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4.5 out of 5 stars180
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 24 November 2004
Elena seems a normal young woman. She has a job, and lives with her perfectly normal boyfriend. However, things aren't always what they seem to be: Elena is a werewolf, the only female werewolf in the world to be precise...
Elena was turned into a werewolf by her previous fiancée, Clay, who wanted her to be with him forever, and thus did something forbidden by Pack Law: he bit her. Against all odds Elena survived, but she felt betrayed by Clay and ultimately left the Pack.
Now, however, the Pack needs her: a band of mutts (not Pack werewolves) are killing humans, and they must be stopped. So when Jeremy the alpha werewolf calls her, she decides to return and face her past, even though she isn't specially eager to do so.
Truth to be told, this is the first book by Kelley Armstrong that I have read, and I discovered it by chance. A friend told me to visit Armstrong's website ([...]) to read some of her free novellas, and I did exactly that when I had some free time. I didn't regret it: the three free novellas that Kelley offers in her website are just awesome. "Ascension", "Savage" and "Beginnings" are prequels to "Bitten", and quite different to other things I have read (different in a good way, though).
My immediate reaction after reading Armstrong's free novellas was to buy "Bitten", Armstrong's first published novel and coincidently the first book in the "Women of the Otherworld" series. I don't regret doing that. As a matter of fact, I liked this book so much that I gladly recommend it to you, provided you like fantasy/horror books with non-stopping action, an interesting plot and a little bit of romance :)
Belen Alcat
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on 18 September 2006
I recently discovered Kelley Armstrong's books by chance in my local bookshop and have become completely hooked on them!

"Bitten" is the first book in the series and introduces us to Elena Michaels, the world's only female werewolf. She is still coming to terms with becoming a werewolf after her lover, Clay, bit her and at the beginning of the book is trying to maintain a "normal" life with human partner Philip. However, her Pack soon need her help and when she returns to them she has to battle with her feelings for Clay and the others and decide whether home is with Philip or with her Pack, while at the same time the Pack is in terrible danger from a group of "mutts", rogue werewolves who kill to survive.

Elena is a great character, a typical "stand up for yourself" woman with a troubled past that makes her sympathetic and likeable. By the end of the book you may feel as though she's an old friend. The first person narrative allows readers to get into her mind and this book explores her confused hopes and fears and her longing for a normal life and a happy home.

All in all, an excellent book, and it will certainly leave you desperate to read more of Elena's adventures!
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on 21 December 2006
Bitten is the first book written by Kelley Armstrong. All Kelley Armstrongs books are interconnected using the same "other world" characters, though can be read independently. Bitten I think is written slightly differently to her other books.I feel it was slow in forming the story line and wondered for the first 80 pages where this story was going. Perservere with the book, it was well worth it as it evolved. The book is about a woman called Elena who was turned into a werewolf by a former lover called Clay. Clay decided he couldn't live without Elena so bit her. This set into motion a series of events that cumilate in Elena being abducted because she is the only know female werewolf.I have read all Kelley Armstrong books and eagerly await the next, they just get better and better.
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VINE VOICEon 8 October 2003
Meet Elena Michaels. A journalist living in Toronto with her boyfriend Philip. Elena has a secret though, she is a werewolf, and not just that, she is the only female werewolf in the world. This makes her rather special, as you might imagaine. Elena had been part of the Pack, a group of werewolves, led by the intelligent Jeremy, but she had trouble accepting just being a werewolf, and so left and moved to Toronto. Sneaking out in the middle of the night to Change and go for a run as a huge wolf presents some difficulties, but she's managing.
However, the Pack calls her. There's trouble in New York, and they need her on board. This will mean returning to her past, and dealing with issues she'd rather ignore. One of these issues is handsome and sexy as hell Clay, the once love of her life, and the reason she is a werewolf. But mutts, or lone werewolves threaten the security of the pack, and so they have to work together.
This is a great debut novel, with an intriguing premise. Elena struggles to come to terms with what she is and what she feels, and Kelley Armstrong paints a great picture of a feral hierarchy, where violence and nudity are commonplace. It's a bit violent in places, but hey, these are werewolves after all, even if they are extremely intelligent men (and one woman) for the most part.
The most original fantasy novel I've read in a while. I'm definitely getting the next one, so don't let an opportunity to read this pass you by.
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on 29 June 2005
As I see a number of reviews already outling this story, I shall not repeat a summary of the plot. Suffice it to say that I am moved to comment despite the number of existing reviews, something I rarely bother to do. I was very impressed with this book, and found myself still thinking about it for ages after I had read it. Firstly, there is the meticulously created world of a modern female werewolf-the only one in the whole world, and thus something of a rarity even within the werewolf community. The detailed descriptions of the change, the pack, and a host of secondary characters creates a skillfully drawn background to the central theme of the book-does Elena Michaels stay with her human partner or return to her werewolf lover? Underpinning this dilemma is Elena's difficulty in accepting that she has the capacity to slough off her human characteristics and become, essentially, a wild animal-can she, should she, cast off her human moral code and loose herself in the savage joy of the hunt?How does she reconcile this with her longings for what she sees as a normal human life-the cravings of an orphan for a normal family? There are some complex issues around identity and morality, denial and self acceptance that lift this book out of the normal category of a supernatural romance and into something rarer and finer. I loved this book, cannot wait to read the others in the series, and recommend it very strongly.
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on 5 April 2005
I have to say I'm not that keen on stories about werewolves so I almost didn't get this book and what a shame that would have been! I read book 3 in this series which is about a witch called Paige first and then just had to go back and buy this book to satisfy my curiosity even though I anticipated hating it, I have to say I was soooo wrong!
This is the story of Elena and Clayton two werewolves, in fact Elena is the only female werewolf in the world. Clayton is her ex-lover and she is not that keen on letting him back into her life but when the alpha of their pack (incidently Clayton's adoptive father) calls her for help she can't refuse and before long she finds herself being pulled back into pack business and a life she thought she was done with. the longer she is with them the more involved with Clay she gets but even then she still fights against her feelings wanting a different life for herself. This is a great action and romance story that I absolutely adored, I went out and bought the second book which tells us more about their relationship (but a totally different story) the next day.
If you like supernatural stories then i would recomend this and all kelley armstrongs books!
Also if you're still not sure check out her website [...] because she has free online prequels that you can check out first and I guarantee you'll be hooked and loving it!
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on 31 August 2006
I've always been a fan of fantasy but this was the first werewolf book I'd ever read. I came across it by chance and like most of the other reviewers was absolutely blown away. Elena is smart, stylish and really funny. Definitely the makings of a cult heroine! Kelley Armstrong really has a feel for her characters and is a master at making the paranormal seem perfectly reasonable.

Highly recommended!
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on 5 January 2009
It was interesting to read some of the recent not so positive reviews which don't at all reflect my own reading experience. Having just re-read the entire Women of the Otherword series I still regard Kelley Armstrong as one of my favourite authors and this book as one of my favourites in the series.

I first came across the author through Listmania, then checked out the reviews, found a link to her website with free online fiction, read a werewolf chapter there and that was it... I was bitten. Some of the free stuff has been pulled from the site as it will be published in aid of charity with the first collection `Men of the Otherworld' out on amazon in early February, however, you will find the Prologue for 'Bitten' there as well as lots of other material. Maybe like me it will convert you to this amazing author.

My star ratings are the result of the following breakdown:
How difficult was it to put the book down: extremely difficult = five stars
Would I buy the hardcover of this one: definitely = five stars
Am I likely to read it again: already have and will again = five stars
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on 18 December 2004
Loved it, from the first page to the last !!!
I've read other books featuring werewolves (Hamilton, Harris, King), but none remotely like this... Other books talk about the change and how it's painfull but that's about it... This one describes how it is like to actually be a werewolve, how it's like to run, to smell everything, to live with al these urges... How it's like to play with your pack members in wolf-from...
Bitten tells the story of Elena. She had a really difficult childhood and is just starting to come to terms with it all when she's bitten and becomes a werewolve...
10 years later she's left her pack and moved to the city where she lives with her boyfriend. Things aren't easy, living with a human and in the city, but she's managing.
Then her former pack leader calls her: there's an emergency "back home", so she goes back to her pack members and Clay, the man she loves with whole her heart, or hate with whole her heart, depending on whitch minute of the day it is...
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on 28 June 2012
This was our book of the month and being a silver haired fantasy fan for many years I looked forward to reading it. I was disappointed. Though well written the story was dreary and seemed to be a book on the current trend of romantic stories featuring werewolf's, Vampires and ghosts. It was just an everyday story of werewolf's kidding themselves they can fit in. In the finish I just wanted to get the silver bullet and put her out of her and the readers misery.
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