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4.5 out of 5 stars288
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 4 August 2013
Having read all of Simon Kernicks books in sequence, the last 2 are ok and will spin out a few more but I think the plots getting a bit thin. His earlier books are far better. Worth a read for under a fiver , no lasting memories though. Resurrect Denis I say.
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I believe this book is a follow on from ‘Siege. But I have not read Siege. And didn't feel like i was missing out or unable to follow the story.

This book is certainly full of action. And as the chapters are rather short i found it very easy to keep on reading just a few more chapters.

A series of bombings rock London and threats to cause even greater devastation if England doesn't agree to withdraw from Afghanistan are made. Tina Boyd and Mike Bolt are working together, to try and find the culprits behind the bombings before another one goes off. It seems like a race against time, but can they stop anymore innocent people from losing their lives.

A fast paced, and interesting read.
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on 5 September 2014
Ultimatum is filled with action, bad guys, the good guys and the somewhat in-between guys. I was excited to read this novel after just recently reading another of Simon Kernick's to see how it compared.

This book kicks off with a fantastic beginning as we are party to a bomb being planted in a busy, crowded London cafe. Only one person is the kill target but civilians are looked at as collateral damage. It's blamed on a militant Islamic group in the UK that take the heat for it. But wait there's more....

DC Tina Boyd is a good character, although I really wanted to connect with her a bit more and just missed the mark on it. I don't know if I had read previous books in this series first if that would have helped but I wanted a deeper connection. As a character however she is portrayed as a gutsy, somewhat reckless and passionate police officer, known for not always following the rules in the bid to collar the criminal. She does it her own way.

The book switches points of view effectively between various characters, from those behind the terror campaign, to the police and over to "Fox", the mass murderer who is sitting in prison negotiating with the police that if he gives information on the recent bombing they will help him with his case. DC Tina Boyd is sent in at his request to talk to him and try to get the information they need to stop the terror rolling out.

There are plenty of shootings, killings, bombs, chases on foot and in cars, all that action type stuff that you might love in a good thriller. It's a scary reality that the storyline might actually not be fiction in the current climate we live in with the threat of terrorism all around. Not so far from the truth perhaps.

I found the book an easy read with plenty of things to hold my interest, like other books of Kernick's I have read however I just feel it's missing that special something to push my rating up, I read a lot in the crime thriller genre so I have a lot of good books to compare to.

The plot is good, it's interesting where it ends up leading too, the last few chapters I particularly enjoyed as the hunt and the pressure builds up to crisis point in the city of London. Will the criminals get to carry out their master plan or not. The book ends on a note that tells you it may be picked up on in the next installment of this series, which would be interesting if it did.

If you like a crime thriller with a good pace and lots of action you will enjoy Ultimatum by Simon Kernick. It's full steam ahead all the way. An enjoyable read.
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This is another high octane thriller, the kind that Kernick does so well. I read it while away for a long weekend and it was the perfect mindless yet gripping holiday companion. It follows on from Siege, and whilst it's not necessary to have read that book first, you'll probably enjoy this one more if you have. The ending also sets itself up for a sequel to continue the story further.

What I like about Simon Kernick's books is the way that he juggles several characters and storylines which all come together in the end. There's always lots of twists and turns and the action is fast. All his trademark attributes and characters are here, but for whatever reason I felt like the formula was showing more than usual. The introductory action sequences which you know will tie back to the story but you don't initially know how. The character who won't be what he seems to be. Tina Boyd acting rashly as usual. It all felt a little like I'd read it before.

It's a fine balance for author who write multiple thrillers, finding a way to make each book different without changing it so much that they lose the formula for success. I just felt that this time around, Kernick perhaps hadn't pushed himself as far as he could have.

Having said that, I reiterate that it's a perfectly entertaining thriller which I tore through in no time flat and enjoyed. I look forward to Kernick's next book and seeing what happens next!
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on 1 March 2014
Yet another super book from this author. Have read most of his books now and always keeps me enthralled.looking forward to starting the next book.
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on 25 March 2014
Another fast paced book that I didn't want to put down! Highly recommend this and the rest I the series!
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on 23 February 2014
Tense throughout and well written. The Author consistently produces gripping tales and is an author I would have no hesitation in recommending
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on 26 February 2014
Non stop action from beginning to end, couldn't stop reading. Very good story line although a bit violent, a typical Simon Kernick book.
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on 8 February 2014
Great read and full of action as usual with his books that keep you interested so keep reading his books
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Action thrillers are an unusual genre for me, but I've read and enjoyed a couple of books by Simon Kernick - his excellent breakneck paced Relentless and his recent (and excellent) Quick Read Wrong Time Wrong Place. So I was delighted to secure a copy of his new one via netgalley and his publishers Random House/Century.

This is the sequel to The Siege, but that's no obstacle to enjoyment as the author retells some of the story and very effectively introduces the main characters along with some understanding of their backgrounds and motivations. Tina Boyd is a feisty policewoman with scant regard for processes and rules - she drives the fast paced story, but also has her softer side in her affection for ex-boss Mike Bolt. I liked Jones too, the Afghanistan veteran with the family background and the history as criminal, undercover operative and ex-prisoner.

The story is fast and exciting, with characters of pure evil engaged in acts of terrorism involving high explosives and stinger missiles, all set amid the familiar scenery and iconic buildings of London. There's thrill piled on thrill, and it's certainly a book that keeps you turning the pages. While I cheered Tina on as she operated well outside the normal rules, I must admit I found it rather more difficult to engage with the hardened criminals and their chilling acts of violence.

But the pace is good and I liked the fact that the story is set quite firmly in a familiar setting and amid a very realistic world of political intrigue. Not entirely my cup of tea, but an enjoyable read. And should the series continue, he's certainly built a set of memorable and engaging characters who are facing a challenging future.
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