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4.4 out of 5 stars57
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 3 May 2004
I have recently taken an interest in memory and how to use it effectively and this is a very good little book indeed. The trouble with the average memory is that it is not organised e.g. a question comes up in an exam which you know the answer but you cannot remember it, why? Because you do not know where to find it. Simple as that! This book teaches you to mentally file all your revision notes so that you can instantly recall the data at a later date. The book covers everything you need to know including numbers. O'Brian teaches his own version of 'pegging' information only he uses people to represent information which works exceptionally well. He states in his book that many people can recall exactly everything they have done today; what they have had for lunch how long they were waiting at the bus stop etc. So if this can be recalled with ease why cant facts and figures? Simple, because you haven't actually been there. O'Brian teaches you to remember information as if you were on a journey that way you trick your mind to believe you have been there. Sounds strange I know but this stuff realy works! I would recommend this book to anybody even if you are not taking exams, for just under a fiver you can't go wrong. My memory has certainly improved! Anything I file into it stays there!
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on 18 February 2007
I bought this book because I was starting to get worried about my failing memory. Forgetful of names and "facts" in general.

It seems I was just going about it the wrong way. Using Dominic O'Brien's way I was able to memorize a series of 20 random items, effortlesly, by using imagery and emotion. The same approach is used throughout the book, giving tips on how to remember anything from a string of numbers, dates, exam facts, even long poems.

I was so fascinated by the book that I read the whole thing in one day.

If you are struggling with your memory of "random facts" (people names, street names, key dates or numbers) like I am (was?), get this book. Highly fascinating and helpful reading.
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on 24 April 2003
This book is fantastic for not only revising but also to help exercise the memory. The author provides techniques which bring facts and figures into the third dimention as living breathing beings!!! The style of the book is very easy to read, it is about 250 pages long and it took me about two days to read. In most sections the author sets little memory exercises to demontrate how effective the techniques are. It took me about ten minutes to memorise something I had never actually heard of before and now it is stuck fast in my memory. The exercises do require some effort but it pays off, definately for lazy people!! I would reccomend this book to anybody wanting to improve their momory and concentration. It offers some great revsing tips too.
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on 10 January 1999
I used to have a copy of this book and having found out about Amazon, I will get another copy. The reason is it quite simply has the fastest methods for learning memorisation techniques of difficult to organise information. Also, It is written in a Style that is pleasing to the eye, without jargon and get's right to the point.
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on 4 June 2014
I was in a complete panic about an exam I had- the first in over 16yrs- when I bought this book. The exam seemed to be more of a memory test than anything else as I had 3 books (21 chapters) to revise, in prep for essay questions. I also had to prepare an essay in advance, but we weren't allowed any notes to take into the exam. I had no idea how I was going to remember it all, especially when you are nervous. To be honest, I never read the whole book but used his ideas to create my own style of revision. By creating visual pictures, using his techniques I was confident in my exam and retained a lot of information (names, dates and studies). It was then just a case of applying it to the questions on the day. I passed with flying colours and believe I would have failed had I not come across this. I've now passed it onto a friend to help her with her revision. Very clever man, very handy book!
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on 12 February 2012
The book certainly seems to talk a lot of sense. I suffer with Asperger's this means that I can remember selectively quite well but any subject matter that does not naturally generate any enthusiasm is very difficult to commit to memory I have some important vocational exams that I want to pass and had struggled all to remembered the facts in the study material to the required level of detail to pass exams easily. I think armed with this books knowledge of how to organise my memory it will at last give me a fighting chance.
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on 10 April 2007
I am rubbish at exams (I'm 33 so I've sat a few in my lifetime!!) but this booked helped me pass some recent exams that I'd previously failed. I used the tips/tricks and it worked.

Someone feeling cynical will tell me it was just I was more confident the second time round. I disagree; I revised in a different way all because of this book. I've used it since in other areas - such as remembering pupil's names at work etc.

Other books may well have the information I need but I felt this style of writing was good and I have improved my speed reading from this book and this book alone!

Very easy to understand, very easy to use. This book will never leave my bookshelf!
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on 8 October 2010
Oh yes, just remembered. I bought this book just before I was about to take some ACCA exams. I had a couple of wordy ones coming up, ethics, governance etc. I genuinely feel this book helped me, especially in the use of acronyms. Apart from that remembering the royal households in date order, the first ten countries to join the EU in alphbetical order etc etc, might come in handy in a quiz one day. I never mastered memorising the 52 cards in a pack, must try that one again.
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on 9 July 2014
Exams were my weak point at university. We've all been there, when exam time comes you spend more time trying to learn things, rather than revise stuff you already knew. I believe the key to exams isn't what you know, but what you can remember.

I'm in no doubt this book got me a 2:1 and subsequently 3 brilliant jobs since I graduated. Trust me, BUY THIS BOOK!
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on 20 July 2009
Let me just adress a few facts. You have clicked on this either because you know the author or what it is about or because you want to pass exams. If you are interested in memory and wish to read a fluid and entertaining, highly readable book on the subject which delivers results and explains things with simple, consice clartiy- read this. If you wish to pass exams- read this.
This book is fantastic on so many levels, not only will you develop super-human abilities by discovering ancient secrets but you will pass your exams. It is not only useful in that purpous but on its own it is an authority and leading book on this subject- so maybe it misses the areas of memory such as cards and binary numbers e.t.c.- but it gives you the foundations or even improvements and fundamental ideas to set you on your way to become a world champion in memory.
For anyone slightly or very interested in memory and learning BUY THIS.
For anyone wanting to do well in exams BUY THIS.
Buy it, read it, absorb it, memorise it, mind map it, speed read it- I don't care just for God's sake- read it. You may even wish to buy two, like me, so you can keep one in a diamond cube to keep it safe so you can sleep with it and pray to and worship it before you go to sleep and it won't get damaged.
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