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4.7 out of 5 stars35
4.7 out of 5 stars
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Prometheus: The Art of the Film is a nice movie visual companion. A large landscape hardcover with 192 pages.

It's not the usual art book where you'll see lots of concept art. Rather, the content consist of film stills, photographs, storyboards and of course the concept art.

There are more photos than concept art, not that it's bad thing. The photos are great actually, showing detailed look at the interiors of Prometheus, some of the sets built such as the Prometheus landing leg, the Pyramid, the head statue, the chamber with the Ampules, sculpted alien props and the landscape photos that were turned into alien environments.

The concept art featured are mainly the finalized versions. There aren't many variations for any particular design. For example, there's only one exterior design of Prometheus, a handful of designs for spacesuit, aliens, etc. That's perhaps the downside of this so called art book. I do like the concept art style and rendition which goes really well together with the photos to give the book a very singular unified look.

The commentary talks about the important scenes and locations. Those are interesting as they explain the design. The book doesn't dissect the story so whatever you find ambiguous in the movie will still be more or less ambiguous after reading the book.

I consider this as more of a production design book. It's not an art book in the strictest sense as there aren't a lot of drawn art. However, I would still recommend it because it's packed with visuals all the way.

(There are more pictures of the book on my blog. Just visit my Amazon profile for the link.)
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on 10 June 2012
With a film that has definitely polarised audiences, for the record I liked it, but after reading this movie art book from Titan Books, there is no doubt that a lot of detail was put into the making of Prometheus.

Presented in the usual hardback art format, the book is introduced by director Ridley Scott, and Production Designer Arthur Max, and is packed full of gorgeous conceptual art, sculptures, sketches, including a selection of storyboards by Ridley Scott himself, plus photos from behind the scenes and from the final film.

But, as is the way with these types of books, it is always recommended that you see the film before picking this up. With all the luscious design art documenting the making of the film from start to finish, there are a ton of spoilers, especially from the last act of the film. But if you have seen the film, it might also answer a few questions about the film that you might have after you come out of the cinema, or raise a few more.

Overall, if you like the film, love behind the scenes look at films, or love conceptual art then I would say get yourself a copy of this book. Money definitely well spent!
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This is a great-looking book, a hardback presented in landscape format. The content is beautifully presented but I am a bit disappointed by the lack of content. Its design is firmly on quality rather than quantity, so it looks wonderful, has lots of large pictures, but it lacks the sheer number of pictures I was expecting.

I have many movie artwork books, and they are all packed with hundreds of concept design sketches, paintings, models and photographs that show initial concepts and ideas, and shows how they evolve to finished entities in the movie. In this case I was expecting an array of design sketches and paintings for costumes, sets, spaceships, vehicles, creatures, landscapes and so on. These are all represented, but I don't get any sense of the designers' thinking.

One of the great things about these books is looking at all those wonderful designs that go into a movie; especially all those that fell by the wayside, were too whacky or expensive, or which give a glimpse of plot lines that were eventually abandoned. The problem with this book, for me anyway, is that these things are simply not there. For example, it shows just four designs for spacesuits, when we know from countless other such books that hundreds of designs would have been drawn. Similarly for spaceship design, there are just a couple of concept designs on offer, when surely this big, expensive and crucial piece of the movie would have been the subject of a vast amount of design work, generating a mountain of sketches, paintings and models that this book ought to have showcased. It's not all bad though - far from it. We get about 23 drawings, paintings, models and photos of the rover vehicle, plenty of alien designs, and an enormous number of landscape images. I'm just a bit unhappy with the things they chose to leave out of the book.

On the words side of it, Ridley Scott's foreward is informative and impressive, and sets out his thinking for the whole movie. The remaining text is also informative, though it generally amounts to little more than captions. Interestingly, Ridley Scott refers to "The Book of Alien", an excellent book that showcased hundreds of the design drawings of the kind missing from this book - a collection of artwork that formed his starting point for designing the spaceship in Prometheus.

The artwork is incredible, well worth a look, and a credit to the artists and designers. It's just that this book doesn't give any real impression of the huge amount of design work they did on this movie. That said, for a collector of such books, this one is a treat - just not quite as in-depth as it could have been.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 3 November 2014
 Whatever you thought of the film "Prometheus" (I enjoyed it), it's hard to disagree that the film is a visual wonder -- here is a movie which uses production design, practical effects, and visual effects to create a seamless experience for the audience. And it all starts with the director Ridley Scott and his design team.

It's clear from reading this book that they wanted the designs to feel as though they are operating in the same universe as the earlier Alien films, but at the same time differentiate Prometheus in certain ways. I thought that the technology, creatures, and costumes were all incredible to look at and this book gives us an in-depth look at the evolution of those designs. You also get behind the scenes photos from the set, and it's interesting to see that the filmmakers opted to build as much as possible and film it in-camera (rather than overuse CGI).

The images in the book are high quality and coupled with interesting commentary by the author Mark Salisbury, so I highly recommend this one!

Included in the book:
- Artwork and blueprints of the Prometheus vessel as well as the alien ship
- Concept art of exterior/interior of the "Pyramid"
- Storyboards of the film's sequences
- "Ridleygrams" - sketches by director Ridley Scott
- Production photos and set construction pictures
- Costume/Spacesuit Design
- Concept art and models of the Engineers
- Weyland makeup w/ Guy Pearce

For more reviews, please see my Amazon profile or visit MovieArtBook(dot)com. Thanks for reading!
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on 27 June 2012
This is a comprehensive and well illustrated guide to the production design and visualisation Of Ridley Scott's 'Prometheus'. The illustrations are good quality and plentiful, and the inclusion of sketches is very welcome. This book would be a useful reference for those interested in production design, and is an acceptable coffee table book- although it doesn't have the lushness of the production design book accompanying James Cameron's 'Avatar' or Alan lee's LoTR sketchbook. The discounted amazon price represents excellent value for money- but I would not have paid the full £25 or so for it.
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on 11 September 2012
The Film Prometheus caused a lot of reaction on release , split reviews from the hardcore fans, i have to admit i loved it, i had to buy this book, after seeing the film i had to get a closer look at prop and set design and this book does not disappoint here at all.
This book shows just how much hard work and effort went into the production of this film . Great pictures from the set, close up stills of the costumes and actors, all housed in a nice hardcovered book, quality for the price i paid well worth it.
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on 12 February 2015
It's not secret that I hated the Prometheus movie - I have gone on at length about the thousands of flaws it has, and so won't repeat myself here.

However, one of the very few things it does get right is the cinematography - it is a visual treat, and this book fully explores to the key artwork from concept to delivery with some great cliff notes.

It's only a shame the movie was not this well though through.
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on 27 December 2012
As a keen fan of sc-fi movies I've collected a fair number of "art of" books and this is a pretty good addition. It does help explain some of the thinking behind the film that wasn't obvious from viewing Prometheus, and the quality of the images are generally very good. My only criticism is how dark some of the pictures are, making them all look a bit similar. However that's how they were filmed so I can't really complain.

On the other hand the books strong point for me is seeing how huge some of the sets were and how they were constructed. Obviously Scott had a decent sized budget to create the different internal and external environments and it gladdens the heart that a lot of these were practical and not all entirely CG.

All in all, not a bad book for the coffee table but not one that I'll look at as much at as the original Alien artbook. It is also fantastic value for a hardback at £12.99 and I would still recommend it for anyone remotely interested in sci-fi movies and conceptual art although it's not good enough to award it 5 stars.
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on 12 June 2012
This is a very nice book with plenty of quality imagery included. You also get a decent amount of insight into the creative process leading to the final visuals of the movie.

However, as Stephen Citynskyj mentions in his review, there seems to be a lack of sketches and conceptual drawings, and in my opinion, perhaps a few too many photographs of the finished sets/scenes from the film. I also own quite a few 'art of' books from many films and games, and they all have a wide variety of character and environment studies which give clear and constructive processes which lead to the end results, but I feel with this book there could have been much more of this type of work included.

I'm not disappointed, as such, as I feel it makes a great addition to my book collection and the print quality is great (and from an artist/designer point of view there are quite a few exceptional offerings) and at £12.99 I'm more than happy with the price, but when a book has 'The Art of..' in its title, I feel a bit more 'art' should be evident.
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on 16 April 2015
I really love these books, especially when they include photos from behind the scenes, as well as the artwork. This is a fantastic book, to complement a fantastic film. It tells the story of the film from pre-production to the building of the massive sets, through the filming, to the finished article. One amazing thing I found out was that director Ridley Scott, kept the CGI to a minimum, and actually built all the sets, vehicles, and interiors of the alien pyramid, and spaceship from scratch. They took up so much space they had to continue building outside the massive sound stages at Pinewood to finish the realistic sets! No wonder it looked so spectacular! There are chats and photos with the cast and crew including the brilliant Noomi Rapace, (what a fantastic actress,) as well as a Forward, (and some of his own drawn Story Boards,) by the great Ridley Scott himself. I rate this book very highly, and it is equal to the similar fantastic 'Pacific Rim' movie volume. (If only this had a slipcase as well!) 5*****
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