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This second book in Nicole Peeler's Jane True series is better than the first. Jane's world has now been established, and that gives this novel a solid base to start from.

Tracking the Tempest begins with human-selkie halfling Jane back at home in the rural town of Rockabill, caring for her ill father, working at the local bookstore, and struggling to negotiate a long-distance relationship with her boyfriend (her blood-sucking sith boyfriend - who works as a sort of paranormal police inspector). It's Valentine's Day and Ryu surprises Jane with a plane ticket to join him Boston. With a romantic reunion planned, what could possibly go wrong?

Well, pretty much everything as it turns out. Because Ryu's latest investigation, into a fire demon-human halfling is about to turn explosive. Conleth, the ifret in question had been raised from a baby in a lab... becoming a guinea pig under a regime whose intentions seemed to have more to do with torture than science. This sent the halfling mad, and now he has escaped and is bringing an incendiary end to the lives of his former captors. Worse, it seems that Conleth has identified the inspector who has been sent to hunt him down and stop him - and developed a more than passing interest in that inspector's girlfriend...

There is quite a lot going on here and though the story stands up reasonably well alone, it does help to have read the first book in the series as quite a few plot threads carry over from book 1. I was pleased that Jane had started to find her feet in the supernatural world, standing up for herself a bit more and beginning to ask questions about the nature of her relationship with Ryu: I'm never terribly convinced by novels where the heroine is given her first (knowing) introduction to a supernatural male and immediately falls for him. There's plenty more from Anyan - a more than worthy rival for Jane's affections, and one who has been supporting her for a long time, even though she hadn't known it.

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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 31 October 2010
Jane's supernatural heritage was uncovered in book 1 of this series "Tempest Rising" and her resulting adventures landed her a deadly and powerful enemy. On the up side, Jane snagged herself a super hot vampire boyfriend, ended up with some great supernatural friends and proved herself to not be completely useless in a secret world she has no understanding of.

In this book, her boyfriend Ryu is pressuring Jane into moving from Rockabill to shack up with him. Yes Jane isn't happy with their current long distance set up and takes pains not to think of who Ryu may be feeding from when she isn't around. Yet she's committed to looking after her dad and she isn't willing to abandon her life in Rockabill for a man she isn't sure she's in love with.

Alongside Jane's personal dramas, it's action all the way as another Halfling makes his presence felt. Unfortunately Conleth has undergone brutal experimentation and is left unstable, plus his fiery killing sprees against those that hurt him don't exactly work in his favour. Fixated with Jane, he has plans to produce a new supernatural race and she's the lucky girl he has his eye on.

Jane really begins to prove herself in her new world. She's dealing with old enemy Jarl, his new underlings who are supposedly assisting in the search for Conleth, fitting in sporadic magical training and regular bedroom sessions with Ryu, and finally revealing her full abilities. Halflings may be considered the lowlife of the supernatural world, yet when Jane delves into the full scope of her power, beware those that stand in her way. Again NP has created an action packed and steamy paranormal romance. The relationships between Jane, Ryu and another potential love interest Anyan are interesting, the magical elements entertaining and the face offs with a variety of villains exciting.
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on 12 January 2011
Tracking the Tempest is the second novel about half-selkie Jane True by Nicole Peeler. In this novel, Jane is visiting her gorgeous boyfriend Ryu in Boston for Valentine's Day when they are attacked by another halfling. A hugely powerful half-ifrit who has left a path of dead bodies in his wake, Conleth looks to be hunting down Jane and won't let anything get in his way. Jane - flaunting her newly-trained supernatural powers - and Ryu are joined by a number of others, including Ryu's big rival, Anyan, to find Conleth before he can kill again.

I've just turned into a fangirl. My one real complaint about the first novel in the Jane True series - Tempest Rising - was that it seemed to be all set-up and not a lot of plot. In Tracking the Tempest, Peeler hits the ground running and gives us a delicious plot with no filler. This is a taut murder mystery, as well as a look at the supernatural politics that dominate the world that Jane has been introduced to.

My very favourite part of Peeler's writing is the snarky, knowing humour that fills every page. Anyone who follows this author via Twitter or Facebook knows that she has a very similar sense of humour to her wonderful main character. We have a girl who creeps through a dark and empty warehouse, thinking on all of the horror movies she's watched where the vulnerable young girl is jumped on and murdered. We have a just wonderful scene late in the book where Jane has been rescued, but all she can contemplate is the fact she drank too much water and needs to pee:

"Jane, I don't even know where to begin. I'm trying to rescue you from a psychotic serial killer who is apparently intent on impregnating you. And you want to take a potty break."

See? Who else d'you know would include the fact that heroines do actually have to pee, especially in moments of high tension? *grins*

The shivering romantic tension between Jane and Anyan is also ramped up in this novel. In Tempest Rising I was intrigued by Anyan, but in Tracking the Tempest he becomes absolutely irresistible.

So, I loved the plot. I loved the characters. I loved the prose. I loved the wicked sense of humour. I loved the fact I COULD NOT put this book down from start to finish. Ms. Peeler, I salute you. You are my new favourite UF author!

Oh, and let's give some cover love to Sharon Tancredi, who has produced another vivid and utterly charming cover to grace the outside of such a brilliant story.
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on 10 October 2010
I was looking quite forward to reading this book, as I found the previous book, Rising the Tempest quite a good read. Tracking the Tempest is set 4 months after the previous book, where Halfling, Jane, is set for adventure that is definitely entertaining. Also note that it's best to read Rising the Tempest, if you haven't already, to gain perspective of the world created.
First thing, don't let the cover put you off. It may look like quite a childish cover art, but the story written is far from childish. It mixes Urban Fantasy with Romance really well. The action in the book will definitely not let you down.. There's enough to keep you on the edge to wonder what's going to happen next.
Half Selkie, half human, Jane is a very likable character, with a smart witty mouth, and the book is written in 1st person which I think helps with character development. There's enough romance too between Jane and the hot vampire detective Ryu, and a couple of sex scenes, but I don't think as much as in Tempest Rising. This book concentrates more on where the relationship is going and whether Jane wants to take it to the next level, as opposed to lots of passionate sex. I won't give away what happens, as the events happening in the book affects the relationship between Jane and Ryu, but it does leave you hanging by the end eagerly waiting for the next book. One of the main problems I had with this book was the dialogue between Jane and Ryu.. There's only so much the words "baby", "babe", "love" can be said, before it loses its meaning and sound quite fake. By the end of the book I did start doubting their relationship, as Ryu isn't quite the sexy, understanding vampire he was before. There's even a scene which involves Jane physically prove to Ryu that she's capable of helping Ryu with his investigation, which she happens to be caught up in too. *kinda spoilery now!* Another problem I had by the end of this book was Anyan and Jane. I viewed him as a paternal figure to Jane, hence why I'm hoping that there is no romantic relationship between the two.
Overall this book is not a total disappointment, and is a good sequel to Rising the Tempest with lots of action, romance, and witty dialogue by Jane and other characters, which will leave you impatiently waiting for the next book in the series which will be, released early 2011.
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on 16 August 2010
This is the second of the Jane True novels, this time she time she leaves Rockabill Maine to spend a Valentine weekend with her vampire boyfriend Ryu & becomes quickly embroiled in another serial murder investigation that points to a powerful ilfrit halfling. Jane is convinced that Jarl (adviser to the supernatural king & Queen)& is part of the conspiracy but she just can't make the connection & when his lackeys come down to supposedly 'aid' the investigation, the murders & tortured murder victims just seem to pile up.
Jane also gets a taste of what her powers can do & begins to train in earnest as she is sick of being left vulnerable, she wants to prove her worth by being able to protect herself from the often violent supernatural world she has now found herself, but like the first novel each surprise & attack she faces head on with stinging sarcasm & humourus gibes. I love it when a novel makes me laugh out loud & this one did.
You get to hear from Anyan the barghest & his get a taste of his obvious fierce protectiveness & affection for Jane which in turn makes the atmosphere between Anyan & Ryu somewhat strained.
There's chittering brownies, Spriggans, & harpies, it's a supernatural belter & just as good as the first one. If you like Charlaine Harris's Sookie Stackhouse novels you should like this, it is similar but in a different supernatural vein, heh heh.

I would suggest that you read the Tempest Rising first. then this one followed by Tempest's Legacy.
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on 29 September 2013
I enjoyed reading Nicole Peeler`s second book of the Jane True stories called Tracking the Tempestalbeit after a hesitant start. Hesitant? The style of the book made me uneasy. Coming as it did after reading Kate Forsyth`s fairy tale, The Puzzle Ring, the abrupt change from the (f)airiness of Forsyth's tale to the (gl)amorous preoccupations of Jane True was probably the cause. All the same, I re-read the beginning of Peeler's book in an attempt to understand if more was at stake. Please excuse the unintended vampire pun. The first chapter is almost devoid of any description of the place where the action is happening. As a result there is a tenuousness that is not so much otherworldly as disconnected or possibly even claustrophobic which could be quite appropriate given the story. This insubstantiality is accentuated by the first person narrative in which much is given over to Jane's preoccupations and the (a)musings of her inner voices.

As I made my way through the book I was more and more caught up in the story and less disturbed by stylistic questions. I found Jane became increasingly likable. Of course, it's always good to discover that the heroine has more more to offer than she imagined, but the real clincher for me came when I felt Jane had rediscovered her humanness that went hand in hand with vulnerability but also self-assertion.

Review first published on Secret Paths:
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VINE VOICEon 31 August 2010
This is the second Jane True book in the series.
Jane has recently learnt of her supernatural mother and of her own power as an halfling.
She is half human and half selkie. As such her power is connected to water.
This book is set four months after the first. Jane has become more confident, likes herself more and is beginning to explore the supernatural world.
She is being trained by Nell (a gnome) to protect herself by using shields of power and is exploring her power.
Jane is still in a relationship with Ryu and much of the action in the book takes place in Boston where Ryu lives.The storyline is one of detection and action. It goes at full pelt as Jane and her friends are attacked by an evil halfling.
This book builds on the first, although I think you could pick up the story with this one, it may be better to read the books in order.
Anyan appears more in this book and we learn a bit more about the Alfar.

I enjoyed this book as much as the first and it is told in an easy and enjoyable way. Jane is becoming braver and more adventurous. I am looking forward to reading the third book when it comes out.
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on 18 September 2011
I was really looking forward to this one after the first and I wasn't disappointed. We're plunged straight into a training session with Nell the gnome, as Jane works on understanding and controlling her powers, and this is Peeler starting as she means to go on: no filler, no excess of recap, all story. The majority of the plot is, essentially, a crime thriller but don't worry - there are also developments in the romance plotline.

Again, the humour and characterisation are brilliant and what (for me) really stand out. Supernatural elements notwithstanding, all of Peeler's characters are convincing. Many of those familiar from Tempest Rising develop during the course of this novel, and we also get the pleasure of making new friends - and enemies of course. I was particularly pleased to see more of Anyan the barghest, and I'm sure there's more of him to come. This is not one of those series that feels formulaic and lacks character progression.

Overall, I've really enjoyed these masterful novels and would recommend them to anyone who enjoys urban fantasy and supernatural mysteries.
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The second Jane True tale and one that builds on the first. Jane is more magical, she's got more spirit and above all else she is sassier than ever.

The story arc is complex and more of a mystery than the first outing. However this time she has a stronger role proving that "halflings" are doing it for themselves (and not just through Griz's gift sets. LOL) Add to the mix, emotional conflict, some film references and a huge posse of supporting cast members (and yep, you can take one or two in more than one way, lol) and it's a fun journey from start to finish. My only real qualm is the characters use of the word "Baby", I absolutely hate it when its used in reference to another adult, but that's just a personal niggle. On the whole, if you want an Urban fantasy that has fun characters, great plot and a lead that isn't god defyingly powerful with vulnerability, then this is the tale for you.
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on 8 July 2011
Jane is just beginning her training since learning of her Selkie heritage, and her relationship with Ryu is still in the beginning stage. This book sees her struggling to keep her new life and her old life seperate and also puts her relationship with Ryu to the test.

I'm glad we get to see more of Anyan in this book, I really like the Barghest and hope he continues to pop up in future books. And Jane and Ryu's relationship? *fans self* HAWT!! I want me one of those, for xmas maybe? Please?

Seriously, I can't give this series enough praise. The characters, the world, the pacing and the story are all fantastic.
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