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4.6 out of 5 stars88
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 8 March 2010
Most of my ideas about Errol Flynn are based on reports and hearsay. This book exploded all the myths about the man. I found the book entertaining, and in the final few pages thought provoking.Flynn comes across as an honest man about his weaknesses and the mistakes that he made in his life. The early part of his life in New Guinea, and his journey across the world to London and finally to Hollywood certainly uncover a facet of his life that is not well known. Flynn writes with candour and humour, and at the end I felt sorry for the man that had achieved so much in terms of fame,success and wealth, yet seemed so unhappy with his lot, and died at such an early age of 59.
A good read that certainly cast a different light on a iconic character of the early 20th century. Well worth reading.
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on 13 April 2010
When I found out about this book (thank you Amazon!), I knew I had to read it. I've loved the films of Errol Flynn ever since I was a child. His movies took me on exciting adventures in exotic lands beyond my innocent imagination and instilled in me a love of adventure stories which I have carried into adulthood. This book, the story of his life, is possibly the greatest adventure story of them all. Beginning with Flynn's youth in Tasmania, Australia, we follow him to gold mines and plantations in New Guinea, casinos and brothels of South East Asia, the highs and lows of the down-and-out life in Sydney and Queensland, his early acting career in England and finally to the glitz of Hollywood and the exoticism of Jamaica. In these pages we encounter angry native tribes, sharks and crocodiles, con tricks and diamond smuggling, high profile court cases and tempestuous relationships. But, surprisingly, we also find reflection and philosophy. According to the introduction by Jeffrey Meyers, this book was written to be scandalous, but the charm of the subject wins through. Although I approached the book determined to take it with a pinch of salt and not be seduced, 438 pages later I was more fascinated by Flynn than ever. However, I did feel that there was something missing. The story felt incomplete without photographs and an epilogue explaining what happened to Flynn and the key characters in his life. But that might just be me being greedy. Overall, this book spans fifty years of adventure, mischief and excitement and is well worth a read by any armchair explorer or devotee of Hollywood.
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on 16 January 2008
I found an old copy of this left behind in some expat's house in Papua New Guinea when I lived there in the early 90's. I was only vaguely aware of Errol Flynn at that point, having seen 'Robin Hood' years before and read the chapters about him in David Niven's books, but that was about it.

The self deprecating humour engaged me immediately and Flynn's immense charm and charisma came right off the page, even after all these years.

And the stories!! While in PNG, I lived in Wau and Rabaul and having been regaled with many stories about him while there from elderly expats, his version of his time there seems totally believable to me. PNG is a place you can't describe - going there is like stepping off the planet and not terribly different today to when Errol lived there - so I can understand people thinking his stories sound like tall tales. He was one of a kind.

Buy it. It's still the best, most entertaining biography I've yet read.
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on 4 January 2010
A truly amazing book. Probably the best autobiography I have ever read and a truly enlightening book of an amazing man who was very honest about his own shortcomings, warts and all.

Definitely worth a read
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on 28 October 2007
Errol Flynn may not be your first choice for an autobiographical read but don't pass this one by.This book is a triumph of words and stories that will have you muttering in disbelief.If,as has been reported,this book has moments of fiction dressed up as factual it really does not matter,he is the most wonderful storyteller and in my opinion was wasted as an actor,he should have written fiction!!
His story takes us from his birth place of Tasmania to New Guinea ~England to America.His story is colourful,fascinating and should be taken with a large pich of salt!!
If you are (fairly) broadminded and love a good story, buy this now~you won't regret it.
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on 28 March 1999
Errol Flynn was not merely the swashbuckler of legend, nor the great party animal of the golden era of hollywood. He was a great liver of life, but at the same time deeply introspective and unsatisfied. This book covers his origins in Tasmania, his life in Sydney and England and onto his great success in Hollywood. However, his meteoric rise was cut short by personal allegations which led to the fall of his career...into escape and alcohol.
The twists and turns of Flynn's life make this book a real page turner at every step, with his character well captured; taking the reader beyond the Hollywood image and into the mind of the man who had too many questions to ask of life.
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on 19 May 1999
If you're interested in Flynn or the 'golden age' of Hollywood', you MUST read this!
Almost 40 years after his death, Errol Flynns exploits (or 'Flynnanigans') continue to amuse and intrigue everyone who reads them. This book was actually ghostwritten by a journalist, Earl Conrad who inists that he wrote it exactly as the vodka fuelled, morphine addicted swashbuckler told it. The book is full of blatant innaccuracies and downright untruths but still makes great reading. Flynn hated to bore an audience and was never one to let the truth or facts get in his way. He was a superb racontuer and this comes over in the book via his tales of the golden age of Hollywood and his subsequent demise and resurgence as a character actor, none of which I will repeat as this would spoil the party. It's all here - his loves (the sea then girls), his films (a chancer and he admits is) and the fortunes he won and lost. If you enjoy this, then you might like the following...
'Moons a balloon', 'Bring on the empty horses' by DAVID NIVEN. 'Errol Flynn: A Memoir' by EARL CONRAD
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on 27 August 2008
My Wicked Wicked Ways was every bit as entertaining as Flynn's on screen adventures. Amazingly handsome, a lady's man, highly intelligent and a natural athlete, his meteoric rise in Hollywood provided the money and resources to be a true Tasmanian Devil (he was born in Tasmania). Today's tabloids would have a field day with this guy!

This is the story of a man with an insatiable curiosity, but with a devil may care attitude. Flynn had a difficult time grasping the consequences of his actions. A heavy drinker and womanizer he lived by his rules and couldn't care less about his Hollywood image.

Catapulting to super stardom over night in the film Captain Blood there was no looking back. Robin Hood and The Sea Haw are arguably his finest roles where this swashbuckler takes over the big screen. With a spring in his step and a glimmer in his eye Errol Flynn captivated audiences and imaginations everywhere. I was fortunate to see a Flynn's movie years ago on the big screen and he was absolutely captivating.

Flynn tired as his role of swashbuckler and yearned for more serious roles. He became depressed when Hollywood continually cast him in the roles of adventurer. He could never quite break into serious roles except for a few movies such as Elizabeth and Essex He almost made it to the top with Gone with the Wind, but alas, it wasn't meant to be.

My Wicked Wicked Ways is told in the first person but is written by the ghost writer Earl Conrad. Conrad works effectively at keeping the tone of the book in Flynn's voice.

There are some great stories in this book. One story tells of Flynn and a companion fishing with dynamite. A shark grabbed the dynamite and swam towards their boat as a living torpedo!

In another amazing story Flynn was caught in one of the most heartless pranks in Hollywood. So called friends of Flynn stole John Barrymore's corpse from the morgue and set it up in a chair at Flynn's house with a lit cigarette. Flynn walked in after a hard night of drinking and reminiscing about Barrymore (they were friends). It scared him half to death.

Are all these stories true? Some are true, some exaggerated and some may be totally false...but they are still enormously entertaining and there are enough threads of truth to make the book extremely engaging.

I read this book back in the 1970s when my mother mentioned that Errol Flynn messed up his life. He had great looks, fame, fortune and women. Then, he died relatively young as an alcoholic. I was fascinated and interested in learning more about this interesting human and what made him tick.

What I found was that Flynn was born with a many talents, but had an unbridled curiosity, the morals of a tomcat and had difficulty envisioning the consequences of his actions...and many times just didn't care! Flynn may wasn't an upstanding citizen, but he is sure fun to read about and see in the all the great movies he made!

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It is one of my all time favorite books about an adventurer, a scoundrel and ladies man. It is packed with fascinating and hilarious stories. Highly recommended!

The Re-Discovery of Common Sense: A Guide To: The Lost Art of Critical Thinking
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on 2 September 1999
This is a fabulous book written by a man who really knew how to enjoy his life to the fullest. It is not only a autobiography, but also a travel book. He describes his journey from the deep forests of New Guinea to the screens of Hollywood!!! A wonderful book..
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on 16 April 2000
Not quite what he seems, Flynn. Films and fame apart Flynn gives a view of life within a public life. His marriages, the 'rape' trail, his love for the ocean. A truly recommended read
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