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5.0 out of 5 stars The secrets of Sontar, 19 Sep 2012
Paul Tapner (poole dorset england) - See all my reviews
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This review is from: The First Sontarans (Doctor Who: The Lost Stories) (Audio CD)
Down the years, many stories have been written for Doctor Who that never got to the tv screen. Now, thanks to Big Finish adapting some of them into audio plays, we can hear what might have been.

This is a story written by Andrew Smith [author of the fourth doctor story 'Full Circle'] and one that features the Sixth Doctor and Peri.

Plus the Sontarans.

It runs for four episodes of twenty six to thirty minutes each [approx] and is spread over two cd's.

The story sees the TARDIS crew discover a signalling device on the moon. Which leads them to rural England in the nineteenth century.

But in attempting to find what's going on here, they've walked into something bigger. This quiet bit of countryside holds a deadly secret that old enemies of the Doctor's are desperate to get their hands on. And it will reveal some surprising truths about them....

The main delight of this range is usually the way in which they flawelessly recreate the style of the tv show at the time, in terms of the way the story is structured plus the sound design and the music. All that is true once again here. But there are many other delights as well. Some things were known in advance of the audio versions about many of the other lost stories, thanks to them having been written up in magazines or novelised, but this one will be a fresh beast to many, so there's lots to discover here and you will be hooked waiting to see how the story unfolds.

It has a lot going on and doesn't constrain itself to a small cast or setting [which might be why it never got to the screen as it would have required a fair bit of a budget]. The supporting characters are well detailed and brought excellenty to life by the cast.

It does things with the Sontarans that the show hasn't done before.

There are some superbly understated emotional moments.

And some excellent action set pieces also.

Added to which it does do one thing that every fan has hoped for from a Sontaran story.

This is an excellent story brought superbly to life and it's an engrossing, exciting and entertaining listen. It's one of the best of this range and highly recommended.

There is a trailer for the next of the lost stories right after part four of the story on disc two.

Plus thirteen or so minutes of interviews with cast and crew on the track at the end of disc one.

And just over fifteen minutes more of those on the final track of disc two.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Great Origin Sontaran Adventure, 20 Oct 2013
Timelord007 (The Tardis) - See all my reviews
This review is from: The First Sontarans (Doctor Who: The Lost Stories) (Audio CD)
Colin Baker excelles as The Sixth Doctor in this excellent origin of the Sontarans adventure.
A great story written & paced to perfection by writer Andrew Smith.
You hear The Sontarans & there enemies The Rutans in the same scenes together for the first time.

The Sontarans can grate on occassion with there battle chanting but this is only a minor quibble.

The Sixth Doctor & Peri have battled the Sontarans before on Tv in season 22 The Two Doctors.
Dan Starkey plays several Sontarans in NuWho but his mostly well known as his character Sontaran Strax in the Eleventh Doctor adventures on Tv appearing in series 6 & 7 as Sontaran warrior Strax.
Andrew Smith wrote The Fourth Doctor season 18 story Full Circle & Big Finish Companion Chronicles The Invasion Of E Space.

Audio Info, 2CD 4 parts Running time 120 minutes, Behind scenes interviews, Music, Trailer.
This is more like it a engaging story featuring the origins of the Sontarans excellently written & paced by writer Andrew Smith.

The Doctor & Peri trace a signalling device that is being transmitted from the moon leading The Tardis to rural 19th century rural England in the year 1872 were The Doctor & Peri stumble upon a group of inhabitants called The Kaveetch who may actually be the original inhabitants of Sontar.

The Kaveetch are being constantly attacked by a Sontaran battle squadron & The Doctor soon works out there is a link between the Kaveetch & The Sontarans.

What is the link between The Kaveetch & the Sontarans & were do the Sontarans greatest enemy The Rutans fit into all this?

There a lot to listern to & take in within this adventure which also features some impressive battle scenes performed with great tension & excitement on audio.

Andrew Smith writes a close bond of friendship with The Sixth Doctor & Peri as the two seem at ease with one another whether this is partly due to the close friendship of Colin Baker & Nicola Bryant or the writing talent of Andrew Smith, I personally think a bit of both.

Dan Starkey is exellent at voicing the Galactic Potatoheads giving the warrior's of Sontar great character traits & cunning in his role as Jaka.

This story has some tricks up it's sleeve that rewards the listerner & gives a greater depth to the Sontarans origins.
With impressive battles, Colin Baker & Nicola Bryant on superb form & the exellent sound design of this production this is a recommended purchase & another great Lost Stories Adventure.
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5.0 out of 5 stars "There will only be one law! Sontaran law!" - Marshall Jaka, 28 Jun 2013
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This review is from: The First Sontarans (Doctor Who: The Lost Stories) (Audio CD)
This is an excellent audio drama with Colin Baker as the Doctor and Nicola Bryant as Peri. I enjoyed listening to `The First Sontarans' when I first heard it and it has gained its place in fandom very quickly as a highly regarded and popular Doctor Who story from Big Finish.

This is one of the `Lost Stories' meant for TV and it is written by `Full Circle' writer Andrew Smith, who I've had the pleasure of meeting recently and also signed the CD cover for this (as well as Dan Starkey who played the Sontarans). It is a story about the Doctor and Peri visiting 19th century Earth and coming across the original inhabitants of Sontar - the Kaveetch - who are being threatened by the Sontarans that attack them. Over the course of the story, the Doctor and Peri get to learn exactly who the first Sontarans are and know the secrets about them.

The Doctor and Peri are on top form with each other, and Colin and Nicola certainly seem to be at ease and enjoy each other's company in this story. I told Colin how much I enjoyed this story at a convention, and he agrees with me since it seems very popular according to Twitter fans. I loved the scenes where the Doctor and Peri teasingly wind each other up, and love Peri's deep glooming voice of the message `We are here!'. Andrew Smith certainly gives Peri a lot to do with being on the Kaveetch ship and saving the Doctor from the Sontarans. There's a scene where Peri actually gets to dress up as a Sontaran trooper and the Doctor seeing through the disguise. I love the scene between the Doctor and Anthony Howell's character in this story, as the Doctor mourns the seeming loss of Peri saying she was a `brave soul' when they're on their way back to Sontar.

Andrew Smith certainly has done a good job in portraying the Sontaran's origin story by not doing a traditional origin story in the same vein as `Genesis of the Daleks' or `Spare Parts' (with the Cybermen). He manages to get the Sontarans right into the action, and unveils the mystery surrounding the story as to who these Kaveetch are and what they have in connection to cloning and the planet Sontar.

I really like Dan Starkey in this story. He plays the Sontaran Marshall Jaka and has seems to enjoy the classical Sontarans that more Linx-like from 'The Time Warrior'. Dan has played Sontarans before in stories such as 'The Sontaran Strategem'/'The Poison Sky' and recently as Strax in the Eleventh Doctor stories such as `A Good Man Goes To War', `The Snowmen' and most recently `The Name of the Doctor'. He also has played Sontarans in other Big Finish productions such as `The Five Companions' with Peter Davison and in the upcoming drama 'Starlight Robbery' with Sylvester McCoy. He certainly seems to have gained a unique repetorite in playing Sontarans.

Dan is supported by his Sontaran subordinates such as John Banks (who played Sontarans in 'Heroes of Sontar') and Cameron Stewart (who would later star alongside Nicola Bryant in 'Trouble in Paradise').

This story also features special guest star Anthony Howell, who I know pretty well from `Wives and Daughters' and has also been in `Foyle's War'. Anthony plays the part of Jacob, an 19th century landlord, who seems to be far more than he appears as the story progresses. He teams up with the Doctor and Peri as they go through harrowing events during the course of the story. Anthony's performance is sublime as he plays a character with such dignity though he's under pressure and is filled with torment and anxiety with the loss of his children and turmoil with his wife.

The special features on this CD are as follows. On Disc 1, there's some behind-the-scenes interviews conducted by producer David Richardson with John Dorney (script editor) and Andrew Smith, and also with Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant. On Disc 2, more interviews with Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant and also with the guest stars such as Dan Starkey and Anthony Howell. Colin and Nicola reminisce of their experiences with Sontarans in 'The Two Doctors' when they went out to film in Seville and make comparisons with the Sontarans in this audio adventure compared to the one they did for TV. There's also a trailer for the next Lost Story with William Hartnell's Doctor called 'The Masters of Luxor'.

So to sum up, `The First Sontarans' is a very good audio adventure with Colin Baker's Doctor and Peri. And with Sontarans and their origins to unravel, it's hard to resist.

The next story with the Doctor and Peri is 'Whispers of Terror'.
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5.0 out of 5 stars excellent Doctor Who Audio drama that at last tells us ..., 15 July 2014
D.L (barnsley) - See all my reviews
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This review is from: The First Sontarans (Doctor Who: The Lost Stories) (Audio CD)
excellent Doctor Who Audio drama that at last tells us the Origins of the Sontaran's and the Doctor brilliantly played by Colin Baker a much underated Doctor that shines in these audio drama's and Nicola Bryant as Peri shines too. Great story and a Great Drama.
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