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4.5 out of 5 stars35
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 26 May 2006
As a fan of Gordon Ramsey for a long time, it was great to receive his new book. It has not disappointed. It is full of fantastic recipes, easy ones to follow as well as those for keen cooks. The menus are well laid out and the fact that you can mix and match is great. There are also sections on so many ways to cook pototoes or onion etc.

What a fantastic idea to promote Sunday Lunch, in this day and age with the pace we all work at, families seldom have time to sit down for a meal together. This book sends the message that even if it is once a week, it is important to have a Sunday lunch even if not on a Sunday, and no matter how many members there are in your family, be it two or more.

This is a fantastic book that I will be using time and time again. Highly recommended.
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on 19 November 2006
I am a convert. I thought Gordon Ramsey's recipes would be too complicated and fussy - wrong! This book is excellent, so is Gordon Ramsey Makes It Easy. I am an avid cook and own a vast range of cookery books, so it was a revelation that within a few minutes of skimming this book, I had learnt a few tips that I have now adopted and they actually work.

Despite Mr Ramsey's fame, he is a no-nonesense chef and his enthusiasm and passion, got me going. I have since cooked a number of his recipes - all worked and all were delicious. I also agree about Sunday lunches and eating together as a family - whilst growing up, those lunches were a ritual and hold many happy memories - it is a great shame that for many, this time together with either family or friends, no longer holds the same appeal.

As far as Mr Ramsey being a self-promoter, what of it? If anyone had a modicum of his talent, and the opportunity, who wouldn't do the same? As for being in danger of over-exposure, I don't think he has much to fear. Unlike a number of other celebrity chefs, he hasn't given up what he does best - cooking. No, I don't think he has many sleepless nights worrying about that - if his bubble bursts, he is in the fortunate position of being at the very pinnacle of what he does.
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I've always had terrible trouble with my yorkshire puddings, until someone recommended this book to me. I bought it solely for this purpose, and it did indeed come up trumps and I have to say that my Yorkshires are now magnificent. It seemed a lot of money to spend just for this, but my family think it's worth it.
Luckily, emboldened by success I have tried many of the other recipes and have found them easy to follow and have had the same success. The creamy lemon desserts are particularly classy looking, but foolproof. The cauliflower soup is also excellent and a little bit unusual. A life saver if you're bored of cauliflower cheese.
I like the way this book is organised around menus, although I rarely do all the courses together, preferring to pick and choose what suits my family at the time. It is however, thoughtfully laid out with great tips and is a very accessible, user friendly book.
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on 22 May 2006
'I decided to launch my 'Sunday Lunch' campaign because I was shocked to discover how many families never sit down to eat together.....
Eating together is really important to me - in my house we sit down as a family at least once a week to share good food and lots of laughter. This is always my favourite day of the week.
Only 20% of families in the UK sit together on a Sunday to eat lunch - Let's make it 100%.

The main aim of this chunky Gordon Ramsay book is indeed to get family and friends back to Sunday dinner type of dining, but don't be put off by the title reference to 'Sunday Lunch', because contained within are plenty of other recipes from the 'F Word', that could be enjoyed any day of the week!

Durable hardboard covers open to 255 colourful matt pages, split over 25 sections, interspersed with '5 Ways with' sections:-

* The Mediterranean Flavours
* Spring Greens
* Winter Casserole
* 5 Ways with Cabbage

* Chicken Chic
* Easy Entertaining
* Taste Sensation
* Classic Sunday Lunch
* 5 Ways with Potatoes

* Keep it Simple
* Easy Barbecue
* Seafood Special
* Roast Lamb
* Malaysian Curry
* 5 Ways with Onions

* Salmon in a Parcel
* Surf `n' Turf
* Essence of Italy
* Wild Food
* Fast Food
* Quick & Easy
* 5 Ways with Greens

* Retro Dining
* Sole Food
* 5 Ways with Carrots

* Spring Chicken
* Christmas Dinner
* Pig Roast
* Paella for a Crowd
* Summer Entertaining

sandwiched between a recipe list (although this can be hard to read with black ink on dark brown paper), an introduction and a 4-page section entitled 'Basics'.... finishing up with a concise index.

Easy-to-read, well laid out recipes - arranged as menus, which have clear guidelines on preparing ahead, as well as defined recipe benchmarks.

'The menus take the effort out of planning a balanced three-course meal and guide you on scheduling your time to ensure a stress-free meal.'
Easy to mix and match.

The selection 'ranges from traditional Sunday roasts to lighter summer fare, from easy 30-minute meals to Italian, Indian and Moroccan influenced family feasts'.
Emphasis is put on buying the right ingredients, the preparation and the serving as well as helping to co-ordinate the cooking of several dishes to arrive on the table at the same time - a skill even the most talented may not master at the best of times!

Typical of GR publications, the photography is split between food, some on-location shots of 'the chef', and one or two of the family.

A small taste of the recipes contained within:-

* Herb-Crusted Rack of Lamb
* Baguette and Butter Pudding
* Duck Breast with Spring Greens & Gooseberry Sauce
* Knickerbocker Glory
* Gordon's Apple Pudding
* Seared Beef Salad
* Spiced Aubergine Purée
* Honey Mustard Pork Chops
* Pumpkin Risotto with Parmesan
* Ginger Chocolate Cheesecake
* Malaysian Curry
* Salmon in a Parcel
* Creamed Leeks
* Tagliatelle of Wild Mushrooms
* Italian Sausages with Lentils
* Lemon Posset
* Beef Wellington
* Wild Garlic & Parsley Risotto
* Mayonnaise
* Sweet Flan Pastry

Pages 70/71 have 'Roast Beef with Red Wine Gravy', and......not forgetting......SIMPLY THE BEST.......'Yorkshire Pudding' recipe - in my opinion!

A highly enjoyable DVD is included with some editions of this title, from Optomen TV - showing Gordon's unfussy cooking style and presentation of his 'Antipasti Plate':-

Stuffed Courgette Rolls, Marinated Mushrooms, Beetroot with Roquefort, Whole Baked Salmon with Herbs and Caramelised Lemons with Pink Grapefruit Sauce, Passion Fruit and Banana Soufflé. (note the GR reference to a successfully cooked soufflé - 'the 'love handle' - the sign of a perfect soufflé!)

Without doing Gordon any injustice there is a faint hint of Jamie Oliver in his TV mannerisms and presentation, BUT not a mention of the real 'F' word, so suitable for all the family to watch.

Overall, a good first if new to Gordon's unique style of cookery writing, but an equally handy book to add to your GR collection, if already a fan.
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on 6 July 2006
This is an excellent cook book that is a must for all home cooks. Where as some of Ramsays books have been very complicated & aimed at the very skilled cook this is a book that anyone can try. The dishes are interesting & inspiring & the various sections break the book down well.

Ramsays last book tried to do the same thing bust the dishe were bland and a little boring (a bit ainley harriotish!) Where as this book has some excellent reecipes that are simple yet very tasty i.e. vesison & chocolate sauce. If you have watched the F word or just like cooking buy this book it is excellent & a must have
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on 17 May 2006
An excellent book. With easy to follow instructions. Other Gordon Ramsay books I have found the recipes complex to follow. But in this book they are simpler. The book also offers menu for a complete meal. The starter, the main course and a dessert. It is easy to mix and match the recipes and even easier to follow the instructions. Another helpful part is the part regarding preparing for the cooking. It tells you what you need to do to prepare for the meal days in advanced. A very good book and extremely good additional to anyone's cook book library.
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VINE VOICEon 10 November 2007
I think this book is nothing short of briliant The book is showing us to cook and sit down as a family, not just as Sunday lunches, but any meals that involve sitting down at the table.

As you would expect with gordon Ramsay, all the recipies are stunning, and they are all easy to follow, and all look stunning. They taste just as amazing. The book also includes an excellent DVD which has Gordon cooking a Sunday lunch menu.

The book is very well put together, with nice bold colours, and is a chunky book, which will prove to be robust overtime. Gordon ramsay's f word TV seris was brilliant, and this book just carries on from where that left off, in being a must own, and something anyone can use, and follow and get great results every time.
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Frustrated by the average Briton not sitting down to some home-cooked food, perhaps in the good company of friends and family, acclaimed Michelin chef and "man of the people" Gordon Ramsay took it upon himself to go and get Britain cooking again, with the traditional Sunday Dinner being at the middle of his campaign.

This artily-designed, hardback book contains recipes that featured on the "F Word" television series with Ramsay and is split into 25 different chapters based around specific ingredients or food styles. Set as a meal, the recipes would be a typical starter, main and dessert. At the start of the book is an introduction designed to inspire the reader and then a detailed recipe list. After a mass of recipes, advice and lots of pictures of the "great man" doing his "stuff" the book ends with a few basic recipes and then a typical index.

There is nothing wrong with this book per se, it certainly covers a wide range of different dishes ranging from the relatively simple and basic to the more engaging, fussy dish. It is good that the reader, particularly the relatively-inexperienced, has some challenges ahead. Unfortunately the book's design seems to lack a common thread or purpose. It appears that someone had run amok in a paint and font factory and threw the various elements to the four winds. The blur of colours, different font sizes, faces and attempts to be "ultra modern" with design were, after a time, distracting and the book just felt a bit too hard work to plough through. This is a shame when you see the recipes, consider the knowledge of the chef and his attempts at passing his knowledge on to a wide audience. There is even a free DVD that shows Ramsay cooking a typical Sunday lunch.

The recipes themselves, design issues notwithstanding, are quite easy to understand and follow and Ramsay's writing and presentation style is encouraging and it does not assume you are a member of his kitchen brigade with the attendant understanding of culinary terms and methods. When you consider that this book does a good job at mixing education and entertainment together, it is a shame that the design just seems to get in the way and try to become the main message. If you are able to shut this out then the book could be perfect as you get a lot of useful hints and tips, recipes and background knowledge. If you are not able to switch it all out there is a good chance you will get very frustrated and maybe even copy Ramsay and start expressing your views in rather fruity anglo-saxon terms and more besides.

If possible, and you perceive a need for a book of this kind, try and look at it beforehand. It is worth a visit to the bookstore to consider it, that much we can promise. This is though a book that has put style a little too much over reader comfort and overall content and that is a crime.
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on 21 January 2014
This was a great choice for a present for daughters boyfriend - a lad who enjoys his cooking and needed the right encouragement to advance his skills. what can be better than a bloke cooking his own Sunday dinner. He thought the book had a good range of recipes to try.
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on 28 April 2011
Fantastic!!! It arrived so fast at such a fair price....the book shops of the uk are going to dislike such your great deals! I knew it was a used one when I ordered it so when it came with a tiny scratch on the cover I was not suprised or disappointed....but it's tiny and the book looks like new! Also I can say I've had it for ages and not feel guilty spending my money on treats for myself!!!
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