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on 7 May 2013
I attending a fantastic talk by Martin last week and have really enjoyed reading his book too.

Martin and Jordan have been extremely successful in their entrepreneurial careers, but through their wisdom and intelligence, have managed to do so without pushing themselves too hard.

I've read lots of self-help books, and many of them are poor and written by people who are just putting the same old ideas in another book. This is a business book with tips for living and working woven in.

There's three good reasons for buying this book:

1. The authors have actually been successful in their work. Hiring 100 people and have a turnover of 50 million a year is a great achievement for anyone.
2. The book is in nice, bite-size chapters. Lots of insights like: why change your to do list to a today list. Why ideas should not be kept secret. And many more.
3. Having met them, I can genuinely say they are nice people wanting to make a positive difference in the world. And you can feel that as you read their words.


Shamash Alidina
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on 30 May 2013
I just read the book and its simply amazing. I know that I'll be going back to it month after month to reference certain things and as a reminder to slow down, take a look around and truly enjoy life as its happening. It is an inspiring, and fast paced read that never allows you to lose interest. Martin and Jordan and their 25 "business role models" deliver bite-sized bits of wisdom for easy digestion.

What I liked most about the book is that it could have easily gone too far with what may seem like a hippie, unrealistic vibe, but instead it gives you a practical view of each of its 66 strategies. It's beyond "self help," and more like a buddy giving you a pep talk after a long day at work, reminding you of what really matters in life.

Another thing I noticed is that I find many business-related books to be skewed towards either a male or female reader--mostly by accident and sometimes based on which is writing it--but this felt universal in nearly every way. I'd recommend it to anyone from the budding entrepreneur starting out, to the most seasoned of veterans. MUST HAVE reading for your next flight.
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on 20 August 2013
Too many people believe its hours in the office not results that count because they are too lazy to monitor results which are harder to judge than hours. I don't believe most workplaces are discriminatory against woman anymore other than indirectly as a result of their general discrimination against anyone who wants a life outside of work! This book provides some sound advice on achieving balance - and if you are the boss encouraging it.
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on 19 May 2013
"Is it really possible?" asked a fellow train passenger as I turned pages of Winning Without Losing. His question bewildered me. I had just read the title of the next chapter, labeled "Reinvent the Meeting". The same question had just crossed my mind, but how did this guy know what I was thinking? I looked at him obviously confused. "The book, is it really possible to win without losing?" he said.

Beyond its idealistic title, Winning Without Losing is packed with 66 inspiring short essays giving practical, actionable advice on how to build and lead a balanced life. The short essays include detailed examples of successful role models. The emphasis on examples is key to the book's credibility; helping readers embrace that it is actually possible to "have it all". But what is "all" anyway? The role models come from all paths of life and would make for an eclectic dinner party, but one thing they have in common is that they took the time to define what is important to them. If anything else, the main lesson I learned is: Define happiness first, then try to optimize your life to achieve your goals armed with these insights. The book is a handy cocktail of demonstrated tactics, choose the ones that better serve your purpose and fit your circumstances.

The authors created a non-prescriptive, inspiring read that is relevant to any professional. We are individually responsible for balancing our lives. Sadly, work/life balance is not only a neglected topic in most conventional organizations, but a seemingly contradictory goal in the race to the top. Winning Without Losing opens the door to discussing the possibility of being happy and accomplished. Evidence suggests it is possible!
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on 19 June 2013
Fell in love with this book after a few pages. I first heard of Martin here and decided to get the book right after listening to him in that interview.

I can honestly say that it has re-built my brain for a much healthier attitude to work and life and keeping them in a healthy balance.
I am now even more determined to succeed in my endeavours and I feel happy and Zen at the same time which had long eluded me.

Thanks Martin & Jordan
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on 18 August 2014
Loved this. Good read. Some brilliant little ideas to follow. Great attitude changer to the workaholic. Which is apparently becoming one of the biggest diseases of the 21st century! Just don't fall into the trap of all these self help books. Make sure once you've read it, or even while reading... action it. Or it's just a waste of time!
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on 11 October 2013
'Winning without Losing' is enjoyable, easy-to-read and provides a fresh approach to the entrepreneurial self-help/lifestyle literature.

Compiling the wisdom of 25 business role models across the globe, the authors intersperse their advice with real-world examples, which provides an excellent reference point for understanding how the advice can be implemented in the reader's own life.

The book is divided into mini-chapters written by the two authors, Martin Bjergegaard and Jordan Milne. Whilst some may feel this prevents the creation of a coherent narrator through the book, I found moving between the two authors' writing styles refreshing and it provided me with a better connection to the writers.

Having read this book once, there are a handful of advice points that stick in my mind, such as the 8-8-8 rule and the idea of taking meetings to new environments (such as walking, running, even cycling meetings) for fresh insights. However, there are plenty more useful tips which could be garnered from repeated reads.

As with any book providing life advice, it's impact depends on two things: whether the reader feels the advice is good and practical, and whether the reader acts on said advice. It would be mad to attempt to implement all of the advice in this book at once, which may leave people feeling overwhelmed and doing nothing. However, I plan to start with those points that rang most true with me, and take it from there!
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on 22 November 2013
Having listened to Martin on the Podcast London Real I decided to read his book and it has been very helpful for me to find many entrepreneurs who share and strive for a balanced work/life model. It has helped me to realise that the key points in the book can be easily followed by anyone and once you allow yourself a little time away from work to think, I.e the 12 minute meditation, your efficiency at work multiplies thus allowing you far more "free" time, time I personally use with my kids. Thank you Martin and Jordan for bringing a book to Martin which is very influential.
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on 2 July 2013
I generally like the format of '...6 things to do today', '...10 things to build a better body' as they are easy to dip in and out of, but sometimes, the bite-sized approach can feel a bit over simplified and patronising. Not so for this one.

By rooting the concepts in what real business-people are doing - and basing it on those who are modelling the type of lifestyle we are all trying to achieve - it becomes a clever distillation of really important points.

There are a couple of key ideas that I'll take away - working out what you can do 'today' and making a 'today' list rather than a whole 182 item 'to do' list helps you to stop and go home at the end, and the WIGS (not Wildly Improbable woo-woo lists) but Wildly Important Goals - what are the 1-3 things that are so crucial to the business success that if you don't do them then things fall over? Work them out, agree with the team and then everyone can focus on these things above and beyond all the other day-to-day stuff which only gets you caught in the weeds.

Well worth the money - I've bought it on Kindle and a paperback for the office to share.
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on 27 May 2013
Many startups fail. Many of those that are successful don't lead to the kind of life the founders intended. There is little point in escaping from the rat-race if it leads you to have less freedom than you started with.

"Winning Without Losing" is designed to be read - so it is written as a series of short bite-sized chapters. Martin and Jordan are clearly motivated by a strong desire to help others create successful businesses AND have a happy life.

It is full of actionable advice, not just from the authors but also from many other successful entrepreneurs that have been there and done it.

One time-saving tip is to be decisive. So waste no more time - get this book now and start putting the advice into practice.

Doug Morrison
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