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4.0 out of 5 stars Museum of memories, 10 Sept. 2012
Paul Tapner (poole dorset england) - See all my reviews
This review is from: The Time Museum (Doctor Who: The Companion Chronicles) (Audio CD)
Latest Doctor Who companion chronicle. These are a range of talking books which see an actor who played a companion to the Doctor on tv returning to the role to read an all new story for their character which has never appeared before in any other format.

They usually run for two episodes of roughly thirty minutes each. Are complete on a single cd. And have the actor doing all the voices save for one, which is done by a guest actor.

This one sees William Russell return to the role of Ian Chesterton, who he played opposite William Hartnell's Doctor back at the very start of the show.

It follows all the format mentioned in the second paragraph, except for the fact that isn't narrated like they usually are. It has the lead and guest actor perform the whole thing as a two hander dialogue play. A format that the companion chronicles have used a handful of times in the past.

The story sees an aged Ian, many years after he and Barbara left the TARDIS, waking up to find himself in a museum. With tableaux based on moments from his life when he was travelling with the Doctor. He meets a man there called Pendolin, who tells him that the museum is under attack from hostile forces and the two are forced to flee through the place. But not all of Ian's memories are coming back to him the way that they should. Can he find what's really going on here, and then get home?

William Russell and guest actor Philip Pope are the only two performers in the entire story so they have a lot to accomplish, but they both do superbly well with excellent performances. Pendolin remains a mystery for a lot of the story and his character goes through a lot, all of which is very will written and acted.

There's a lot for fans to enjoy in William Russell's dialogue because the listener is often a step or two ahead of Ian, since things he says will make more sense to them from their knowledge of the show. Some of these references go a bit beyond the tv stories of the First Doctor/Ian/Barbara/Susan or Vicki era, so that's an even bigger delight.

But then it gets quite clever by twisting these around unexpectedly, so you can never quite be sure what's coming.

The cliffhanger is excellent and really allows the two stars to stretch themselves. Although the resolution to it isn't quite what you might have expected.

Another common feature of this range is that the main character will have something of an epiphany about their life and their relationship with the Doctor. And Ian has an excellent one here.

The end of the story though isn't quite as conclusive as you might hope and it does take a while to sink in. Do be sure to listen to the very end of the credits on part two because there is an extra scene after those.

This is an excellently written and superbly acted play and it's a great look at Ian as a character and his life as whole. It just doesn't quite have the impact to be five star material, but it's a well above release and well worth a listen.

There's a trailer for the next in the range on the penultimate track on the disc.

And just under six minutes of interviews with cast and crew on the track after that.
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4.0 out of 5 stars The Museum & Monsters, 2 Aug. 2014
Timelord-007 (The Eccentric Wanderer) - See all my reviews
This review is from: The Time Museum (Doctor Who: The Companion Chronicles) (Audio CD)
Doctor Who:The Time Museum.
Main character: Ian Chesterton
Featuring: Pendolin
Main setting: The Time Museum
Writer: James Goss
Director: Lisa Bowerman
Release number: 7.01
2 episodes.
Running time 60 minutes.

Behind the scenes interviews.

Ian Chesterton - William Russell
Pendolin - Philip Pope

1)Ian awakens to find himself in a recreation of his bedroom, which leads into a recreation of his science classroom in Coal Hill School in the Chesterton Exhibition, dedicated to his travels with the First Doctor, in the Time Museum. One of the oak chairs has "Kilroy" carved into it while there is a burn mark on one of the desks, Ian is reminded of one of the third years spilling sulphuric acid on it years earlier. Pendolin tells him that he is to be the star attraction of the exhibition.
2)Pendolin tells Ian that he may have been the first human male to travel with the Doctor.
3)Ian tells Pendolin that one of his students, Susan Foreman, used to look at him as if he were a sample under a microscope, something quaint.
4)Ian has been removed from his own time through the use of a time scoop.
5)The Time Museum featured a exhibit on the Sontaran-Rutan War containing thousands of Sontaran & Rutan Host ships & millions of lives, all of whom were eaten.
6)Ian grew up in London during the Blitz in World War II.
7)Pendolin brought Ian to the Time Museum in the hope of luring the Doctor to be his star exhibit, However, he was unable to attract the Doctor's attention.
8)As was the case with (Audio: Solitaire & Audio: The Jigsaw War), this audio drama does not feature any narration. It is a full cast audio drama which only features two speaking roles.
9)Although the First Doctor is featured on the CD cover, he does not appear in the story itself.
10)This story features at least one direct reference to every televised story in which Ian appears as well as (Audio: Farewell, Great Macedon, The Rocket Men, The Masters of Luxor).

What's The Story.
Ian Chesterton wakes to find himself at The Chesterton Exhibition at The Time Museum, an exhibit dedicated to his adventures with the First Doctor, a shrine to his own past, & soon goes has to flee & go on the run with a man named Pendolin.

From Coal Hill School to Jobis Station, from Totter's Yard to the Crusades, Ian's history is unfolding while a confrontation with a deadly enemy with a voracious appetite awaits...

Timelord Thoughts.
This Companion Chronicle tale features actor William Russell playing a elderly Ian Chesterton as he's forced to take a trip through his memories of his past adventures in the Tardis.

The play starts in The Time Museum which has been invaded by creatures which feed on memories & devoured every exhibit except for the Chesterton Exhibition killing everyone in the museum except for Ian & Pendolin, who had hidden away.

Ian is severely affected by memories at first as his memories of his travels with the Doctor which have become muddled & confusing he cannot even the remember the name of his wife Barbara Chesterton.

But soon event's start becoming clearer as the mystery deepen which is closer to hand than Ian may think as this Companion Chronicles adventure is played as a two hander that differs from the usual part narrative format of the range.

William Russell is excellent as ever performing as an elderly Ian Chesterton in this tightly paced intriguing adventure as we the listener take a trip down memory lane with Ian as he recalls his nostalgic past adventures with the First Doctor, Barbara, Susan & Vicki.

While guest actor Phillip Pope is superb as the mysterious Pendolin who was the only survivor of the Museum's massacre & maybe knows more about the strange goings on inside the Museum than he's letting on & is able to somehow channel a chilling maniacal laugh in a final post credit scene that reminded me of the Predators insane laugh at the climax of the movie 'Predator'.

The Time Museum is written by the ever excellent writer James Goss who has delivered a superb mysterious audio adventure here full of great mystery & intrigue that kept me enthralled throughout the adventure which features a great cliffhanger at the end of part 1 & an unexpected twist to it's conclusion & be sure to stay tuned after the closing credits theme music as theres a post credit scene.

Overall, The Time Museum is one of my favourite all time Companion Chronicles story's that's well worth adding to your Big Finish Doctor Who collection.

Timelord Rating.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars The Time Museum, 1 Mar. 2014
Keen Reader "lhendry4" (Auckland, New Zealand) - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: The Time Museum (Doctor Who: The Companion Chronicles) (Audio CD)
This is another in the Companion Chronicles series, which features a past companion of one of the Doctor’s incarnations recounting a tale. Often they are tales of a time from when they travelled with the Doctor, though sometimes as in this case this tale stands outside the time when the companion travelled with the Doctor.

In this story William Russell reprises the role of Ian Chesterton; now elderly he has awoken to find himself in a Time Museum, the only other person there being the curator of the Museum, Pendolin. They must flee through the Museum revisiting Ian’s memories of his time with the Doctor to escape marauding beings who are destroying the Museum and the exhibits. But of course, there’s much more to it than that.

This was a brilliant story; clever and complex, yet familiar enough to a long-time fan of the ‘classic’ Doctor Who stories to be quite reminiscent. Ian’s memories are evocative and bring back our own memories of stories from long ago – visiting Skaro, the Cave of Skulls, the Aztecs, the Crusades and many more. And William Russell does an absolutely brilliant job as Ian – his characterisation is still, after so many years spot on; and his rendition of the Doctor (the First, as played by William Hartnell) is uncannily like the Doctor was.

This story is a worthy addition to the Companion Chronicles, and indeed to the whole Doctor Who universe. It is one that will repay repeated listening, definitely recommended.
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