only way is to actually go along and work with them. I hope some people who read the book do use it as a spring board to do just that.
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on 15 May 2012
`Train yourself to feel excited when you're really stuck' says Steve Gilligan in this intriguing take on the classic Hero's Journey work of Joseph Campbell. Conflict is the energy that shifts us out of our comfort zone over the threshold as we hear our calling into a new world of adventure.

What a great reminder for us coaches that it's good not to have the answers for the client and to go with the discomfort of the `stuckness.' It's OK for us to be out of our depth and metaphorically to capsize the boat unintentionally. And for those of us looking for new and creative solutions, different ways of thinking, this book offers insights and inspiration.

With Gilligan and Dilts, we witness two great personal development masters, giving us a privileged insight into their work as trainers and healers. They encourage curiosity and listening at a deeper, broader level with an elegance that belies the sophistication of their approach. Above all the generosity of spirit of both guys shines through as they dance, play, tell stories and entertain the audience. Nowhere do you get the sense that they want to be celebrities on the centre of the stage. It's the work and the clients who matter most as the true heroes.

The book is derived from transcripts of a four day workshop and through careful editing, enables the reader to feel engaged in the experience. Wisdom, healing, laughter and energy exude from the page. The pair weave intellectual concepts from NLP, Hypnosis, Aikido, Buddhism, the Five Rhythms and more into the structure of the Hero's Journey as well as Gilligan's own model of the Generative Self. Those who want more than theory are well served with a range of well-explained practical exercises. You can have a go at these on your own or with a coach or colleague.

Gilligan's three part Generative Self model address the somatic, cognitive and field aspects of self. My own take is that this means first learning to centre ourselves in the body, getting in touch with breathing and bodily sensations - the somatic knowledge. Secondly we need to accept and sponsor all aspects of ourselves, good and bad at the cognitive level, and then the third element involves connecting with the broader world opening ourselves up beyond our regular experience - the field.

Of course, it's all easier said than done. This is why the book offers leaves the reader wanting more; it's a tempting taste of what it is like to experience the workshop for real. As those already familiar with NLP and other disciplines know, the words are simply the surface structure of a deeper experience which happens when people get together.

The book offers a rich version of a live learning experience to read and absorb at leisure, to reflect on and decide how to make these concepts inform your own hero's journey. It's one book that will reveal different nuances each time you re-read it and well worth its place on any bookshelf for those interested in new ways of thinking about the human experience.

Kate Burton, coach and author of `Live Life. Love Work' and `For Dummies' guides to NLP, coaching and confidence.
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on 23 May 2010
I was delighted to find this collaboration between Stephen Gilligan and Robert Dilts because both of them have taught me important,transformative professional skills in the past.Dilts works via NLP mastery while Gilligan heals through Psychotherapy and Miltonian Hypnosis.Obviously,there is much common ground between the two modalities.
The book is a transcript of a 4 day seminar on "The Hero's Quest".While transcripts sometimes fail to convey the skilful use of hypnosis on the participants,I enjoyed the nuances and the descriptions of the work with real people.This demonstrated the power of the various techniques and could be utilised with one's own clients.
This book is a very useful resource for those who want to live from a generative state as well as for NLP Psychotherapists and Coaches.It offers new approaches to a Psychosynthesis frame which are truly effective at a very deep level.Not simply techniques for "messing with your mind" but an empathetic way of being and relating.
For anyone at all interested in development way beyond tinkering with behaviours and the personality level,this book is a must read and then a must" model".I know my work with therapy and coaching clients will be the richer for this.Thank you!
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VINE VOICEon 23 December 2009
I have read many NLP books, and have become tired of the sameness of many of them - the same NLP stories, the same exhortations to brighten those sub-modalities or collapse those anchors !. Consequently I was very excited to discover this new angle on self-development through NLP. "The Hero's Journey" provides a pathway to help identify your inner calling and deal with the negative energies holding you back. It's a refreshing approach, seamlessly building in many NLP and hypnosis tools including timeline, parts integration, and perceptual positions.

I hope this book stimulates a new NLP literature to replace the stagnation of many current NLP works.

This is not to say that this book is the whole answer. I have a number of reservations about it - I find the self-congratulatory style of the presenters irritating and the use of pseudo-intellectual language offputting ("the following exercise applies the systemic NLP processes of spatial sorting, somatic syntax and the concept of characterological adjectives ..."). Why can't the book be accessible to everyone ?

But put aside the "new age" gloop (or as the authors have it - "extend into a field of fields, where there is an intelligence ... a mind beyond mind") and you'll find a very interesting and useful resource for advanced NLPers seeking to help themselves and others along the path to self-fulfillment. If NLP is a major part of your self development, then this book is well worth reading. It helped me clarify my goals and issues. I hope other authors will develop the route further.
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on 6 April 2010
I suspect this volume contains some interesting material for NLP coaches and for anyone interested in personal development. Unfortunately - it is not a book as such, but transcriptions of an extended seminar - complete with rambling and jokes that no doubt worked at the time but - well, maybe you had to be there. Its a format that is very wearing to read; even Osho and Krishnamurti had their discourses edited and this is in desperate need of same.
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on 21 April 2010
This book opens some doorways into what Kegan (author of Immunity to Change) would call adaptive or developmental change at the level of identity/self (versus technical or superficial change).... need to get past what seems to be the oftimes off-putting background of self congratulatory smugness, apparent false-piety, generalised "niceness to all peoples at all times" (Graves Green meme) and pervasive interwoven ungrounded new-age beliefs...and yes, that may well be all my projections ;)...

If you can put all of that to one side, focus on process rather than content, then there are some practical means of encouraging developmental shifts...there are several good examples of using "mindfulness" in a grounded, centred way that encourages spontaneous change to evolve whilst "holding the space"...If you strip away the spirituality you could easily use this methodology in the therapy room or Board room for some profound shifts...

Books which are transcripts of seminars can be double-edged swords...usually you need to be there to get the experiential nuances which written words fail to convey...My preference is often for a mix of seminar excerpts backed up by decent background material and trouble-shooting tips....Having said all that there is much that a discerning reader can find and utilise to good effect...
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on 26 June 2011
The Hero's Journey delivers as it says on the tin. For anyone, who wants to make a difference, but is beset with obstacles and frustrations, this is the book. The book presents an entire training programme, conducted by the authors, about moving a person into a Hero's Journey. For those, who cannot afford high charges for attending such training programmes, this book is extremely useful. The book is an easy read, packed with practical exercises, and....humour.
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on 28 April 2014
Good read and very inspiring. It's the sort of book am bound to go back to again and again. Lots of examples are used and it'seasy to follow.
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on 6 June 2014
I was recently doing a talk on the heroes journey to a group of women and this book help tremendously. Well worth a read.
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on 25 March 2016
Great book, loving it!!
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