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4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 8 June 2011
Initially, I was somewhat sceptical. A good review for the first book, and a birthday gift voucher inspired me to pick it up. Before I'd even finished the first book, I'd pre-ordered the second and, well, the third was a no-brainer.

If you're a fan of the Cyberpunk 2020 RPG game (from the '90's), then you'll be wanting to read some of this. If you like Halting State by Charles Stross, chances are, you'll enjoy this.

A post-apocalyptic London, the protagonist is a Russian genius slowly becoming a cyborg (one major injury at a time), with a gun-toting, ex-nun for a wife, and his best mate is an AI (and is buried in a bunker). Mix in right-wing nutters in the good ol' USA wanting to bring hell-on-earth to anyone not in the US (especially when there's an AI on the loose), well, that's one hell of a combination.

If I was looking for any failings in this book, it's that there's just too many women prepared to throw themselves at the Sam (the main character)... especially considering how much of his body is failing!
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on 28 August 2011
It's just under a year since the outies invasion of the Metrozone and Petrovich finds himself being framed as a nuclear terrorist and all the evidence points to someone close to himself has betrayed him. The CIA haven't given up their plans to destroy Michael and Petrovich both and with a possible nuclear bomb in the heart of London the stakes are higher than ever.

I have to say I've really enjoyed this trilogy. All three books are action packed but they don't feel excessively padded out. Petrovich can keep moving through is incredibly bad days when other people would just drop, but we are given an explanation of how that is done in this book. I thought that it was a great ending to the series with a satisfying conclusion and Petrovich has grown as a person through each novel. Having said that though if there were ever any more Petrovich novels I'd be happy to read them as the first person narrative makes him a character that sticks with you.

One of the things that made me pick up these books was the rather striking an unusual covers which are so very different from other SciFi novels. However once you know Petrovich's character their use makes sense. It's also been nice to get a full series in a short period of time and not have to wait three years to finish a story. If you enjoy scifi and alternative universes then you'll probably like these books.
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VINE VOICEon 25 September 2011
This series was a recommendation for me from Amazon and have to say that it has been an absolute cracker - I've read the three books in as many weeks. If pushed I might say that the plot has items from other sci-fi (AI , post Armageddon etc etc ) but what makes this work is that the hero is a character who you can identify with - he does not always do the right thing but he does try to do so. The action takes place in London and when when I say action thats an understatement and the entire series rockets along with the US not coming across as very sympathetic once the religious right get into power - the conversation at the end of the third volume with the US president has me cheering him on - saying thijngs about nuclear weapons policy that just are barking .. but hey, that's me. The book also makes a very good point about our dependancy on comuters and the way they can be manipulated
Finally I'd say its one of the best sci-fi series I've read, keeped up the pace and interest all the way through - added to the list of ones to watch
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on 3 January 2013
I normally don't care much for post armageddon novels as the characters are all too often "goodies" struggling to survive against "baddies" in totally bleak circumstances. This trilogy was given to me as a birthday present and I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed it. Although it is set in a post Armageddon world and disasters do happen - societies adapt, reorganise and re-build. The action is fast paced and compelling. The scenario and storyline provide a framework for the exploration of what it means to be human. The development of the AI character is nicely juxtaposed with the mechanisation of the principal character. While some of the dialogue in the first book was a little cheesy - the bonds between the characters are nicely depicted. I also loved the Russian swearing, which is easily understood from the context.
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on 7 March 2013
Simon Morden's books about refugee physics genius and unwilling revolutionary Petrovich are very readable. I read this one in one sitting having enjoyed the previous two. There is a danger, for the author, that creating a character who is a genius hacker and has access to a super powerful AI leads to a book where all problems are solved by technological magic. However the author has escaped this by having equally interesting characters around Petrovich and by making the protagonist quite annoying. There is still a little wish fulfillment in giving a right wing US President a spanking. But since we all want to do that anyway it was just fun.
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on 18 April 2013
The rollercoaster continues... even a hardened sf reader needs to suspend disbelief but the pace makes up for it. The plot charges along like a runaway nano infestation, our hero suffers and is unfeasibly popular despite his flaws. Loose ends are tied off and the slightly gasping reader is not disappointed at the end. It's just chulish to criticise something that's such fun!
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on 26 August 2014
For some reason this did not grab hold of my brain and force me to read the book through some sort of sympathetic compulsion in the same way the first tow books did. Yes, it still an exciting, adrenaline filled romp through an even more post-apocalyptic London involving all the usual suspects, but it imply did not seem as exciting as the first two books. Maybe it is getting a bit 'same-y', a tad predictable, and in need of something to freshen up the series (road trip anyone?). I still think, like the earlier two, it is a made for film-novel with Robert Carlyle as the lead, but I am starting to see how you could condense all 3 books into 1 film.

OK, its not thought provoking, its not ground breaking, its not new, but it is still good, gritty fun. Still reckon if I had taken it away of holidays as a light read, I would not have been disappointed.
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on 14 October 2011
Earlier books held promise of a huge scope, and I thought he'd be headed for the stars by now or at least off-world but Petrovitch is still just getting into street fights and grubbing around in the murkier parts of London. The plot twist has a rather weak human motive behind it, would they really do all that just because they felt that way? Also why didn't Samuil have enough imploders to crush the Americans' bomb into nonexistence? I hope there's another novel in the series from Mr. Morden because at the very least I know his protagonist won't be in London and maybe he'll have the chance to use his excellent intellect a bit more instead of just running around and getting smashed up.
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on 23 December 2012
The final instalment in the Petrovitch saga where he is battling against American and the Vatican in Freetown in a dramatically different London.

I didn't think that this was quite as strong a story as the first two books. Having said that I like the way that the story is written, and the tech that works in this dystopian future, and the way that the global institutions are so much different todays.

If you have read the other a must read to complete
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on 26 December 2012
Any science fiction series set in London featuring a scrawny anti-hero and gun totting nuns gets my vote. This third installment of the Metrozone series does not disappoint. My only slight criticism would be that our hero's ability to survive crippling injury and soldier on powered only by strong black coffee borders on the unbelievable (unless he has developed immortality as well as anti-gravity!) but that is not going to stop me pre-ordering installment four. Enjoy!
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