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5.0 out of 5 stars Audio Bliss, 6 Jun. 2009
This review is from: Doctor Who: Enemy of the Daleks (Dr Who Big Finish) (Audio CD)
In the near future those reprehensible fascist pepperpots are gaining a foothold in their ongoing quest for universal domination. A Valkyrie craft flees the battle and makes for the nearest human scientific outpost for assistance... with the Daleks hot in pursuit. This particular outpost though has its own problems - an unknown but decidedly deadly `space plague'.
The Seventh Doctor tries to convince Ace and Hex to stay behind, but Hex wants to use his medical training to aid the wounded whilst Ace, being Ace, wants to join in and fight against the Daleks. In the meantime, The Doctor is doing his interfering thing again, with potentially devastating consequences...

Enemy of the Daleks is a dark and claustrophobic story that gives the Daleks one of their stronger audio stories. Writer David Bishop has created a nefarious world of labour camps and galactic civilisation hanging in the balance, but this drama still accessible and entertaining, without excessive continuity or contrived plot devices.

The regular actors give the script everything they have, and Philip Olivier as Liverpudlian nurse `Hex' really comes into his own here. The novelty has obviously worn off for this particular member of the TARDIS crew, and despite his unrequited adoration for fellow traveller `Ace', Hex seems to be getting to the end of his imperturbable tether. Guest star Kate Ashfield is worthy of a mention as the cowardly Lieutenant Stokes, whilst the remainder of the guest cast all keep their ends up. A gritty parry to the altogether lighter `Magic Mousetrap', this audio story is tough, mean, but altogether worthwhile, and thought-provoking to boot. Highly recommended.

As with the previous release, this one contains one episode of a bonus story 'The Three Companions'; second in a 12 part tale of former companions to the Time Lord who contact one another to discuss a global threat that somehow links them...and The Doctor.
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5.0 out of 5 stars YOU ARE AN ENEMY OF THE DALEKS!, 11 Jun. 2009
Paul Tapner (poole dorset england) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Doctor Who: Enemy of the Daleks (Dr Who Big Finish) (Audio CD)
A new four part audio adventure for sylvester mccoy as the seventh doctor with his companions ace and hex.

A few things to mention to those who don't follow this range regularly:

this is part of a three part 'season' with The Magic Mousetrap (Doctor Who) preceding it and the forthcoming The Angel of Scutari (Doctor Who) following. whilst this story does stand on it's own there is some character development for hex at the end that will doubtless come into play in the next story.

It also contains episode two of a twelve part story called the three companions which is being spread over the regular releases in the range at the moment. but this episode is a typical tale of the doctor and companions exploring a strange world and you could pick it up without having heard part one.

enemy of the daleks itself sees the doctor and companions reach the planet bliss. they find a hostile landscape and a human base. for once the doctor isn't manipulating his companions. he tries to keep them out of things. because terrible events are due to happen on the planet. and he has to find out what.

Inside the base is a scientist with a secret. a military unit who have fought the daleks before. and a deadly threat to the aliens from skaro.
Battle is joined. People die. Who will walk away?

This is a superb and engrossing listen, because it models itself very much on war movies and shows the various ways people can react in combat. All of which are superbly acted by the cast. added to which there are moral debates of the kind that the show has done before in other dalek stories, but they are presented in a way that makes them interesting and thought provoking.

superb incidental music makes the battle sequences gripping.

part two of the three companions is a very short episode of little more than ten minutes, but it's also very involving, as it tells of the doctor visiting a strange world that's like a cross between the movies logans run and terminator salvation. clever sound design and strong writing conjure up a nightmarish atmosphere.

so all in all a very strong set of episodes and well worth a listen
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5.0 out of 5 stars Daleks Be Afraid Be Very Afraid!, 29 Mar. 2014
Timelord-007 (The Eccentric Wanderer) - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Doctor Who: Enemy of the Daleks (Dr Who Big Finish) (Audio CD)
Enemy Of The Daleks.
Doctor: Seventh Doctor
Companion(s): Ace, Hex
Main enemy: The Daleks, Kiseibya
Main setting: Bliss
Publisher: Big Finish Productions
Writer: David Bishop
Director: Ken Bentley
Release number: 121
2xCD - 4 episode's
Running time 120 minutes

Behind the scenes interviews

The Doctor - Sylvester McCoy
Ace - Sophie Aldred
Hex - Philip Olivier
Lieutenant Beth Stokes - Kate Ashfield
Sergeant Tahira Khan - Bindya Solanki
Professor Toshio Shimura - Eiji Kusuhara
Sistermatic / Kiseibya / Male Patient / Male Voice - Jeremy James
The Daleks - Nicholas Briggs

1)This is Hex first encounter with the Daleks & Aces third.
2)The Doctor references the mission the Timelords sent him on to destroy or avert the Dalek creation in the classic tv story Genesis Of The Daleks.
3)Hex compares the Daleks to the Cybermen who attacked St Garts Hospital in the year 2021.

What's Up Doc?.
The planet Bliss used to be a paradise planet but when the Tardis brings the Seventh Doctor, Ace & Hex to the Bliss the Doctor notices something is very wrong as the air is heavy with the smell of burnt silk & the planet is overrun with Ironweeds.

Bliss is about to receive some other visitors as the Doctors deadliest enemy the Daleks arrive on Bliss on the trail of a lost patrol of starship troopers holed up in Roarke 279 research facility as Lieutenant Beth Stokes is about to make her last stand against the Daleks

Yet there is a secret on the planet Bliss guarded by the obsessive Professor Shimura.

The Daleks are about to encounter there greatest enemy the Kiseibya & this time it's the Daleks who may need saving!

The Doctor knows bad things are about to happen on Bliss history has told him so but can the Doctor change history or must the deadly event's play out as history intended?

Timelord Thoughts.
'Enemy Of The Daleks' is a engaging & exciting listen from begining to end as writer David Bishop produces a strong & nail bitting script that brings back the fear & threat of the Daleks while introducing another fearful advisory in the form of the Kiseibya.

Sylvester McCoy is on top form as the Seventh Doctor & for once he isn't manipulating his companions or the situation here as the Doctor simply senses that terrible things are going to happen on the planet Bliss very soon as he sets about investigating while knowing that history has told him he will have a part to play in proceedings here.

Sophie Aldred & Phillip Oliver both deliver great performances as the duo & get involved in the action as Ace battles the Daleks, Hex starts to see the carnage around him unfold as he becomes aware of the death & destruction the Doctor brings with him wherever he goes as Hex eye's are opened to event's around him & sees traveling with the Doctor in a whole new light.

The Daleks are quite sinister in this story as they plan to annihilate a lost patrol of troopers yet the most disturbing scene of this adventure is hearing what the Kiseibya does to the Daleks, this is shocking scene that takes this story into some quite gruesome territory that is terrifyingng to hear in a audio adventure.

'Enemy Of The Daleks' is a chilling gruesome & action packed tale that delivers one of Big Finishes best Dalek story's to date, with great sound design & incidental music combined with Big Finishes high production values & you have a story that delivers 2 hours of wonderful rich storytelling with a outstandingly brilliant tension filled audio adventure piting the Doctor against his greatest enemy 'The Daleks'.

Timelord Rating.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Enemy Of The Daleks: What's it like to encounter a race that considers you to be lunch?, 25 April 2013
Victor (Hull, England) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Doctor Who: Enemy of the Daleks (Dr Who Big Finish) (Audio CD)
This is the hundred and twentyfirst release from Big Finish in their range of full cast audio adventures starring classic Doctor Whos. It stars Sylvester McCoy as Seven, Sophie Aldred as Ace and Philip Olivier as Hex. There are four episodes, roughly 25-30 minutes each, complete with original theme music between each, and cliff hanger endings. This is the second of a trilogy of adventures that will bring Hex more to the fore. Two episodes per disc on 2 discs, and a short booklet with some pictures of the cast and production notes. There are some interviews with cast and crew at the end of the first disc. There is a treat for regular listeners in the form of the second 10 minute segment of a twelve part adventure called `The Three Companions' on the end of disc 2.

The Doctor and his companions land on the planet Bliss, once a byword for paradise. But not all is as it should be (naturally...) and there is danger in the air. Then Daleks arrive and the world changes, especially for Hex who sees the carnage that they can cause first hand for the first time.

It's a highly dynamic and high octane story that puts the pedal to the metal and doesn't let up until the final shattering conclusion. This is accentuated by the above average score that verges into heavy metal at times, but is totally fitting and appropriate to the story. McCoy revels in the character of the Doctor - he know's he has a part to play in the atrocity that is to occur, history tells him it is so. But just what is his part? Sophie Aldred really delivers as Ace, brave but not foolhardy, watching over Hex and fighting one of her greatest fears, the Daleks. Philip Olivier has some meaty material as Hex, his changing attitude to travelling with the Doctor as a result of the amount of death and carnage that e is witnessing. It's a powerful story that does something interesting with the pepperpots. The best ting I can say is that it is just so damned entertaining! I was gripped and immersed in it in a way that I have not been for too many releases. It's a real thrill ride, and one of the best releases in the range. 5 stars.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Another triumph, 6 Jan. 2010
Varian Beauregard (Le Jardin d'Angleterre) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Doctor Who: Enemy of the Daleks (Dr Who Big Finish) (Audio CD)
Another excellent adventure for Big Finishes best Doctor (Sylvester McCoy). The Daleks are integral to this but don't quite take centre stage, and the famous anti-climax to 'Genesis of the Daleks' ("Do I have the right?") is revisited to brilliant effect (with a new slant). There is also a wonderful heavy-metal style backing which works well and lends an urgency to the action scenes, but it does become repetitive. I don't want to say too much because half the delight is finding out for yourself but in conclusion this is another brilliant addition to the range.

If you enjoy this, it is also well worth checking out the often overlooked 'Return of the Daleks' featuring a companionless 7th doctor.
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