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5.0 out of 5 stars "Sontar, Sontar, we fight for Sontar, the glory of Sontar, the death of our enemies is why we live!"
(sing-song) "Who do you think you are kidding Mr. Rutan?"

I love `Heroes of Sontar'! This is the one with the Dad's Army Sontarans! I really enjoyed this story with the Fifth Doctor and team vs. the war-mongering troll-like Sontarans. It's a very funny story and the first time the Sontarans appear in a Big Finish `Doctor Who' play.

This story stars...
Published 3 months ago by Tim Bradley

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2.0 out of 5 stars Fifth Doctor & The Dad's Army Sontarans
Peter Davison & Sarah Sutton lift this from being a 1 star review.
The Sontarans debut story at Big Finish.

The Sontarans debut story is boardline farcical, What was writer Alan Barnes thinking?
The jokey humour becomes annoying draining any Drama out of the story.

Audio Info 2 CD 4 part Running time 120...
Published 11 months ago by Timelord007

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2.0 out of 5 stars Fifth Doctor & The Dad's Army Sontarans, 20 Oct 2013
Timelord007 (The Tardis) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Heroes of Sontar (Doctor Who) (Audio CD)
Peter Davison & Sarah Sutton lift this from being a 1 star review.
The Sontarans debut story at Big Finish.

The Sontarans debut story is boardline farcical, What was writer Alan Barnes thinking?
The jokey humour becomes annoying draining any Drama out of the story.

Audio Info 2 CD 4 part Running time 120 minutes, Behind scenes interviews, Music, Trailer.

This is difficult for me as being a hardcore Doctor Who fanboy most my life to review a Doctor Who product negatively hurts my soul, Oh well here goes.

Heroes Of Sontar is The Sontarans debut at Big Finish & you'd think that all the stops would be pulled out to give the galactic potatoheads some great drama & battle scenes.


Instead we get a Dad's Army version's of Sontarans whom are awful, So bumbling & incapable it's a wonder they survived in space this long.

The plot, Arh yes the plot, Seven Sontarans are sent to a barren desolate world were they have sealed instructions from The Field Marshall for there next mission.

The problem with this The Sontarans are not the most greatest warriors in the fleet & here lies part of the problem as the Sonarans are meant to be a race of fierce warrior's from the Sontaran Empire not the bungling buffoons that are on display here.

The Doctor, Nyssa, Tegan & Turlough also land on the barren plant were Nyssa becomes infected & the Doctor, Tegan, Turlough race against time to find a cure for there friend & the secrets of the planet is finally revealed.

Whoever decided to make the Sontarans imbeciles in there Big Finish debut has got the completely wrong idea as they are made to look incompetent fools, Even the Sontaran leader is mimicking Captain Mannering it's so silly & farcical.

The pace & narrative does pick up on episodes 3 & 4 but it's to little to late by then.

I would've preferred a more serious tone for the Sontarans debut story making them more edgy & the fierce warrior's of Sontar not these Dad's Army stereotypes.

Alan Barnes is usually a competent writer but completely drops the ball on this adventure, The Fifth Doctor deserves a much better story than this nonsense.

A poor outing from the usually exellent Big Finish, I'll put this down as a bad day at the office for Alan Barnes.

Although The Lost Stories adventure The First Sontarans is brilliant comeback for the galactic potatoheads but as I say thats another review for another time.
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5.0 out of 5 stars "Sontar, Sontar, we fight for Sontar, the glory of Sontar, the death of our enemies is why we live!", 18 Jun 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Heroes of Sontar (Doctor Who) (Audio CD)
(sing-song) "Who do you think you are kidding Mr. Rutan?"

I love `Heroes of Sontar'! This is the one with the Dad's Army Sontarans! I really enjoyed this story with the Fifth Doctor and team vs. the war-mongering troll-like Sontarans. It's a very funny story and the first time the Sontarans appear in a Big Finish `Doctor Who' play.

This story stars Peter Davison, Sarah Sutton, Janet Fielding and Mark Strickson as the Doctor, Nyssa, Tegan and Turlough in their continuing adventures as a team. The story is about the Doctor and his friends arriving on the planet Samur, where twenty years ago it was the Sontarans furthest reach into Rutan space. Pretty soon, the TARDIS team are not alone as a platoon of seven Sontarans has arrived on Samur under special orders. With Sontarans and a deadly old curse to deal with, it's a race against time as Nyssa is slowly dying of a purple moss that's killing her.

The Sontarans are one of my favourite monsters from `Doctor Who' brilliantly created by Robert Holmes. I enjoyed watching adventures such as 'The Time Warrior', 'The Two Doctors' and 'The Sontaran Strategem'/'The Poison Sky'. I've recently written my own Sontaran story set in Stockbridge with the Doctor and Nyssa. I was really excited and looking forward to hearing their Big Finish debut and especially with the Doctor, Nyssa, Tegan and Turlough. Alan Barnes tells a cracking good story with the Doctor, Nyssa, Tegan and Turlough against these Dad's Army Sontarans. I like the story he tells with the bumbling Sontarans interacting with each other and their differing personalities. He's done `Blackadder' and `Monty Python' in `Castle of Fear'; now he's done `Dad's Army' in `Heroes of Sontar'. Who knows, we may get a `Fawlty Towers' set in space someday.

`You are listening to...'

I've had the CD cover of `Heroes of Sontar' signed by Sarah at a Swansea convention last year. Sarah's lovely and I've met her many times at conventions. I have to say her likeness as older Nyssa on the CD cover is very complementary compared to previous CD covers with the exception of `The Emerald Tiger'. Sarah remembers this one with the Sontarans very well and enjoyed it finding it very funny. One thing Sarah and I have in common is that we're both 'Dad's Army' fans. I loved listening to the Dad's Army Sontarans and hearing their catchphrases and Sarah likes them too. "Permission to speak, sir," and "You stupid boy!" are ones we remember from `Dad' Army' and it's funny to hear them from the Sontarans' lips. We both liked this one, as it's a very funny story.

I love Sarah Sutton as Nyssa in this story. Alan writes well for Nyssa as well as the other regulars. This is the older Nyssa in these stories with the Doctor, Tegan and Turlough since he reunited with them in 'Cobwebs'. She's wiser and more experienced. Her friends keep regarding her as the young girl they once knew. But she's very strong and resolute, but keeps a quiet gentle demeanour about her. This isn't the first time Nyssa has faced Sontarans before. How do I know this? Nyssa faced Sontarans when she was younger in the story `The Five Companions' and in my own personal story with Sontarans in Stockbridge set before this. It's great to know that Nyssa already knows the Sontarans and doesn't need an introduction. Of course Nyssa has met the Rutans in 'Castle of Fear' in `The Stockbridge Trilogy', so presumably the Doctor's told Nyssa all about the Sontarans in advance.

PETER DAVISON as the Doctor
I really like Peter's performance in this story as the Doctor. Peter has never met Sontarans during his time in the TV series. So it's great to have him facing Sontarans in audio with his companions. Peter's brave in standing up to the Sontarans when they're trying to intimidate him. He knows how they stick to the rules and uses that to his advantage when there's one scene in `Part Two' where they're debating on executing him. The Doctor gets to share scenes with Tegan at the beginning of the story when they come across the courtyards. He also shows a concern for Nyssa who's ill and is determined to save her. He's determined to work out the mystery with these witch-guards the Sontarans are facing, and gets himself into a hand-to-hand combat fight with Fleet Marshall Stabb. To imagine, Peter's Doctor fighting against a Sontaran Marshall. How exciting!

I enjoyed Janet Fielding as Tegan Jovanka in this story. Tegan's quite hot-headed in this story, especially when she joins the Doctor and they discover the ruins, almost falling into a crevasse. Janet as Tegan has met Sontarans before in the `Jim'll Fix It' sketch with Colin Baker called `A Fix With Sontarans'. How Tegan doesn't remember the Sontarans in that one from this story is a mystery, ha, ha. I enjoyed Tegan's hot remarks and backfire at the Sontarans commenting on their chauvinist ways and calling Thurr `Shorty'. Tegan even nicknames Thurr `Napoleon', just as Hodges does to Mannering in `Dad's Army' which is funny. Tegan gets escorted by Sergeant Mezz, where they meet Turlough and Trooper Vend and face the Witch Guards with certain death. Tegan uses one of her Aunt Vanessa's fondest sayings, but I'll let you find out what that saying is in this review.

I like Mark Strickson as Turlough in this story. He gets to shares scenes with Nyssa and learns from her about the Sontarans. Turlough gets trapped with a Sontaran under a rock fall. I found it funny when Turlough with Vend is trying to explain why he smashed his communicator and he doesn't understand. "WHY?!"; "To stop you calling your friends for help obviously"; "WHY?!!". I could help laugh with Vend sounding so naive and Turlough almost annoyed with Vend asking such stupid questions, "Because they'd only have killed me! Try to understand..." Turlough reveals his rank as a junior ensign commander to Vend when ordering him about. He manages to strike a connection with Vend somehow. I laughed out loud when Mark as Turlough got to say that famous catchphrase at Vend when he sacrificed himself, "Stupid boy!" in his Mannering way.

(sing-song) "We are the Sontarans who will stop your little game..."

I love these Dad's Army Sontarans. I like the idea of these bumbling, stupid and incompetent Sontarans interacting with each other and constantly doing things by the book. They're not the greatest Sontaran warriors which was the point. I loved each of these Sontarans reminding me of certain Dad's Army characters. I love the line-up scene in `Part One' introducing all the Sontaran characters, that's similar to the `Dad's Army' line up.

DUNCAN WIBSEY as Field-Major Thurr
The leader of the `Sontar-on-sea' platoon is Field-Major Thurr. Duncan Wibsey was in `The Demons of Red Lodge and Other Stories' with Peter and Sarah. The character he plays is a Captain Mannering type with the name derived from the actor Arthur Lowe. Thurr is a pompous and proud Sontaran commander. He's been ordered by Fleet Marshall Stabb to lead his platoon of troops to Samur with `sealed orders' contained in a canister. Thurr was responsible for one of the greatest disasters in Sontaran history. I love it when he's introduced to his troops by Sergeant Mezz; when he gets easily agitated; or when he doesn't realise when they're in danger crashing into Samur. He's a bit dim for a Sontaran leader really. He believes his orders are to execute the Doctor, sworn enemy of the Sontarans, and gets easily annoyed when he can't carry the execution out by the book.

ALEX LOWE as Sergeant Mezz
Thurr's second-in-command is Sergeant Mezz. Alex Lowe has played Huxley in both `Find and Replace' and `Ringpullworld' in `Doctor Who' by Big Finish. Notice his surname's Lowe. A relation of Arthur Lowe is he. Ha, ha. Mezz is a Sergeant Wilson type of character with the name derived from actor John le Mesurier. He was once the personal guard for Fleet Marshall Stabb, sent with Field-Major Thurr to the planet Samur. Mezz introduces the platoon to Thurr when they're journeying to Samur. I loved it when Mezz says that familiar line to Thurr, "Is that advisable, sir?" similar to Sergeant Wilson's "Do you think this is wise, sir?". Thurr goes like Captain Mannering, "Not now, Sergeant!" Mezz takes Tegan to crashed Sontaran ship where they meet Turlough and Vend. Mezz and Vend could be related as uncle and nephew, but that's impossible, ha, ha.

ANDREW FETTES as Corporal Clun
There's a Sontaran named Corporal Clun in the platoon. He's played by Andrew Fettes who appeared in `The Land of the Dead' with Peter and Sarah. Corporal Clun is a Corporal Jones character with his name derived from actor Clive Dunn. I really like Corporal Clun as he goes `Permission to speak, sir!' just like Jonesy in `Dad's Army'. Clun is keen to blow Rutan scum to plasma, just like Jones is keen to use the cold steel. I suppose Rutans don't like Sontaran blasters `up them' either, ha, ha. Clun does cry out to Vend, `Do not panic, boy! Do not panic!' very similar to `Don't panic, don't panic' by Corporal Jones. Clun happens to be the oldest Sontaran in the platoon and was there 20 years ago on Samur during the incident with the Witch Guard. I liked it when he told the story to his officers, the Doctor and friends in a similar way to how Jones told his story in `The Two and a Half Feathers'.

JOHN BANKS as Trooper Jorr
A trooper named Jorr is a Frazer-like character with the name derived from actor John Laurie. John Banks plays many Sontarans and this is the first time I've heard in a Big Finish audio play. Jorr is the doom-monger and a sarcastic one in the Sontaran platoon. He even says `We're doomed!' at one point. He keeps regarding Samur as `a dismal hole'. I found it funny when Jorr's so gloomy when the ship's power is gone and he despairs out loud, "The doors are dead; the alarms are dead. Face it! The whole ship is dead!" Jorr gets on Thurr's nerves especially. I found it funny with the sphere containing Thurr, Mezz and Jorr inside lands on Samur and Mezz says, "Planet Fall achieved, Field-Major sir," before Jorr says "More of a falling than a landing it seems to us," and Thurr tells him off, "That is enough, Trooper Jorr."

Pilot Bekk
The Sontaran ship's pilot is Pilot Bekk whose name is derived from actor James Beck who plays Private Walker in `Dad's Army'. We don't see this Sontaran at all in this story, as there's no actor playing him and Bekk gets killed at the beginning of the story. This was rather annoying as I wanted to know what Bekk was like and a little bit cruel in terms of the story and character. I'm certain the inspiration for Bekk's non-appearance is similar to James Beck who sadly passed away during `Dad's Army'. But just what would have Bekk been like if we had heard him in the story. Would he be a Sontaran spiff, `Fifteen Sontaran Credits, no questions asked"? Ha, ha.

ALEX LOWE as Trooper Nold
There's Trooper Nold, who is a Godfrey like character with the name derived from actor Arnold Ridley. He's played by Alex Low who does the voice of Sergeant Mezz. I found Nold really funny. He's a Sontaran who's literally 'lost his tongue'. He can't speak properly since he bit his tongue clean-off during an escape pod crash some years ago. Thurr can't understand him, "No didn't catch that..." Mezz and Clun seem to understand how he speaks, and they relate to Thurr what he's saying. This is similar to Frazer puffing his cheeks with cotton wool when making himself younger in 'Keep Young and Beautiful'. Nold is the one who warns Thurr that the Attack Proximity Indicator is flashing, before the Sontarans are about to crash land into Samur attacked by Rutans. He also warns about the ship plummeting helplessly through Samur's atmosphere.

DEREK CARLYLE as Trooper Vend
The last trooper of this platoon is young Trooper Vend, played by Derek Carlyle. Derek has appeared in many `Doctor Who's including the Dar Traders in `The Darkening Eye' with Sarah Sutton and `The Death Collectors'. Vend is a Pike-like character with his name derived from actor Ian Lavender. Vend is a young graduate from the Sontaran Academy and is very keen. He chases Turlough before falling through a crack in the ground of Samur. Vend gets to question Turlough a lot before forming a connection with him in this story. Vend begins to question his own Sontaran integrity, when he asks questions to Thurr about why they fight. He's naive as a character and really fun to listen to with Derek playing him with such depth and unusual quality for a young Sontaran. Vend eventually takes orders from Turlough and makes the big sacrifice at the end of the story.

JOHN BANKS as Fleet Marshall Stabb
There's Fleet Marshall Stabb, played by John Banks who also voices Trooper Jorr. Stabb is like the Colonel character from `Dad's Army' in some way. He only appears in `Parts One and Four' of the story. Stabb is the supreme commander of the Ninth Sontaran Fleet. I found it funny when Thurr meets and talks to him at the beginning and Stabb shouts, "No, no! Can't hear you! Louder! LOUDER!!!" Stabb happens to deaf in both ears, as his eardrums got blown up during some battle. I find it funny when Stabb gives Thurr `permission to laugh' over his jokes and Thurr doesn't know the joke. Stabb is the one who sent Thurr and his troops to Samur in the first place. He seems very determined to send them off to their deaths to rid the curse of Samur. He challenges the Doctor to a fight in a hand-to-hand combat during `Part Four' of this story.

There are lots of Dad's Army in-jokes put into some Sontaran lines. I really like it Fleet Marshall Stabb announces choosing six Sontaran warriors and Sergeant Mezz goes "Five to be exact sir". Stabb replies, `And you Sergeant Mezz makes six". That was from the Dad's Army episode `Asleep in the Deep' where Mannering picks Chief Warden Hodges as the sixth man to draw lots from out of a lucky dip. I like it when Thurr asks Mezz to give him the canister containing the orders and he replies, "But I...I don't have it, sir." This is similar to Mannering telling Wilson off for not getting things for him such as a bible or a torch and `distinctly remembering telling him' to do so. These little moments are delightful to listen to, and Alan Barnes incorporates those Dad's Army moments so well into his Sontaran story.

There are also references to previous Sontaran stories and legendary Sontaran figures by name. Vend declares an oath, "I'm alive! By Linx! I'm alive!" Linx was the first Sontaran we ever saw in `The Time Warrior'. Field-Major Styre from 'The Sontaran Experiment' is also referred to by Stabb to the Doctor at some point in this story. The Sontarans still haven't forgiven the Doctor for their foiled invasion of Gallifrey in 'The Invasion of Time'. I love it when the Sontarans use their communicators with that familiar sound effect from `The Time Warrior' and also them using their gravity sphere ships that were featured in many Sontaran stories. The Rutans are also referenced in this story as well as well as featuring in this 'off-screen' when attacking the Sontaran ship in orbit around Samur.

The Sontarans have a war chant which I love and can learn off by heart. It goes like this, "Sontar, Sontar, we fight for Sontar, the glory of Sontar, the death of our enemies is why we live!" This must have been the original Sontaran war chant before it got shortened to "Sontar-Ha; Sontar-Ha!"

There's a very poignant scene at the end of the story between Nyssa and Tegan. For some time now at the beginning of `Cobwebs', I've wondered at what point in Nyssa's life is she having these adventures with the Doctor, Tegan and Turlough. 'Is it before or after the 'Circular Time - Winter'?', I wondered. It turns out it's after `Winter' and I was delighted to hear that bit of continuity. Nyssa tells Tegan something important in case she dies. She reveals to Tegan about her husband Lasarti and having two children, a young boy named Adric and a daughter named...well, Tegan believes Nyssa named her after her. This got me puzzled as I wondered what happened to Neeka. Nyssa asks Tegan not to tell the Doctor about her family since it's complicated and could disrupt an important event where Nyssa meets the Doctor again in his later life. Tegan keeps her promise.

I've really enjoyed listening to all of the Big Finish audios with Sarah as Nyssa in `Doctor Who'. But, I have to say, I prefer the ones that Sarah does with just Peter where it's just Nyssa and the Doctor. This is nothing against the series of adventures with the Doctor, Nyssa, Tegan and Turlough. It's just I find the Doctor-Nyssa stories more enjoyable as I enjoy the camaraderie Sarah shares with Peter. I've told Sarah this, and she understands and appreciates how I feel about preferring the Doctor-Nyssa audios over the others. Sarah agrees with me saying the Doctor-Nyssa stories are easy to follow and more contained. But I have enjoyed the Doctor-Nyssa-Tegan-Turlough stories, especially `Heroes of Sontar'!

The CD extras for `Heroes of Sontar' are as follows. There's a suite of incidental music from `Heroes of Sontar' at the end of Disc 1. I really like the Sontaran theme music in the story, as it's something you can really march to.

There are also behind-the-scenes interviews on the making of `Heroes of Sontar' at the end of Disc 2. This includes Peter Davison, Sarah Sutton, Janet Fielding, Mark Strickson, writer Alan Barnes, director Ken Bentley, etc. I found it interesting hearing from Alan Barnes about the history of writing this story as it was originally meant to have the Dad's Army element in the first story of `The Stockbridge Trilogy' with the Rutans before it became `Castle of Fear'. I enjoyed hearing Sarah Sutton's comments about her role as older Nyssa, talking about the Dad's Army Sontarans and making reference to the fact it's snowing when she, Peter, Janet and Mark make these stories.

`Heroes of Sontar' is a great story to listen to. I've enjoyed it with Nyssa, the Doctor, Tegan and Turlough as well as the Dad's Army Sontarans. This is a brave experiment by writer Alan Barnes who tries the potato-heads first time out in their Big Finish debut. I've thoroughly enjoyed the end result, despite the absurd plot and characters. Sometimes I can't take this story seriously with its deliciously delightful comedy feel. Some say this is far-fetched in making the Sontarans as Dad's Army characters. But it's an interesting experiment and I enjoyed it so much. I wouldn't mind hearing something like this again with Dad's Army Sontarans. Who knows? Peter Davison's Doctor might challenge the Sontarans to a cricket match! Ha, ha.

I want to do a review on the `The Five Companions', another story with Nyssa, the Fifth Doctor and the Sontarans. I can't seem to do that on Amazon at the moment.

"Sontar, Sontar, we die for Sontar, the death of our enemies is why we live!"

There's a trailer for the next story with the Doctor, Nyssa, Tegan and Turlough called 'Kiss of Death'.
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5.0 out of 5 stars "Right, right ..." "Left I think it was, sir", 12 Sep 2011
Keen Reader "lhendry4" (Auckland, New Zealand) - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Heroes of Sontar (Doctor Who) (Audio CD)
I had to laugh listening to this - the Sontarans sound like a cross between Blackadder's hapless cronies and Dad's Army. With that, and with genuinely funny lines, this starts off as a definitely humorous story. A Sontaran crew with a hapless Major are sent behind enemy Rutan lines to the Samur - funnily enough, where the Tardis has just landed. But why is Samur not as the Doctor remembers?

I was surprised at first that the Sontarans were so far from what they always seemed to have been in the tv series - but this is explained in the course of the story; and why they are so different,and what is so special about the 7 who are sent to Samur on a `special mission' is also explained. I enjoyed the fact that these Sontarans were so distinct in their behaviours and mannerisms and had back-stories - they seemed to be more `real' than perhaps in earlier stories. But while the humour may seem gratuitous at first, it becomes part of a story that is definitely not humorous, and is tinged with horror and a little sadness.

The only grumble I have, and one of the reasons I listened to this story twice through, is that (and I'm writing somewhat cryptically here so as not to introduce a spoiler) the voice of a character in the latter part of the story is somewhat indistinct and therefore it's hard to hear exactly what is said - a little disappointing there.

The Doctor and his companions are in fine form - particularly Tegan, who hasn't learned that sometimes it's better to say nothing at all - and the interaction between them all is great. Turlough even gets to be a little more than his usual self in this story. And at the end, as the Tardis fades into the space-time continuum, Samur is changed - and the listener is left feeling a little sad about the poignancy of the story.

Fantastic story - wonderful characters, brilliantly played - highly recommended.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Inglorious Sontarans, 1 Jun 2011
Paul Tapner (poole dorset england) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Heroes of Sontar (Doctor Who) (Audio CD)
A new Doctor Who audio play, and the start of a run of three stories that feature Peter Davison as the Doctor. Along with Janet Fielding and Mark Strickson as companions Tegan and Turlough. Plus Sarah Sutton as Nyssa.

This one follows on The Cradle of the Snake (Doctor Who) but a story arc from there about Nyssa looking for a cure to a disease is only briefly mentioned. And although there is one reference to events in a much earlier fifth doctor story that might confuse casual listeners, this one does rather stand on it's own and thus those who haven't heard every other big finish story shouldn't have too much trouble getting into it.

The story runs for four episodes of thirty minutes approx each in duration, and is spread over two cd's.

It's the first audio to feature an appearance from the Sontarans. The potato headed war mongering clone race. Here a group of seven Sontarans are sent to a desolate world with sealed orders from a field marshal. Only trouble is, they're not the best warriors in the Sontaran empire.

When the TARDIS arrives there as well, the Doctor and his companions need to keep their wits about them in order to deal with the Sontarans. But with Nyssa having fallen prey to an infection, they face a race against time to cure her. And the secrets of the planet are about to come to light.

Although the Sontarans are clones, every one we've ever seen in the tv show has had a distinct personality of their own. This story builds on that approach in order to give them character. The ones in the group the Doctor and friends encounter are either stupid or vain or both, and not the best soldiers the Sontaran empire has ever seen. This plus their habit of taking things literally results in a lot of character comedy earlier on, with funny lines flying this way and that. More of that comes in the exchanges the TARDIS crew have with the Sontarans as they deal with them.

This approach may seem a bit too comedic to some at first and thus this may quickly alienate some listeners. But if you can go with that it does result in some genuinely funny lines and some very good character interaction. All the laughs do come out that rather than being thrown in for effect.

Beyond that, the plot does take a while to get going as the mystery of this planet is slowly revealed. But episodes three and four do offer some decent developments and surprises. And there are some memorably emotional moments to be had as well.

Although with seven Sontarans with different personalities it can be a bit difficult to keep them all straight in your head.

This is a story the style of which may not appeal to all, but if the approach of the writing does work for you, then it should turn out to be quite enjoyable.

This trilogy of fifth doctor stories continues in Kiss of Death (Doctor Who) a trailer for which can be found on the penultimate track of disc two.

There's roughly thirteen minutes worth of interviews with cast and crew after that.

And nine minutes or so of music from the story on the last track of disc one.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Who do you think you are kidding Mr Sontar?, 14 Dec 2011
This review is from: Heroes of Sontar (Doctor Who) (Audio CD)
An audio adventure of the 5th Doctor, Tegan, Turlough and Nyssa.

The story follows the Doctor and companions stuck on a planet with a group of Sontarian warriors.

However rather than the usual ultimate warriors this bunch are distinctly second rate, and the title of this review will give you some idea of who the warriors are based on.

A more comedic adventure than usual for Doctor Who which has always had an element of humour and therefore depends on how funny you find it.

This is one of my favorite adventures of this year, moving on at a good pace, with a twist in the plot and each of the companions playing up to their traditional images as much as possible.
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3.0 out of 5 stars Sontar-ha!, 1 May 2011
This review is from: Heroes of Sontar (Doctor Who) (Audio CD)
Unfortunately the previous reviewer's scathing comments aren't too far from the truth. I thought the idea of 'humanising' the Sontarans was potentially a dodgy one anyway - they are so much better as sadistic glory-obsessed warriors.
Peter Davison and co. provide their usual reliable performances, however the storyline is uninspired and the dialogue occasionally jars. The Witch Guards are pretty stock Big Finish monsters too, although the drama unfolds pacily and the incidental music and sound-effects are accomplished and effective.
Overall not a complete fail but I am hoping that the recent run of mediocre BF plays will end soon.
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1.0 out of 5 stars No More Heroes, 21 April 2011
Mark J. Heckford (England) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Heroes of Sontar (Doctor Who) (Audio CD)
Created by Robert Holmes for his Jon Pertwee adventure, The Time Warrior, this is the first time that the Sontarans have featured in a Big Finish audio adventure. On the basis of this poor offering, it may also be the last. Big Finish have opted to play the Sontarans for endless cheap laughs, with a long series of 'height' jokes, and self indulgent 'witty' comments that the writer is keen for the listener to view as 'satire' as he gives Tegan a line of dialogue to make this point loud and clear. With the Sontarans played and written as bumbling comic fools this dire offering limps along with the regular cast, in particular Sarah Sutton, doing their best to give a good performance. Not even their efforts come close to making this anything other than feeble, one can almost see the writer and director sitting in their control room during recording, laughing behind their hands as they try to come to terms with their own incredible cleverness. Gone it seems are the days when Big Finish made top quality Doctor Who time and time again; thankfully many top quality releases are still available from Amazon. Sadly, Heroes of Sontar is best avoided. Past releases such as Night Thoughts, Davros and Dust Breeding show just what Doctor Who audio fiction can, and should, be.
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