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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 24 December 2011
Following my recent review of Angels of Atlantis book, I have spent some time with the Angels of Atlantis Oracle cards, and enjoyed the direct and informative guidance received. It was delightful to see more of the images following my first introduction to twelve of the images within the book. Some of the images are earthly such as the temple at Abu Simbel in Egypt, The Tor at Glastonbury, others from classical artwork, and others are cosmic depictions. It is interesting when reviewing the cards over a period of time, somehow there are cards that never seem to enter your reading, perhaps one has not reached the state to need such guidance, or one already has reached that stage. I do not recall having selected the meditation card, then again, I meditate twice a day, and have done for almost thirty years. The fusion of earthly imagery with cosmic orbs and stars, somehow seems to assist with grounding the cosmic elements into the physical elements, so that one can see the body is the final grounding point of the spiritual nature, and that one never needs to separate the two apart in ones mind.

Raphael - Communion: - Is a photo of the annual pilgrimage to Mecca. This card is so delightful, not for religious reasons, but for remembering the importance of coming together in unity, with a shared vision. All of the people who make this pilgrimage probably come from so many different backgrounds and lifestyles, but once together with their shared focus, all that separates them falls away. Under the light of the shared interest or goal, all boundaries dissolve, and oneness takes the place of fear.

The box set comes with a lovely little booklet in which Stewart Pearce shares his wisdom. The booklet guides you to connect with the Angels, in addition to offering wonderful guidance. With some of the cards you are offered a mantra to sound to integrate the message of the card on a deep level. Instructions are included for three choices of card spreads from a one card spread; to a three-card spread, and for those desiring more information is a twelve-card spread. I have tried all three spreads, but mostly revert to the three card spread or one card spread, or sometimes I feel guided to select two cards to fully guide me through a particular issue. There is so much information to take in with each card, and given that you may view the information through the lens of focus of the particular issue you have requested assistance on, it could take a long time to truly absorb all of the wisdom with the little booklet. Each reading and therefore combination of cards, will create a different meaning overall, and of course as you absorb the different teachings, you will grow and evolve, at which time the card will mean something different at that point in time. Sometimes one particular sentence would leap out at me, other times the complete message was applicable to me, either way, the necessary soul lessons assisted me through a situation. Also there are prayers that are suggested to utilise for some of the cards, bringing further alignment to the divine.

Interestingly, in life's situations, there may be times when there are many different energies that are not compatible to bring into your life fully side by side, and choices need to be made regarding what you wish to include in your life. What I have sometimes discovered is that there may be another choice that is neither of the energies, or somehow a higher version. Somehow it is not always possible to receive such insights unless in deep meditation. The Angels of Atlantis Oracle Cards assist you to penetrate the illusion and distortion, release the grip of the ego's dualistic focus, and return to soul love and a life of light, where the best in life awaits you.

I have selected some of my favourite cards for their impact: -

Intention - Sandalpon: - Is a picture of a figure with hands in prayer position on the beach...reminding us that intention is everything behind what will become manifest.

Faith - Raziel: - Depicts a figure with his arms open surrounded by cosmic sparkles, serving as a reminder to believe!!

Beginnings - Shamael: - A lady walks on the sand towards the shore line at sunrise, with some cosmic sparkles all around her, generating the feeling of a new start in ones life.

Freedom - Uriel: - A whirling dervish dances in the cosmos. I love the feeling of freedom of the figure not being earth bound, but within the cosmos.

Hanael - Courage: - The amazing ruby colour is so deep, it almost leaps off of the card, and into your inner being to enrichen and nourish you.

The fabulous illustrations are by Richard Crookes
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on 27 April 2011
Over the years I have used many cards but none with the energy and light of these ones. Their beautiful design and the inspiring words that go with them are unique and through their use I know that I am allowing these powerful beings to guide my life in a meaningful way.
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on 30 April 2011
I love these cards for a number of reasons: beautiful and meaningful designs, inspirational messages, and stunningly accurate guidance for the day, week or much longer term. They are easy to use and interpret even it you are a novice. I have been using my set for over two months now and they are in pristine condition. The accompanying booklet describing how to use the cards with descriptions of each card is well crafted with practical guidance for bringing the angelic presence into your life.
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on 26 April 2011
When I am feeling off centre, I use these beautifully designed cards and exceptionally explained booklet to bring me back.
The energy behind the Angels of Atlantis and their corresponding virtues stir something deep within me, reminding me what I knew long ago. And if I forget to live my truth in my everyday activities, I use the cards again... almost everyday.
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on 3 August 2011
I agree with all comments submitted. What can I add....? Really amazing cards...Frankly speaking this purchase was beyond my expectations. The cards are in beautifull deep vibrant colours, easy to shaffle and they have special energy which you feel as soon as you touch them. I like that they don't have human images for angels and this helps me to get into a meditative state very quickly. A liitle book of 22 paiges plus cover pages, size of the cards, is informative and easy to use for both beginners and more experienced readers. It is printed on a good quality paper so will not fall apart after frequent use. I'll post some pictures of the cards later.
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on 17 April 2011
These oracle cards are a gift to the world... I started by choosing one card from the deck and while I looked at the stunning visionary art work it spoke to me on many levels. Then I gazed into a spread of oracle cards and felt drawn into the sheer and timeless beauty. The oracle cards exuded interdimensional wisdom, which was captivating, elevating, motivating and more. Will go back to the oracle with more questions soon.
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on 24 April 2011
Stewart Pearce's Angels of Atlantis Oracle Cards are truly inspiring! The wisdom and the clarity of the Angels of Atlantis have been informing my life via the Oracle Cards in profoundly healing ways. The artwork of the cards is stunning and the energy of each Angel is powerfully conveyed to heal on all levels and many layers of being. Highly recommended!
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on 21 April 2011
The Angels of Atlantis Oracle cards are beautiful. Their stunning colours reflect their latent meaning and are a joy to read. Unlike many angel cards they do not have images of angels in the conventional sense, and so allow a fluidity of interpretation. They would make a stunning addition to a collection and would suit those who have a basic knowledge of Angel card reading, although beginners would also find them a good introduction.
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on 27 April 2011
Every time I use these I'm given powerful insight, and there's a knowingness that comes just from the beautiful illustrations, as well as the guide.
The cards are perfect in size to handle, and after much use are still in pristine condition.
A beautiful & powerful set of inspirational and insightful cards.
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on 12 April 2011
Not used these much, but I have to say the art work is stunning. Bit disappointed with the quality of the card though as despite only being used once, the corners are showing signs of wear which I have not experienced with any of my other sets of oracle cards.
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