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4.0 out of 5 stars Reefreshing
The latest Fifth Doctor audio catches up with Victorian `Mudlark' Thomas Brewster; an orphan who after being rescued by The Doctor has repaid the Timelord by stealing his TARDIS!

When The Doctor and Nyssa finally catch-up with Brewster, they discover that he has been impersonating the Timelord, with disastrous consequences for both the TARDIS and a crew of...
Published on 5 Feb 2009 by Captain Pugwash

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3.0 out of 5 stars okayish
I'll admit, the catching factor of this story was the title. I love Reefs, coral, tropical or otherwise. I was a bit wary; i was aware the character of Thomas Brewster features heavily in the story and i had not heard his previous stories, so i knew i'd be starting with a handicap. However, beavering into it knowing it was in the reliable hands of Marc Platt, i was hoping...
Published on 10 Aug 2009 by Andrew Kyle

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4.0 out of 5 stars Reefreshing, 5 Feb 2009
This review is from: Time Reef (Doctor Who) (Audio CD)
The latest Fifth Doctor audio catches up with Victorian `Mudlark' Thomas Brewster; an orphan who after being rescued by The Doctor has repaid the Timelord by stealing his TARDIS!

When The Doctor and Nyssa finally catch-up with Brewster, they discover that he has been impersonating the Timelord, with disastrous consequences for both the TARDIS and a crew of battle-hardened warriors, led by the swaggering Commander Gammedes; who are also stranded on the eponymous reef. They also encounter the blind creature of darkness - The Ruhk - can they recover the TARDIS' missing component before the beast discovers them..?

This is a solid entry in the monthly series; The Fifth Doctor played by Peter Davison seems to be growing in irascibility, whilst Nyssa is her usual unruffled self. John Pickard (Grange Hill, Hollyoaks) plays Brewster as a lovable rogue; his appearance as a member of the TARDIS crew is refreshing - a bit like Adric only far less obnoxious (and infinitely less wooden). The CD extras are as entertaining as ever and the bonus story is a real treat.
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5.0 out of 5 stars the two doctors, 15 Oct 2008
Paul Tapner (poole dorset england) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Time Reef (Doctor Who) (Audio CD)
another audio adventure for doctor who. this one features peter davison as the fifth doctor, and sarah sutton as his companion nyssa, plus john pickard as thomas brewster, a new companion from victorian london that first appeared in the earlier story the haunting of thomas brewster.

the story runs for three episodes of twenty five minutes in duration, spread over two discs. the final track of disc one contains roughly twenty minutes worth of interviews with cast and crew, and disc two also contains a one part story called a perfect world, and eight minutes of interviews right after that.

disc one begins with a trailer for brotherhood of the daleks, the next release in this range.

time reef does follow on somewhat from the earlier releases the haunting of thomas brewster and the boy that time forgot, and they do form a loose trilogy, although you should be able to get into this one easily enough if you haven't heard them. it involves the tardis running into systems problems and landing on a reef that is stuck outside of time. a ship containing some victorian style warriors is there, and another containing a snake lady. brewster is not eager to visit the place again, because he had control of the tardis on his own for a while at the end of his first story, and only now does the doctor find some of the things he did whilst that was the case.

can the stranded people escape the reef, and the predator bird like creatures the ruhk?

a very imaginative story and one that is told at a good pace. some excellent acting from the main cast. brewster really comes into his own as a character, and peter davison does some magnificently understated reactions. the supporting cast fill their characters with good depth and style, and there are spectacular set pieces where the audio really does a good job of conjuring up images that work superbly in your imagination.

a very good story all in all, and one that could possibly have worked as a four parter.

the one part story, a perfect world, is a character drama centering on an ordinary lady living in present day london, who meets a decent man and finds that you should be careful what you wish for. there's a strong moral at the centre of this one - the kind of thing the doctor might preach to cybermen - and it's a very nice character piece all in all. even a couple of comedic supporting characters work fine.

and the ending will come as a bit of a surprise to those who follow the audio series. well done to big finish on that.

an excellent audio and well worth a listen. as mentioned you can pick this up if you haven't heard the earlier two stories featuring brewster, but I think it's better if you have, as that way you will get more out of it
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4.0 out of 5 stars Enjoyable Conclusion To The Fifth Doctor/ Thomas Brewster Trilogy, 9 Jun 2014
Timelord-007 (The Eccentric Wanderer) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Time Reef (Doctor Who) (Audio CD)
Time Reef.
Doctor: Fifth Doctor.
Companion(s): Nyssa, Thomas Brewster.
Main enemy: The Ruhk.
Writer: Marc Platt.
Time Reef : 3 episodes, Running time 90 minutes.
A Perfect World : 1 episode, Running time 30 minutes.

Behind the scenes interviews.

1)Lady Vuyoki lives inside a giant jar, which she referred to as her bridal urn which has been in her family for generations.
2)While the TARDIS was in his possession, Brewster passed himself off as the Doctor.
3)Lucor gives the Doctor the nickname "Blondie." Even after his true identity is revealed, he continues to refer to him as such.
4)The Doctor accuses Brewster of interfering with the TARDIS' inner dimensions and is furious that Brewster is wearing his shirt, which he obtained from the TARDIS wardrobe.
5)Without the conceptual geometer, the internal dimensions of the TARDIS cannot be maintained.

Plot Synopsis.
Drawn by the siren call of a distress beacon, the TARDIS crash-lands on an uncharted time reef. However, the fifth Doctor, Nyssa & Thomas Brewster are not the only mariners marooned on this barren rock. Commander Gammades and his crew of returning war heroes have been similarly shipwrecked who harbours in his crew the beautiful but mysterious Lady Vuyoki who lives in a jar.

But there's something else here, too. A thing of malevolent evil that slowly crawls unnoticed across the surface of the reef hunting for prey a sinister alien presence known as the Ruhk.

Timelord Thoughts.
Writer Marc Platt brings a sense of the unexplained & weird to his fifth Doctor audio adventure "Time Reef", giving us survived crew of Greek warriors who have ended up marooned on a stranded time ship.

We also discover what Thomas Brewster was up to after he stole the Doctor's TARDIS & I would rate this as being Big Finish's best three-part story yet - it's certainly paced well for it's three episode length, & never outstays it's welcome or feels padded out.

Peter Davison is on top form here berating Brewster for marooning him on the reef which has echoes of the Third Doctor when he was exiled to earth by the Timelords & channels anger at how Brewster has incapacitated the Tardis temporarily when he stole the Tardis & has flogged most of the interior fittings to a rather curious spaceship marooned on a Time Reef, Davison delivers a darker Doctor to his performance which is rarely seen in his Fifth incarnation.

Sarah Sutton does well as Nyssa who mediates between the Doctor & Brewster while seemingly having a telepathic link with the Ruhk, Sutton always gives strong performances & delivers another good one here.

John Pickard is a marmite character among the Doctor Who community as he's either liked or loathed but here the character is integral to the pot as Brewsters lies come back to haunt him in this adventure & realizes he's way out of his depth.

This story delivers a great if eccentric mystery & good performances by the main cast & is a excellent entertaining three part Fifth Doctor audio adventure.

A Perfect World.
Thomas Brewster meets a young girl named Connie & starts to develop feelings for her & leaves yet when he later returns with the Doctor & Nyssa he finds the world has changed for the better with everything is seemingly perfect, No wars; no political corruption, as every human being on earth is happy & super efficient in their jobs which seems to good to be true as the Doctor is at loss to explain event's of whats happened, Could Thomas Brewster & his new companion Connie be somehow behind this?

Timelord Thoughts.
Again this is another great story this time by the ever excellent writing talents of Jonathan Morris whos delivers an intriguing mystery of changing events of time which allows some good interplay between the three main characters of the Doctor, Nyssa & Brewster.

Peter Davison delivers another great performance as the Doctor but it's actress Sarah Sutton as Nyssa who shines here as she seemingly feels sadness for Thomas Brewster & what the future will hold for him while Rebbeca Callard does well in her role of Brewsters love interest Connie.

A Perfect World is a fitting end to the Thomas Brewster character arc for now at least & his time with the Fifth Doctor & allows the character some element of redemption, Yet things will take a far dramatic turn when he meets the Doctor once again in his Sixth incarnation but as they say that's another story.

Timelord Rating.
Time Reef 8/10
A Perfect World 8/10
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4.0 out of 5 stars Two exciting adventures with the Doctor, Nyssa and Thomas Brewster!, 9 Jun 2014
This review is from: Time Reef (Doctor Who) (Audio CD)
I found most of this audio story very strange and weird!

I had `Time Reef' and 'Return to the Web Planet' from Amazon as part of my continuing collection and enjoyment of the Doctor and Nyssa adventures in `Doctor Who' from Big Finish.

This is the third Big Finish audio in a set of stories that almost becomes `The Thomas Brewster Trilogy'. I say `almost' because it's not one adventure, its two adventures! This 2-disc CD release contains `Time-Reef', a three-part story by Marc Platt; and `A Perfect World' a bonus single-episode story by Jonathan Morris. The main story of this CD is weirder than its bonus tale. But it's a great CD to add to your collection of Doctor and Nyssa adventures starring Peter Davison and Sarah Sutton. It's certainly one I enjoyed, and one I look forward to enjoying from time to time.


This three-part story stars Peter Davison, Sarah Sutton and John Pickard as the new TARDIS team - the Doctor, Nyssa and Thomas Brewster. It takes place after 'The Haunting of Thomas Brewster' and 'The Boy That Time Forgot'.

The Doctor and Nyssa have been stranded in Victorian times on Earth for some time, since the TARDIS was stolen by Thomas Brewster. Now Thomas and the TARDIS have come back, and the Doctor and Nyssa invite him to join them on their adventures in time and space. But this new ride is not so easy, as the Doctor, Nyssa and Brewster come to realise.

For the Doctor and Nyssa, it hasn't been long since the TARDIS was stolen from them. But who knows how long Thomas was in the TARDIS for? He could have been travelling for five months; maybe five years. So the Doctor and Nyssa come back into the TARDIS to find out what and how much damage Thomas has caused still he stole it.

And it's pretty extensive. For the TARDIS has been messed around and jumbled up in terms of corridors and creaking noises. Even some components are missing such as the conceptual geometer and the food machine. The Doctor is not too pleased and is blaming Thomas on every occasion. Thomas even wears on the Doctor's shirts with those annoying question marks on the lapels, which gets the Doctor very annoyed. The Doctor and Nyssa want to know what the young urchin from Victorian London has been doing; where did he go and what damage he's caused in this universe.

In `Time Reef' we get to experience one of these adventures where Thomas has caused damage. The TARDIS receives a distress call which takes them to a place outside space onto a coral reef in time. Pretty soon the TARDIS gets killed with the loss of power and the Doctor is upset. They have no means of getting off this time reef. But it turns out the Doctor, Nyssa and Brewster aren't the only ones here. There's a crew of a Greek sailing ship called the Gamma, led by Commander Gammades and a strangely mysterious but beautiful lady in a jar named Lady Vuyoki. Both have been shipwrecked on the coral time reef and are trying to get back to their own time and places. Gammades blames `the Doctor' for putting him and his crew in his mess. And who does the Doctor turn out to be?!...Thomas Brewster!

Marc Platt delivers a very eerie and strange tale set on this time reef; that is both comedic and complex at the same time with all its scientific jargon and technical terms. Marc has written a number of Big Finish audios already including the popular Doctor and Nyssa story, 'Spare Parts'. Marc carries on the Thomas Brewster story in uncovering his activities aboard the TARDIS and for the Doctor and Nyssa to sort them out. What struck me about this story was that Thomas has been doing dirty dealings with people he's encountered such as the Gamma crew and Lady Vuyoki. He's even sold components of the TARDIS which cause things to go wrong when the Doctor and Nyssa return and for the ship to `die' so suddenly. It's an intriguing tale of how the Doctor and Nyssa sort out Brewster's little messes and get everyone off the time reef and save them from all the deadly terrors occurring such as the creepy Ruhk. I couldn't call this one of Marc Platt's greatest stories, but it's a fascinating one all the same.

Peter Davison again delivers a brilliant performance as the Doctor in this story. He really puts across the after-effects of being away from the TARDIS for so long and being angry for Brewster marooning him and Nyssa in Victorian times. He knows things in the TARDIS are not where they should be, and gets annoyed when the conceptual geometer; the food machine and the fault locator are missing. He's determined to sort out what damage Thomas has caused and so he takes the TARDIS to the time reef to repair the damage. I really like how Peter explores and discovers more about the time reef and interacts with Gammades' crew and Lady Vuyoki. I loved it when the Doctor's revelling at Thomas trying to get himself out of a hard conversation with Gammades since he's taken the Doctor's name. He's gently mocking him like he's saying; "Go on Brewster. You tell him. You're the Doctor." The Doctor and his friends find themselves in the midst of a deadly struggle with the Gamma crew and the Ruhk. The Doctor's determined to get the conceptual geometer back in order to restore his TARDIS. Will he be able to do it in time by the third episode?

Sarah Sutton is lovely and does a really good performance as Nyssa in this story of `Doctor Who'. I know how Sarah doesn't find the futuristic stories easy to follow compared to the historical stories, and I don't suppose this one made it any easier for her. But she ploughs on very well and gives a convincing performance saying all the complex technical lines superbly like she did in 'Time-Flight'. Nyssa is the referee between the Doctor and Brewster when she's trying to ease tensions down between in the TARDIS. She tries to get the Doctor to calm down, but he's so easily frustrated. At one point, she has enough and walks off with the Doctor calling to her, "Nyssa, where are you going?!", "Talk to Brewster, Doctor. Not to me." I really like how Nyssa tries to get Brewster to tell him what he's been doing, even if he unwilling to answer. She makes a connection to the Ruhk, the strange time-sensitive aliens on this time reef and has sympathy for them. Nyssa is pretty empathic in this story and Sarah does that sense of empathy tremendously well. I don't think this is a great story to feature Nyssa, but it's a nice one all the same.

John Pickard returns to play Thomas Brewster in `Doctor Who' and it's more his story than it is about the Doctor's and Nyssa's. Thomas hasn't been telling the whole truth about what he's been doing. He's reluctant to tell anything about where he's been to the Doctor and Nyssa. He still wants to travel with them, and finds the TARDIS an amazing machine. But he's afraid to go back to the time reef since he knows what will be waiting for him there. He's had dealings with Gammades' crew and Lady Vuyoki before in selling them components of the TARDIS, and for whatever reason has left them behind. Coming back makes him feel awkward, and he doesn't realise the amount of damage he's caused. Brewster's a pretty dodgy character to trust and doesn't do himself any favours. He's pretty heroic though when saving the Doctor in a freezing corridor of the TARDIS and sacrificing himself into the TARDIS to put the conceptual geometer in. He has a liking for lady-like characters like Vuyoki as a result of his interaction with Nyssa. I like John's performance as Thomas Brewster in this story, and it's great to hear him again as a proper companion even though it's for a short time.

The guest of this story includes Nicholas Farrell playing Commander Gammades. I've seen Nicholas Farrell before in a BBC production of `Mansfield Park' and an episode of `The Agatha Christie Hour'. He's also been in the Doctor Who universe playing the Prime Minster in the third series of `Torchwood - Children of Earth'. Here he plays a commander of a sailing ship of war heroes called the Gamma who have been shipwrecked on this time reef. Gammades is trying to get his men back to their home where they belong. He has three sons waiting for him. He also has a loving desire for the Lady Vuyoki, who rejects him every time he sends her letters of offers to join him on his ship. He blames `the Doctor' (turning out to be Brewster) for abandoning them on this reef. "A curse on these rocks and this damned reef; curse the Ruhk; and curse the damned Doctor who brought us here and abandoned us all to our fate!!" When he learns who the real Doctor is, he takes matters into his own hands. I like Nicholas Farrell in this story and he does a terrific performance as Gammades.

I also like Beth Chalmers playing Lady Vuyoki, who's lovely and has such a fine talent for voices. Beth would go on to play Raine Creevy, companion to the Seventh Doctor in the Big Finish audios of Doctor Who. Here Beth plays a really mysterious beautiful lady who regards herself so highly and thinks everyone else is below her - a snob really. She lives in this giant jar which she calls her bridal urn and she comes from the planet Maraboo. She's been rejecting Gammades' continuing letters to join him and his crew on his sailing ship, the Gamma. I found it funny when she delivers her message to Gammades and ends it offside to the messenger boy shouting, "How do I switch this thing off?!" since she has no idea how to use technology. She takes favour in Brewster, and takes an instant dislike to Nyssa who she tries to kill in `Part Two'. She even regards the Doctor as some saviour when she bows down to him, though he's claiming he's not who she wants him to be. It's a really funny and unnerving performance and I enjoyed how Beth interprets the character of Vuyoki in this story.

The monsters in this story include the Ruhk, played mainly by Sean Biggerstaff. Sean has done a Big Finish story before, playing Chris Parson in the audio version of `Shada' with Paul McGann. Listening to this recently, I couldn't recognise Sean's voice at all since he's a Scot and I was expecting a Scot's voice to come through. But obviously he's putting on different accents for characters in this story, and when I heard him on the CD extras interviewed with his normal Scottish voice I'm glad I wasn't wrong he was the same guy from `Shada'. Sean's voice for the Ruhk is pretty scary and deep, especially when he scares the living daylights out of Nyssa at the end of `Part One'. Beth Chalmers and Rebecca Callard also do voices for female Ruhks in this story.

I liked Sean playing the short-lived character of Eumachus who dies and dies again at the beginning of `Part One' and appearing occasionally with his repeated line in loop. Eumachus is laughing and waving below to his crewmates cheering, "Hello down there!" before he gets killed off in the vortex with the conceptual geometer in his hand. To hear him saying that line again and again before he dies is pretty frightening. The Doctor has got to get that conceptual geometer off from Eumachus at some point to get his TARDIS back. Will he do it, do you think?

There's also Sean Connolly playing Gammades' second-hand man Captain Lucor. Lucor sounds like a really roughened sailor who's fiercely loyal to his commanding officer. He reports to Gammades, interrupting him in his letter to Vuyoki, about Eumachus going out there on the reef with the `beacon'. He distrusts the Doctor instantly and nicknames him `Blondie' a lot when he and Gammades meet him and Brewster. He's determined to accept no nonsense from the Doctor, Nyssa and Brewster who protest and carry out his orders to the letter from his commander.

The music and sound design for this story by Simon Robinson is pretty eerie and has an element of sounding like a 80s musical score from the classic `Doctor Who' days. It certainly adds to the weird atmosphere of this tale with time winds and un-stretched coasts either in the TARDIS or on the time reef itself.

So `Time-Reef' is a three-part story that's very intriguing and fascinating to listen to. It's not one of my all-time favourites from the Doctor and Nyssa collection, but I still enjoyed it. Marc Platt delivers a usual story about one of Thomas' dodgy activities in the TARDIS and the Doctor and Nyssa sorting it out. Who knows what other damage Thomas has made whilst travelling alone in the TARDIS? There could have been a whole series of adventures where the Doctor and Nyssa sort out Thomas Brewster's messes. But obviously that wasn't to be, as this is a contained series of stories featuring Thomas Brewster.


I enjoyed this little single episode story. This happens to be the last episode of Thomas Brewster's adventures with the Doctor and Nyssa in the TARDIS. And it's a sweet way to end Thomas' story.

`A Perfect World' was written by Jonathan Morris, who was given the opportunity to write Thomas out of the series since he created the character in `The Haunting of Thomas Brewster'. This episode follows the same trend of single-episode stories in 'Circular Time'. Apparently Big Finish have done three-part stories and bonus one-part adventures of `Doctor Who' for many 2-disc main range CD releases in 2007 and 2008. I quite like this approach, though this was short-lived.

This is a love story for Thomas Brewster where he ends up staying with a girl in London, 2008 called Connie (played by Rebecca Callard). It's a sweet way for Thomas to leave the TARDIS, and is done in a gentle way that's contained in one episode.

Brewster comes to London, 2008 before when he's travelling alone in the TARDIS and meets Connie. Then he comes back with the Doctor and Nyssa and tries to meet Connie again. But something has gone wrong, as the world has changed for the better. Everything's perfect. There's no more wars; no political scandals. Everybody's happy and efficient in their jobs and traffic jams are easy flowing and not congested. This is `a perfect world', and the Doctor doesn't understand why this has happened. But he knows that Thomas Brewster and Connie are at the bottom of this.

I like how John Pickard plays Thomas Brewster in the way he leaves the TARDIS. This episode takes place in two periods of time for Thomas' character when he's stolen the TARDIS and when he's travelling with the Doctor and Nyssa. He takes a romantic interest in Connie who shares a coffee with him and talk about the world being imperfect. I like how John and Rebecca Callard play the characters in their relationship and getting to know each other.

Rebecca Callard is really good as Connie in this story. She plays an ordinary young woman who's fed up with the world and wants things to be better. She shares a flat with her mate Taz (played by Beth Chalmers) who doesn't get much chores done about; gets constant text messages from her mum whining about her dad; and is having a rough patch with her ex-boyfriend Richard. When she meets with Thomas, she shares these moans she has with him and both share an interest in each other.

Peter's Doctor is good in this episode. I laughed when Connie called him Bertie Wooster at some point. The Doctor realises Brewster's been to 2008 before, and soon realises the world's changed for the better. He finds it too perfect. I love that speech he gave to those space plumbers (Nicholas Farrell and Sean Connolly) and using that famous (or infamous) line from 'Earthshock' saying "For some small beautiful blunders is what life's all about!"

I liked Sarah Sutton as Nyssa in this story too. She doesn't have much to do in this one, as this is mostly Thomas Brewster's story. But I like the moments she has with the Doctor when they discover the world's changed being too perfect. I also like it when Nyssa shares her sadness and disappointment with the Doctor about Brewster leaving so soon and worrying about him being out of place and out of time. Both she and the Doctor will miss Brewster despite all the dangers they've faced and had.

So overall, a really nice episode to end this CD release and this set of stories with Thomas Brewster in the TARDIS. I like that Thomas falls in love in the end, and hope he's happy with Connie in the time they spend. I wonder what's become of Thomas Brewster lately.

The CD extras on this release include the following. There's a trailer for the Colin Baker/India Fisher story, `Brotherhood of the Daleks'. There are some behind-the-scenes interviews with cast and crew on the making of `Time Reef' at the end of Disc 1; and on `A Perfect World' at the end of Disc 2. These include interviews with Peter Davison and Sarah Sutton; John Pickard; writers Marc Platt and Jonathan Morris; Nicholas Farrell; Rebecca Callard; Beth Chalmers, etc.

This is a nice CD release of Big Finish `Doctor Who' containing the last two stories of Thomas Brewster with the Fifth Doctor and Nyssa. `Time Reef's weirder and stranger than `A Perfect World' but they're both interesting adventures in themselves. It's such a shame Brewster ended his journeys with the Doctor and Nyssa when he did as we could have had more adventures. But John Pickard returns to play Thomas Brewster, especially with Colin Baker's Doctor, starting with 'The Crimes of Thomas Brewster'.

The next story with the Doctor and Nyssa is 'Castle of Fear'.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Time Reef and Perfect World: "Everyone has some good in them." "Even her???" "I Like a challenge", 11 April 2013
Victor (Hull, England) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Time Reef (Doctor Who) (Audio CD)
This is the hundred and thirteenth release from Big Finish in their range of full cast audio adventures starring classic Doctor Whos. It stars Peter Davison as Five, Sarah Sutton as Nyssa and John Pickard as Thomas Brewster. There are two stories here, the first three episodes are an adventure called `Time Reef', the fourth episode a one part story called `Perfect World' that acts as a coda to the Thomas Brewster trilogy. Episodes are roughly 25-30 minutes each, complete with original theme music between each, and cliff hanger endings within the three parter. Two episodes per disc on 2 discs, and a short booklet with some pictures of the cast and production notes.

Following Brewster's return with the TARDIS, the Doctor finds that during its absence a few vital components have disappeared, leading to just a little bit of instability in it's internal dimensions. Five, Nyssa and Brewster soon find themselves stranded on some sort of reef in the middle of the vortex, with the TARDIS inoperable and an assortment of other timewrecked mariners who all seem to know Brewster and are rather anxious to have a word with him. There is also the mysterious Ruhk which seems to be a terrible monster, but the Doctor isn't so sure.

It's a great set up, and leads to some pretty interesting scenes as the Doctor unravels just what has happened and tries to save everybody. Well written and realised, it's a decent adventure, helped along by Nicholas Farrell's honeyed tones as the heroic Ganymede.

Perfect World sees once again the effects of Brewster's meddling whilst travelling on his own in the TARDIS, and is a rather touching little piece in which he tries to put right his mistake. As with most of the single part adventures that we have had, it is an excellent piece, and forms a fitting way for Brewster to part company with the Doctor. It seems a shame that such an interesting, well written and well played character should have such a short time in the series, and I am glad to see that he returns in later releases such as the Three Companions and The Crimes Of Thomas Brewster.

5 stars in total for this engaging and well made release.
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3.0 out of 5 stars okayish, 10 Aug 2009
Andrew Kyle "Fangg" (Glasgow, Scotland) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Time Reef (Doctor Who) (Audio CD)
I'll admit, the catching factor of this story was the title. I love Reefs, coral, tropical or otherwise. I was a bit wary; i was aware the character of Thomas Brewster features heavily in the story and i had not heard his previous stories, so i knew i'd be starting with a handicap. However, beavering into it knowing it was in the reliable hands of Marc Platt, i was hoping for a classic.
Well i didn't get said classic. There are some great moments and its certainly not rubbish - far from it - but it lacks something...cohesive. The plot is scantily thin and simple; i like a bit of twisty turny complicatedness and got none of it. The monsters - the Ruhk - are unimaginative and surfasic, providing nothing more than a backdrop for some romantic claptrap between some woman on death row and the captain of a stranded time vessel. We find out very early on that Brewster has been here before - during a time when he stole the TARDIS - and that most of the problems are his fault.
Its a good story, just not brilliant. Worth a listen but a second hearing...will just have to wait.

Also included is the one parter, The Perfect World. This is nothing more than a tie up of a plot thread and to be honest, not very gripping. I won't bother with it again.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Four Stars, 30 July 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Time Reef (Doctor Who) (Audio CD)
A superb story excellent cast.
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