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4.5 out of 5 stars23
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 19 November 2010
Dark Lady's Chosen really kept me in suspense. I simply couldn't put it down. Gail Martin found an interesting way of juggling the stories of over 6 key characters throughout the series. This book successfully brought all the plots together.

The fourth instalment continued to surprise me with a tale of magic, love, friendship and treachery. King Tris Drayke had to fight evil again and was about to be betrayed by somebody very close to him. Lord Jonmarc Vahanian was at war with rogue vayash moru and needed to find a way to safe his beloved. In Kiara's new homeland, Margolan, conspiracy was in place to bring harm to her and her friends. In Dark Haven, Carina tried to survive after Maleshe's vicious attack and shared her remaining strength with the victims of the local conflict.

Luckily, I discovered the Chronicles when all 4 books were already published. It was just great to read them one by one without a prolonged wait. I recommended The Chronicles of the Necromancer to all my friends.
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VINE VOICEon 22 December 2010
Martin's fourth entry in this fantasy series continues where Dark Haven left off, King Tris laying siege to the rebel mage stronghold, Jonmarc in the middle of a vampiric war, Cam imprisoned and Kiara in fear of assassination. All that sounds very exciting, however there's a definitive lack of tension and suspense present. The plot in more deft hands might have been a thrilling fantasy tale, with Dark Lady's Chosen the narrative style is too simplistic and there are too few unrevealed cards to keep the story interesting. In all, it's too neatly packaged, not dark enough and too predictable. More suited to early adopters of the genre than readers who are well seasoned.
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King Martis "Tris" Drayke has wed Princess Kiara, daughter of King Donelan and successor to the throne of Isencroft. The marriage joins the crowns of Isencroft and Margolan until heirs can be born to place the kingdoms under separate rule once more. Now Queen Kiara is pregnant. Succession is assured. The time has come for Tris and his army to lay siege to Lord Curane's stronghold. The great energy river called the Flow is unstable, making it much more difficult for Tris and his mages to counter Curane's blood magic. The siege is going badly. Winter storms are fierce, food is scarce, and plague has broken out.

As Tris fights in the south, Kiara is in danger. A traitor hides within Shekerishet and several assassination attempts have been made against Kiara. Corruption within the Council of Nobles has cast suspicions on old friends, such as Master Bard Riordan Carroway, who now waits for his death.

Cam of Cairnrach, King Donelan's Champion, has been taken hostage to force Donelan into war. Cam has discovered the identity of the traitor whose actions betray both King Donelan and King Drayke (Tris). However, it looks as though Cam will die before he can send warning.

In Dark Haven, Lord Jonmarc Vahanian must deal with chaos caused by Malesh of Tremont. Malesh tried to change Lady Carina into one of the vayash moru (vampire). But her healer magic battled the Dark Gift, leaving Carina between - not alive, but not undead either. Now Malesh is leading rogue vayash moru and slaughtering entire villages of mortals. Unless Jonmarc can quickly stop Malesh's group, the future of the entire Winter Kingdoms will be full of blood.

***** FIVE STARS! Gail Z. Martin brings together all the places and characters from the previous stories and escalates this fantastic drama to new heights. The author helps refresh readers' memories by giving a few summary pages at the beginning of the book. As with the previous titles, this story overflows with suspense, intrigue, betrayals, and court dramas. Every time I pick up a novel by Gail Z. Martin, she takes my breath away! *****

Reviewed by Detra Fitch of Huntress Reviews.
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on 5 January 2013
I cannot enthuse enough about Gail Z Martin's spectacular epic fantasy series `the chronicles of the necromancer', which has brought such a fresh and original look at imaginative creativity ad vision - gifted to us readers. In this last installment wherein the mystery and secrets are unraveled and the pieces of the plot come together, one gets a sense of emptiness within knowing that this lengthy saga is sadly coming to its end. As soon as I picked up book 1: The Summoner I knew that not since other `greats' like Kate Elliot or Brian Ruckley had I encountered something quite special, for this series has taken me on such an emotional rollercoaster of a ride; with tears, gripping excitement and an innate enthusiasm and passion for the fantasy world & creation. Gail's work has re-ignited that flame within for all things fantasy, magical and creative which is taken to new heights within this series whereby you encounter all kinds of mystifying creatures and unusual magical beings, and fantastical notions.

Just when you think you have grasped the concept of where this compelling story may lead, you are delightfully surprised by another shocking twist in the tale as the author continues to astonish...Complete with believable characters whom you have grown to love and understand as if they were `real', within a beautiful, cleverly crafted world that is full of exquisite intricate detail and depth this is an outstanding creation and masterpiece. So atmospheric and vivid, you are able to smell the sweat and putrid stench of death and see with your own eyes the fire that burns brightly within the enemy's eyes, hear the roar of anger and shouts of joy and hold the potent magic within the palm of your hand.

Treachery, lies and deceit ensue as blood magic threatens to unseat King Martris Drayke's time upon the throne (which he risked everything to win). As the great battle against a traitor Lord comes to its conclusion, war, betrayal and plague bring Margolan to the brink of destruction. Civil war looms in Isencroft. Finally, in Dark Haven, Lord Jonmarc Vahanian has bargained his soul for vengeance as he leads the Vayash Moru against a dangerous rogue who would usher in a future drenched in blood...

As you are swept into a world of raging conflict and bloodthirsty battles with Vampires, man and magical sorcerers' one is ultimately taken on a journey of discovery and thought-provoking, emotive intensity until the bitter end. In a tale of good versus evil one must contemplate on all that has come to pass, so as to empathize and understand those actions and choices that the characters make - in the name of good or for personal gain? This touching narrative hit me with such deep, profoundly affecting poignancy that I was brought to tears as this spectacular story came to its end. As an avid reader of this genre I highly recommend this remarkable series, which encompasses all that is great about the fantasy genre including in-depth characterization, cleverly crafted world-building and an absorbing page-turner that sparks ones imagination with its astonishing imaginative concepts. All I can utter is one word to describe and sum-up my feelings on this book and perfectly breathtaking ending to a wonderful series...WOW!
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on 9 July 2013
I think the book is great. A must read if you have read Dark Haven.

However the Kindle edition has the annoying mistake that the words (that are supposed to be italic) show up as normal font and they blend with the next word :( Same with the first words of the paraghraps.
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on 10 January 2014
The whole series of the four books has been an epic tale to say the least and I have thoroughly enjoyed the series.. I am disappointed to say that the last book could have had a better ending. All of the characters were there and their investment personal story line finished but for me this last tale seems lacking somehow.. It is hard to describe but it lacked a certain punch and seemed to just fizzle out almost as if the ending became a non entity in relation to to the weight of the tale as a whole. Don't get me wrong, the books are well worth the investment of cost and time I just feel that there was something missing, a last twist or cliff hanger that would have left you with a more satisfying conclusion. That said I am still an avid fan of this author's work and I'm looking forward to reading the rest of her works.
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Making a name for herself this offering is the fourth part of her Necromancer Chronicles. If you haven't heard of it by now from established fans of the genre you're sadly far behind as her prose is fast becoming almost legendary with great story arcs and a touch of unpredictability that is winning her fans the world over. Add to the mix cracking fully rounded characters and you're getting a good idea of what a sheer joy her writing is to the reader. Obviously with this being the fourth part you can't just jump in but with each offering I've gone back and read the previous and noticed little things that I've previously missed on previous readings. Definitely an author to watch and if you have read it, the her next work will be out in 2011. Plenty of time for a pleasurable reread.
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on 29 October 2013
I had bought and read the previous volume in the series a while ago. It's reasonable enough, reasonably well written but I had forgotten that it had vampire characters. They are well written too, and play a significant role but are almost always a turn off for me. The plot jogs along satisfactorily .It is worth a look but I only bought it as it was a cheapy. If the last/next volume is a cheapy I might buy it just to find out what happens -not because I'm particularly caught up with the tale.
Damning with faint praise, I know .but it is fine for a plane, holiday,time passer but not a 'Wow'
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on 10 November 2012
Puts the Twilight series in the shade. Rollicking good read, plenty of action and yet elicits sympathy for the characters including the vampires and the were-wolves. All the characters are nicely rounded - you can empathise with the goodies and actively dislike the baddies. Can't wait for the next episode in this truly creative and interesting series of books.
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on 18 October 2010
What an amazing book - 4th in the Saga of the Chronicles of the Necromancer and cannot wait for the 5th installment. Her characters are brilliantly portrayed and you cannot help but get involved. Could not put any of the books down and role on Feb 2011 when the 5th book is out - already on my wish list
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