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5.0 out of 5 stars The Blue Forgotten Planet - Satisfying resolution to the Charlotte Pollard problem, 7 Jun 2010
Victor (Hull, England) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Blue Forgotten Planet (Doctor Who) (Audio CD)
Ever since she teamed up with the Sixth Doctor at the end of `The Girl Who Never Was', we've all been asking the same question - just how will the writers resolve the apparent paradox of the Eighth Doctor not remembering Charlie when he first meets her on the R101? It was obvious that a complicated adventure full of some interesting concepts and hard core sci fi would be required to resolve the issue. If not handled well then it could be just a confusing mess, so it was with some trepidation that I started to listen to this, knowing it would be Charlie's farewell.

Forgetting the Charlie problem for a moment, this is an excellent story in its own right. The Doctor and Charlie are forced to land on a post apocalyptic Earth, where the inhabitants are in the grip of some strange madness. A select few are in receipt of medicine from the mysterious Viyrans, with the condition that they make photographic records of all the untreated humans. But just what do the Viryans really intend? And what was the source of the infection?

A really great tale that plays with your preconceptions, and interesting in that it shows certain decisions from the Viryans viewpoint, a cold, logical, alien viewpoint that looks at the big picture and does not feel sympathy, or indeed, any other emotion. Added to this is the resolution to the Mila situation and the Charlotte Pollard problem. Both are done in a satisfying manner that ties up all the loose ends.

Colin Baker shines as Six, full of compassion and energy. India Fisher is excellent as Charlie, in the final scenes I was really moved by her performance. A decent script and well directed. What more do you need?

I would recommend listening to `Storm Warning' and a few of the Eighth Dr/Charlie adventures, as well as `Patient Zero' and `Mission of the Viyrans' before listening to this, as this is the end of a long running story arc and there are lots of continuity references.
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5.0 out of 5 stars A more than satisfying conclusion, 30 Mar 2010
Alex "CB8687" - See all my reviews
This review is from: Blue Forgotten Planet (Doctor Who) (Audio CD)
After the disappointing Paper Cuts this is a welcome relief.

As is becoming the trend for BF productions the music is superb as is the post production work and pacing. There are plenty of twists to keep the listener on his toes, as with all good science fiction the truth of the situation is far from immediately apparent.

This story is not only the conclusion to the trilogy, but also the final goodbye to Charley, one of my favourite companions.

I must say, Nick Briggs is fast becoming one of my favourite BF writers, impressive given his earlier contributions.
More like these please.
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5.0 out of 5 stars The End Is Nigh!, 15 April 2014
timelord007 (England) - See all my reviews
(TOP 1000 REVIEWER)   
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This review is from: Blue Forgotten Planet (Doctor Who) (Audio CD)
CD Info.
2xCD of a 4 episode story, Running time 120 minutes approx.

Trailer, Behind the scenes interviews, Three Companions part 7.

1)The cd sleeve pictured here is not the original cd sleeve artwork.
2)The Viyrans claim to have altered the Doctors mind before, Check out Big Finishes Fifth Doctor single parter Mission Of The Viyrans.
3)This story concludes the Sixth Doctor & Charley arc.
4)The Sixth Doctor asks Charley "If she was expecting someone else".

On Earth civilization has ended & time is running out for the Sixth Doctor & Charley Pollard.

The final showdown between the Doctor, Charley & the Doctor's enigmatic stalker Mila is vast approaching & what of the mysterious Viyrans will they be Earth's saviours or cause Earth's destruction?

Timelord Thoughts.
This story has a lot of expectations on it's shoulders & thankfully Nicholas Briggs excellent script delivers a emotional gut wrenching finale that brings this Sixth Doctor & Charley arc to it's conclusion.

Colin Baker is on superb form showcasing the best characteristics of his Doctor's incarnation as he'll make you laugh, Cry & cheer through this story's emotional rollercoaster of nerve shredding tension & gut punch emotion.

India Fisher delivers one last emotional performance as Charley Pollard & Mila as actress India Fisher gives Charley a great emotional pay off while with the Mila she actually makes the listener feel sympathetic towards the character as travelling with the Doctor seems to have changed Mila emotionally as writer Nicholas Briggs has added a three dimensional layer to the Mila character.

Michael Maloney gives the Viyrans such a creepy yet mysterious edge as he brings a calm voicing performance to these robot's which is is pitched to perfection.

This story feels ambiguous yet gives suitable closure & the Viyrans ability to alter memories goes all the way back to the Fifth Doctor single parter Mission Of The Viyrans yet it's Charleys sacrifice to allow the Doctor to forget her & him remember the adventures he had with Charley to be with Mila is heartbreaking, Yet makes perfect sense & gives the story the conclusion it richly deserves.

This raises the question though of has a time paradox occured now as when Charley meets the Eighth Doctor in Storm Warning does she already know of him?, This is the only timey wimey issue I thought maybe needed resolving yet who's to say Big Finish won't pick up this thread in a future adventure.

This is a excellent story that has great performances, Superb sound effects & production values & a fitting end to one of Big Finishes best companion creations in Charley Pollard.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Viryan the hold!, 21 Nov 2009
This review is from: Blue Forgotten Planet (Doctor Who) (Audio CD)
After the excellent Paper Cuts, I was full of anticipation and hope for Charley Pollard's swansong. The story starts strongly, continuing on from its predecessor, as the truth about Mila and Charley finally begins to emerge against the backdrop of a dystopian future Earth, where a bizarre madness-inducing virus has decimated the planet's population and split the survivors into two mutually antagonistic factions. The Sixth Doctor and Mila arrive and are immediately co-opted into one of the groups, whilst the real Charley has other fish to fry...

I really enjoyed the dystopian future Earth idea, and the tension created through the rivalry between the different groups of survivors. However, I thought the Viryans disappointing - too one dimensional overall, and the ending seemed somehow rushed and garbled. Not a poor effort but not Big Finish's greatest hour either.
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5.0 out of 5 stars the plague years, 15 Oct 2009
Paul Tapner (poole dorset england) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Blue Forgotten Planet (Doctor Who) (Audio CD)
Latest Doctor who audio play from big finish. Featuring Colin Baker as the Doctor and India Fisher as his companion Charley Pollard.

Four episodes spread over two discs each running for roughly twenty eight minutes bring to a close the ongoing story of the pair that has been told over the course of this and the previous six sixth doctor stories in the monthly releases.

So this is not a story for casual listeners. If you are one, start with The Condemned (Doctor Who).

If you are, then you'll hear a story where the Doctor and charley visit earth. only to find the planet in the grip of a deadly plague. The only help available comes from alien race the viyrans. And a passenger of theirs who is someone the doctor has met before.

Some humans co-operate with the viyrans. Some don't like them at all. But as the truth of what's happening here begisn to come to light some very big choices have to be made by all concerned. And for some of them, nothing will ever be the same again.

The first episode takes a while to get going as it has to set a lot of things up, but by the last few minutes you will begin to find yourself absorbed. The story certainly pulls no punches in depicting the effects that the plague has on people. The first cliffhanger is obvious long before it happens but it's very satisfying for regular listeners.

In the new few episodes the level of threat that the doctor and the human race faces gets ever larger, and the doctor's responses are written superbly well as he flies into the face of danger always trying to do the right thing. And getting to vent some moral indignation when the truth of the plague is revealed.

India fisher does some great acting in a dual role, and it's this that gives the final episode a memorable emotional strength. Plot lines are resolved. And you might just get a tear in your eye as a result.

But even so, there is one tantalising loose end left. And do be sure to listen to the very end of the credits for one final scene.

This is not the greatest doctor who story ever but it manages to bring this long ongoing one to a very satisfying close in a manner that you won't forget in a hurry. And for that it deserves a five star rating.

There are fifteen minutes of interviews with cast and crew at the end of episode two. These do contain some very minor hints and spoilers so you may not want to listen to them till after part four.

And after part four is episode seven of the three companions, a story that has been told one episode a time over the course of the most recent big finish releases. So it's something else that casual listeners may not be able to get into. But for regular ones this is a strong episode that moves the current part of the story along very nicely, and does give some hints about what one character may be up to.

All in all, a pretty memorable release
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