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5.0 out of 5 stars Who Is Davros?, 12 Dec 2013
Timelord007 (The Tardis) - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Davros (Doctor Who) (Audio CD)
1)Terry Molloy is excellent in this adventure portraying Davros in 3 dimensions as cunning, Sympathetic & a Megalomaniac.
2)Colin Baker shines throughout as the Sixth Doctor in this adventure & is a great Doctor to go head to head against Davros.


CD Info.
2 x 2 episode's running time 150 minutes, Trailer.

1)Bernard Horsfall starred in 4 Doctor Who tv adventures, The Mind Robber, The War Games, Planet Of The Daleks, The Deadly Assassin.
2)Wendy Padbury was Zoe with the Second Doctor & Jamie.
3)The Daleks do not appear in this audio adventure.
4)I Davros 3 Corruption is based on events in this story featuring Shan.
5)This was one of three 40th Anniversary releases that Big Finish released in 2003 the other two being Master & Omega.

Davros lies in the wreckage of a spacecraft & is revived meeting the head conglomerate of Earth who knows of Davros is asked by the head of the TAI earth corporation to use his genius to do good & help the famine relief project.

Davros agrees & the Kaled scientist seems to have changed his ways becoming a scientist of good intentions.

The Sixth Doctor arrives in the Tardis & faces his nemesis were he tells the earth corporation that Davros cannot be trusted & is one of the most evil beings he has ever encountered in the universe.

The Doctor decides to stay a while were he is forced to work with the Kaled scientist on the famine relief project were the Doctor seeks to uncover what Davros is actually up too, But who is Davros exactly & what do we actually know about the Kaled scientist? & is Davros actually on the road to redemption?

The Doctor doesn't think so but is the Doctor right this time?

As the Doctor keeps a watchful eye on his nemesis ready to put a stop to any of his grand plans, Davros maybe building a new power base & if so what for? or is the Doctor so blinded by Davros past evils he can't see that Davros maybe telling the truth & wants the power base he's building for good intentions to help the earth do good at last?

Anyone expecting Dalek action will be disappointed here they don't even appear as this is a more character driven story that goes into depth of the Davros character & his motives than full on Dalek action.

Lance Parkin has written a Gem of a story here full or intriguing moments of Davros past & The Doctors inability to trust him on his word that Davros is a changed person & no longer seeks to destroy the universe or rule it as now he just wants to help mankind.

There is of course a great narrative thread to this story as can a leopard ever change his spots or is it the Doctor who's so set in his opinions of Davros he can't see he's maybe changed for the good of mankind.

Colin Baker's Sixth Doctor is the perfect incarnation to foil Davros here as his strong personality is a good contrast to rival the Kaled scientist superior intellect as they both try to out wit the others motives.

This is a highly recommended release & a worthy addition to your Doctor Who Big Finish collection.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Doctor Six vs. Davros - Celebrating 40 Years of 'Doctor Who', 28 July 2014
This review is from: Davros (Doctor Who) (Audio CD)
This is a really good audio to listen to.!

`Davros' has been an enjoyable listening experience as it's a story where the Doctor faces Davros, without the Daleks! Davros without Daleks! Unheard of! Davros always has Daleks in every story he's in. Lance Parkin, who wrote the Fifth Doctor and Nyssa story `Primeval', writes a really intriguing story exploring Davros as a character inside and out, going deeper into what he's thinking as a villain and whether he has anything left in him to redeem himself. It's a fascinating tale and one I've enjoyed immensely.

The story is part of a multi-Doctor `villains' trilogy to celebrate 40 years of `Doctor Who' back in 2003 including Omega, Davros and the Master. This second story of this trilogy stars Colin Baker as the Sixth Doctor in another confrontation with Terry Molloy as Davros. It's great to listen to a story where the two actors are reunited after so long. The story also guest stars Wendy Padbury and Bernard Horsfall who are also reunited after so long since the Patrick Troughton days doing `The Mind Robber' and `The War Games'. I've had great pleasure of having my CD signed by Colin, Terry and Wendy at the same time at a convention recently in Weston-super-Mare this July!

In the story of `Davros', it follows on after the Kaled scientist was seemingly killed in 'Resurrection of the Daleks'. But Davros has been found and is revived on a planet run by the head of an Earth corporation called TAI (TransAllied, Inc). The Doctor comes to the planet and discovers what Arnold Baynes and her wife Lorraine are doing to revive Davros and insists they don't trust him. But when Davros agrees to help on a famine relief project, the Doctors finds himself working alongside him out of choice. Can Davros be trusted? Has he actually redeemed himself? The Doctor's certain Davros hasn't, and as events unfold Davros puts his brand new schemes into place.

This story is Sixy Doctor's first meeting with Davros before meeting him again in `Revelation of the Daleks'. So Big Finish have added more to Davros' history and meetings with Doctor. Neat. And it makes sense as to how Davros recognises him again in the later story. And if you're wondering where Peri is, she's off somewhere doing botany `on the other side of the galaxy' as this story is set between 'The Two Doctors' and 'Timelash'. So the Doctor is without a companion in this story and with only Davros to content with.

I've met Terry Molloy four times now and it was great to see him again in Weston-super-Mare when he signed the CD cover of this story for me. I chatted to him about how unusual this story was being a Davros story without the Daleks. He agreed it was unusual too but thoroughly enjoyed it. He apologised for the fact that the story starts with an opening speech from Davros with him ranting and raving towards them and it must have been frightening, especially in a dark room at night. I did a sample of this when I began playing the `Davros' CD and must admit it did freak me out when Davros shouted towards them. He starts quietly with "When I press this switch, I die..." before yelling and ending with "IT IS NOT THE END! IT IS ONLY...THE BEGINNING!!!" But it was great to listen and I enjoyed Terry doing Davros in this story. I also chatted to him about him doing `The Archers' as well as that convention.

I really like how this story goes deeper into Davros' mind and what makes him tick. It's nice to have a Davros story where he doesn't have the Daleks to distract him. Davros challenges and chides the Doctor for doing his own `dirty work' when he's revived and the Doctor insists he'd be switched off. Davros seems to warm to Arnold and Lorraine Baynes' proposal for carrying out this famine project, but he's doing it for his reasons and has a cunning agenda hidden within. When Davros and the Doctor work together, Davros tries to persuade the Doctor about him being the closest thing to a friend. The Doctor denies this, but Davros states that they might have been in order to manipulate him. Some of Davros' manipulation scenes with either the Doctor and Lorraine are something similar to when Rose first met the lone Dalek survivor in 'Dalek'. I like how this story cuts to flashbacks in Davros' past on Skaro when he was working with Kaled medics and scientists like Scientist Ral (David Bickerstaff) and forming a close working relationship with Shan (Katarina Olsson) who could have been a potential lover, but Davros denies ever having feelings.

It was great meeting Colin Baker who plays the Doctor in this at the convention in WSM early in July. I'm very glad he signed the CD cover of this story for me, and being able to chat to him about being in `Doctor Who' both TV and audio and also some of his other work such as `The Famous Five'. Colin has enjoyed a wealth of Big Finish `Doctor Who' audios since his short-time tenure as the Doctor on TV and he's a greatly developed and more `rounded' (sorry Colin) character than he ever was on TV. I've enjoy Colin in his Big Finish audios and especially enjoyed him recently in `The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot' with Peter Davison and Sylvester McCoy, which according to him is making its DVD release in a 50th anniversary DVD box set which I'm looking forward to.

Colin's Doctor in `Davros' is on his own here without Peri, although he does enlist the help of Willis (Eddie de Oliveria) and Kimberley Todd (Ruth Sillers). The Doctor is shocked and horrified when Arnold and Lorraine Baynes try to revive Davros and use him in their business plans. He knows enlisting Davros is bad news as the Doctor doesn't trust him for one second or believe he can actually redeem himself. He tries to put his case to Arnold and Lorraine, but they don't listen. A similar situation when the Second Doctor tried to persuade the people of Vulcan not to trust the Daleks in 'The Power of the Daleks'. The Doctor is forced to work with Davros, which he doesn't approve of but reluctantly agrees as he wants to know what Davros is planning. I love those moments when the Doctor keeps getting an ear piece in his ear to guide him around the TAI building, as it keeps chattering away to him and the Doctor tells it to "Shut up!"

Wendy Padbury guest stars in this story as Lorraine Baynes (No, not that Lorraine Baynes from `Back To The Future')! Wendy is well-known for playing Zoe, companion to Patrick Troughton's Doctor in `Doctor Who'. She's not playing Zoe in this, as she's playing an entirely different character. Wendy signed the CD cover of this story for me at WSM, and I asked her did she find it unusual playing somebody who wasn't Zoe. She said she didn't, but she enjoying playing the character in this story. I'm very pleased I asked Wendy to sign this story as she's very good in this and I'm very glad to have met her four times at conventions. A truly splendid performance from Wendy who's lovely and wonderful as this character in the story.

Lorraine in this story is the wife of Arnold Baynes and helps him in their business activities at TAI. They seem a happily married couple. Lorraine is a historian and has a keen interest and enthusiasm in the Dalek creator, Davros. She's delighted when Davros is revived and doesn't believe from the Doctor that he is evil and not to be trusted. I really like those scenes with Wendy and Terry together as Lorraine and Davros when they're having dinner and she's asking questions and get to know who he is. Lorraine seems to believe and trust in Davros for most of the story. She gets a shock with more than she bargained for when she discovers Davros' true nature and is horrified when she witnesses him killing people and laughing away with pleasure and malice.

Bernard Horsfall also guest stars in this story as Arnold Baynes, Lorraine's husband. It was interesting and fun to hear Wendy and Bernard both playing a married couple. Bernard is well-known for his four `Doctor Who' appearances on TV including `The Mind Robber'; `The War Games'; `Planet of the Daleks' and `The Deadly Assassin'. This is Bernard's fifth `Doctor Who' appearance. I really enjoyed hearing Bernard in this! I've chatted to Wendy about Bernard at the convention in WSM and she liked working with him in `Doctor Who' both TV and audio. It's so sad Bernard's no longer with us as I would have liked to have met him and had this CD cover signed by him also. His performance in this story is truly mesmerising and great to listen to!

The character Bernard plays in Arnold in the story is head of the TAI corporation. Arnold sounds like a charmed, refined man running the company. He's the one who asks Davros to help in this famine relief project he and his wife are doing. Both Arnold and Lorraine seem to have a keen interest in Davros and his history. Arnold is constantly thinking about his business. We're not sure what his motives are. It seems possible that he could be a potential villain. This seems evident especially when he becomes defensive and abrupt to journalist Willi during his interview with him. The Doctor however states that Davros is far more dangerous than Arnold. Arnold has a rather sticky end by the end of the story when Davros confronts him.

The story ends with Davros escaping and seemingly getting blown up in the process. Lorraine thinks that Davros is dead. But the Doctor knows better and is certain Davros isn't dead as he always keeps coming back. I really like this mention from the Doctor's lips as it sets the scene for the next time we meet Davros in 'Revelation of the Daleks'. Will the Doctor be ready for him? Depends on what Davros has in mind for their next meeting...

There aren't any CD extras for this CD release I'm afraid, which surprised me as I expected there to be a trailer for the Sylvester McCoy story `Master' with Geoffrey Beevers. But at least we get some nice writer and story notes from Lance Parkins and photos of the cast including Colin, Terry, Wendy, Bernard and Ruth Sillers in the CD sleeve notes.

I've really enjoyed `Davros' and happy to have it signed by Colin, Terry and Wendy who I met at the same convention in WSM this year. This is a really good experiment in trying to tell a story about Davros without the Davros. It contains some superb performances from Terry Molloy as Davros and Colin Baker as the Doctor and wonderful guest star appearances from Wendy Padbury and Bernard Horsfall. It goes deep into Davros' character, and sometimes some of Davros' scenes with his dialogue featuring his philosophy and beliefs takes most of the plot away from the main action. But it's a truly thrilling audio adventure that well deserves the attention, and I'm glad I enjoyed listening to it!

The next story for the Doctor is 'Cryptobiosis'.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Davros finest 2 hours, 25 Jan 2005
Jane Aland (England) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Davros (Doctor Who) (Audio CD)
Having dominated the Daleks in every TV story since he was introduced Big Finish had ignored the character of Davros to concentrate on the Daleks themselves for several audio releases. For this play Davros finally returns - without the Daleks for the first time - as he is revived from suspended animation to work for a the unscrupulous TAI corporation, where he is partnered by the extremely reluctant 6th Doctor, who is entirely unconvinced by Davros' claim to have reformed his character.
The basic plot of this story is fairly basic and predictable - like the Doctor we know full well that Davros will hatch some plan to kill everyone and take over - but what makes it is the execution and the concentration on Davros' character. Terry Molloy returns to give his best ever performance as Davros, utterly dominating the story and upstaging even the magnificent Colin Baker. Thanks to numerous flashback we also learn masses of backstory on Davros, including before he was crippled and the true story behind the creation of the Daleks. At first these background details, complete with an almost romance with another Kaled scientist seem to be humanising Davros, but the final twist as to the nature of his past actions only serve to end up making the character seeming even more evil than before.
The supporting cast are excellent, particularly Bernard Horsfall as the morally ambiguous corporate executive trying to gain from Davros' knowledge, and ex-companion Wendy Padbury, here playing a historian apologist for Davros past actions, who is ultimately confronted with the true horror of his evil.
One could be picky about a few less than convincing moments, such as the odd overly melodramatic line ("He'll take out you eyeballs and then come back for the sockets!"), the unconvincing all-encompassing genius everyone expects of Davros, the fact that despite sharing only a few minutes screentime in their previous TV stories Davros seems to think he has a massive backstory with the Doctor, and a production gaff that means the Doctor surviving a nuclear bomb that goes off about 2 seconds after he drops it into a mine shaft, but against the sheer force of Davros' personality these are minor quibbles, and despite the odd flaw this is still one of the best plays Big Finish have produced. Essential.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Wot No Daleks... but they are not missed, 10 July 2014
This review is from: Davros (Doctor Who) (Audio CD)
Big Finish made a point early on that the wouldn't feature Davros in their Dalek stories as he tends to dominate and the daleks become something of mindless drones not the ruthless enemies of old. This is certainly true of Genesis through to Revelation, though Remembrance is a good Dalek story with Davros making a minor appearance. The end result of this policy was the excellent Dalek Empire series of Doctor Who's and then the stand-alone Dalek Empire (Terry Nation would have approved, I think).

It too until they almost reached their 50th release to include Davros in a series of Doctor Who's greatest villains: Omega; Davros; The Master and Zagreus and all of them are excellent stories for different reasons.

Plot: A near dead Davros is rescued by multi-millionaire with a secret agenda. What makes this story well done is that all of the characters are interesting and their motivation is well reasoned. Baines wants Davros to work for him and make him even more money, Mrs Baines wants to confirm that her revisionist historical books about Davros are the truth (and she realises by the end that they are not), and Davros wants to rule the universe, but is patient about achieving his goals. The Doctor gets drawn in by Willis investigating Baines. It also fits neatly between Resurrection and Revelation, in fact tying into the latter with clear indicators of where it is going. A sub-plot about robots being activated immediately following the Doctor/Davros improvements feels as though it were shoe-horned into the story to create a cliff-hanger.

Scripts: This is superb, probably the best Colin script so far. Each character rings true as they enact out the tragedy unfolding. Of particular note should be Davros' early rant:'This is not the end, this is only the BEGINNING!' as being something that is spot on for the character and possibly up their with the 'would I unleash the virus' speech from Genesis. Colin gets some great lines matching wits with Davros (and even working with him for a while).

Other: Terry Molloy shows why he will get my vote as the definitive Davros. He gets to play him as the pre-Dalek Kaled scientist in a couple of flashbacks, as well as the Davros we know and hate. This guy is pure evil wrapped up in intelligent rationalisation. Bernard Horsfall and Wendy Padbury also put in excellent performances as the Baines'. Colin gets to pit his wits against Davros and actually spends a fair bit of time talking to him without interference. The two spark off each other well.

Big Finish have featured Davros a number of times since this both with and without the Daleks. But this story showed that he could be an excellent villain without needing the Daleks for support. The flashbacks to Davros' past led to a mini-series 'I, Davros'. I might incorporate these into the Colin Baker era as they seem to be framed about Davros' trial after Revelation.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Davros - We have been here before Doctor, you and I, 29 Nov 2012
Victor (Hull, England) - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Davros (Doctor Who) (Audio CD)
This is the forty eighth release from Big Finish in their range of full cast audio adventures starring classic Doctor Whos. It stars Colin Baker as Six and Terry Molloy as Davros. It also guests Bernard Horsefall and Wendy Padbury, who both appeared onscreen next to the Second Doctor (though they do not reprise their characters from that period). There are two episodes, roughly 60 minutes each, complete with original theme music between each, and cliff hanger endings. One episode per disc on 2 discs, and a short booklet with some pictures of the cast and production notes.

This is the second in a run of three stories based around infamous Who villains released by Big Finish to celebrate the fortieth year of the series. The celebration cumulated with the sprawling multi-Doctor epic Zagreus. This adventure revolves around the resurrection of Davros, his first appearance in the Big Finish range. For the first time we encounter him without any Daleks present, and free of their shadow this fascinating character really shines brightly and impresses in a way that he hasn't managed to since his very first appearance in Genesis of the Daleks.

The plot revolves around a huge multiplanetary corporation; when the Doctor is asked to investigate it for morally dubious business practices he is at first a little reluctant, until he finds out that the company has resurrected one of the most evil characters in the history of the galaxy, Davros, and plan to use his genius to further their own profits. Davros claims to be a reformed character, but the Doctor cannot believe this and tries to convince the company that a Dalek cannot change its bumps.

It's a pretty good story, but mostly it is a great character study. Just as Genesis gave us the origin of the Daleks, so Davros provides hints at the origins of their creator. These would later be expanded in the excellent Big Finish series I, Davros. Here some flesh is put on the skeleton as he remembers the disaster that put him in his wheelchair, and as he discusses the possibility of change and the nature of evil with the Doctor. It's a great performance from Molloy, and dominates the story. Even up against the bombast of Baker's sixth Doctor Molloy still manages to dominate with his depiction of dark malevaolance towards the universe.

It's a well written and well executed piece that entertains and give one pause for thought. Colin Baker once again shows what a great Doctor he could have been if given the right material, full of arrogance but tempered with an infinite compassion. But even he is overshadowed by the intriguing back story of one of Who's more enigmatic villains.

An excellent production, 5 stars all round.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Davros...IS...BRILLIANT!, 4 Aug 2006
Paul Tapner (poole dorset england) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Davros (Doctor Who) (Audio CD)
People say that he always got in the way of the daleks on tv, and thus their stories ended up being more about him than them. So here Davros gets a story to himself, forced to match wits the doctor. The latter is companionless, so the story can focus on just the pair of them. And it works superbly as a result.

There's some wonderful acting here, terry molloy presenting us with a davros who is given the chance to change. But will he take it? Colin Baker provides us with a doctor who is the intellectual equal to his foe, and there's excellent support from former doctor who guest star bernard horsfall and companion wendy padbury as a couple of business people who are giving davros this opportunity.

Will it all end in tears?

Will you find out more about davros than you expected?

Buy this audio and find out. You won't regret it.

Instead of the usual four episodes it's two long ones, but they're so gripping time will pass when listening very quickly
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4.0 out of 5 stars Davros, 20 Dec 2009
R. Thomas "unreadable" (S Wales) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Davros (Doctor Who) (Audio CD)
Part of the villain specials leading up to the 50th story this story is an absolute gem. Featuring Davros it removes him from a Dalek story instead concentrating on his motivations and background. This is a very wordy story with not much action as its a battle of words and philosphy between Davros and the 6th Doctor. Also oddly structured in terms of cliffhangers. Colin gets some good moments but best be warned Davros gets the most time spent on him. On the guest cast Bernard Horsfall and Wendy Padbury return from the tv series and are both wonderfull - Wendy's performance in particular should be sounded out for praise.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Terry Molloy returns to grapple with Colin Baker in this tour de force, 4 Feb 2007
M. Wilberforce "mwilberforce" (Bristol, England) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Davros (Doctor Who) (Audio CD)
"TAI stock has shot up by over fifteen percent on news that galaxy-famous scientist Davros, controversial creator of the Daleks, has been hired to work on unspecified technological projects.

"Davros has been given a chance to redeem himself.

"Humanity stands on the verge of a new era, but it needs the help of the galaxy's greatest ever scientist. But Davros is dead... isn't he?

"From the bunkers and shelters of ancient Skaro to to the gleaming Domes of the Future Earth Empire, Davros has always been a man of destiny. Now he's working for mankind's benefit. But how much do we really know about Davros?

"Has Davros really turned over a new leaf? The Doctor certainly doesn't think so. But is the Doctor always right?"

"Davros", by Lance Parkin, is the second of Big Finish's "Villains" trilogy released in 2003 to mark the 40th anniversary of Doctor Who and the run-up to Big Finish's 50th regular release, "Zagreus". Like the other "Villains" stories, "Omega" and "Master", "Davros" is a companionless story. Although supposedly taking place during Season 22 after "The Two Doctors", Peri's absence from the story is adequately explained, avoiding any glaring continuity issues.

Like the other "Villains" stories, "Davros" is a character-based story that really seeks to get inside the head of its villainous protagonist and understand what makes them tick. As such, the story is interlaced with Davros' flashbacks to his time as a Kaled scientist before the terrible accident that robbed him of his sight and his mobility and left him deformed. Both incarnations of Davros are played by a returning Terry Molloy, who puts in a fantastic performance. The character is well served by the removal of the Daleks that normally surround him, and Molloy is able to explore the more nuanced side of his character.

In continuity terms, "Davros" neatly plugs the gap between "Resurrection of the Daleks" and "Revelation of the Daleks", helping to explain how the character survived his previous encounter with his creations. And, perhaps as a result of his long confinement after the aforementioned story, we see a much more introspective and reserved version of the character (no ranting here), who almost seems ready to reform and make amends for his past crimes. The Doctor, of course, is deeply suspicious of Davros' motivations and keeps an eye on his every move. Whether or not Davros succeeds in reforming is something best left for the listener to discover.

As well as powerhouse performances from Colin Baker and Terry Molloy, the story benefits from faultless performances by guest stars Bernard Horsfall and Wendy Padbury as Arnold Baynes, the moderately shady the chief executive officer of TAI, and his wife Lorraine, a historian with a particular interest in Davros. Adding to the "special" feel of the story is its format, which at two episodes each in excess of an hour in length, allows the listener to get really involved with the questionable motivations of the character that is "Davros".
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