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3.4 out of 5 stars18
3.4 out of 5 stars
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on 4 September 2010
I admit that so far I have only read the first few essays, but it seems clear that the arguments are on the basis that a Christian has to believe that every word in the Bible is to be taken totally literally, with nothing added or taken away, and that since the Genesis account appears to be written as a historical fact then it must be more accurate than any other historical evidence (fossils, archaology, physics evidence of the age of the universe as simple examples). The authors seem intent on boxing God up - not allowing him for example to have used a number of evolutionary steps to create the world. I fear that this borders on worshiping the Bible rather than God.

To my mind this book and the authors outlook is unfortunately putting barriers between non-believers and God. "You must believe Genesis literally, and disbelieve any scientific discoveries to be a true Christian". So I feel that this is in fact a potentially very damaging book. Read with care - it is only opinions based on the different authors worldview and understanding.

I will continue to read the rest, to better understand the viewpoint and of course to see if my belief that God has the power to do exactly what he likes - including creating the world however he wanted, is mistaken.
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on 16 January 2010
This is probably one of the most siginificant 'introductory' texts in recent years, for all Christians concerned about our real origins. For 150 years we've been berated with evolutionary propaganda - Just-So stories without adequate evidence.

Even Christians such as Denis Alexander are trying to ram home an acceptance of Neo-Darwinism, without fully grasping its theological implications.

There are far better more technical texts, such as "Signature in the Cell" by Stephen Meyer, but this book is well suited to the general reader - and completely refutes the rhetoric of Denis Alexander in his book "Creation or Evolution, Do We Have to Choose?"

Yes we do!

"Theistic Evolution is intellectual pacifism that lulls people to sleep while the barbarians are at the gates...... theistic evolutionists are trying to create a safe truce with science so Christians can be left alone to practise their privatised religion while retaining the respect of the dominant intellectual culture" (J P Moreland).

Should Christians embrace evolution? No. Read the book to get the details!!
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on 1 March 2013
This is thoroughly thought out and, for me at least, a convincing case for Christians to reject the theory of evolution and all the advantages claimed for it. In the scientific chapters no attempt is made to simplify the presentation for the ease of understanding of readers untrained in science, which perhaps limits its usefulness. However the case from science properly understood is
devastating for those who can grasp it. In particular it is good, at last, to find an Old Testament lecturer in a Bible College who is
prepared to embrace the straight forward understanding of Genesis. This is a brave challenge to the whole evolutionary world and the Christian appeasers who want us to call a truce with the evolutionists.
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on 20 September 2013
This collaboration brings together Biblical interpretation and scientific thought and provides a great foundation upon which we can be confident in upholding Biblical teaching and reason. This book addresses the claims of theistic evolution to be a Biblical response to the question of origins and sets out clear and compelling arguments as to why any form of evolutionary belief is at variance with what scripture says. Francis Schaeffer warned about the accommodation of theology to modern concensus and beliefs, and theistic evolution appears to be just such an accommodation of Biblical thought with modern beliefs. See "Escape from Reason" and "The great evangelical disaster".
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on 20 January 2011
I had two problems with this book which resulted in my putting it down without finishing it.

Firstly, I had not understood that the bulk of the book was a rebuttal of a book by Denis Alexander, called Creation or Evolution: Do We Have to Choose (which I have not yet read, but have ordered). The book lacks balance and, as other reviewers have said, insists on a literal reading of Genesis. If one can only be a Christian by believing that the world was created in six literal days etc etc, then I think that the answer to the question is "yes - we do have to choose". But I believe that there are other perspectives, and I had hoped to come away from the book with a bit more insight into the various perspectives.

The second problem is that the book is just not accessible to the general reader. I am a regular reader of both "popular science" and Christian books, but this one just left me completely baffled through the unexplained use of various technical vocabularies.

Not recommended. I might come back to it after I've read the Denis Alexander.
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on 27 February 2010
This book really ought not to be necessary, because evolution (neo-Darwinian) is contrary to the clear teachings of scripture and the theological gymnastics that are necessary in trying to merge the two together, result in a complete undermining of the Christian faith. Sadly however there are Christians who try to believe both sides and hence this book needed to be written.

The main emphasis of the book is on the theological difficulties and indeed impossibilities of believing that all living creatures including man descended from a primordial living cell. Contributions are made by both scientists and theologians. On the scientific side some of the major problems of the theory of evolution are highlighted. For readers interested in exploring this aspect further there are a number of good scientific books available. Just a few of the books I would recommend are:- In the Beginning was Information by Dr.Werner Gitt; Science's Blind Spot by Cornelius G. Hunter; Evolution under the Microscope by David Swift; The New Creationism by Paul Garner; and for those who don't mind ploughing through a long but thorough examination of DNA there is Dr.Stephen Meyer's excellent Signature in the Cell.

I won't highlight the main arguments in the book as I think it probably better to leave the reader to find these out for him/herself. However in a day in which "creationism" is often spoken of with scathing contempt, this is definitely a book that Christians need to read and seriously contemplate both to counter the challenge evolution makes against the Christian faith and also to understand clearly the arguments in this debate.
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on 4 April 2011
This book is a welcome antidote to those that claim real believers see no need to question evolutionary dogma. It deals with some of the 'proofs' that currently are doing the rounds and shows how it's still OK to draw different conclusions. A number of writers from various academic backgrounds tackle the theological, philosophical and scientific problems caused by adhering to solely materialistic explanations of life.
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on 11 December 2009
What an amazingly bad book! It is remarkable that so many supposedly educated people should write such nonsense and get a glowing endorsement from an Anglican bishop!

The book is a mixture of bad theology and worse science .

Can anyone explain to me how a geneticist knows enough geology to say that the usual view of the fossil record is wrong. Here Nevin simply displays his ignorance and perverted refusal to accept that the earth just may be older than 10,000 years!
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