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  • Angel
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Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars15
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 3 May 2009
"Two Girls are inextricably linked by destiny, not choice. Stephanie a friendless misfit who believes strongly in angels and, Freya who can't stop seing angels and really doesn't want to.

When one of those angels begins stalking her, Freya is forced to make decisions from which there's no turning back."

I really, really liked this book, I found the popular girls at thier school quite wearing, and thought Freya made some bad choices, but I also understood why she chose the options she did.

When it got into the part about the angels and what they did - I thought it was really quite moving.

I liked it so much I just bought a signed hardback copy, and the ghost story "Breathe".
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on 6 August 2009
When I bought 'Angel', I was not expecting it to be as good as McNish's Doomspell Trilogy and Silver Sequence, but having read it would go almost as far as to say that it surpasses them.

As with all of McNish's novels the storyline is innovative, but Angel in particular holds some sort of magical beauty - a depth and ability to captivate the imagination and emotions. The characters are vivid and involving and the descriptive narrative sublime.

The original ideas sit exquisitely together and allow the reader to see angels and also the world we live in in a new and beautiful but intriguing light.

An unforgettable story. This book is unputdownable.
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on 3 October 2011
Ever since she was a young girl, for as long as she can remember, Freya Harrison has wanted to be an angel. She was visited by one when she was eight. One so beautiful she was left desperate. She was hospitalized soon after. Now, she's back at school and desperate to fit in. Stephenie Rice is friendless and strange. She believes in angels with all her heart, in everything Freya is denying to herself. But when Freya starts seeing a dark angel, horribly deformed, she turns to the only person who will believe her: Stephenie.
Meanwhile, Freya's brother is being beaten up for looking after a Year Seven boy and her dad is living with a huge secret...
And then Freya is visited once again by her light angel. And her whole world is changed beyond recognition...
All the concepts behind this book were amazing: friendship, love, self-sacrifice... And the characters were all very diverse and interesting. The messages about the dangers of peer pressure and bullying were wonderfully strong. It was very new and different from all the other angel books I've read. I really was rather addicted, wanting to find out what happened to everyone. It wasn't perfect, but I did like it.
Freya was damaged, delicate, fractured. I admired her determination, her stubbornness. But I didn't like what she did with her new `friends'. I'm not saying that I didn't like Freya, because I did. But I just saw how wonderful she could be, and I felt she could do so much better. She was strong, after the long struggle with the mental institutions. But that was why I got annoyed: she'd gone through all that, so why make someone else feel bad? Peer pressure at work there, people. And she didn't see what was right in front of her face. She got better as the book went on, but she did annoy me a little to begin with.
Stephenie was sweet. And very strange. She didn't have any friends, as she had been home-schooled and had her `friends' and playmates hand-picked for her by her parents. She had more confidence, more backbone than many a person, and was also determined as hell. She was kinda creepy and very weird, but she would do anything to help Freya. I couldn't help liking the girl: she was cute and innocent.
The rest of the characters were brilliant and completely believable. Freya's Dad, so strong and loving. Her brother Luke, who got over his biggest fears to save a boy he barely knew. Then you had the classic mean-girl bully, Amy, who was a total wimp and overall horrid person. Gemma the sheep. And Vicky, who left me hopeful that she could better herself. And the angels, complete opposites and both so very strong and powerful.
It was the angels in this book that made it ever so special. They were completely different from anything I'd read about before. In some ways, they were very much your traditional guardian angel. Apart for one very, very big difference... It was wonderful to read about these beings, and I must admit that it was one of the key points that made me want to read on.
The writing was equally wonderful: hauntingly beautiful, and brilliantly simple. And this story was beautiful. It was about true friendship, sacrifice, forgiveness and love. I couldn't help being touched by one of the prominent emotions: the need to belong. We all want to belong, don't we? Well, that need was everywhere in Angel. I know that there have been many so-so reviews of this book, but I really liked it. Ok, it had it's rough spots and I guessed some of the twists, but overall I really, truly liked it. It was inspiring.
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VINE VOICEon 20 May 2008
This is a sort of follow-on to Neggars previous novel in that it features Abigail and Owen again and follows on their romance. It also again features Abigails cop colleagues and friends, Scoop and Bob, with whom she shares a house.

However, the main leads in this book are Keira Sullivan, Bob's neice, and Simon Cahill, who is a search and rescue volunteer working for Owen.

Keira is a folklorist and book illustrator, who hears a folk story about three brothers, a disappearing/reappearing stone statue of an angel and a never ending battle with the fairies, from an old Irish woman, Patsy, in Boston. Keira and Patsy think that there is enough geographical evidence in the story to pinpoint the actual Irish village and even the stone hut that the hermit brother lived in. So, off she goes to Ireland to explore. However, before she goes she comes across a dead body in the pond of a Boston park. Although it appears that the cause of death is accidental i.e. he tripped in the storm and fell hitting his head. Abigail is suspicious and sure that there is more to it that that, much to Bob's scepticism.

Simon meanwhile, is taking a holiday in London. When Keira's uncle Bob does not hear from Keira when she is supposed to contact him, he contacts Owen, who in turn contacts Simon. Simon gets to the Irish village, locates Keira's holiday cottage and treks around looking for her. He reaches a collapsed cottage just in time to rescue Keira. Keira tells him that she is sure that the ruin is the hermit's cottage and that she saw the stone angel just before the ruin collapsed. However, there is no sign of the angel now. There is evidence however of a mutilated sheep. Shaken, Keira flies back to Boston with Simon.

Meanwhile, Abigail is continuing her investigation, and having the jitters about settling down with Owen, who actually lives and works several hours away from Boston.

Evidence seems to be pointing the finger towards a predator, who the dead man believed to be the embodiment of Satan. Somehow, Patsy's angel story, the dead man, Keira and her mother and the murder thirty years ago of Paty's daughter Deirdrie, Bob's then girlfriend, are all linked together. Then Patsy is murdered.

It's a good, interesting suspense story. Not completely without faults. For instance, why does Keira always choose the evenings to go out exploring and traipsing around in the countryside by herself, when she has all day to find the hermit's cottage? It's rather like those films, where the girl hears a noise downstairs and instead of barrackading herself in her room, lighting every light possible and screaming out the window for help, she creeps downstairs with just a torch or candle to investigate. Doh! However, one has to take some minor things at face value for the sake of the suspense I suppose.

Enjoy! You don't have to have read the previous novel to understand and enjoy this one. It gives enough information about Abigail and Owen for you to understand the relationship. However, if you do feel like reading it first, it was very good.
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on 1 February 2010
I find with Carla Neggars books, you either get a hit or miss, this book I
must admit did not really hold the attention, and to be honest I only carried
on reading it to the end just to see how they rounded it all up. I did not
really connect with the characters, and as one other reviewer said, why wait
all day to investigate an old cottage, then go out in the mist and dark, go
figure! All in all its an okay read, but I have read better of her books.
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on 29 December 2007
This is a fantastic book! I couldn't put it down! Let your emotions run wild with this book - freeze in terror, laugh with joy and grin from ear to ear at the sheer magic of the writing. A must-read. Anyone who hasn't read this book is really missing out. Well done Cliff McNish on producing such a spectacular masterpiece.
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on 17 May 2015
Cliff McNish is a superb author. This is an absolutely beautiful book, He makes you believe everything you're reading. I believe in Angels.
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on 5 April 2008
I loved the fantasy meets reality, with the clichés at school and the socially weird yet with angels. I really wish there was a sequel book as i really want to know what happened-did Stephanie learn Freya was an angel, does the Dad die or not and is Amy Carr yesterdays news?
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on 2 August 2015
Great service, great product - thanks!
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on 30 September 2013
Teenage read for trailer trash - wrong section to suggest "recommend for you" alongside notable authors. Utter disgrace. Stupid book. Had to put it away after two chapters.
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