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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars108
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 2 September 2013
this is the 11th book in lara adrian's midnight breeds series, and i have been quite a fan and read them be honest after book 10 myself and many thought there would be no more in this series.however, i was pleased when i heard there would be.this author is usually consistent with her books and even though the series appeared to be ending i thought she would pull something good out of the bag. sadly i was quite wrong.
the story starts 20 years on from the previous book,and the hero and heroine are mira and kellan, featured characters from the previous me lara's use of these characters was one of the problems with this book.these were characters known to readers,characters we would have liked to have seen 'grow-up' as it were.instead we go straight to their adulthood.perhaps if the author had started the book with a prologue or at least given snippets of previous times showing the development of their relationship overtime,this would have been addition it might have made me identify with the characters more, as i found it hard to reconcile the grown-up mira and kellan with the youths in the previous books.
a further problem for me was the 20 year gap.its obvious a lot happened in this time, and although the author tries to cram in details of this,the whole thing just didn't fact in places it was somewhat confusing and i dare say long-winded.the overall pace of the book was therefore off and if i'm honest i struggled to continue reading rather than put it down and start something else.
the book did get better towards the end and gave a glimpse at what will be happening in the future.but for me this was a case of too-little-too-late.further, i would not recommend this to readers new to this fact i can't say i would recommend it to midnight breed fans.however fans like me will surely still want to read it.i would say though that if you are new to this author you should try the other books in this series as there are good.
i will probably give the next book a go, just to see if lara returns to her prior form and gives us something to sink our teeth into.2.5 stars.
series order:
1. A Kiss of Midnight (2007)
2. Kiss of Crimson (2007)
3. Midnight Awakening (2007)
4. Midnight Rising (2008)
5. Veil of Midnight (2008)
6. Ashes of Midnight (2009)
7. Shades of Midnight (2009)
8. Taken by Midnight (2010)
9. Deeper Than Midnight (2011)
10. Darker After Midnight (2012)
11. Edge of Dawn (2013)
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on 22 December 2013
I didnt know what to expect from this story when I new it was going to be miras story and it was jumping 20 years into the future but I have to say I did enjoy it, I would say it seemed more in line with her earlier breed book's where the story was focused a lot more on the romance, there was also a lot of action and a good plot though I found it a bit hard to get into with the first few chapters explaining and cramming in past breed characters and introducing new ones but once you get passed this part the story starts and doesnt let up right up to the last page.
You also find out how the series is going to progress during the next installment and I for one cannot wait to read it.
The characters were great as usual but I think kellan was lacking something, what it is I just cant put my finger on, mira was great and a strong female character and it was good to read about past characters.
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon 21 April 2015
I've been reading this series since 2007, long before my kindle and long before I was writing reviews and while I loved it even I could see it was starting to stagnate a little and I did wonder how much longer it could continue and then 'Darker After Midnight' came along and really shook everything up, Chase had never been my favourite character but his book was fantastic, Lara obviously realised this series needed something new and she gave it to us and while I was excited about this book 'Edge of Dawn' I was also a little wary and I'm not really sure why, I wanted this to be great, for the series to continue but something held me back from reading it, more about this later.....
I took the unusual step of not reading any reviews beforehand, I bought the book as soon as it came out like I always do so it was just a matter of when I actually got round to reading it.
This was a huge opportunity for an exciting start which I feel for the most part was wasted, the book was pedestrian at best for at least two thirds of it. While I've always loved Mira and at the start of the book she's great it just didn't work for me and as for Kellan, that didn't work at all, I didn't buy his reasoning if anything his decision just made the outcome more likely. I was so disappointed with this book and I decided at about half way that I would finish it but it would be the last Breed book I read and then the last third was really good and now I want to continue I just wish all the book had been like that.
I'm giving 3 stars all of which are for the last third of the book.
So my decision is do I continue or not....
That's my review, like I said I've been reading this series from the beginning in fact I had to order the early books from the U.S. since I couldn't find them in the UK and I'd continued reading them in paperback form once I got my kindle but with this book seemed to be a natural break and I thought long and hard, do I continue on with paperback or do I switch to kindle, I made the decision to stick with paperback which with hindsight proved to be a mistake and the main reason it's taken me so long to get round to actually reading this.
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on 5 March 2013
Well what can I say about this book? Apart from the fact that I think it may be my favourite Midnight Breed book!
I was a little concerned at the fact that the book has moved on way in to the future, 20 years after the last Midnight Breed book Darker After Midnight, but I worried over nothing. I think Lara Adrian has moved the story on brilliantly. She's introduced us to a whole bunch of new characters, including the next generation of sexy breed warriors, as well as still involving the ones we already know and love. And I've already starting picking out my favourites and look forward to reading more about them.

Edge of Dawn is an action packed, emotionally intense story which has a whole different feel to it than the previous books. I think Lara has done a fantastic job of setting up the new story arc and I loved the twist at the end. The whole thing kept me gripped from start to finish, I literally couldn't put it down and read the whole thing in 2 days.

I would also say that because of the shift in time and the new story arc etc.. You could probably read this if you haven't read any of the books prior, however, if you haven't read any of the Midnight Breed series I would highly recommend that you do starting from the beginning.

Well done Lara Adrian for keeping me hooked and putting a whole new fresh spin on one of my favourite PNR series. I'm looking forward to reading more...

Linsey @
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I was a bit dubious about reading this at first as I just didn't think it could work by setting it 20 years in the future after the last book and so it has been sitting on my bookshelf waiting to be read since it's release date because of this but oh how I wish I could go back to the release date and tell myself to read it then! Brilliant book and Lara definitely still has her magic. It did take me a bit to get into the book but once drawn in I couldn't put it down. Both Kellan and Mira are of course characters already known to readers of the series but it was nice to see how they had grown up from children and how they had fell in love etc. Really enjoyable read and shall be reading the next installment on the next release date rather than shelving the book for so long!
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on 21 February 2013
I have to admit I had been worried that the series would lose its edge as it is now set 20 years since the last book but all I can say is WOW! I got the ebook this morning and couldn't put it down and have shamelessly managed to read it in a day. It was so nice to read bow things had turned out and introduced to the Breeds children. I honestly can not wait until the next instalment.
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on 18 March 2013
I dont like to throw 5 stars out everywher but i have to give this five stars - it was fab and is my favourite genre of books

This book has it all - a great plot the story keeps moving at a fast pace, there is romance, sex, heartache, excitement, pain, angst, everything you need in a good book. This book makes your heart beat faster and hold your breathe at times, and really drags you wholeheartedly In to the story. That is of course if you like paranormal romance novels.

Breeds are another species (vamps) that are allergic to sunlight, have tattoo type marks over there bodies that change colour. They also like blood!! Breed mates are off spring from breed and humans. The order is the vamps way of keeping things in control basically the police.

The Characters -

Mira - a breedmate and a captain in the order strong willed and feisty .

Nathan - is a breed and Mira's friend and backup in the order, who has been there since she lost her true love/mate

Bowman - a rebel, leading a pack of humans, his sexy, strong, fast

Kellan - a breed, Mira's true love, the one she is out to avenge his death.

Mira is still struggling with the loss of her one true lover Kellan, she watched him get blown to pieces on an op and now she wants vengeance even if it has been 8 years. She loses control one day and gets assigned a babysitting job, which goes wrong and her whole future is sent into turmoil. Then the whole story makes an exciting start and it doesn't stop till the end!!

This was my first book by Lara Adrian, and after this fab romp through breed world I know it won't be my last.

** I received this arc from the publisher via netgalley of an honest review**
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 25 February 2013
The Edge of Dawn is leading us into Midnight Breed the next generation.
Nearly all the old cast have grown up children who are taking on important roles within the storyline.
This book felt like a complete throwback into time and the first books. Very similar plot, but without the secret weapon element. It didn't feel like there was any fresh blood, pardon the pun. Hopefully the new twist at the end will give the next one a little more kick.
Authors of long running series have to watch out that they don't become repetitive. Despite the love story between Mira and Kellan I found it predictable.
However if you are looking for a book with an emphasis on the search for and the connection to your mate with just the right combination of angst, pain and handsome Breed males then you will probably find this an enjoyable read.
Personally I hope Adrian breaths a little more fresh air into this series. Going through the ancestry and which couple fathered which child in nearly every chapter gets a little dreary after a while.
If the next generation is rising then let them rule the roost in the series without being bogged down by the old characters.
I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley for my review.
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on 25 February 2013
Well, I'll keep it short and sweet. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Wasn't sure what to expect with it being set twenty years after the last book however not much has changed. The character's haven't aged apart from the youngsters. Lots of the breed couple's now have grown up children all going through training and fighting themselves. This story features Mira and Kellan. It was a very emotional book. I enjoy books when there is some history between the character's when you first start reading. Mira loves Kellan however she believed him to be dead. It's obvious he's not when you start reading given how deeply she cares for him. The love scenes are excellent as are the action scenes. One thing I would say is I found myself glazing over a bit, shamelessly skipping a few kindle pages when I got to the 'boring' stuff usually involving the plot and back story, just because I was so eager to read about Mira, Kellan and the other breeds. I would have liked a longer book perhaps with more scenes involving the other breeds. Perhap's Lara will do a short Novella, story between stories so to speak! :) Overall an enjoyable read. looking forward to the many books I'm sure we'll get to read.
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on 2 March 2014
This book was disapointing even though I gave it Four stars. I love this series and gave it four stars as I do not want to put anyone off from reading this brillient series. We are 20 years forward in time and Mira and Kellan who were the two youngsters in the previous books are now grown. I do not want to spoil the book so do not read on if you do not want spoilers. Mira thought Kellan had died 8 years years earlier and was still suffering the grief of losing him. Whilst on a mission she finds that he did not die and he is leader of a rebel fraction who has kidnapped the person she was surposed to be protecting. It seems that the morning before he 'died' he saw a vision in Mira's eyes showing him on trial for being a rebel. So after he is saved from the explosion that supposedly killed him what does he do, go to Mira or Lucan and tell them what he saw, no he puts into actin a course of action that would make the vision come true???? That ruined it for me and I had to force myself to finish the book. Saying that, I am still going to buy more of the series as the author usually is excellant and this is a new phase in the Order's war. I am looking forward to the next book!
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