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another audio story for paul mcgann as the eighth doctor who with sheridan smith as his companion feisty northern girl lucie miller. As usual with this range the story is complete in roughly forty five minutes and the remainder of the disc is filled out with interviews with the cast and crew and a trailer for the next story. these are worth listening to for some interesting insights into the recording process. the two regular lead actors didn't record their lines at the same time. but you wouldn't know it if you if you didn't hear it in the interviews here.

All the stories in the latest batch of these audios have stood on their own. this one does bring back a couple of villainous characters from the previous season and makes a few references to events at the end of that but you shouldn't have much trouble picking the story up if you've not heard any of the previous ones.

It involves the doctor and lucie travelling on the first electric railway, in 19th century stockholm. but the doctor has another reason for being there, which involves a faboulous jewel. and there's more to the jewel than meets the eye. with people out to steal it, it may be that the tardis crew will have to do the same....

What follows is a very entertaining caper story. the length of the story means it doesnt have to spend any time in setting the robbery up, like these things usually do, so everything proceeds at a superb pace. It's all good lighthearted fun and there are some great moments for the regular cast, that give them a good opportunity to stretch their vocal talents.

A good little story. nothing special, but great fun and well worth a listen
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First released in 2007, this is the fifth episode of the second season of standalone releases for Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor outside of the monthly range of Big Finish releases. This is a one disc release, with a single 50 minute episode. There are some interviews with cast and crew at the end of the disc.

This second season of Eighth Doctor adventures was a really uneven series, with real highs and real lows. The previous release, Skull of Sobek, was as low as it could go, then Bam! This deliciously fun caper comes along, hitting all the right buttons and keeping you thoroughly entertained. You want the return of the Headhunter? Check. You want a heist story? Check. You want exuberant and playful performances from an in form Paul McGann and Sheridan Smith? Check. You want Michael Maloney and Christopher Benjamin as guest actors, turning in very high standard characters? Check. You want lots and lots of fun? Check. This is a story that, for me, hits all the right notes and keeps on hitting them. I found it faultless.

The Doctor and Lucie are in nineteenth century Stokholm, experiencing the delights of the revolutionary new electric railway. The Doctor becomes aware of an artwork by an artist that he considers to be cery dangerous, and who’s works the Doctor has been at pains to suppress. He determines that the only way to make sure the world is safe is to steal the art work. But for some reason the Headhunter also wants it. What follows is a fun and energetic tale as the two sides vie in their attempts at the heist, leading to a glorious, thrilling conclusion.

There’s no criticism I can level against it. A perfect release that does what Who does best – has fun. 5 stars. Cream Cheese...
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VINE VOICEon 15 June 2009
There were two aspects to this story that particularly worked for me:

1) The Headhunter / Karen re-appearance almost out of the blue and acting as a foil to the Doctor / Lucie

2) 19th century Sweden - I don't know why but the cast / sounds / acting really made me feel as though I was in Sweden (and yes I have been to Sweden, but no not in the nineteenth century).

I liked the idea of the Doctor needing to destroy works of art created by an alien which acts as a backdrop to this and I think that Doctor Who as a whole would benefit from the Doctor having some hobbies and acquiring new skills rather than just having lived a long time, knowing stuff and wandering essentially aimlessly and living in the moment. Not that I think a story arc should crowd out the story you understand!
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on 7 August 2015
Set Between: “The Skull of Sobek” and “The Zygon Who Fell to Earth”
Stand alone?: Yes.
This is the fifth story of the second series of the Eighth Doctor Adventures. Robson writes a strong plotted one part heist story which is action packed, fun and witty. It moves along at a pace similar to new who which at times makes it a little hard to follow. Overall this audio and kind of reminds me of a better version of big finish’s “the veiled leopard”

This was my introduction to Lucie Miller and I have to say, she really does live up to reputation. She’s feisty, funny and clever. As far as companions created by big finish go, she’s probably one of the best.
Sheridan Smith works well alongside Paul Mcgann and even takes the lime light off him at times. On a whole this story has a fantastic cast, with an array of colorful characters.
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VINE VOICEon 31 March 2010
The Doctor and Lucie start out this story travelling on the first electric railway in 19th century stockholm. An oddly low key start to a bonkers little story leading to a race against some returning foes to steal a jewl. Very much feels like Doctor Who does Oceans 11 and the story has a lovely rompy sort of feel.

Like all stories in the range its a 45 min story rounded up to an hour with interviews with the cast and crew.
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on 20 July 2010
Hubby Loves Listening To Dr Who Audios And He Says Thanks A++++++++++++++++++++++++ Will Use Again
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